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Stand tall in a Crowd

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

When you find yourself around a winner
you recognize one thing. How he stands.

He stands with his chest puffed out.

He stands with a mighty sword in his hand.

He keeps his chin up.

He looks at you with complete confidence and smiles.

He is blind to his past mistakes.

He walks above the clouds.

One of the many things I’ve taken from
my experience playing football
has little to do with what I learned on the field.

It has to do with how I observed my head coach
interact with other people, hotel attendants,
gas station clerks and anyone else we
would encounter while traveling to and from

He treated them with complete respect and utter
kindness. It was one of the most powerful things to
witness as a young man.

This had everything to do with our success on the field.
Just as much as grueling practice sessions. Maybe even more.

Let me explain.

You’ve heard the expression fish stink from the head down.
The same is true for when you have a good or bad leader.

As a group of players who were warriors on the field
off the field, we followed Coach’s direction off the field as well.

Trouble is when people get good. When they are
tremendously successful they feel they are better than others.
Feeling as if their schisse doesn’t stink.

BUT in a way they are insecure.
Because when someone is insecure, they treat others how
they expect to be treated — poorly.

When someone walks with the stride of a champion
they treat others with the respect they expect in return.

You can try this tomorrow. When you are in an elevator with a group
of people — stand tall knowing there is something special about

When you are in a crowd and other people gossip
about others, stay true to yourself and keep your lips shut.

One thing I’ve learned, steer clear of those
who talk smack. ‘Cause chances are great
they “smack talk” you when you turn your back.

It’s a simple truth. Like loose lips that sink ships, trashy lips don’t know
when to shut up.

I used to work with a group of artists that always
made fun of another one in the group. But only the cowardly
way — behind his back.

They poked fun at how he was always sticking his
neck on the line to move himself and his career
forward. Even though his talent level wasn’t the greatest.

Sure, he didn’t have half the talent they did.
Yet, he had double the desire and determination to make
something out of himself and his art.

In my mind he is the champion. He will succeed.

Walk with the champions and focus on what you want
to bring into your life. By doing this you leak zero energy
for your vision. Plus, you feel good about yourself and
when you feel good about yourself
and your future — you achieve your dreams.

Unleash You,

Vince Palko

P.S. Champions walk with swagger. Do the exercises
to keep yourself it top physical shape.
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Your Outer Brawn and Inner Calm

Friday, January 26th, 2007

I got my hands on a new course a couple of months ago,
and you are never going to believe
what it’s called — Lumberjack Yoga.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? A Lumberjack
teaching Yoga. What gives? However, who doesn’t
want a program to stimulate peace of mind
while strengthening your muscles at the same time?

It’s like a two for one deal.

And if you are someone who always wanted to
understand more about Yoga
without sacrificing a bit of your, ah, manhood,
then this is definitely the course
for you. No guys in spandex on these

That’s why I jumped on it.

Even if you are an experienced Yoga maestro,
you know there are always new postures to learn and
workouts to create.

Ben Rifkin is a Lumberjack living out West
and has created this course. He’s a great instructor
leading you through every pose and breathing

This program is as powerful as the name is unique.

By practicing this course, I can feel muscles that
I never knew I had. My mental calmness when in
the midst of stress and tension is unbelievable as well.

If you find yourself thinking you’re not a lumberjack and
this doesn’t apply to you, think again.
Your Lumberjack inside is calling you to awaken
your inner calm while strengthening your outer brawn.

Make it happen and see what it does for your
flexibility and endurance.

You’ll be glad you did.


Vince Palko

P.S. Here is the link again in case you
passed over it:

Da Bears Will Beat Da Dolts

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

So the da Bears are heading to the BIG dance.


I’m glad to see the Bears beat the Aint’s. I could play it off and make you think I’m a big time Bear’s fan. But I’m not.

However, I did tell a friend they’d win Saturday night with the simple reason being defense wins championships. And the Bears have a mighty

Because of this they will defeat the Dolts too.

The other reason ‘da Bears will beat the ‘da Dolts is because of their coaching staff.

Not taking anything away from Dungy but Lovie and his group is tremendous.

One of whom coached me and is now the assistant head coach to Lovie Smith. His name is Bob Babich. He was one of the toughest coaches I had my freshman year.

Those early years were instrumental in my development. I can remember thinking as a freshman LB that I could do no right and the senior LB playing next to me could do no wrong.

Like a drill instructor Bob broke me down, he then built me back up to be a champion athlete.

Coach has had the pleasure of coaching two of the greatest linebackers of all time –
Palko and Urlacher. Now, I say that in jest.

I joked with Coach when we chatting earlier this year. And Bob razzed me with his thick southern drawl, “Yeah, Vinnie Palko and Brian Urlacher — how do you compare the two?”

His sarcasm brought a smile to my face.

Because he and I both knew I had no natural skills to play the game. I had to bust my ass for everything that I achieved.

I once played with a guy in Germany who had tryouts with the Giants. After running a fast forty-yard dash, (looking to potentially get drafted) the Giants’ recruiter said, “Okay now let’s meet in the other room to test your broad jump and shuttle run.”

Xaiver said, “Sounds good.”

Instead of meeting in the other room, “X” turned to go shoot hoops with his homies. Kissed that opportunity goodbye.

When I asked him why he did this he said, “Hey man, I’ve got talent, I never asked for it. God just
gave it to me. Doesn’t mean I have to use it.”

There are champion style attitudes and loser ones.

What is yours?

I can break you down and build you up piece–by-piece into a champion from only 5 minutes a day or exercise.

My program for fitness success is Linebacker Fitness
and it can be yours if you Seize the Day to get yourself into better physical and mental condition.

Unleash You,

Vince Palko

Ps. Win the day. Win it with gusto and Linebacker Fitness

What "The Donald" and Rosie Really Want

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

Today we are going to take a break from fitness
and let our hair down a bit.

Maybe you are like me and are getting sick of hearing about these two knuckleheads in the press: Trump and Rosie. However, I believe, if you cant beat ‘em join ‘em.

I created a Cartoon because I couldn’t resist the
low hanging fruit (in the news) waiting for me to get my hands on it.

These two fight like an old crotchety married couple, so it led me to believe that below the surface they really like each other.

So enough with the talkin’ Trump and Rose Bud why dont you kiss, makeup and get down to bidness.

As the late great Barry White would sing, “Let’s get it on!!”


Vince Palko

Ps. If Rosie wanted to shed a few unwanted pounds
the first program I’d put her through is Linebacker Fitness.
She could shake away the flab and get back to
her fighting weight. The Don could increase his
stamina to keep up with Rosie by using this amazing

Clueless and Capable

Monday, January 15th, 2007

Last week I did something REALLY stupid.

In our downstairs bathroom ALL the lights were out for about two weeks before deciding to fix ‘em.

Why fix it. Why not replace the burnt out bulbs. Well, my wife had done this (I checked her work with one bulb) and still no worky-worky with the switchy-switchy.

After replacing the switch, a few cuss words, and getting absolutely nowhere -I decided call an electrician.

There are areas I consider myself an expert in. But being a handy Andy Pandy is not one of them. Plus, Dad always instructed me,’Hire out your dirty work and continue doing what you are good at – even if it costs you mula.’

So I dialed up an electrician to handle the temporary inconvenience.

Although this time I pressed the “Bat button” to hire a pro
maybe too quickly.

Guy came last week while I was working in my studio.
I showed him our problem areas. Downstairs light switch
and upstairs light switch in our master bath.

I turned and headed to my studio to work on some
illustrations. Stopped to grab a water from
the fridge first.

All of the sudden, I heard a grunt and a chuckle come from the first floor bath.

Went to check it out and the lights were on and working.

‘Boy, that was quick. What was the issue?’I asked.

‘Well, it was the old ‘half-turn more’electrical problem we run into from time to time.’


‘Yeah, the light bulbs you replaced needed a half turn more and voila – they worked.’

Sometimes our exercise programs are like this. You focus your efforts on one area believing it will take you to the promised land. Like the people who think they have to watch everything they eat.

Or you think you’ve tried everything and are getting nowhere.

My coach, Gary Blackney, in college always said,’During workouts when you think you have given everything and you dont have anything left to give – count on at least 30% in your reserve tank.

Right around now, most people’s New Years resolutions/goals/ intentions (whatever the hells you want to call them)are about to fizzle out.

Not YOU though.

This letter is to let you know if you give that half-turn more in the right areas, you will see the lights come and experience the results you deserve.

The professional who got me out of the dog house helped me see that. It could have taken me three weeks to figure out what he knew to look for and fix in five minutes.

Though I know nothing about electricity and fix it stuff, I do know how to twist a light bulb into its socket.

Similarly, the same electrical guy knows that exercise and diet will drop the excess blubber ’round his waistline. What he doesn’t know are the clues to get the job done faster – in record time.

Enter “Vinnie Boom, Boom” to save the day. I can tell him where he can cut corners but also provide areas where he needs to turn up the heat and give a little more.

Here is the home self-repair kit I’d suggest:

1) A healthy dose of Linebacker Fitness
for 8 minutes in the AM.

2) For lunch I’d suggest the deep breathing and endurance food selection I instruct in Triple Your Endurance

3) Lastly, I’d wrap up your day with a meeting with yourself to track your progress on the Combat Conditioning Goal Trackers. This builds momentum to tackle tomorrow with more energy and enthusiasm.

****** Side note: ************
To show my support for those who continue to pursue their fitness goals when so many others drop out right now,I’ve marked down the CC Trackers for a limited time
to keep you on the road to greatness. While supplies last, I’ll throw for – NO Cost – the Goal Tracker Success Teleseminar with Matt Furey, Ed Baran and myself.
Go to the Goal Tracker Sale page NOW.

Sticking with this smorgasbord of self-repair for 2007 will not only trim your waistline but it will increase your sehxxx drive, provide child-like energy and allow your self-confidence to soar to the stratosphere.

Unleash You NOW,

Vince Palko

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