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Prioritize Your Day For Maximum Results

Thursday, April 6th, 2006

Got an email from one of our soldiers abroad in Iraq. He has a question many of us need further insight on.

Check it out below …

Hi Vince,

How’s everything statistics? Things here are going very well, just a bit frustrated that I’m not getting much done. Ever have the feeling that you’re just spinning your wheels?

I must find a greater balance so that I can get more done on “MY” side of the house. My plans are to finish here in the last quarter of the year and get back home.

Hey, I thought the; “Theater of the Mind” image was great!!!
I put it up in my room. Got any ideas to assist in keeping me focused while here?




VP’s Response:

Hi Bennie! Your question is a good one and you’re not alone. Many people have dreams and goals to achieve, yet need to execute them while life happens around them. So in answer to your question, yes, I have a few things that could help you out. But first, I want to share something from one of my old Steven Covey cassette tapes. Yeah, I know what’s a cassette tape. None of this fancy iPod stuff. Steven used
the rocks in the jar as a metaphor to help with how to prioritize your time. Some people think to do the easy tasks first and get them out of the way.

When you fill your jar first of minute tasks (or sand) there isn’t much left for other tasks. Once you dump the pebbles in, there is simply no room left for the major “to dos” (larger rocks). If your day is structured like this, you’ll never get everything into your daily jar.

This is NOT the way to get ‘her done – whatever it is.

However, if you start with the major items (rocks) and then work down to the smaller ones (pebbles and sand), you’ll have a more productive day. I’ve included a visual for you to make copies of and separate major/important tasks from minor/less important ones. BTW, fitness should always be on one of the bigger rocks.

If this process is effective, email this to a friend who you think would need it too.

Depending on your focus, I have two tools one for supreme health and one for ultimate wealth creation.

First, a blanketing statement about focus, we’ve all heard the expression “What gets measured, gets done.” Now let’s define measurement. Another way to define this is to keep score of your daily actions.

What helps you figure out is … huh, I didn’t know I spend half my day answering emails. Maybe I better adjust my day in order to be more effective.

Now you can do this by keeping a simple journal. The upside is you keep score. The downside is your tracking device is not in front of you “larger and in charge” staring back at you as if to say, “WHAT have you done for me lately.” It’s imperative to surround yourself with oversize posters that scream GET SOMETHING

If your focus is fitness. Here’s what you need– the Combat Conditioning Goal Tracker Success System. This program isn’t for the fly by night investor of health and fitness. NO, this power packed program is for the almighty results driven person. One that doesn’t whine or complain about how hard it is to lose weight or stay fit – its for the person that looks to stay the course on a healthier, more vibrant his/her entire life. Being that you have taken time out to read my daily emails and want to improve, I slot you in that category.

Now, if you want focus for your financial dreams – then you’ll want to invest your time in a tool to drive results for any project you are working on. Say you want to write a book, develop a product, create a website of your own, this Financial Goal Tracker can be used as a project creation tool as well. Each month I instruct you to focus on one area to get your task (big or small) done.

You’re then given a project production sheet to check off as you accomplish each task. If you believe in the power of focus, you can bet your bottom dollar
this process delivers mad results.

And lastly, get back here safe and sound, Bennie!!

All for now,

Conceive, Believe, Achieve,

Vince Palko

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