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What Vince Lombardi Knew about Fitness

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

Came across this wonderful quote that
sends chills down my spine EVERY time
I read it.

Its taken from Vince Lombardi’s passage
titled, “What it Takes to Be No.1.”

The same guy who is named after
the NFL’s Super Bowl trophy.

In it, he talks about how losing is not
an option. How it’s become this country’s “zeal”
to win at everything.

But that isnt the best part of the quote.

The best line in there is the last one.
One many of you feel after you’ve
finished up a session of Linebacker Fitness
including body weight exercises
in between rounds. The same taught on DVD 2.

Going toe to toe with YOURSELF.

Pushing yourself each round until you get
better and better.

It reads, “I firmly believe in man’s finest hour– his greatest
fulfillment to all he holds dear — is that moment when he
has worked his heart out in a good cause
and lies exhausted on the filed of battle — victorious.”

That single feeling is what keeps you coming back
for more and more. And MORE — again and again.

The “good cause” is your health.

The “battle field” is this world turned upside
down with poor eating and exercise habits
that exists every where you turn.

But not you.

You stand “victorious” every time you finish
up a round. That’s the sense
of accomplishment running through
your veins – - with the help of those endorphins.

Unleash You,

Vince Palko

Morning vs Night Training

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

Today will be a quick hitter.

Seems I’ve written short novels
the last couple of days.

Many experts will tell you it doesnt matter
what time of day you exercise.

I dont prescribe to that kind of thinking.

Sure, if you come from the mindset of
get your workout in whenever — at
least you are doing
something– then go for it.

But it seems every time I wake up and get my routine in I have
50% more or more energy pulsing thru my veins for the day.
Contrast that with
working out at night my body has to wind down as I retire and
I dont feel any residual energy the next morning.

You have to rev your engines once again in order to have
that extra pep for the day.

Sure, everyone’s different and everyone has their special
time of day to “get after it.” And sure by doing certain exercises
at night you can aid in the relaxing phase of the day.

But if we are talking Tripling your energy
on a daily basis, get after it in the “morgen” (as the Germans say).

I cover off a ton more ideas like this that
you’ve probably never thought of in TYE.
You can visit the endurance link here.

Simply tuning into when you get the most energy from
your workouts will BOOST your overall spirit and attitude.
Two important keys to success to reach your dreams.

All for now.


Vince Palko

Ps. I have several hot new courses put out by several of my close
friends that I will be introducing you to over the next week or so.
Keep your eyes peeled. They are real life changers.

Wipe My Butt

Monday, July 16th, 2007

Creating my new biz has brought tons of satisfaction
and am loving every minute of it.

Yet, something happened this morning
that I’m still shaking my head about.
And might be something to watch out for in the future.

I chose to watch the girls this morning while Cheri
went to a summer class at the University.
Instead of getting a sitter like she typically does,
I volunteered to help. A fringe benefit I get for being on my own.

Didnt like the fact that the Palko Pink Trio (my girls)
had a horrible encounter with the sitter the last time around.

So there I am talking on the phone to Bill, one of my clients,
when all the sudden I heard blood curdling screams from
the other room. My five year-old, Sophia, was shouting for me.
You would have thought she cut off her leg.




“Excuse me Bill, can you hold a sec.” I asked.

“No problem.”

I proceeded to cover the phone’s microphone
with my hand as I tended to Sophia’s request as
she sat high on the throne in the bathroom.

“What is it Sophia.”

“DAD, can you wipe my BUTT?” she asked.


“NO, I’m on the phone. YOU have to do it yourself.”

After putting the phone back up to my ear,
I realized trying to cover up the microphone DID NOT work.

Bill was laughing his ace off.

He had heard everything.

“Yeah, there is no limit to my multi-tasking abilities these days, Bill.” I shot back.

I knew today would be a full schedule managing work
and home. So upon arising with the warm sun I created an
ENERGY infusing routine by implementing what I teach in
Triple Your Endurance.

You too might be interested in this, especially if your schedule is
one thing right after the ot — running here and there.

Knowing these secrets will transform how
much you get done during the day. The energy
generated spills over into the night allowing
time for other activities you enjoy.

By visiting this link here and NOW you can
learn more on the subject of Energy Increase.

Unleash You,

Vince Palko

Jackie Gleason Reincarnated Inside Planet Tar-Shay

Sunday, July 15th, 2007

Went into Planet Tar-Jay (not to be mistaken for Wal-Mars)
after dinner to pick up a few items for the new office.

And if you are wondering, what Planet Tar-Shay is …
its this weird place where the Thinners (thin people) are a minority.

A strange world where bigger beasts rome the isles
or should I say DRIVE the isles in their Land Speeders.

Now I dont slot myself in with the thinners (being I tip the scales
at 240 bills – mostly muscle) and DEFINITELY
dont slot myself with the Jabbas — descendants of
the obese scary creature from the deep Space Thriller.

Well anyway, these Jabbas drive their Land Speeders
up and down the isles – Cuttin’ you off. Practically
runnin over you. I actually saw one Jabba lose control
and take out an entire display. She had the pedal to the metal.
And one pissed off Tar-Shay Starship commander, she had to answer to.

Anyway, I pushed my land speeder over to the register.
For some reason everyone but the Jabbas have to push
their speeders with goodies inside to the Clerks who ring ‘em up.

The Jabba ahead of me in line had a fishing pole and jug wiper
fluid in his Speeder. Not much filled his land speeder ‘cept himself.

Think of this. He had to walk to the
Sporting Goods section, 50 yards max.
Maybe another 30 feet to select his desired
windshield wiper fluid and walk back up front to check out.
Total walking time – 4 minutes.

Instead of walking it, he chose the Land Speeder.

Go figure.

This gent looked like a reincarnated Jackie Gleason, albeit a much bigger
version. He resembled someone who gulped down the Christmas Ham and then some. On top of that, he had the jokes to boot — as we’d all soon find out.

Since I saw the fishing pole sticking out of his basket,
I thought, hey let’s see if this beast has a friendly side.

“Going to drown some worms are we?” I asked.

“Well, I hope so, last time we went fishing — got skunked,” Jackie-Jabba

The female customer service clerk finished ringing
him up with her laser gun.

Jackie-Jabba then shared his humorous side with the clerk.
Or maybe he was working his Flirting Jedi Skills – I dont know,
“Hey, did you hear about the huge accident
down at the Banner Mattress and Sofa store.”

“No.” the teller replied.

“Yeah, he fell into the sofa covering machine; ambulances came and everything.”

“Oh my word,” the teller stopped in her tracks.

“Oh, dont worry, he was RECOVERED,” Jackie-Jabba grinned pulling away
in his Land Speeder.

“Huh, what. What do you mean,” the perplexed teller gasped.

“RECOVERED — get it,” then his
afterburners LIT and he was gone.

The teller was fuming cause she was taken for a ride.
“Did you get his joke,” She asked me.

“Yeah, I kinda saw it coming in that he looked like
a Reincarnated Jackie Gleason. I could NOT take
anything he said seriously – fishing or no fishing.”

She smiled – I smiled.

Then I beamed myself outta the store
driving home 80 (light years an hour) so I could
remember his dumb joke to share with you.

Now, Jackie Jabba could use Linebacker Fitness.
But that might be pushing it.

He might be better off trying to walk 50 yards one way,
and another 50 yards back in Planet Tar-Shay as a start
and pick out TWO more items.

Vincenzo Palko reporting from the other side of Planet Tar-Shay.

All for now,

Unleash You!

Vince Palko

You Come From Greatness

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

I want to tell a story that I’ve never shared before.

And it relates to your SUCCESS programming to go along with your fitness training. Something I promised when you first signed up for my Success newsletter.

I’ll never forget my college freshman year sitting in my first linebacker meeting. The varsity squad hadnt arrived yet
and wouldnt for another 7 days.

I was nervous.

There were three of us competing for the inside positions.
Then another 8 once the seniors showed.
Everyone in the room was bigger
by 20 lbs and taller by 3 or 4 inches.
I stood 6’1″ and weighed 215lb.

One guy was a “Kiss ass” from Fort Wayne, Indiana.
He dominated talk time with coach. They laughed and
joked about “hick” things because both were from farm land.
I sat and smiled and laughed. Inside I said I WILL BEAT out everyone
in this room for the middle linebacker position.

Yet, on paper, ALL these dudes were specimens –
who if they wanted could be forces to reckon with.

Then at some point my mind drifted back to that fateful conversation
with one Alumni from my high school, St. Vincent-St. Mary in Akron.

His name was Brian Jones. Brian backed up
the great Percy Snow in the middle during the
late 80s at Michigan State. Didnt see a ton of action
simply cause Percy was so dominant but none
the less had a ton of respect from everyone at our high school.

Anyway, one summer afternoon Brian came back to our weight room
and someone shared I was headin to BGSU. When he heard this
he sat me down and imparted some words of wisdom
to a young kid who was WILLING to listen.

They still ring in my ears, those words he said to me,
“Vince, when you go off to school, there
will be people from all over the country who played for different high schools.
People bigger than you. People with more speed. More talent.
But remember this… none of them have come from where you do;
A school steeped in tradition of EXCELLENCE and WINNING.
No one has had the coaching from
quality individuals as you have had. One day when you are there
and feeling a little low, doubting your abilities,
think of what I have just told you.
Think about it a lot. Even in the good times.
By doing this and using what got you
here, you will go on to be GREAT.
And never rest until you DO. I know you will be.
Good luck Vince– kick some butt!”

With that, he shook my hand and I never saw him again.
But his words stayed with me throughout my entire football career,
especially in those first and second years.

And I went on to beat out the guys in my freshman class.
I also WON the job from juniors and seniors who had waited
their turn to play for three and four years.
I started my redshirt freshman year.
I was elected captain my Junior year and senior year as well.
Then went on to have an amazing professional career overseas.

To this, I thank Brian.

Brian’s intentions were good and they worked to program
my mind for SUCCESS. Yet, the fact of the matter is I was no
different from the rest of the kids who were on the team.

Not one of them.

Yet, I BELIEVED I came from greatness. And it worked.

And it can work for you too.
Let me reword that passage for YOU.

“When you go out into the world. There will be people who
are smarter than you. People who have more talent. More creativity.
Better salesmanship. Yet not one of them has come
from a background steeped in tradition of excellence as you.
No one who has been instructed and coached by the best.
One day when you are there and feeling a little low,
doubting your abilities, think of what I have just told you.
Think about it a lot. Even in the good times.
By doing this and using what got you
here, you will go on to be GREAT. And never rest until you DO.
I know you will be. Good luck — kick some butt!”

So there you have it.
Go on to be great, I know
you CAN and WILL be.

Thanks for your words of wisdom today, Brian.
Wherever you are.

Conceive, BELIEVE, Achieve,

Vince Palko

Ps. My latest fitness course is going like gangbusters.
Many of you have your head on straight and ordered it up
before the price jacks up. You know the power of picking this
program in the hot, hot summer. By Fall or sooner, your pants will fit looser, your waistline and backside will shrink, and you will feel like treating yourself to a big heaping REWARD dinner as you sit with your spouse smiling to yourself, saying “Thanks Vince!!!”

To that I’ll say, “You’re Welcome!”

If you have not grabbed it yet, go here NOW.

What To Do with Your 20 Extra Minutes

Monday, July 9th, 2007

Most people, on average, workout for 30-40 minutes.

If you nodded your head to this, then
let me tell you that you could save major league time.

For example, the other day I went out
to train on the track. But not to sprint.
I like the surface for another kind of sprint of
which I’ve coined as the “Super Skip.”

If you are not familiar with these, I suggest
you pick up a copy of my red hot program
called Linebacker Fitness.

The mini series of short bursts Super Skips
lasted no more than 10 minutes.

My next 20 minutes consisted of
mental preparation and planning for the day.

Abraham Lincoln once said,”"If I had six hours to
chop down a tree, I’d spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

There are a lot of things you can do with the
extra 20-30 minutes.

You could spend time planning your day, like me,
while your mind is clear.

Or you could …

* Write 4-6 pages in your new book.

* Pack the car for your BASS fishing trip.
Also, 30 minutes is enough time to wax down
your boat before hand.

* You could read about 20 pages in the book you
choose to crack open.

* You could research 3-4 stocks and decide which ONE to invest in.

* You could “jesso” your canvas to begin painting your next masterpiece.

Now, can you imagine doing this over an extended period of
time. How much more you could accomplish
with 20-30 extra minutes a day–
Whilst getting more healthy and fit to boot.

My point is, Linebacker Fitness needs to be in your arsenal to
save you time and give you more time to do what makes
your life RICH and rewarding.

That’s my kind of time management. The kind that includes your interests and activities.

Plus, by the time you finish up
you’ll be able to spit nails the only way Linebackers know how to do.

Speaking of time, the TIME is NOW to get on board and start enjoying
your life – once and for all. Before the price hike goes into effect.


Vince Palko

Ps. Even if you cant SuperSkip yet, 10 minutes exercising as I suggest in the last
part of DVD 2 will suffice for a major league fat burner.

Why Jumping Rope Smokes Running

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

Most people think that the only way to get super fit
is to run for hours upon hours and watch every morsel
that meets their lips.

You have to know this- your body vs the pavement; the
pavement will WIN every time.

Even so, some still choose to run long distance. This is good for some.
But for those who want to keep their bodies
FIT while avoiding the ‘Skeletor’ look (most LD runners get over time),
Jumping Rope is the answer.
You’ll shed weight quicker and with a lot LESS
knee and ankle joint pain when you include
just a small sample of exercises from
Linebacker Fitness.

Got an email from a client enjoying Linebacker Fitness.
Here’s what he has to say…

‘Since getting your program Vince my energy levels are higher than ever,
fat is rapidly leaving my body and my knees and ankles feel fresh
after a workout. No more running senseless miles and feeling
exhausted all day afterwards.
Thanks for the great product and let me know when you launch
another winner like Linebacker Fitness! I’ll be first in line!’

Chris Chada

VP’s response:
Chris, you made my day. Keep up the fine work.
You know you have a winner when you have a fat frying workout
without all the joint pain. It’s almost like having your cake and eating it too.
Plus you’ll save valuable time (to read and catch up on your hobbies) because 10 minutes with the rope
beats 30 minutes of running.

Who doesn’t want a more effective, faster session to whip up the fat into a warm lather and shed it like a snake does its skin in the hot desert sand.

It impossible for your body to take a beating like you do running when you follow my particular instructions on the proper jump as to not injure yourself.

Be like Chris and K.O. the fat from your frame in the “fifth” (minute). And if you are feeling froggy and want to JUMP — add an additional five minutes for the ultimate routine.

Count ‘em ten total minutes – that’s it. And then you ARE done.
Done I say.

Unleash You,

Vince Palko

Ps. Visit my main catalog site for other life changing goodies. Go to Vince NOW

Do I Eat Chocolate

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

Got a letter the other day asking
if I eat the dark stuff. And how to end
a daily chocolate binge this reader has.

I laughed when I received these questions.
Wasn’t laughing at the person sending the email.
But a story I’ve got to share.

One late afternoon, I was in the mini-mart
grabbing a gallon of water back by the candy rack.

Saw a mother who was on the heavy side.
Okay, that’s being a little generous,
she was FAT — Big time.

She was there with her two daughters and their friend.
Sounded as if the girls were having a friend over for a movie.

“Grab the dark chocolate, Tina,” the blimp told her daughter.

The friend asked one of the kids why do you get the dark.

The mother interupted and blurted out
in a hurried rush, “We eat the dark chocolate, because it’s more healthy.”

I chuckled to myself.

I know, I know. You gots to give credit where credit is due. I applaud her health conscious mind. But this ranks up there with ordering a diet Coke at McGreasies. “I’ll have a Big Mac, Fries, and a DIET Coke.” You might as well
go with the regular drink.

And in this case you might as well just forgo the anti-oxidants in dark chocolate and select the light chocolate. If momma were really interested in HEALTH she would take her “two pillows” stuffed in her pants for a walk.

Ahhhh, too much.

I typically shy away from chocolate, but will not beat myself up
for having some now and again.

Here’s what I notice about sweets like schoc-o-lah-day.

The only time I have a hunkering for chocolate is
when I’ve NOT had enough sleep for several nights in a row.
Meaning, I’ve burned the midnight oil, over and over again.
Then and only then do I get a strong urge to splurge.

This is because your sugars levels DROP when you
are walking around in a zombie-like, no-sleep state.
As a result, your body tries to level itself out.

So if you’ve been hitting the black sugar too much.
No worries. Don’t beat yourself down,
just up the sleep time.
Then watch the binges and cravings subside.

When you’re burnin’ a ton of calories from
exercising with a jump rope and LB Fitness,
twon’t matter if you eat dark or light chocolate.

The choice will be entirely yours.


Vince Palko

Our Red Fire Truck Parade

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

This morning I woke up and stepped outside to see
my daughters and neighbors riding down the street
bikes a blazin’ with red, white and blue streamers,
ribbons and flags.

A single red fire engine lead the way with its flashing
lights, screaming sirens and deep horn blasts.

As I filmed the mini-parade of “little ones” on bikes, scooters and
tricycles behind this HUGE red fire truck, my eyes went misty.

You see, recently I became a “free man” in terms of my career.

So there is a whole new level of meaning to the word “Independence.”
Even if it is as simple as working on my own — in the drivers seat–
in the form of an entrepreneur.
I have much to be grateful for.

My appreciation for those who organized and fought
for our countries independence is much richer.

I also have a deep appreciation for the freedoms we share
as a great country having lived outside the US for a few years.

You never know how good you have it until you step foot outside
the borders and see how life is like in foreign soil.

So happy 4th of July to you, your friends and family.
Take time out to honor those who have gone before us
keeping those words in tact in the Declaration of Independence.

And to the ones currently in place to defend our freedom …

A big red, white and blue HORN BLAST to you! Thanks.

Unleash You,

Vince Palko

Quit Your Job and The Jack Will Follow

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

A few weeks ago, I did what most people tell you NOT to do.

I QUIT my day job.

I did so to fully support building what
I’m passionate about; Success information
products with a visual flair. And making you better
physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.
Also, to fulfill all the work from my Cartoon business “arm.”

I drove home thinking I have three little ones to support
what the hecks am I going to work on now.

As I pulled the car into my drive way, parked, and
I walked up to our front door.

Sitting flat on the front door step was a Fedex envelope
with the return address from the guy who has created more
millionaayres than anyone; Dan Kennedy.

My heart began racing.

What’s inside.

What’s inside.

I ripped it open to discover a 3 page personal letter from Dan
inviting me to illustrate his next book.

Then I felt it. An overwhelming sense
of peace and calm lift me off the ground and say,
“Palks, this is the beginning
of the rest of your life.”

So many people feel trapped in their jobs
as I did for the last 6 years. Count em 6 years.
That’s nothing though. Many people feel this way for 15, 20 and even 30 years.


And towards the end of my time there, everyday I would
go to the can, I’d take out my goals and review them.

Then I would finish up — still in the bathroom –
with push-ups and squats taught on these
Success Visual posters.

After that I had enough energy to go back into work
and make it for a few more hours. I did this 3 and 4 times a day.

Towards the end, I had to get up and leave pretending
to go to the bathroom, and just sit reading my goals while on the throne.

Now in case you are wondering if I am suggesting
for you to go out and quit your day job tomorrow. Think again.

You need a dream and a plan. And combining exercise and
goal setting is one of the most powerful
things you can do to bring your dreams to life.

Here is a complete system all ready created for you –
designed to increase your income
I’ve always felt the goals come true when
you keep your mind free and clear of clutter and focused
like a giant laser beam on it. And this is exactly what this system does.

If we go back to the letter from Dan Kennedy, let me ask you a question-
Was the letter from Dan on the same day I left my job a coincidence.


As I have told you in the past, what you keep your mind focused on
attracts to you the people, places, things, and events to support
your vision.

And if you go back and re-read the last few paragraphs, you’ll know it was NOT
a Ka-wink-i-dink.

So dream your dream.
And break the shackles that hold you back.

Unleash You,

Vince Palko

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