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The Work Crash Bitch

Monday, February 27th, 2006

Know a lawyer gal who comes home from work and crashes – then bitches.

Every time we talk I hear her complain about how tough her day was and little energy she has.

Once 6 o’clock rolls around – she’s done, finished, kapuut.

To make matters worse she’ll even eat dinner while the sitting in front of the tube. I know because when I call she’s eating with the News on TV blaring in the background.

Truth is, this is one of THE worst things you can do. Why. Your mind gets
distracted and you tend not to know if you are full or not. There are so many messages being sent to the brain in a span of a 5 minute block of TV time. It’s virtually impossible
to be in conscious state to know when to say when.

Soon days turn into weeks and weeks into months and then years.
Before you know it, you’ve packed on some serious poundage and your energy
has plummeted to the basement.

It is very easy to allow your mind to drift from what its supposed to be
doing which is enjoying the meal and the digestive process that

Turn off the TV and put the computer on sleep mode. At least if you are looking to drop a few pounds and raise your energy juices.

On top of that, bitching about being tired – won’t give you MORE energy. If anything, you’re telling your mind to be MORE tired.

You have to plan your day to include Seven of my Secrets to Skyrocket your Energy. Found in my multiple CD course Triple Your Endurance.

If you focus on just one area for a month you are sure to at least double your energy.

And these exercises are NOT focused on poppin a magic powder or pill.
They are real everyday exercises and tips to Keep energy levels UP for the long haul.

Next time I talk to my friend, I’m going to give her an ear full of no excuse tips to kick her butt off the couch and be ten times more productive with her day.

Until then, do the best YOU can do to have a full and productive life starting with my course.

No Retreat, No Surrender,

Vince Palko

How to Survive Drop Dead Exhaustion

Friday, February 24th, 2006

There I sat on a warm stuffy plane leaving Blacksburg, Virginia heading back to Ohio.

My heart was racing – mind numb.

Every breath I took, seemed to seize my entire body.

Until a final breath and my mid-section clenched and I doubled over.

Gasp – Teht, teht.

Then someone handed me a handful of bananas to help with my cramping. I couldn’t eat.

I was simply spent. Had nothing left to give. You see, I ‘left it on the field’ as our coaches used to flog us with.

Though we lost the game, inside I felt like a winner. You’ll find out why in a bit.

So I gave it my all. There were some on the plane who were teary eyed. Not me. I knew I simply had nothing left to give.

Playing in the southern heat first game of the year at NC State was not what my teammates and I were used to. On top of that, the stadium was such that tall pines surrounded the entire structure – enclosing it trapping stagnant air in. It felt like you were playing in a hefty bag in 100 degree thick humid air.

In these conditions, it’s no reason why so many young kids keel over in exhaustion.

Flash to the film session the following Monday.

There were six of my defensive teammates that lost their starting positions. They were devastated.

Watching the film made it easy to see why.

The fellas that got canned looked as if they were running in glue – long lethargic movements.

Atypical compared to their normal quick bursts.

The eye in the sky didn’t lie.

For me, as I said, was pissed we lost but had a quiet feeling of relief. Relief knowing I didn’t give in to fatigue. Fatigue as Coach used to say “Makes cowards out of all of us.”

The training regime I followed the summer before camp was what I owed my performace and stamina to. It helped me be a step on everyone else when the humid air wanted to beat you down.

The gassy playing surface with white markings is much like the game of life.

There are some who move very slowly and lethargically. Others simply are full of vim and vigor ready for each challenge as it presents itself.

Which person are you.

The kind that folds under a bit of duress or the person who keeps marching forward no matter what the situation.

Typically, if your health and endurance is strong health wise, you have strong endurance to face any mental challenge and obstacle. Plus, your health will ultimately determine your future. How long you live or how soon you die.

You want a strong, healthy heart to pump plenty of blood to circulate throughout your entire body.

My course Triple Your Endurance has the tools, the tips, and the log book and an extra few Audio CDs to recover the endurance you once had and make it even stronger.

What my clients rave about is the simple easy structured 3E Generator designed to have you follow and track workouts for up to 12 weeks straight.

With spring right around the corner, you’ll want to have all the energy you need to go outside and enjoy your new-found health.

You won’t upset me by not taking advantage of this life changing system. It matters not, by your actions choose to join the new American class of Slugworths poppin’ up in every Cracker Barrel (and other restaurants for that matter) round the country. The choice is yours.

Endure like a Stallion,

Vince Palko

I Already Know Everything- Dad

Friday, February 24th, 2006

I’m sitting in the Detroit airport awaiting the arrival of my plane taking me to Tampa, Florida.

Some people just looked at me cause I laughed out loud thinking of something my 4 year-old, Sophia, told me the other day.

Getting ready for school one morning, I prepared to give Sophia a bit of advice about life and school.

Though my intentions were good, I’m not sure my point was well taken.

“Sophia,” I said, ready to deliver some inspiring words for the day, “learn one thing-just one thing, when you’re at school today and share it with me when we are
at dinner tonight.”

“One Thing – -pause – - But Dad, I already know EVERYTHING.”


Feeling a bit deflated I said, “Okay, well, have a good day then sweetheart.”

Four year-old’s are one thing when it comes to knowing everything. Adults are another thing.

I think as we grow we realize we don’t know everything. Those that pretend they do – are full of beans. We have to continually empty our cups in order to take more in.

Reading books, listening to tapes and viewing DVDs are awesome.

When you have the chance to hear it directly from source – take it. This super-cedes all other forms of learning.


You can tune into the energy of the teacher and learn so much more.

And that’s the main reason I’m headin to listen to Matt Furey speak at his Internet Millionaire SEMINAR.

I’m sure Matt will have new and important data on his latest and greatest strategies for internet success. And for Sophia’s sake, I’ll learn more than just one thing at my school – that I can share with her. Tons more.

I’m also lookin forward to meeting those of you
in my email community
that will be there. Also, there’s a powerful feeling
of being with other people. Sharing the same desires and dreams is like
running a marathon with thousands of other runners energized to cross the finish line.

Fun times will be had by all!

Gotta run or I’ll miss my flight,

Vince Palko

Ps. Check out some incredible fitness posters to hang in your dungeon exercise

Bring That Shit, Come On

Friday, February 24th, 2006

Trained at the High School behind my house today.

I do my Endurance Builing Exercises there because they have a track, stadium stairs and a big ‘ole football field to run around on.

A nipply 31 degrees, you could see each breath cycle literally in front of you. Perfect for counting breaths.

Something happened I’ve been waiting to do while working out on that field in the past.

Whilst joggin round the horn (track) on the opposite side of the field – I saw three young hooded-sweat-shirt-wearing, football tossing young men.

Out of no where I run off the track and onto the field. Soon as I do I hear from within, “Bring that Shit, Come One. You want some of dis.“

A lil trash talking is always good for the soul.

From across the field I see three grins and notice the body language of, “Who in the heck is this.”

Once I connected with them, I asked if I could workout too.

They ran some pass routes and I worked my pass drops.
This is an amazing fast workout for short, quick bursts of speed.

With light flurries in the air, I asked, “You three are the only ones out here, where is the rest of your offense.”

They didn’t answer.

“Maybe they’re ALL curled up on their cozy couches watching TV,” I said.

They smiled.

In order to be successful you need to take action. Practicing when others are loafing, builds success. Writing a page a night to create your first book when others are sleeping, builds success. Exercising everyday, no matter how long or little, creates success.

Someone once defined “character” as the things you choose to do when others aren’t around.

Build good character today.

No retreat, no surrender.

Vince Palko

Ps. You’ll love the 8 exercises I teach in
Triple Your Endurance.
They’re sure to fire-up your energy. They’ll have you exercising with people half your age and who’ll be wondering how in the heck you can keep up.

Late Nights with Vivian

Tuesday, February 7th, 2006

Many of you know Vivian is our newest daughter joined Team Palko a couple weeks ago.

And those who are parents know, the first few
weeks (and months) can be challenging. Though Cheri does most of the work, I do my fair share.

The good thing about getting up to help burp, change a loaded diaper and clean up spit-up is this …

Holding the little one gives me time to pause and quietly say thanks to my parents for having done the same for me.

It all gets passed forward.

Starting when I was just a 10lb 10oz Palkster newborn.

Then giving me all the tools I need to be a great husband, father and friend to my wife and kids.

Some parents try and keep the separation between parent/friend with their kids. It will be interesting to
see how I handle this approach. My dad was always so easy to get
along with. Growing up, I could talk with him about athletics,
cute chicks and the challenges I faced.

Though I don’t have boys to create this bond with, I’m quickly developing it with
our girls. It is slightly different though.

Take time to give your parents or care givers thanks.

Maybe you don’t get along with your parents or whoever raised you. Maybe you do. In either case,
know this – there were many late nights where they fed you, changed your stinky diapers, cleaned up your spit up – bleary eyed and all. Then got up to go to work the next day, bags under their eyes to put food on the table for you.

All without you ever knowing.

And next time you talk – thank ‘em for it.


Vince Palko

Ps. Thanks Mom and Dad.

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