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Can You Get Before You Give

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

Sometimes we get frustrated if we’ve set a goal and nothing happens.

No money rolls in.

In order to understand what’s happening or not happening, we got to get back to the basics.

Dr. Wattles said it best in the book the Science of Getting Rich,
“You must give to every man a use value in excess of the cash value he receives, so that each transaction can lead to more life…”

So this begs the question: what are you giving in order to receive your desired
end result- monetary or otherwise.

When you focus on your target goal and ALSO focus on how much value you’re providing
(with your products and services) this activates a natural flow of moneeeiy COMING TO YOU. Another name for this natural principle is: The Law of Giving and Receiving.

Notice its not title Receive and Give. If you expect to receive anything in life first you’re mindset is backwards. Change it.

This goes for any facet of your life; relationships, health and financial.

You can NOT give nothing (A double negative, for effect) and expect to receive
a milluuon dollars. Its the reason why these people who win the lottery go broke after a few years.

Subconsciously, their minds tell them they don’t deserve the money. As a result they try with all their might to get the money out of their hands. This is a result of their subconcious mind knowing nothing was given to get the boat
load of cash-ola.

Their pile of dough dewindles away.

However, if you know you have something of value that others will use and enjoy, and eventually come back for more – the Universe will reward you handsomely for your efforts.

I have included a visual with how the flow works.

You can use this image to creatively form a circular flow
of giving and receiving to earn what ever your
mind can conceive of achieving.

Hang this picture up near your computer if this
is something you think you need to work on.

By the way, this is a fraction of the information
you’ll need to consider when generating a powerful
flow of prosperity to you.

I will give you the whole enchilada in the el future.

For those who are ready to attract prosperity into your life NOW, I highly suggest you get your hands on my Prosperity Starter System.

I was thinking the other day while I stood in line at the grocery store listening to a teller and a customer bitch about the price of gas. Most people spend money on food, clothes, beer, wine and some even cigarettes.

When some individuals are asked to pay to learn specialized knowledge (that will improve their lives) – most don’t get it.

They him-haw around procrastinating about life changing

Don’t be afraid to spend you money, especially on
things that can virtually improve your financial status.
It takes money to make money, and to experience an abundant life.

Not cuttin out coupons to save nickels and dimes.
Penny wise, dollar foolish is what they call this.

If your money will be spent, put it to good use.
Then gas prices and rising healthcare will
vanish from their radar.

The choice is yours.


Vince “Prosperity” Palko

My Flag Flies Proud

Monday, May 29th, 2006

Saving Private Ryan is one gruesome movie.

The beginning sets the tone for how warfare takes the lives of so
many in just a blink of an eye.

Whenever I meet someone who served for
our country, I am humbled to be in their presence.

To put ones own life on the line for our country is a noble duty.

My father served on the US Enterprise and never
saw war time, yet it got pretty close when the Cuban
Missile blockade took place in the 60s.
I’m grateful to have him still around.

This email goes out to those who have lost friends and
family members serving for our country. Also, to the active duty
soldiers who are on my list – I salute you.
My thoughts are with you and your families. And to those lost in war.

Today our family’s US flag flies proud.


Vince Palko

What is the Secret to Life

Monday, May 29th, 2006

In the movie ‘City Slickers,’ Billy Crystal is in a mid-life crisis in search of the ‘meaning’ to life. He and his friends set out on a guys week away to drive cattle with a old rancher as their guide.

This is the flick where the rancher who dies on his saddle leaving the group of friends to lead the cows across the countryside. The fellas joked about the ranchers death, ‘The man ate bacon at every meal, you just can’t do that.’

Funny flick to say the least.

The main character’s enlightenment occurs out-of-nowhere while helping a small calf in danger.

He later asks his friends while holding his finger in the air, ‘Do you know what the secret to life is.’

One guy says, ‘Your finger.’

‘No, this one thing.’

Many people are in search of finding meaning in their own lives.

They come home day after day from a tough day on the job,
frustrated, tired, fed up and desire a better life, yet have no idea
where to start. Or how to attain a better life.

The funny thing is what starts your engine might be different
from your spouses or close friends.

That’s no problem. In order to be fulfilled, you simply have to tune into what that ‘IT’ is for you.

Going for walks or jogs is a good way to clear away the stress cobwebs
from the day and allow your inner light to radiate.

Once you have some ideas on how you can start anew, write them down.

My visual goal setting tools aren’t for everyone. They align with those who
feel they are visual learners or are inspired by a picture. Most people
are fine with written goals. If written goals work for you, all the power to you.
Keep up the good work.

For me, after I read them a few times, my mind glazes over.
Similar to a soda bottle opening and closing the tenth time, there seems to be no fizz left.
When I look at a visual, something stirs inside because my imagination is awakened.
My products are tailored to those who react similarly. Maybe you are one of these people. You realize a powerful visual creates a crystal clear picture of your future aligning every cell in your body around your vision.

Once you have this working for you, you’ll never again what
the Secret to Life is. You’ll be living and breathing it every second of your life.

If this is something that interests you, I suggest you fly on over to
Financial Success Visuals.
Go there NOW to get ahold of your goal setting program and
bring a whole new meaning to new life.

Friends and family will hardly recognize you. You’ll relish in the joy
of sharing with them what the Secret to Life is.

Your finger.

Conceive, Believe, Achieve,

Vince Palko

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Increase Energy NOw.

How Barry Bonds Looks Inside

Thursday, May 25th, 2006

Too much low hangin’ fruit in the news these days to pass up.

Don’t typically watch the news but with all the Barry Bond hoopla going on,
its hard not to hear about it.

Seeing the highlights of Barry’s hit, instantly pissed me off.

Breaking the Babes record is a joke. How can you even put the two names in the same sentence.
The Babe is rolling over in his grave.

Mark McGwire’s stats are tainted.

And the list goes on.

They need to make a separate wing in the baseball hall of fame for these so
called “modern“ day – cheaters, i mean ball players. Title it the “Special ‘Roid Room.”

Never had much respect for people who use steroids. I’ve seen it in college, I’ve seen it overseas in Germany
where its basically legal (because there’s no testing done for them).

Flat out cowards in my book.

We had a phrase, “looks like Tarzan plays like Jane.” And 90% of the time this was true.

How can you put into your body a sever life negating substance for near term glory.
Never understood it, never will.

Maybe if Barry would have given Triple Your Endurance a… , nope- I won’t even go there.
Wouldn’t sell it to him if he begged me.

To live with health and vitality and lasting endurance without the “Performance Enhancing drugs“ jump on the TYE
train now by going to Triple Your Endurance.

Vince Palko

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Untapped New Energy Resource

Monday, May 22nd, 2006

Been a lot of talk in the news about how lactic acid is NOW used as an extra fuel source for fitness geeks and anyone interested in more
endurance. Its no longer considered a bad thing that tightens s and makes muscles soar.

Newly discovered to boost energy levels to the hilt, lactic acid is produced (as a byproduct) from your muscles cells burning carbs as fuel. That is if you know how to maximize “the fuel” properly.

Had a couple people forward articles with this ‘cutting edge’ news.

Bing bong. Hello, where’ve ya been.

I’ve been experience results with this since 2001. Just last year, I assemble one of the greatest course on this very topic- ever created. I launched the program 8 months ago and have been selling kits left and right due to its success.

My clients who are fitness finatics realize how powerful this information can be to enhance not only their workouts but to take their performance to the next level. The newbies love the program because they understand how to workout without having to spend more than 25 minutes to see their energy levels hit Stratospheric levels. Then they look in the mirror some time later and see real results unfolding before them.

Besides using Lactic acid as fuel, you’ll also learn the different elements to radically enhance your energy levels. Almost instantly.

1) Goal setting
2) Deep Breathing
3) Exercise
4) Nutritional Fuel- thousand of them out there. This is THE program to follow to jack-up your energy levels
5) Exercise
6) Hydration
7) Recharging – learn new ways to do this in less time

Basically, everything you need to know to trim the flab from your
turkey gobbler(neck), your gut and
your love handles and morph into a radiant,
energy filled butt kickin ambre.

As a result of the information I pass on, clients from all over the globe can tap into energy reserves whenever they want- On command. Finally, ending the world energy supply problem once and for all. Go here now.

No retreat, no surrender,

Vince Palko

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Program Your Mind like the Matrix

Saturday, May 20th, 2006

Ever wanted to literally program your mind for success? If so, here’s a perfect way to do so without effort.

Remember the movie the Matrix with Keanu Reetes? Whatever his name is. The movie that pushed the limits with its story and special effects.

At one point in the original movie, Keanu’s character gets programmed with different downloads of information and skills – martial arts and other fighting tactics, knowledge and other important information to know in the new world of the matrix.

They stick the computer jack into the back of his head. Load into the computer a new set of ‘How To’ information. Then, click ‘Begin Download’ Shhhhooop, done. Instant Jujitso.

You can do the same thing with an iPod or cassette recorder. Without jammin’ a jack into the back of your head- Youch.

While you drive in the car, turn the news off or the hip hop American Idol music and program yourself with useful pertinent, life changing stuff. If you work a job that allows you to do the same, there is no better way to reprogram your mind then while you work.

Want to expand your vocab?

Learn a new language?

Build a success consciousness?

For every subject you’re interested in there are probably a few hundred books written on it as well as podcasts and audio books to listen to and program yourself with.

By playing this instructional information lightly in the background as you work or drive or walk, your conscious mind is diverted and, the info gets right to the source of the impressionable subconscious mind. You’ll begin to grow in news ways and be amazed how you did so.

I enjoy listening to inspirational media -speakers like Dr. Maxwell Maltz, teleseminars and what not.

Technology and the Internet at our fingertips, has made it so accessing anyone to motivate, inspire and teach is super easy.

To program your mind with instant energy techniques, and with zero effort– only that of your listening skills, get your hands on my Triple Your Endurance CDs NOW.

And as Napoleon Hill said …

Conceive, Believe, Achieve,

Vince Palko

Quadruple Your Endurance

Saturday, May 20th, 2006

Went for a jog the other day. Havent run OVER 2 miles in a looong time.

I thought I’d put Triple Your Endurance to the test. So I decided to run 8 miles. BTW, its been almost a year since I attempted an 8 miler.

Started off pretty slow, but then picked it up. Went the entire distance without stopping. Did it effortlessly. Even with my 235 pound frame.

Here’s what happened:

1) Using the specific breathing taught in Triple Your Endurance, my mind went into a meditative relaxed state by listening to the deep pants. Worry, frustration and time all vanished

2) My mind was energized with fresh air and oxygen and new ideas were popped to solve a challenge I faced

3) The next day I had zero, I mean zero soreness in my muscles – a little in my joints (to be expected from the pounding) but ZERO soreness in my muscles

The reason for no soreness my muscles was the lactic acid had no time to build up. It all got used from forcing more oxygen into my lungs than normal. This lactic acid was the fuel I used to get me through the run

So in essence, I quadruple my endurance. Hmmm, maybe I should change the name of the course.

Why would a course like this interest you. This proves that no matter how out of shape you are you can still triple (at least) your endurance by learning the techniques in Triple your Endurance.

I also believe that by going for smaller runs and learning the proper techniques to train smarter not harder you can still triple your endurance. For example, the 1.5 mile jogs I’ve done the last year.

LET’S say you don’t care to jog. That’s fine. Simply go for a walk, bike or do an anaerobic workout and work your breathing. This alone will make the fat cells burn off your body- All from a 15 minute workout.

Saving you time to get on with your life and not wasting every moment exercising or dieting.

This is the way to sustained fitness, more creativity & productivity and overall balance in your life. Go here now.

Endure like a Stallion,

Vince Palko

How Your Nose Impacts High Energy

Saturday, May 20th, 2006

Do you know any friends or family with a big nose? Have you noticed anything different about them?

Was reading a book the other day and it said people with big noses have high energy levels.


Maybe thats the reason, I feel like I can go for hours and hours without feeling as though I’ve used up any energy. Plenty of oxygen passing through large openings to go to the right places.

However, I don’t believe a large schnooz-o-la is the only answer to increase your energy though. You need to know how to breathe.

Breathe. Everyone knows how to breathe.

Yeah right.

This is one of the most challenging things for your mind to focus on. Especially, while exercising. Unless you’ve worked on this for some time now. INSTEAD, people turn on their iPods to divert their minds from the workout. I promise though if these people would turn off their iPods they’d discover a way to be more creative, productive and enjoy extra free time because of it.

Was having a conversation the other day with a friend on the matter. He was sharing how, he likes to go for a bike ride whilst listening to music.

When I shared with him he can literally triple the distance he travels with no extra effort he was intrigued and all ears – Part nose.

I told him all he need do is to formulate his breath into a rhythm and practice it over and over again. The first couple of times it will feel ackward and uncomfortable but as he practices it more it will feel second nature each time he goes for a long jaunt either on his bike or on foot.

All the while, he will organize his day at the same time. His highest priorities will bubble to the surface and the other non important work will fall to the bottom.

Plus, he will feel more creative alive. Solving problems left and right. Again, just from allowing more oxygen to get to the brain.

He was game. Excited to give it a shot.

These are secrets to further your career, your business and your relationships. Give em a shot and start living today with more energy.

If you want more power packed electrifying information, double click this link to take you to the instant energizer.


Vince Palko

Forget Your Goals

Saturday, May 20th, 2006

Have you ever had the desire to attain something so badly you could taste it. So bad, yet no matter how many times you set a goal you came up short.

You gave it your all but nothing worked. The next thing you hear is a voice inside your head saying, ‘this is all a bunch of bologna.’

‘It never works for me.’

If you’ve said these things in the past, read on for a fresh perspective. Perhaps, you tried too hard. You might have forced the issue.

When in hot pursuit of your dreams their are two things you need to keep in mind.

Number 1: Focus on your goals. Read them aloud ever day. Spend a couple minutes reflecting on them
by looking at your Financial Goal Tracker.

But it doesn’t stop there.

The next piece you have to follow will fly in the face of conventional wisdom. But its as true as money is green.

It’s essential to hitting your target.

Number 2: Besides focusing on your goal, FORGET it. Yes, forget it. Let it go.

Youre thinking–HUh. Vince wants me to focus and then he wants me to FORGET. Doesn’t make sense.

Let me explain.

Wallace Wattles, the author the Science of Getting Rich, talks about ‘Formless Substance’ and ‘Thinking Stuff’.

Basically, the Thinking Stuff is you focusing and thinking about your goal all day long. At some point though, you need to turn it over to the Formless Substance (Universe, higher power, etc.) and allow it to work for you.

FAITH comes into play here – BIG time.

The times I’ve tried to force my goals and held on tight inside, are the times I’ve come up short. However, the times I’ve let them going into this Thinking Stuff that’s swirling around me, Ive nailed or exceeded my goal- every time. Be it personal, professional, health and financial goals — focusing and forgetting goals, it virtually guarantees success.

Maybe you’ve had a similar experience.

Have faith that the Formless Substance will deliver to you what is your is the bottom line.

Anytime you force something this goes against how life naturally works. The Universe wants to give you what is yours. You need to be clear about what it is you want. If you set a goal then forget it you place your intention into the Thinking Stuff flow that gives you what you desire.

Until then Focus and Forget your goals for maximum success.

Conceive, Believe, Achieve,

Vince Palko

Ps. If you want a Green Back Prosperity system that reveals how to
get what you want, glide YOUR mouse over to NOW.

Airport Check In Terminals Suck

Sunday, May 7th, 2006

Was talking with a good friend before heading home after a weekend in Tampa.

After saying ‘Ciao,’ I headed to the ticket counter and checked in.

They don’t have any face-to-face interacting attendants these days. Just these darn bleepin computers.

Swiped my credit card and a weird message appeared. Computer said I missed the check-in and to see the airline representative. Huh, I was one minute late. One minute.

Talked the representative and they said the system closes down at 45 minutes before the flight. I was at 44 minute mark. Fickin. Rats. Cursis. The airline rep directed me to another person at the ticket purchase counter.

While waiting in line to get a “stand by” ticket a lady and her husband were in front of me. The lady turns around throws her arms in the air and looks at me.

“Can you believe this? We can’t get on the plane and we need to
get back to my mother-in-law who is in a nursing home … Bla, bla, bla.”
The rest of the conversation droned on.
“I don’t know what we are going to do,” She gasped.

I turned to her and said, “Breathe, don’t forget to breathe.”

Then I turned my body away from her to avoid further negative bull crap. Calming myself, I instantly centered myself with a few deep breaths.

Instant relief.

And I realized I could have cut the conversation short with my friend but it was way too important to do so. It was an important personal conversation being shared.

Things are never as good or as bad as they seem. Most people go through life letting the little things rattle them. As a result, they become stressful and anxious and this, this, is the absolute worst thing you can do for yourself. Stress leads to all kinds of internal problems and health issues.

Clear yourself of stress and worry by centering yourself
with a couple of deep breaths. I guarantee you’ll gain a
new perspective on the issue or something good will come
out of the seemingly on the surface “bad” situation.

Don’t get caught up in the complainers ’round you. Or you’ll
get dragged down with.

Had someone at this past conference ask if they could use Triple Your Endurance
to boost their sexxktual stamina. Although not the original intent, most definitely. To get your hard copies, visit the Ultimate Endurance Builder.

Be a Stallion,

Vince Palko

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