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Confess to Free Your Energy

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

The word confess brings back
some awful memories
of growing up Catholic and
confessing to the priests about my sins.

“How detailed do you want me to go
here, Father in order for it to be accepted as a
true confession, ” I can remember thinking
as a young 6th grader.

Yet, the word confess also brings back
“good feels” too.

As funny as it sounds to an outsider–
no matter what I did, I could walk out of
the confessional with a clean slate.

Now dhats what I’m talking about.

And every now and again we all fall off track
its human nature. Its what makes us human.

This past week, I confessed to someone close
about something I did that I wasnt proud of.

They took it pretty hard.

And, it wasnt easy to deliver, either.

I believe time will heal their wounds.
Maybe- maybe not.

Were not talking a major transgression here.

But it still was challenging and I feel 100% better about it.
I follow the honesty is the best policy modo.

You have undoubtely heard the phrase
the truth will set youfree. And it does. It frees your energy.

It allows you to sleep at night. It allows you to go through the day
without a huge baboon slung over your shoulder.
Dragging his heals behind as you go about your daily routine.
When you pony up – he releases his claws and lets you go freely.

This baboon is the work of your subconscious. Whether you believe
you did something wrong or not… whether you consciously beat
yourself up or ignore the fact — you cant fool your subconscious.

Yes, even O-Jay has one.

It weighs heavily on your mind.

So I feel now like that negative energy has been
lifted and I can go on with my life.

And if you are ready confront your
fears and be honest with yourself and others–
you’ll love the extra energy boost from a CLEAN SLATE.
Its not the easiest to admit when you are wrong
but the evaporation of emotional baggage is the trade-off.

And not look back. What good will it do if you continually beat
yourself up. NOTHING>.

‘Cept bring more of the poor behavior.

This message is meant to be an uplifting one stating
that forgiveness of yourself and others
is a powerful force to clear your mind and freeup your energy.

You can do it.

Go out and be free, AND by all means get after it.

For more amazing energizing tips make your way over to…
and take control of your energy. Not the other way around.


Vince Palko

28 Fingers Live On Stage

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Check this out. My kid brother is in a band.

Hes the lead guitarist and his band mates
call him “28 fingers” ’cause he
plays like he has about 6 hands massaging the guitar
when in reality its only 2.

He works the strings over sumthin fierce.

The other night after my combo birthday party for the girls he and I had
a chance to kick back with a couple of brews and
get down to Budness (as I call it).

We were chatting about how Ive visualized success in
the past and still do to this day.

I gave him an example of how he could use it to secure a break
with his new band playing in a huge venue.
“Picture yourself up on stage in front of thousands of
people. See, hear, smell, touch all them in front of you right now.”

Then I thought, huh, what he needs is a mental snapshot
in his head to take home with him. One he can recall on command.

So I busted out a DVD set of Springsteen live in NYC, popped it
in and let it play in the background as a group of us sat
around and rapped.

“Bang — thats it.” I shouted.

I pointed the controller at the TV and hit the pause button.
“See that, Tony, see that view.
Thats it. Park that image in your noggin.”

It was an over the shoulder view of The Boss looking
out into the crowd right when the house lights went on.

You could see the crowd, their smiling faces and their arms raised to
the heaqvens. People were clapping to the music.
And you felt like you were on stage with his-masterfulness.

That;s the image you want in your mind’s-eye every time
you do your success visualization.

“Do you mind if I bring the entire band up here for a visit.”

“Bring ‘em on up bro,” I smiled.

“I just want 10% take of the first big gig.”

This shows you it doesnt matter what you want to achieve-
you can do so. Just plant the right image and look out.

So lets talk weight redux.

There are several ways we can take this…

How about Option 1:
An image of you shaking an old friends hand, looking her square
in the eye while she smiles at you saying, “Boy you look like
you lost about 20 lbs.”

Yess-um dhats me.

Option 2:
Or how about smelling the dry carpet of a dressing room.
And seeing yourself pull up a pair of slacks that are 4 sizes
smaller than what you typically where.
See yourself in the mirror reflecting a huge Cheshire grin
and experiencing complete satisfaction.

When you hold these images in your mind. Find a way
to get all 5 of your senses involved – your dream will soon
become a reality.

Just like ole’ 28 Fingers will soon be live on stage
in Madison Square garden with his posse– you too
with be on top of the world with your results.

I can just smell it.

And remember: Everyone in my email community and I
are behind you – 100%.

Go for it!

Vince Palko

Dr. V – isulaization

Ps. To make your visualization werk dont forget one
key ingredient; Actee-oh-nay (action).
Linebacker Fitness lights you up in the action department.
NO need to worry any further about taking the right action to deliver fabulous fitness results.

Amazing Abs Program Hits the Market

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Picked up and read a Sports Illustrated this morning
while munching an apple and sippin’ some H2O.

Leafed through and found three pages of gymnastic coverage
that caught my eye over and above all the football team previews,
Michael Vick’s debacle, and some other unimportant news.

Needless to say the couple colorful
gymnastic pages were a great reprieve from it all.

This Paul Hamm guy is incredible. In his picture, hes in a handstand
pose but his arms are stretched out and his body resembles a human X–
muscles flexing and body lean as can be.

It reminded me of my friend Eddie Baran who on the cover
of his new abs program is holding himself up with
just his two arms (like they are his legs). Doing this while he brings
both feet overhead and kisses his knees.
His legs tight, muscles flexed and ripped.

If you have never heard of Eddie Baran, he is the guy who at the age of 35
set out to learn gymnastics. And has become an expert in
it some 6 years later. Think of this, when most people are hanging
up their jockstraps at this age from sports they previously played,
Eddie was venturing off to apply himself in a totally new arena.
Now thats my kinda guy.

Thats why I invested in his course long after I attended a seminar
back in February where Eddie first showed myself and several
others the exercises. Reason is; I wanted Eddie to instruct me from the comforts
of my own home. And continually learn from him and master the movements.

Eddie and his twin brother are a dynamic duo instructing several dozens
of different core movements and exercises. All of which make the cut
for my own program. The good thing is there are exercises for the beginner
as well as advanced. I have my work cut out for me with a few of them.

The great thing about this course is you wont feel like
a fly boy or girl when doing them. You dont have to bee-bop to hip-hop music
or other goofy schemes (like some other ab programs out there) to get you moving.
Ones that are high on glitz but low on effectiveness and REAL results.

Eddie’s program is jam packed with information to give you
a set of strong, ripped core abdominal muscles.

Just check out the before and after picture of Eddie’s twin brother
and see what kind of results are waiting for you.

This program is awesome and a must to have in your DVD library
for your core workout days, which for me is every other day.

Go here to read more about it NOW at Amazing Abs.


Vince Palko

Ps. This guy Eddie is an expert who
has what I want, a lean set of ab muscles.
And I’m sure you will want them too.
Go here now to Amazing Abs.

Your Posture is Your Power

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

One of the many things I hated about
working in the rat race was
being chained to a desk — sitting in front
of a computer.

Slowly but surely my posture would follow gravity.

Slouched in my chair by the end of the day, I’d be
running on vapors.

So towards the end of my time there I
made it a point to get up and go for a five minute
walk — whenever I could sneak away.
I knew the fresh air would be good to reenergize me.
But walking up straight would fill me full of energy too.

Therefore, benefitting my employer.
An energized employee is an effecitve one.

When your body has good posture all the meridians in the body
are flowing energy like steady traffic moving down a freeway.

When you are hunched over all day long, the energy moves like
rush hour traffic on a Friday– centimeter by centimeter.

So the key is to either move your computer to a shelf
where you stand most of the time. Or get up and move
around to break up the long sitting periods.
Your body is not designed to be sitting for 8 hours straight,
let alone – one hour. Its meant to be up and walking around.

This small tip only scratches the surface on how
to be more efficient with your time
and help you get more done.

When you practice this day after day, you’ll have more
time to do what you really enjoy, like reading, relaxing,
fishing, drawing, writing, landscaping
and yes even watching an hour or two of TV.

To hear other stamina improving tips to add to
your energy arsenal, visit, Triple Your Endurance.

If you are specifically a long distance runner or triathlete make
sure to get your mitts on


Vince Palko

How to Recover from a Set Back

Friday, August 24th, 2007

A set back is not permission to SIT back.

Let me explain.

My one year-old daughter, Vivian, was out playing
with her sisters on the deck a few weeks ago.
I heard a glass-shattering-scream followed
by loud crying. And then it turned into whaling.

I was sitting down, ready to cut into my food
and immediately jumped up.

Next thing I see is Viv down on all fours with 5 bees buzzing
’round her. They were like bogies (planes) in attack mode.
She had walked next to a bee hive
and got tagged. And didnt know to get outta dodge.
She was helpless and vulnerable.

I ran over, grabbed her and booked into the house.

She rubbed her eyes and arms. Sobbing.
Three bee stings surfaced on her skin. One on her nose and the other two
on her arm.

Next mental thought… TAKE OUT THE WAFFLE SIZED BEE NEST under the wooden seat mounted on the deck. Typically, I dont like to kill things in nature.
I consider myself a peaceful gent.

But the bees had to go.

So after a trip to Lowes grabbing a huge bottle of Wasp spray,
I waited for early dusk — when activity was low.
My mission: eradicate the nest. Take out all enemy life forms.

I stood 5 feet away and blasted between the seem in the bench
and bees upon bees dropped from the nest.
Gone just like that.

Ahh, now we can go outside without a threat of more bee stings.

I came out a day later and noticed a couple of bees
back in the area. I said, “No more home their holmes.
Try somewhere else.”

Next day, still bees going back to the scene of the crime where I had
used my six-shooter wasp blaster.

What gives.

After dipping my head down below the bench I discovered
a Nickel sized honeycomb forming. And a bee atop doing
whatever he does to create it.

Now, isnt that something. That bench must be prime real estate for
those bees. And they didnt wait a week to begin rebuilding.
They started immediately. Almost the second the old one
came down, the new one went up.

How can you apply what the bees taught us in
this metaphor for life.

All of us have been knocked down in one form
or another.

Set off our rocker.

Those who can dust themselves off the quickest
and get back on that bike and ride are the ones who
will happier and more content with their lives.

And believe YOU ME I speak from experience.
I’ve been on both sides.

The ones who sit around lickin their wounds or picking
at problems never amount to much.

And those who sit around wallowing in self pity are not doing
themselves any good.

You have to stand up and move forward.

Exercise has always been an instrument to shake my
“feel bad” feelings from my body and get me back on
track. And believe me I have had tons of things lately
that could have brought me down… if I allowed ‘em to.

Those who are close to me, know what I’m talking about.

The exercises where you bounce around and up and down
work wonders to shake those feelings from your system.

That’s why Linebacker Fitness
works so well to reduce stress, worry and fear better
than any other exercise.

The hopping diverts your attention and flushes your system
from all forms of negativity.

Give it a shot.

If you are just starting out, no worries, just go for 5 minutes
and build from there. pretty soon you will be a hoppin for 20 minutes or more.

All for now. Over and out.

Private Palko signing off.


Vince Palko

Ps. In case you are wondering.
I will not take out the next one. Summer is almost thru
and I will live and let live the second time around.

Palko Set to Speak at Dan Kennedy’s Event

Friday, August 24th, 2007

Got some good news a few weeks ago.

Dan Kennedy invited me to be among
his list of extraordinary speakers
at his next live sales seminar in Virginia.

I immediately excepted his offer.

When it rains it pours because not only did I have the opportunity to fulfill
a goal to work with the legend, Dan Kennedy
and illustrate a large section in his next book
– I also fulfilled another dream of speaking at
Dan’s event — sharing the power AdToons has on your sales and marketing.

The funny thing was … like the US marines, I was born ready,
when he asked. I could have done the talk the next day
if he wanted.

Reason being, I had practiced it over and over in my head
while I drove in my car on long trips. I practiced whenever I had
an extra five minutes to work with.

Therein lies a key to success… the outcome of events ALIGNED with
with my GREAT expectations.

At the event, I’ll reveal a few secrets from my latest book,
The Art of Selling Using Cartoons.
These secrets will outline how to turn your business into a muney maker
using fun, charismatic cartoons.

So Im jacked and excited to be a part of a power packed show.
Would love to see some of the Palkoholics there as well.

If you dont have a seat, you can do so
by going to
and signing up for this sales training event.

Some people never get the opportunity to work with
Dan, let alone speak at his event.
I have been given the opportunity to do both.

So you can bet your bottom dollar — I will take advantage of this opportunity
and leave a lasting impression.
I’ll light up the stage with the skills and GIFTS
Ive been so HUMBLY given.

And this is just the beginning. The BEST IS YET TO COME.

So the success tip for the day:
Begin every day as if something great is going to happen.

While you drive to work say aloud,
“Something awesome is going to happen TODAY.
I can just smell it, I can taste it, I can FEEL it”

If you are feeling froggy, say it out loud with the windows
down while parked at a red light. Loud enough so
it scares teh crap out of the person in the car next to you.

And then turn and smile when they look. :)

Hope to see you there in VA.

Until then.


Vince Palko

Why Video Games Are Awesome

Friday, August 24th, 2007

Everyone wants to talk about how BAD video
games are for young kids.

They will wind up brain dead if they play too long.
Words like, detrimental, also surface.

Here is one case where they are not, my friend.

Last Thursday I went back to speak to my high school football
team around the Power of Mental Preparation for Peak Performanceâ„¢.

The talk kicked off a summer tour I am making to high schools on
the topic. A local school in my hometown
(This Thursday) is the next stop on the Palkoholic tour bus.

Anyway, when I went back to
St. Vincent – St. Mary (Yes, the school Lebron graduated from)
I had a chance to talk with one of my old coaches.

We spoke before I went on stage. I shared with him some of
the juice I would present to the kids.

I told him about some of the techniques I’d practice the week prior to
a game throughout my career.
Relaxing my mind and playing highlights of the game to come
back and forth like I was watching ESPN.
‘Cept the entire show was centered around
my performance; Slow motion replays, fast forwards,
cool graphic intros and the works.

And as a result, come game time, good things happened week in and week out.
Because my mind wouldnt have to think, only react.
And when youget your mind and body connected like that–
aint nuthin standin in your way.

Coach then talked about how he would do the same. He’d visualize
a big hit back when he played. “I would stay awake at night
dreaming about it,” he remembered.

“However,” he said, “Kids these days are different.”

“Their form of relaxing involves John Madden football
and other video games. And iPods and so on.
And there minds seem NOT to get quie4t and still.”

Although, interesting info on my audience that I never really knew,
I didnt change up my talk for that day. I still shared stories
on the power of visualization and what made this slow,
thin-legged linebacker a champion.

At one point in my talk I even said to put the video games down
and reflect on the kind of player they wanted to be. Get in touch with
the mental side of the game.

The kids listened. Some took notes. And many came up afterwards
along with coaches thanking me for coming.

But this week will be different– I wont fight the stream’s current but
go with it. I wont tell them to stop playing in order to prepare for
the game.

Simply when they play– visualize themselves with the highest energy
level, speed and power — whichever pro-player that is — and see themselves
doing the same on the real field of play every Friday Night under the lights.

Here is why I think video games are spectacular for mental preparation
for any sport including martial arts:

1) Games are played in 3D environments — this is great because
you use a different parts of your brain
to move around in that environment. Kids excel at this — now its a matter of bridging
the 3D synthetic setting to quiet time rehearsing this in their mind.

2) You can view the scene as an observer. Just like watching replays of previous
highlights from practices and games shot from the press box.
Once you have this eye-in-the-sky perspective
its much easier to visualize the scene unfolding
in your imagination.

3) You are also the creator. When you move your controller – your player follows
your instruction and hand movements. If you are simply
an observer — and watch the scene – you will not be successful.
However, when you are in control and move the players
around the scene — you are in what I call
the “Imagination driver’s seat.” You are in TOTAL CONTROL.

An aside one thing I tell teh kids is no one can tell them
their imagination sessions are wrong. The coach wont be on your ass
hollering to RUN THE PLAY AGAIN. Your girlfriend wont roll her eyes saying,
“Youre doing WHAT again>?

YOU are in control. Nobody else.

4) Lastly, emotionalize it. When the kids make a big hit or score
a touchdown, typically, a teenager goes berserk — cheering up and down…
My nephews are big time into John Madden’s football game and are engrossed in
the outcome of the game. There is a lot of trash talking and high energy in
each game played. To the point where other people stand around watching.

And when you apply the same emotions to
your meditations this enhances your experience and increases your chances
of getting the prize you desire.

Video games are an awesome tool to set the stage for your
imagination sessions.

Now what I just outlined can be a script used for my next talk.
At the same time, dont think you cant use it for whatever
you are pursuing in your life too; a slimmer body, a pay raise, a career change
and meeting the love of your life.

Re-read the points above and insert whatever arena you want
to thrive in – your office, your home, the internet and so on.

If you can visualize yourself in a 3D setting, in an observer mode, creating
the life you want — then the world can be YOUR oyster.

All you need to do is start practicing and it will soon become second nature.

Now let’s go out and make it happen.


Vince Palko

Ps. If you are interested in seeing the Palkoholic tour bus
stop in your city and speak about the Power of Imagination to
Improve Your Performance or Your Business Performance,
send an email to and my assistant, Cindy, will take it from there.

How to Gain Muscle and Strength Fast

Friday, August 24th, 2007

Everyone wants to know the secret
to gain muscle, power, size and strength
the fastest way possible.

Well, here it is.

Suck down strength powders and creatine.


Hop in a deep water tank to flush out your bad dreams
and replace with positive ones.


Standing on your head for two hours a day so all the blood rushes
there to give you more mind power to explode into your workouts.


Here’s the skinny — from the one and only Vinnie.

The quickest way to do so is
to take your muscles to the point of exhaustion
til’ you can do another single rep.

Then your muscles will say, you may have got me today
but tomorrow will be another story. All the micro tears
will repair your muscles bigger, stronger, and
faster. Plus, you’ll have more strength and energy in your reserve tank
ready to be unleashed the next time.

The human body is truly an amazing self-healing instrument.

And you can apply this to quick-twitch muscles (using low rep – high weight) as
well as slow-twitch endurance muscles (using high rep – low weight).

Once fully healed, you’ll be amazed at the extra bounce
in your step and tone in your muscles.

Now the challenge if you are just starting out is not to
overdo it.

My sister started doing hindu squats a few months back
and she nailed 65 her first time. Twas a great outting for
someone who had never done them before.

The bad news was she couldnt walk the next day.
She pushed herself past her limit.

But after I taught her some of the endurance building techniques in
Triple Your Endurance,
she never had another challenging
experience recovering the next day.

So in the beginning simply start a routine and get
the feel good endorphins flowing.

Then once you are at a point where you are consistent for
three weeks straight, apply extra reps and weight
to your sets to fatigue the muscles. Make sure to take
your muscles to the point of failure on the last set.

This will also blast you through any kind of plateau
you might be facing too.

Now if you are a seasoned fitness fanatic,
I would NOT go to failure on every workout.

I would suggest only once a week or every other.
Give your muscles a chance to recoup.
Thats all you need.

<$firstname$>, this process doenst have to be painful.
The process of healing will be energizing if you do
what I instruct in Triple Your Endurance

You’ll recover quickly and easily
AND with less pain the next day.

Simply follow my lead in the program.

Applying these simple techniques above
will grow muscles and mold you into a powerful
lean, mean, fighting machine.

This practice will also give you the endurance
needed to be an Energizer Bunny in any task you face.

Unleash Your Endurance,

Vince Palko

Ps. For all my other fitness and success products be
sure to visit

How to Stay Young

Friday, August 24th, 2007

Went for a 2 hour blade this morning.

Typically, I exercise for a half hour. In case you are wondering, yes, I am ENJOYING fully playing (or working as some call it)on my own terms.

Bladed up the path that runs along my backyard to the University of Toledo-
12 miles round trip.

Must have been the first day of school, cause young kids were everywhere.

I got to the football stadium, stopped at the second level stands,
and exercised while the band played on the field.

Then I went outside the stadium and down
the stairs to get field level
to do some dips and pull ups.

While going down the stairs on blades
I managed to keep from falling on my keister.

One young college girl said as she passed, “Arent you nervous that
you are going to fall down.”


Got in the stadium and did several reps of dips and pull-ups.
On their hexagon like metal contraption.

While doing these – the marching band ROARED on.

What uplifting background music to pump to.

I stayed in that energy for about 25 minutes.
Sit-ups on the hot astro turf -
the whole nine yards.

On the way back up the stairs to get back on the path I saw two
Toledo football players walking down.

“Well, you gotta go faster than that,” one of the jokers said.

“Oh yeah, okay, thanks.” I said.

Then I quickly shot back, “Hey are you guys going to try and
beat Bowling Green [their arch rival] this year?”

Yes, I was in enemy territory.

“Every year.” private joker quipped.

Awesome, now I have some juice to share with
the boys down at BG.

Anywho, the energy on campus was electric.

They say if you need an idea for something, spend some time around a kid
and you can tap into the same limitless wonder they have.

I say in order to have young blood, spend time around
younger folks and draw their energy to you.
No, not like you are stealing it.

Simply swimming in it with them.

We live in an abundant universe that is overflowing with
everything we so desire.

You can have, do, or be anything you choose.

Unleash Your Endurance,

Vince Palko

Ps. Got another round of manuals in for the Linebacker Fitness course
and I’m sure these will go quick like the last ones did.
To secure yours NOW plus a box full of other stuff
that arrives at your doorstep, visit …

Ice, Ice, Baby

Friday, August 24th, 2007

Yes, there is a miracle cure formula out there
that doesnt come in a bottle
or pill format.

I am sitting here icing my left ankle.
Tweaked it a couple of years ago while
jogging at night in the early spring.
The ground at the time was hard
as a rock.

Too many uneven sidewalks and peoples front yards
that I misjudged the surface level.

And as a result I beat the crap out of the
left ankle. And kept beating it trying to be tough.

From time to time it would go away, and then return.
Maybe you’ve had something similar.

You’ll hear some fitness freaks say,
“Yeah when I get injured I work through the
soreness and pain or a pull muscle–
whatever it might be”

Working through lactic acid build up is one thing.
But a nagging tweak or a pulled muscle is another.

Dont be dumb, like moi. Take some time to heal it.

Whenever I hear someone say, “yeah, my back is killin me.”


“My calf hurts.


“My shoulder is sore”

I always ask, “Have you iced it.”

Invariably the answer is no.

And now I’m heeding my own advice.

Reason its the first thing out of my mouth to people is: I’ve seen ice do some amazing things
to heal and recoup players in just a few days. In a few days that
would probably have them sideline for a couple years
if they didnt ice the injury down.

So “Ice, Ice, Baby” as the great Vanilla Ice once said. :)

For any kind of ouchy, owy or tweak. Never put heat on it until
its been iced for several days.

And if you have any kind of ankle tweak now or in the future.
The best way to ice it is go to Home Improvement Store USA
and grab one of those big buckets to fit a floor mop in.

My bucket is huge because I have size 12.5 water skis for feet.
The thing has wheels on it and everything. Great for mopping
and great for sopping the foot in ice.

After you’ve secured an industrial strength bucket,
then go and grab a couple of ice bags.

Ice for 15 minutes 3 to 4 times a day.

Your toes will feel like falling off but I guarantee the
ankle and overall foot will feel 100% after it thaws.

Okay gotta run, my foot is now turning BLUE!


Vince Palko

Ps. You bet I can still jump rope because if you do it
as I instruct its a low impact exercise, go here
now to read more

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