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How to Prevent Back Tweakage

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Lets take a gander at the phrase “preventative maintenance.”

NO, I’m not talking about making sure your “Caddy”
has had its regular oil change and tune ups so it goes
the distance.

And NO I’m not talking about making sure your
lover is satisfied all the time before something gives
and it all goes to “hell in a hen basket.”

What I want to talk about is P.M. for your body, mind and soul.

Many people when they hear this phrase “preventative maintenance”
their eyes glass over. Ho hum. Me being one of them
(I prefer “keeping the engine warm.”)
Yet, to someone who has just tweaked their back
frustration, guilt and regret oozes from their pours.

Frustration and regret because they didnt keep their
engines WARM by staying in decent physical condition. I wont say
Tip-top shape because thats a stretch for most.

Talked with someone at a graduation party this past
weekend who did just that. He was on vacation all set to enjoy the
time off and went out for a run. First one in a long time and
WAMMMO. Threw his back.

He was laid up in bed for the rest of the week.

Now, this happens to many people, outta the blue, when
you least expect it. Some get it while working in the garden,
fixing a leaky faucet or simply playing with
their kids. For this gent, it ruined his vacation
where he spent more time visiting the Doc, than time relaxing
in his hammock.
Plus, he still has numbness in his leg and is worried if
when the feeling will return.

Point is, he wished he hadnt let his body sit for so long without
exercising. He knows that if he hadnt he most likely
would have enjoyed his week away. No action is the worst thing for
your body especially your back. If our Creator wanted us to sit as much as we do,
he would have shaped our bodies in the sitting position.

The second point is watch what exercise you do after sitting out
for so long. Running isnt the best option.

That is why doing a workout from Linebacker conditioning
works wonders:

* You’ll have zero pulled muscles
* You dont have to leave your house
* If you are starting out you can do as much or as little as you want- then build from there
* You wont jog 3 miles — overdo it — and feel like you have to overexert yourself to get back
* You’ll maximize your fat blasters in the least amount of time
* Mix it with body weight exercises and waive bye-bye to monthly gym payments forever

But beware there is a right way to jump and a wrong way.
Dont think you can just pick up a rope and start
hopping. People that jump the wrong way will wind up hurting themselves more
than helping. Check out DVD #1 to ensure proper form
on this exercise. Otherwise, you are on your own.

With that — lets keep that engine warm — free and clear of
the “service station.”

Unleash YOU,

Vince Palko

Ps. In case you were wondering about the delay in messages from last week.
I am transitioning into a full fledged ENTREPRENEUR and have much
to accomplish in the next couple weeks.
What does this mean to you… well, for one many more fitness and life enhancing courses in the coming months. So pin your ears back, set your hair on fire, and get ready for one helluva ride.

Best Damn Dad’s Day

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

A real quick note to say I hope you enjoyed
your Father’s Day yesterday.

The girlies and I had a wonderful time.
We went out and got one of those slip n’slides.
No, not the cheap piece of visqueen you and I grew up on.
They dont make ‘em anymore./

I remember the days when the set-up turned
your backyard into a mud pit. Yuck.

This one was completely different.
Was the real deal; complete with an air slide
that connected to a little pool.

The giggles never stopped.

Then after that we cooked up a rack of lamb
with asparagus right on the top.

‘Ces magnifique.

Anyway, here is a picture from
the action.

Again, hope you did something fun yesterday.


Vince Palko

Ps. For a great way to offset a stale summer
workout… Grab the program that Dads
and kids can do apart or together,
grab Linebacker Fitness NOW.

Triathlon Success

Friday, June 15th, 2007

And in this corner weighing in at a whopping 2-4-0.
Mostly muscle ladies and gents.

Picture one: Vince next to half-pint.
Picture two: Picked up time on the bike 14 in 44 minutes.
Picture three: Hurrah!

Goal achieved by 22 seconds.

Vince Palko

How to Eliminate Stress in 20 Minutes

Friday, June 15th, 2007

I remember 7 years ago when I left the corporate world to join a “start-up.”

At the time I thought it was very stressful. I went from a structured day
to freedom. But that wasn’t what was stressful.

The challenge was to go 6 months
without pay to earn my “sweat equity” in the business.

Now I love taking risks, but this pushed me
to a whole new level. Especially, being newly married–
I had someone else to think about besides myself.

Not knowing what would happen with the business
was challenging. But I recall many times what got me
out of the funk was tying up the laces and grabbing
the jump rope and start hopping.

Point is you can exercise the stress and anxiety away
instantly; with the sweeping movement of the arms and
hopping motion of the legs.

Stress often times creeps up on you and you dont even
know you are stressed.

It causes you to over eat.

It causes you to breathe shallow.

It causes you to walk around tense and uptight.

It inflicts damage on your nerves – (dont believe me,
go ask someone who’s had shingles.)

Shingles is where the nerve endings flair up to the point
to where you develop a rash like
abrasion on the surface of the skin.

And its all caused by Mr and Mrs Stress. And their
relative Uncle No Sleep.

Not fun.

The key in all this is to take time – minimal time — for yourself
to exercise and meditate. Some fitness guruks suggests doing
these separate.

I combine them.

In my latest course Linebacker Fitness, while skipping rope I can imagine that
with each twirl of the rope I’m shaving off a layer of
fat, frustration or whatever I choose to imagine.

Then I can do my secret dream catching exercise I teach
in the course as a bonus
and later watch it actually come true in the physical world.

When you witness your dreams unfolding before you,
you feel as if you can conquer the world
and any Roman army that stands in your way.

Now go out and get it DONE!

Unleash You,

Vince Palko

Ps. This summer is going to be filled with many new products
and gadgets to get you fit mentally, physically, and financially.
So hold onto your hats, my “digga.” (That’s German for “friend.”)

Pps. To see the Palkster in action in his latest Triathlon visit the Blog.

Picasso and Springsteen Had This

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

I went diggin’ through some old boxes
the other night and happened across this passage.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Its a quote by the late great Pablo Picasso.

It says, ” When I was a child, my Mother said to me,
“If you become a soldier – you’ll be a great general.
If you become a monk — you’ll end up as the Pope.”
Instead I became a painter and wound up PICASSO.

It reminds me of yet another artist one who
maybe you’ve heard of.

I no longer have his bootleg tape from
the late 70s… its completely worn out.
But I could recite word-for-word
every story told in between songs.

On this old tape Bruce Springsteen told
a story of what he wanted to be growing up.

He told the audience before the song
GROWING UP, “My mother wanted me to be a author,
my Dad wanted me to be a lawyer,

Now these two amazing individuals
are no different than you or me.
The point of this email is to show you…
when you get clear on what you want
and put a little passion into it — you can be
do or have anything you want in this world.

The challenge is we live in a instant message world.

So our minds literally have to focus and re-focus
close to 300 times a day. Most of the refocusing
we are not even aware of.

And let’s say you want to make more money
starting yesterday.

You need reminders all around you
of what you want to achieve in order to stay focused.

My system, Rocket Launch Yourself to Financial Successâ„¢
allows your mind quite space from the rat race to dream about
your future prosperous life.

It is in this space that your mind relaxes
and begins attracting to it more duckets. That’s muney
in Palko Speak. Buckets of duckets if you will.

Go to this page now and check it out.
The program comes with cards, posters and much more
to keep you focused on hitting your target.

And the price for the program is a mere pittance
compared to what you’ll receive as a result
of experiencing the system.

I am in the process of updating the image– on the bonus
poster that it comes with –to a rocket ship
taking off straight into the stratosphere. Reason for the change
is that’s the image you want always fresh in your mind.
Not a ski jumper at the Olympics.

So anyone who purchases the product from here on out
will receive the updated version once its complete.

The slight shift in metaphors has rocketed my own
income in the first half of the year, and I am excited to
release version 2.0 for you to enjoy as well!

Conceive, Believe, Achieve,

Vince Palko

Ps. Please dont write me saying you are too old
to achieve anything worthwhile. There are
countless examples of people achieving success
well past their 50′s or 60′s.
Dont even get me started.

How to Succeed at Anything

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

Staying with triathlons for a moment.

Many people give up at the first sign of difficulty
when trying something new. It can be a fitness course,
a new business, a new relationship — what have you.

Yet, the challenge is to stay the course — if and ONLY if — you
want that body you are dreaming of, to be financially independent
and/or to have a rewarding lasting relationship.

I’ll never forget my first full Olympic distance race and the mile
swim that I had to perform. How can I? My daughter Sophia
never lets me forget. :)

Driving home in the car the other day she reminded me.

“Dad, you were last one out of the lake when Mom and I saw
you in your first race.”

“Yes, I was.”

“Will you promise me you wont be the last one outta the lake this

“I promise, Sophia.”

Vin Man, I said to myself. The way I sees it you have two options here:

Option 1: You could take a second and try and think of a way to make you look better than what you actually were in front of your child.


Option 2: You can be real and open up a discussion regarding how quitting is NOT
an option.

“Sophia,” I said, “you know how you are learning how to ride a bike.”


“Just because you didn’t get up and stay up the first time doesn’t mean
you have to get frustrated – give up and put the training wheels back
(She had her mother do that when I was away.)

“You have to give it another shot. And another. And another,” I

“Most people — considering my swimming capabilities — would
never have attempted to do what I did in that first race.
They would have waited and waited and waited until
they were seasoned swimmers.

And guess what — that day would have never come for them.

But Dad, Dad gave it a try. And even though Dad wasn’t successful
and didnt stay up with the rest of the swimmers… he never gave up.

And neither should you. No matter how frustrating it
is every time you fall down or off your bike.”

“You need to take those training wheels off and keep trying Sophia.”

Now lets talk about you. There is something in your life right now that’s
challenging you. If there is, stop and think about it.

How can you push through it to succeed? How can you
look at it from a different vantage point and go after
it with another full head of steam?

If your weight is challenging you I have a course
that will knock the weight right off.
Its a excellent workout I perfected while playing
football. You can check Linebacker Fitness out here.

Never give up. No retreat, No surrender.

Wishing you the very best,

Vince Palko

My Race Day Results

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

Many times you’ll have so called
experts that just promote products and
never practice what they preach.

Not moi. I’m a real person who
is in the game with you, striving to achieve excellence
on a daily basis; giving it the ole college try.

And what I’ve told you from time to time is
to achieve 1% improvements. If you can get 5-15% that’s wonderful.
But shoot for 1% everyday.

How do you know if you’ve improved 1% each day?
Keeping score of your workouts is the best way.

Can you imagine where you’d be after a lifetime
of this practice?

Yesterday I finished a triathlon
where I hit my goal and clipped about 25 minutes
from a personal best on the same track.

I have Triple Your Endurance to thank for it.

Thanks to TYE the hills were a bit easier. Easier compared to what, you may ask.

Easier than all the people I hawked (that means caught) and
passed going up ‘em.
Tightness and cramps disappeared along the way.

Now, of course, there still are areas I need to improve.
By no means did my 240 lb frame come close to winning it.
But I improved from the last race. And that’s key.

On another note, it’s very interesting that no one on the course
had their breathing set up to energize themselves.

If ever I didn’t breathe, my body
quickly alarmed me with crampy feeling or tight legs.
For every breath I took, a few minutes would pass and
I noticed newfound energy and stamina to pass the “half-sizer
shrimps” racing in front of me.

Most importantly, I nailed the goal I set for
myself way back in January by the hair of my chinny
chinny chin – with 22 seconds to spare.

Now you can apply the same deep breathing techniques during the
day to maximize your productivity and get more
work done than anyone near you.

Yes, but of course.

There are small tips and techniques those
with boundless energy do on a daily basis and
I have outlined them all within TYE.

So get your “meat hooks” on a copy ASAP
because we have 15 copies of the current program left
before we have to reorder more.

Its time to start living with the maximum amount
of energy. Not just enough to narrowly squeak through
the day.

Unleash You!


Vince Palko

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