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Is Lactic Acid Build Up Good or Bad

Sunday, May 7th, 2006

Had a person write to me complaining about being sore after a workout.

They had no clue they could obliterate it.

First off, whenever you start exercising after a long period of rest- this usually happens. Also, if you’ve pushed it too hard, which is a no,no.

In either case, you never want to exhaust yourself to the max where your body seizes up the next day and you walk around robitic-like. What causes this pain is lactic acid build-up in the muscles.

The secret is to never be in that state in the first place. What if you could be pain free during and after a workout.

More on that in a bit but first some general knowledge on how your body uses fuel to move.

Bascially, your muscle cells use carbohydrates for energy. The byproduct created is lactic acid. The phrase lactic acid is CONSIDERED poison in some circles of the fitness and endurance world. What most don’t understand is lactate (a fancy word for lactic acid) can be used to send your energy to the moon, if you know how to use it.

When you combine lactate with oxygen this provides the body even more energy.

It’s the reas why Lance Armstrong can destroy his competition because his body
takes it oxygen faster and processes it quicker allowing for less fatigued muscles and soreness.

You don’t have to be Lance to have Lance’s endurance, and you may have no desire to be him. You just want more energy. Fact is you can have more energy by leveraging the lactate to your advantage. This is done by practicing certain breathing techniques taught in Triple Your Endurance.
Blast-off levels of endurance will appear out of no where by doing so.

These days I’m amused when I hear people say, ‘I worked out yesterday and today, I’m sooooo sore.’

If they only knew the secret. I used to share what I know for free but now I put too much value on it. You can learn about my rhythmic breathing techniques that tap into this lactic acid new fuel residing in your body. Go here now…

Breathe in a rhythmic way while you do weights, body weight exercises, or
while you cardio yourself into the ground, whichever you choose, you will have less muscle fatigue during workouts and no soreness the next day.

You have my word on it.

Be a Stallion,

Vince Palko

You Versus Your Invisible Financial Fence

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006

Went for my walk last night and past by a house with an all bark and no bite big ole German Shepperd.

It used to scare the crap out of me because theres absolutely no fence in the neighbors yard and this huge silhouette emerges from the shadows and runs straight at me.

I always have my stiff arm ready in case I have to do what Alex Karras did to the horse in ‘Blazing Saddles.’

Every time though the dog gets within a certain distance, it stops dead in its tracks. But not because of me, from something else.

Trained like Pavlov’s dog, where the sound of a bell triggered salivation and hunger, the neighbors used an electric fence to keep this blood-seeking-hound from leaving the yard. Poor thing must have tagged pretty hard several times.

The interesting thing is the only invisible fence that exists is the one in the dogs mind. The doggy has been conditioned to believe it’ll be zapped if it goes
beyond the confines of the yard.

When it comes to reaching new heights with our financial goals we are much like
the German Shepherd. We want to expand our financial horizons but are held
back by our own invisible fence in our mind.

There is hope though. You can bust through the invisible as simply
as if the dog just ventured outside his invisible line to discover
it would not get zapped.

It starts with the ability to write a goal. Sounds difficult, huh.
Well 97% of people can’t find the time to do so or don’t care to.
Yet, they’ll find all kinds of time to complain about gas, taxes
and everything else out of their control.

Take control of your own destiny. Don’t give your power away
to others. That’s a helpless feeling.
If you want a resource that will walk you through goal setting
and goal tracking to eventually achieve your dreams.

I’m reminded of the 1957 Harvard graduating class
where 3% of the students
out of the entire class set a goal and planned for their future.
The study showed 30 years later that same 3% percent
had more net worth than the rest of the 97% combined.


Mapping out what you want then keeping track of your progress
(on your Success Visual) communicates to your subconscious your plan to achieve.
More than a passing wish.

Then you can be amongst the crowd who doesn’t care if taxes or the price of
oil goes up. You’ll be in the driver seat rocketing yourself above
the status quo.

You can take control, simply
take those steps outside of your own invisible limits.

Conceive, Believe, Achieve,

Vince Palko

Ps. Thanks to all those who responded to the free gift giveaway last week.
Look for more fun in the future.

A Marathon of Electricity

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006

Have you ever run a marathon.

You may answer yes, the majority probably no. The reason I ask is not
persuade you to do so, it’s to explain a certain energy that comes
from competing in one.

The marathons I’ve run, there is a ‘X’ factor that fuels you to the finish line.
One you cannot anticipate. One, you cannot see, one you cannot taste.

Rather it’s the energy from the group you feel as you make your
way through the city until you cross your finish line. The energy is palpable.
It’s electric.

And it comes from the 40,000 other racers all with the same intent
as you: Reach the finish line. They support you, pat you
on the back, and give you that extra umph to finish.
Like a mighty current in the ocean, it sweeps you off your feet
until you cross the final checkpoint.

What a wonderful thing to experience.

My mentor Matt Furey is having a seminar in October. Matt will
reveal ways to market a product or service on and off the internet.

I never really knew how many people out there have
an entrepreneurial mindset until watching the scores of people lined up to pitch ideas on ABC’s American Inventor.

If you have an idea you’d love to market and produce,
you need a seat at this seminar.

Similar to the marathon, I’m always amazed at the energy created at one of these seminars. Matt delivers shock waves of similar energy into the audience. It’s electric, it’s palpable and it’s fuel to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve.
This is what I call Matt’s ‘X’ factor that supports his instruction.

No one else gives that powerful One-Two combination to convey information
and help you deliver results for your business.

A number of you have emailed me to ask a question. And to answer your questions, yes, I’ll be there Furiously taking notes. My visual notes that is…
I’ve had the great opportunity to meet several of you on my list at his past seminar’s. If you are interested, there is no better
teacher to learn how to turn your hobby into a profession.

I say that grounded in my own experience with what Matt has taught me.

In every one of my businesses he’s had a profound influence in
some way shape or form.

If you are on the fence, please sign up now, because Matt will raise the price on the event and this price won’t be there very long. Go here for the Matt Furey Seminar.
Plus, you won’t have to run a marathon to experience the electricity from
a group who want you to succeed. Secret handshakes to follow.

I’m sending this email now because I have no idea when he will
raise the price, I just know it’s coming…

Conceive, believe, achieve,

Vince Palko

How to Get Out of a Rut

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006

When pursuing your goal to get fit or to achieve
financial wealth, sometimes people slip into a mindset
of what they don’t have. Or develop an ‘I wish I had this’ mentality.
Wishing only leads to frustration. And it also leads to more of the same
crapo-la in your life.

If you are feeling frustrated stuck in this kind of rut there are a couple
things to focus on.

Playing Div. I college football, my coach Gary Blackney, always
had a method for rebounding from a loss. And believe me
this rarely happened (Our team won several champioships and bowl games)
but when it did – I tuned into what coach shared.

Two things to focus on:

* Draw on the positives
* Get back to the basics

Let’s take the first. Everyone has something they can draw upon to
be positive about. What is that about you that you can be proud of
for accomplishing. When watching film of the embarrassing loss
the coaches always found something good to call out from select players.

This did two things. Helped us see that the loss wasn’t entirely terrible and
also brought back the success consciousness to the surface.

Focusing on what you have leads to an element of gratitude. This feeling quality
allows you to move forward and accept more success into your life.

And the second. Getting back to the basics usually meant performing better
at – running, tackling, throwing and catching.
I dreaded hearing this mid-season because
we would do more tackling drills than we did preparing for the season, and we’d
practice these relentlessly until coach was satisfied.

Then we’d start our regular practice.

What are the basics you need to focus on. Maybe its reviewing your goals every day
for five minutes. Maybe its slotting time for more exercise. Maybe its taking
more time with your family.

Select all the things that will enhance your future and its possibilities.

Truth is, when you do these two things which are not hard to do
you’ll find you are back to allowing success to flow to you more

Go out and grab what is yours.

Conceive, Believe, Achieve,

Vince Palko

Ps. I know you could use a financial boost. And it takes a buck to make a buck-
so grab up my Financial Success Visual System and start magnetically attracting
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