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Archive for May, 2007

Get Paid (Not Played) While You Exercise

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

I always enjoy hearing from a “Left Brainer” (A Deaf Brainer) who asks something like, “How do you stay motivated to exercise.”

He’ll continue, “I just cant get back in my rhythm of exercising.”

Or the ones who need music to motivate them to move.

I was having this discussion with a guy on this the other day… he wanted me to listen to this group TOOL while I run or exercise.

He said it would improve my performance. I would get pumped listening to it and I would want to run harder and harder.

Now, dont get me wrong there are times when music jacks me up when my body is moving. Yet, the majority of the time its a distraction to what’s going on in my head.

Here’s why.

I’m creating.

When you hang out with creative folks — you understand
their inspiration comes from books, radio, TV, “the
Net” or other forms of Stimuli — Brain food if you will.

Some people’s Eureka’s happen while in the shower.

Still others hop in a deep tank and soak their brain to let the milluon dollar ideas float to the surface.

Personally, being that I have to “produce” big ideas on a daily basis -my mind works best when I’m doing somethign other than what I am focused on. For example, exercising or driving the car. Anytime where I am moving in straight direction – forward.

It’s like my intuition antenna is up grabbing all the ideas floating in the Cosmos that everybody else is too busy
to hear or see.

Some people just exercise just to exercise. This leads to burnout or plateaus some people complain about. Or better yet when I here people say — “how do you motivate yourself.”

One thing you can learn from artists is their zest for creation. And more creation.

Look at Michelangelo after he created the most wonderful sculpture of any human form – “The David” — he easily could have stopped there. But he went on to create the Sistine Chapel the most famous of all holy ceiling’s in
all the world.

In between those two, he didnt rest – he created architectural drawings for the Cathedral in Rome.

You can learn from his mastery with your fitness.

Find something bigger than you to focus on while you exercise. Something to create in your mind. Never stop working on it.
Before you know it… IT will materialize.

And this IT might even make you tons of mula in the future.

All my fitness products are designed to support you with this. One MEGA popular program is Linebacker Fitness. Ideas will fly off the rope as you jump in place.

I told my friend politely – no thanks on the TOOL front. He immediately took offense and to my chagrin – kept pressing.

I just grinned ear to ear knowing the secret that I am know sharing with you. And let it go.

Again, the “Deaf Brainer” strikes.

Unleash You,

Vince Palko

Inspiring Art for Your Success

Monday, May 14th, 2007

Being that you are in this select group of people who
are apart of my visual email list (to create what you want in your life) . Let me share something I’ve been meaning to for a long time..

The above painting (titled: Gang Tackle) is one of my personal favorite pieces of work. Now most artists have
certain reasons for selecting their personal fave. I can hear them now, “The colors (lisp) are harmonious– if has good composition, there’s a good mixture of darks (lisp) and lights(lisp).”

And so on.

Being I am not your typical artist — I’ll break this painting down and give you why it works from a success perspective — not esthetic.

I painted this picture while playing Pro football overseas in Germany
back in the late 90′s. As the leader of the defense, you want your
team playing like this all the time. Basically its having all 11 helmets
around the ball every snap. When this happens – you know that everyone is playing inspired football
and that your team will eventually win.

So when this idea came to me, I painted it quickly and hung it in my
apartment to help me visualize success from the defensive side of the ball.

We had many successful defenses that led the team to several championships
while playing in Hamburg.

And this painting works because:

1. It evokes a mood inside your mind — ATTACK@!
Every time another defense player saw this hanging
in my apartment – they’d salivate and get jacked ready to play the game.

2. The players in Blue are achieving success. You have to FOCUS on what you want.

3. The painting captures the energy and speed of the game.
The helmets look like they are moving across the canvas.

4. This painting is dream-like in its presentation. Some areas are detailed – others are not.
The cloudy feel leaves something to the imagination –
to achieve more than what’s just in the painting. For instance, maybe a fumble
happens after we all tackle the the tailback.

Think you can make this work for you and your fitness?

Yes, but of course …

Every team has a game plan. Every company has some sort
of business plan. A strategy written out on paper for how to achieve success.

So why wouldnt you have a game plan for your fitness and health.
Something written out on paper for you to focus on.

Something that will inspire you and record your results simultaneously.

Something that will evoke a mood of excitement every time you look at it.
And energizes you. Just like my painting,” Gang Tackle.”

People wonder why I tend to grow younger and stay on top of my fitness results. It all has to do with tracking my progress. Keeping score of where I am in my relation to my vision.

The Combat Conditioning Goal Trackers do just this.

If you are someone tired of all the other approaches
out there. Frustrated with the stickking points you
experienced. Then you will want to give this a shoot.

This approach has increased my body weight reps by 30%.
I’ve cut my swim time in the mile practically in half.

And what better reason to invest than to get in on
the special I am having with these art posters that inspire.

You can read more about Inspiring Art here.

Do it NOW and energize your attitude to win..

Conceive, Believe, Achieve,


Vince Palko

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