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You Owe Yourself

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

Was at a local sporting goods store (the name I won’t reveal
because it will alert the ‘Yammy’ filters) the other day checking out
a big pile of exercise clothing.

Rewarding myself with fitness and sports equipment for hitting
a goal — I always do it when I achieve success.

I also like to get new books, tapes and DVDs that
support my intention to
get and stay in Stallion-like condition.

Anyway, while in the check out line a young boy rang my stuff up.

He was a tall, wiry lad with a pushed in face. When I looked at him I noticed he had
a ‘lazy’ eye that looked off into another direction.

I sensed there was something a bit off about him from the start
but couldn’t pick up on his energy exactly.

He had just rang up one of the last items and then it happened.
Like a lightning bolt out of the blue, his managers comment seemed to
up root his gentle ego.

She said, ‘How’s the first day finishing up.’

‘Ahhh, Okaeey,’ his voice cracked. Then as soon as the question
was answered he began fumbling my items.

Oooh, so he’s a newbie. That’s what I sensed initially.

From the outside lookin in, it seemed the manager gave him a
sliver of kryptonite and tore his shroud of confidence
because the cat was out of the bag that it was his first day.

‘Sir, ahh, I’m going to have to re-ring all your stuff.’

At this point, clearly his nervousness was getting the best of him,
he bobbled my clothes and hangers.
The more he hurried, the more he dropped items and took him a
couple triggers on the scanner thingy.
It was getting a bit out of hand – so I
suggested, ‘Dude, take yer time. I’m in no rush.’

‘Ahh, thanks – man…. you’d be surprised how many people
were pissed off today cause they were in a hurry and I wasn’t ringin their
stuff up fast enough.’

‘Well, I don’t think they’d want you to ring an item twice accidentally would they
- because you’re rushing. Besides, who cares what they think of
you anyway. As long as you get the job done.’ I exclaimed.

‘Yeah, you’re right.’

So many young people try and impress folks and want to be liked.
In this case, a college kid sacrificed peace of mind and
relaxed harmony for approval. No thanks.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand it when the clerk is distracted
by another clerk carrying on conversations- not focused on my order.
But this kid was doing a great job.

So he should care less about what others think.

The message for you is – you don’t owe anyone anything – you
owe yourself. Especially when your well being is in order.

I know it sounds selfish but if you can’t take care of number one
how do you expect to take care of those around you.

Can you imagine the stress and anxiety that will accumulate
as that young man enters adulthood. Work tob become immune
to criticism. And see yourself with kind eyes.
These two exercises we all need to strengthen – self included.

If you are interested in reading and hearting more
on this life changing message visit this page for Dr. Maltz’s wisdom.

You’ll be glad you did.


Vince Palko

Ps. For a three CD set plus a host of other goodies
to increase your energy three fold, go NOw to

How to Be Like Arnold – New American Icon

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

Arnold Schwarzenegger knows a thing ‘er two about
how to focus his mind to create a result (a positive RESULT at that).

Starting with next to nothing, this body builder,
turned movie star, turned Governor is an American Icon for greatness.

And wether you support his political party or not – is not my topic
for discussion of this email today. Maybe another day.

Where did Arnold start in order to achieve this greatness.

In his mind.

Exercise and fitness were the early evidence of his power
within. Strong mind, strong body. He definitely had both.

I’m reminded of a chinese proverb, ‘Learn to command your mind
and you can command the universe.’

As a result his physical prowess lead to more success in
Hollywood. He has an interesting approach to exercise.

‘Lifting weights is only a physical follow through
to visualization. As long as the mind can envision the
fact that you can do something – you can. I visualize myself being
their already — having already achieved the goal.’
Ahhhnold Swartznegger

Most people think it takes tons of sweat to get the desired

As my coach in college said about success, ’90% of winning
is a result of the work you do from the eye brows up.’

To some, this might seem like work. To me,
I don’t sweat when I imagine success. So I exercise this success
function as often as I can- all day long.

Over the weekend, I announced a summer special- helping you drop
some poundage as summertime fun rolls around.

You can still visit and order this tremendous package for a short period of time.

After that, I’ll be raising the price but keeping the package in tact.
Congrats to those who already secured theirs. You are going to love
your new found energy and Arnold-like-Abs with your Magnificent Seven poster. Not to mention enjoying the envy
of friends and family.

My students love this form of visualization because it gives them a starting
point to ship off from on the speedboat of success.

‘Hi Vince.
I’ve enjoyed getting your emails and newsletters a lot…
I have found that pictures, especially the
more detailed ones can affect our outcome,
for example, I have a picture of the skeletal frame of a
very overweight person, and next to that, a picture of a
normal skeletal frame, and have found that looking
at that picture helps me control my eating, and I don’t
overeat as much, thereby lose weight.
Thank you’
-Patty Schwartz

VP’s response:
Patty, keep up the good work. Now begin coloring away the
unwanted fat before or after you exercise on these pictures.
As I have you do on your Goal Tracker. Also, take a photo yourself
and hang it next to the
comic like super human body illustration in your Goal Chart.

This will take the result you are getting and add
rocket fuel to it. Achieving success quicker and easier.

All for now.

Conceive, Believe, Achieve,

Vince Palko

Ps. Sorry to those who have requested my time on
the phone as of late. I don’t take personal calls – yetanyway.
Hence, the reason I don’t have a direct line listed on any of my websites.
This allows me to do what I preach day in and day out – FOCUS.
I’m in the process of structure a coaching system or as they say
in corporate ‘hoity-toity’ America – consulting structure.
Once this is done, I’ll give you the
appropriate process to get in touch with me.

Pps. Please don’t call my number unless you are placing an
order or have questions on existing products.

Do Weights Slow You Down

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

I often get asked, ‘Will lifting weights slow me
down and hold me back when racing long distances.’

Many long distance (LD) athletes get caught up in
doing just cardio to build their endurance.

However, if you want sustainable boundless energy reserves
you need over the course of a LD race
or in life – you need strong muscles.

This way, when you are in the latter part of
your race – your muscles continue to
deliver the strength you need to maintain your current pace
and even to shift into four gear.

Most think they need to go in the weight room to build strength.
This is far from the actual truth.

There is an alternative.

For an even better workout do Body Weight exercises. Mastering your
own body weight is often plenty of anaerobic work and it gives
you functional strength.

Your not looking for bulkier puffed up muscles. Weights give you that
and this slows you down. Think of Lance. He doesn’t lift
weights, he simply works the muscles he needs to get the job done
over and over.

What you want are long and strong muscles.
Ones that emit extra energy and stamina. Plus, you
don;t have to leave the comforts of your own home to do them.

You risk the chances of over extending yourself and getting injured.
Leaving you out of a big race. Sometimes putting you
out for the entire race season.

My wife was all set to race in a triathlon this summer. A month ago,
she was ‘getting after it’ with weights and injured her knee.

Three exercises every LD racer needs to add to their endurance
building tool bag can be found at the Royal Court poster.

Truth is, some people have no business gettin’ in the weight
room and slugging big plates around when they can’t
even do exercises supporting their own body weight.

I went for a mile walk yesterday doing lunges alternating 50 yards
on 100 yards off and this worked like gang busters to
pump up my quads.

When you get your hands on this poster, these three exercises
will challenge you to the hilt. They are perfect for supplementing
any endurance program without paying membership fees
at a fitness gym.

Dump the weights and do your own body weight.

Go give it a shot.

Unleash Your Endurance,

VInce Palko

How to Survive Drop Dead Exhaustion

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

There I sat on a warm stuffy plane
leaving Raleigh, North Carolina heading back to Ohio.

My heart was racing – mind numb.

Every breath I took, seemed to seize
my entire body.

Until a final breath and my mid-section clenched and
I doubled over.

Gasp – Teht, teht.

Then someone handed me a handful of bananas
to help with my cramping. I couldn’t eat.

I was simply spent. Had nothing left
to give. You see, I ‘left it on the field’ as
we were instructed to do.

Though we lost the game, inside I felt like a winner.

There were some that did not. I could tell who they
were with the tears in their eyes. Not me. I knew I
simply had nothing left to give.

Playing in the southern heat first game of the
year at NC State
was not what my teammates and I were used to. On top of
that, the stadium was such that tall pines surrounded
the entire structure – enclosing in the stagnant air.
It felt like you were playing in
a hefty bag in 100 degree thick humid air.

In these conditions, it’s no reason why so many young
kids keel over in exhaustion.

Flash to the film session the following Monday.

There were six of my defensive teammates that
lost their starting positions after coach got done with them.
They were devastated.

Watching the film made it easy to see why.

The fellas that got canned looked as if they
were running in glue – long lethargic movements.

Atypical compared to their normal quick bursts.

The eye in the sky didn’t lie.

For me, as I said, was pissed we lost but had a quiet
feeling of relief. Relief knowing I didn’t give in to
everything I had. Fatigue as Coach used to say ‘Makes cowards
out of all of us.’

The training regime I followed the summer
before camp I owed my performace and stamina to.
I was a step on everyone else when
the humid air wanted to beat us down.

The grassy playing surface with white markings is much like the game of life.

There are those who move very slowly and lethargically.
When the day is done, they collapse is a blazing enforno
of exhaustion.

Others simply are full of vim and vigor ready for
each challenge as it presents itself.

Which person are you.

The kind that folds under
a bit of duress or the person who keeps marching
forward no matter what the obstacle.

Typically, if your endurance is strong,
you have loads of energy to
face any mental challenge and obstacle on any given day.

Plus, your health will ultimately determine your future.
How long you live or how soon you die.

You want a strong, healthy heart pumpin’ plenty of
blood to circulate throughout your entire body.

My course Triple Your Endurance has the tools,
the tips, and the log book and an extra few CDs
to recover the endurance you once had and make it
even stronger.

With a hot summer approaching quickly, you’ll want
to have all the energy you need to go
outside and enjoy your bondless health.

Some will continue along the path of lifeless
bags of skin, others will reap the rewards of
raging endurance.

Endure like a Stallion,

Vince Palko

Ps. Look out for something special I’m putting together designed to
whoop you into shape for summer.

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