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The "Ole’ Bessie" Visualization – Illo

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

Todays message applies to your fitness if you let it in.
Without a doubt it will get you thinking SUCCESS – big time.

Some of you know that I lived in Germany for several years
after I graduated college from ’95- ’98.

Boy, what an experience.

The other day, I was sitting in my favorite leather chair thinking about
one apartment, called a flat over there, that I lived in.

It was on the fifth floor.

My neighbor was the landlord who spoke
pretty good English. A super great guy he was.
He helped me with many things.

One of them was that dog gone coal burning stove
that gave me fits, I quickly renamed it “Ole’ Bessie”.

Ole’ Bessie gave me heat during the cold winters months in Hamburg.
She ran on medium sized coal briquettes. Talk about 20th century
advances… NOT. That wasnt the only thing that was behind the times there.

The internet was exploding over here and in Europe it was about 3 years behind.
I had to go to a secret location – at this computer geek’s flat — to send emails back
to my girl friend who lived in the states. The email I sent from looked something like this…

It felt like I was working for the CIA just to transmit and receive an email.

But I also felt like Rocky training over in Russia with non of the accoutements
of modern living. It made the experience fun.

Anywho, there I was lugging up big bags of coal briquettes -
up six flights of stairs. The coal man would drop off a dump truck sized
load in the cellar of the apartment complex.

As I walked those stairs, I remembered thinkin, this is what it
must have felt like in the pioneer days… when the Poney Express was in its heyday.

It was a shock to a guy who grew up with a gas furnace
and never thought twice about where heat came from.

So when I’d go to bed I’d load Bessie up with about 10-15
briquettes hoping it would get me through the night. That never happened.
About 5 am the coal would run out and the place would be teeth-chattering frigid.
- even under 4 thick German blankets.

“Ole’ Bessie” was tricky too. Every now and then, she would get backed up if ever
there wasnt a good draft going up the “flew pipe” leading to the outside.
And when that happened, LOOK OUT. Thick black smoke would pour back into my kitchen.
So in the dead of winter, I would have to open the windows
wide open to clear out the smoke.

Fickin… as the Deutschers would say.

To keep the place continually warm, I would get up at 5am to fill her up.
And again if I was home on the weekend–
every 4 hours. A pain in my ass it was.

But it became a part of the routine.

So there I was in my chair thinkin about it the other day, smiling.

Then I gots to thinking… “Ole’ Besse” is a lot like your mind
and success. You have to continually fill it with the fuel to
power your dreams. The wood and coal
are the thoughts about achieving what you want.

I have illustrated a quick sketch of what I am describing in

Keep filling that warm furnace with
your thoughts for success. LET THE INTENTION GET RED HOT.
See and feel the heat of that desire radiate from inside your mind
and heart and glow against your skin.

See the smoke rising above you just like a smoke signal
communicating with the outside world to attract
people, places, events and experiences into your life to support your dream.

And keep the “flew pipe” open to send out the vibes
into the universe.
Otherwise, the energy gets backed up
and never rises high into the universe.

And if your intention is to get more fit… Well, imagine
the fuel is large chunks of lard from your body
you are throwing into the fire. See yourself burning away
all the excess poundage easily and effortlessly from your bod.

So pin this “illo” up on your computer to remind yourself
to do this several times a day. Never let your fire go out.

One of the best parts about this practice is when
you put it to exercises like Linebacker Fitness
you can actually FEEL heat and steam rising from your noggin.

This will connect your imagination with reality — sending
out even more powerful energy into the “universe” and
all around yourself to attract success to you.

If you do nothing else, simply focus on putting thoughts in your mind
about success. See the fire get bigger. Keep adding fuel (thoughts)
to it. And if the fire dies down, pepper it with even more success pictures.

The other day I realized this process of thought peppering
my mind consistently has brought me what I want on
countless occasions. Anything from muhney to improved
endurance and strength to a lean body.

You can do the same.

Unleash your endurance,

Vince Palko

Ps. The days of the visual (at no charge) are coming to an end.
There will be an exclusive group
formed that will have access to my mind and art skills
to bring their dream to life — in a way no other website on
the net can offer. Covering off in much more
in detail and giving you a monthly meditation to focus on
as well. So stay tuned.

And after you use todays visual — let me know what you think,
so I can spread the news to the masses!

Bodyweight Exercises at BGSU

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Recently, I presented a pre-game pep talk in
the language of visualization to the Fighting Falcons at
Bowling Green State University.

Before hand though — in the brand spankin new locker / weight room
facility, I got the 10 dollar tour from their strength coach of 6 years.

Hi name is Aaron Hillmann …

And when Aaron showed me the inside of the weight room,
I was flabbergasted.

There were shinny new squat racks.

New benches.

Freshly polished wood platforms with the Falcon emblem on them.
Perfect for hang-cleans as we once did back in the day.
No power cleans -simply hang cleans.

No slippage on that surface with a good pair of sneaks.

As we talked, I became aware that the platforms were not at
all being used. Period.

“Yeah, for the most part those are just for show when
we have recruits in. Dont use those too much. Just for show… but no go
when we train to be honest.”

I laughed.

“Now let me show you something over here,
we’ll get the boys in here and get em
warmed up with some bridging and other body weight

Record scratch — “what did you say.”

“Yeah, after that we get them against the wall and
do some body weight pull-ups
with these long straps and handles at the end of
them,” he continued.

“They have no more excuses cause if they cant
do one pull-up they simply step away from the wall –
it reduces the resistance —
It gives everyone a perfect place to start and progress up from.”

I could have sworn I was in the Twilight Zone.

No more hang cleans for explosion.
No more bench or squat talk for a big chest and thick legs.

Or at least he shares on the surface … I believe they
do a mixture of the two.. which is a great performance
enhancing strategy.

I felt cheated.

Woulda been nice to have this same
info “back in the day.” Without a doubt training the body as a unit
would have built a better athlete from the head to the toe.
No doubt would have kept at least 35% more guys
out of the physical therapy studio.

Now I know, one cannot go back.

Always did wonder about that hang clean exercise.
When will you ever have to lift a body off the turf in football
like that. Sure it builds explosive legs and such.

“Say, do you happen to know, Matt Furey.”

“Oh, yeah, I have his book Combat Conditioning
and subscribe to his e-zine,” Aaron said.

Imagine that.

It became apparent to me good information is truly powerful stuff
and — if you are good — people will find you.

“Now, all you need are some awesome Bodyweight exercise posters on
the wall. And I know just the guy you can get them from I said…”

“Oh yeah, who?” he said.

Right here my friend, right here.

Get the the goods to dress up your garage, fitness room or fitness facility
(if you are a trainer) and learn exactly the proper form to execute
these exercises. Above is my Powerhouse garage where I go to build strength
and power.

Strong body, strong mind, baby!

Information on walls is a lot easier to follow than
trying to keep a book held open on the floor while you workout.
And technique is one of those things you can always improve –
no matter how good you are.

Every house should have a POWERHOUSE in it. A space
to get away from the distractions and noise to build
a better you.

Start building it today. Or clearing out an old room
to make space for it. And the NEW you coming.

Let’s get something done.

Unleash your endurance,

Vince Palko

Ps. If you have not jumped on the bodyweight exercise wave, its not too late… run over to
and start here in getting yourself from faht to fit.

Pps. To crash through plateaus be sure to
grab a complete set of the Combat Conditioning Goal Tracker
system …

How I Stole the Show

Monday, September 17th, 2007

Yesterday I had an intense roller blade workout.

But not just any blade.

One where I stole the show.

There was some big BMX stun show
going on at the University parking lot
I pass on the route I skate. Well, not really big about a couple hundred people.
I stopped to take a gander and
watched a few spectacular jumps and spins
off the half pipe.

Crowd was silent.

The announcer dude who did a stunt and fell on his arse
was a wanna be biker. After his wipe out, licking his wounds, he went back
to the mic announcing the bikers and their stunts.

He kept saying, “Toledo, lets hear some noise.
The more noise you make, the higher they will fly.”

Repeating this over and over- he did.

After about the10th trick being performed
and not getting any kind of applause — I leaned over to
some guy watching from a bench and said,
“How much will you give me if I take off
over there and steal the show.”

He chuckled and said, “I’m not sure if it will be worth it.

I said, “Well, if it gets me on TV it might just be.”

Right then, without thinking twice about it
I took off and skated about 60 yards
over to where the two half pipes were.

I circled the one half pipe
and then skated up to the big one and did an up and over.

I came crashing down on my side all sprawled out…

The crowd went nuts.

I dusted myself off and stood up shouting — “Do not try this at home kids…
do not try this at home.”

I had about as much coordination on the half pipe as a deer on ice.

After the confusion wore off
a couple of the bike rats
peddled over shouting a bunch of stuff.

Before they could get another word out… I said,
“Hey man, I did you a favor — this crowd was dead before I got here.
Now they’re warmed up. You dont have to thank me
for almost breaking my neck.”

After I stood up, they saw I was twice their size and
the frowns turned to smiles.
They directed the crowd to me… and the announcer
said, “let’s hear it for the lone skater!!!”

I skated back to the guy and on the bench, puffed my chest out, and smiled.
Without asking he whipped out a twenty spot.

I said, “Keep it. It was worth every second.”

Too bad no cameras were around to film.

So its a simple message today.
Step up and cause a stir. Shake people up.
Get outta your comfort zone.

It will energize both them and YOU.

Go for it.

Vince Palko

Ps. To get all my life-changers visit my kick butt products.

Pro Hockey Player Shaves 15 years off

Saturday, September 15th, 2007

Reading a sports magazine my eyes
locked on to a double spread
showing a hockey player’s workout.

Never really had any interest in hockey
though I know it can be a killer workout
to be on skates for hours at a time.

Anyway, this player named Chris Chelios
who plays for the Red Wings is 45 years old.

But his trainer says, “He has the body of a 30 year-old.”

There is a huge spread
of different exercises he does.

The first photo is a blow out of him skipping
rope. Yes, dont think anyone calls him a sissie
for training with his jump rope.

The caption says, “Jump Rope, 50 revolutions builds endurance.”

Turns out he does sets of these with
no rest in between. Then he hops into the next exercise.

Then gets back on the rope.

Does it for an hour.

Now, you could spend an hour doing so but
you will never be asked to be on the ice for
3 hours or more.

You can do the same with ten to twenty minutes.

No rest between sets.

Just jump from one exercise to the next.

Though I dont recommend performing
every routine like this.

Important thing is to start moving. When you start,
you will be hard pressed to stop.

And with each revolution you’ll spin a few months
off your age. Imagine what will happen when you do this
on a consistent basis.

You’ll shave years off baby. Just like this 45 year old hockey player.

Go get ‘em, tiger.

Vince Palko

Energetic People Apply Within

Saturday, September 15th, 2007

Went up to the movie store last night to grab a flick.
Been meaning to see Will Ferrell’s new release
Blades of Glory.

But before I got into the store …

Was caught off guard when I drove into the parking
lot and read the huge sign
that usually promotes a new movie to
the passers by.

Instead it read, “Energetic People Wanted — Apply Within.”

Now, I know finding good talent is hard, hard these days.

But I didnt know that ENERGETIC people
are hard to find on top of that.

Too funny.

I guess it goes to show you we are losing more and more
of our energy as a society.

To the point where most young kids are zapped
of any extra juice. And they show up to work
lifeless. It takes everything they have to simply
stand up straight. Im assuming most interact in a slunched over lazy
adolescent manner – piss poor for representing a
company when dealing with customers.

Hence the message on the sign.

Hmmm, lets break it down.

More video games.

More iPods.

More distractions.

More Plasma, LCD, HD and other devices to enhance the
viewing experience. Suckin people
into the couches even more.

We are facing an ENERGY epidemic.

It goes to my point in order to energize yourself
you must move. Not sit. Or lay.

Unintuitive – I know. You would think the opposite.
Sitting conserves energy. Laying down gathers it.

But it doesnt.

Moving yourself revs the engine and keeps it running.

To get started you simply need a few minutes
outta the day to put you on the right course.

A few minutes doing increased intensity
workouts like what I teach in Linebacker Fitness.

But even if you dont jump rope. Getting up and going for
a walk or doing yard work around the house
will fire up your system.

This wont burn fat because its not
sustained activity at a high heart rate
but it will
get your blood pumpin and energy ignited.

To fire up the fatt burners…

Focus yourself on the jump rope for
10 minutes a day and you are done.

Then you are free to go about your day, getting
other things accomplished.

AND to get toned while you do your cardio,
be sure to add our WEIGHTED speed rope to your shopping cart. This builds muscle in your arms while you skip.

Its like getting a two-fer in one workout. Great
for throwing yourself a change-up every now and again.

Have a good weekend,

Vince Palko

Ps. Grab Triple Your Endurance to find out how
this here clydesdale gathers tons of energy to accomplish
task after task, day after day – all year long. Go here NOW …

Fat Dads and Donuts Day

Saturday, September 15th, 2007

Okay, that title was not on the flyer sent home
with the kids. I added the fat part.

Went to Sophia’s Daddy and Donuts Day this morning
at the crack of dawn.

What a sight — three thousand dads and kids packed into the cafeteria
room eating donuts, sippin juice and drinking coffee.

In case you are wondering, indeed I did
have a d-nut. I passed on the coffee though.

Truth is, by just walking to my car after
walking Sophia back to class -
I burned off that donut.

There was a time though when I felt
as if every morsel I put into my body clung
to my waistline.

Not letting go of it.

That was (pre) Linebacker Fitness
days about a couple years ago.

This morning, I noticed either really fat dads or
really fit dads in the lunch room.

No ‘tweeners.

People who decided to make a conscious
effort to stay healthy and those who let
their bodies go to seed. Were are talking
4 to 1 in favor of the fats.

In doing much work with the American Diabetes
Association and Canadian Diabetes Association,
I learned that more than half these pudgy pops
are potential walking diabetics.

But there is no way to stop ‘em.

They dont have ears to hear that kind of news.
Tis a sad thing.

But they can decide for themselves to change.
As if to slam their fists on the table saying enough is ENOUGH.

When I worked for the man, I organized 5 minute walks
with my fellow workers.

Someone would call for the walk break and even if I had something
pressing, I’d go.

I had a discussion with one of the bosses. Who supported
our behavior. But didnt want us to abuse it.

He joked with me, “I wonder if you will still take five minute
breaks when you working for yourself.”

Yes, good question.

Hey pal, I now take 1 hour breaks.
Sometimes two. Why because I always come back focused, energized
and am more productive.

Every friggin employer should do the same for their
employees. They should install showers in every office.
So at lunch employees can grab a jump rope from
– never leave their office and start spinnin.

Once finished, take a shower
and get back to their desks feeling great, staying focused on
tasks and ultimately delivering better bottom line results for the

The rope will build your endurance to make you more productive.
It will also energize you. Leaving other employees
guessing why you got the raise or job promotion and they didnt.

Win-win it would be.


Well, it would stop the onset of diabetes for these chunky employees.

The company/plant would be more efficient and
would slash escalating healthcare costs.
Just to mention a couple
major benefits.

Now you can wait around for your employer to get on board
with “Palko’s Saving the Planet” plan.

Or you can take it upon yourself to spend 10 minutes with
the rope every morning before you hit your job
and take control of your own destiny.

Personally, I always opt for being in the drivers seat.
Not someone else. Hey, but thats me.

And you can too.


Vince Palko

Ps. Attack life like Vinnie P the office and life Linebacker.
Then you will be Agile, Mobile and Hostile. Grab your set here and NOW…

Start New Today

Saturday, September 15th, 2007

Ralph Waldo Emerson said…

“With the past, I have nothing to do;
nor with the future. I live now.”

This morning as I stood doing my Qi Gong
meditation, the main thought I reflected on was –

Start NEW today.

Put yesterday aside. Focus on making today
the best day possible. Leave the future out of it.
Focus on what I have to do today to get better.

And focus on the positives.

This is how you rally from a set-back.
Draw on the positives and build from there.

Forgiveness of yourself and others releases the chains
that bind you – freeing you to move forward.

I want to thank all who sent emails providing
kind words and thoughts for me and my family.

Your emails were put in my “save” folder
for future reference.


Vince Palko

How to Eliminate Sadness and Grief

Saturday, September 15th, 2007

Okay, so here is the secret I never wanted to share.

Its been written for a while now … in my mind.
This is atypical for a guy who wears his
heart on his sleeve — or at least used to.

I never wanted to share it with you for a couple of
reasons that we’ll get to.

Let me catch you up to speed first.

Back in April of this year, Cheri and I decided to
split up. She had movers come in and clean house.

The details about how and what went wrong are not for
this email. My intent is to show you that
I am weaving my way through something never taught
in school. Something that has bounced me around
(like a pinball) worse than playing against the 6’6″ 350lb
Corey Stringer and the Ohio State Buckeyes back in ’92.

Something 50% of marriages have to deal with.

Something that has challenged my mental toughness
to no end and continues to do so.

I’ll never forget laying on the living room floor looking
up at the ceiling surrounded by silence – tears streaming down my face.




And about a thousand other emotions
running through my head.

House completely devoid of any furniture
and noise for that matter.

The silence.

Oh, the sweet silence.

The silence that I escaped to the latrine for
to just have 5 minutes alone after a full day of work.
The silence that I thought would be so nice to
have in my house — became my enemy.

It was deafening.

Imagine this, 3 girls all under the age of 5 – poof — gone — zappo.

No screaming.

No laughing.

No crying.

No “Daddy, Daddy” from 3 little mouths when I walked into the house.

No nuthing.

Its a haunting feeling that returns as I write this email.

Not to mention all the other new challenges set before

Maybe pride kept me from sharing this.

Maybe it was my judgement of Howard Stern (not that Im like the man in any way shape or form) and what he went through with his wife. Hearing him whine on the radio to his audience about his poor state of affairs — turned me off.

Like a wounded puppy dog he was.

Yipe, yipe, yipe.

“Hey man, you can throw bologna at strippers day after day and expect
your wife to stick with you.” I remember thinking this at teh time.
Something had to give.

So why now. Why share this after all this time. Especially when I write about personal stories day in and day out. Believe you me, it was challenging to not blurt out in the 6 months I’ve held it in. And I had easy material to write about ridin the roller coaster of emotions in those early months.

Is NOT because I am looking for sympathy or pity. Am long past that phase.
I realize I am responsible for what situation that I find myself in.

The reason hit me when I was on a call with a good friend who is my coach. He helped me see something: by acknowledging — WHAT IS — provides healing and allows you to move on.

In some small way, by writing to you, I acknowledge WHAT IS and take responsibility.

But more importantly — that exact moment my coach shared that – I
realized something else. There could be others out there in the same
seemingly helpless spot I was. People feeling like there is no place to turn.

Maybe someone has lost a loved one.

Maybe someone has lost a job.

Maybe someone is facing a serious life changing disease.

Maybe someone ended a long-term relationship.

Something that caused you sadness and grief.

Whatever it might be. I wanted to be there for you to step in and say.
“Hey man (woman), you CAN and WILL get through it.”
You are not alone.

And it took me venturing through a dark grove of trees on my own
to realize this.

Another person I have the utmost respect for, Jim,
shared something comforting (and challenging) to hear a few months back.
He told me, “Vince, everything that happens to us in life is perfect for
our development.”

“The same is true for your kids,” he said.

And there is a ton of truth to this.

This coming from a guy who laughs looking back at his
kidney collapsing, learning from it and moving on.

Sometimes when you are in this state, it feels as if there
is no place to turn.

Well, for me, Dr. Woody’s new course Recharging Qi Gong
has been a comforting place to return to. And heal from. Time after time.

The series of exercises moved the sadness and
grief right out of my system like a cruise ship leaving New York harbor.

“Toot, toot” and gone it would be.

And that is how it should be.

Sure everyday brings new challenges. But
storing negative feelings of guilt, shame and remorse
do you no good. And most people do this over a lifetime.

So many people hold the negative feelings and emotions.
Similar to me before I got this course.
And that is the absolute worst thing you can do.
That approach is a seedbed for disease and an unhealthy life.

Am I out of this completely. No, yet, I feel much more at peace
with myself and the situation in general. It gives me a clear mind
to focus myself during the day.

By doing the Recharging Qi Gong exercises,
Dr Woody shows you what organs store certain emotions.
And he shows you how to release them – both physically and mentally.

Every time I finish this 20 minute segment – I have a light sweat going
and a renewed sense of hope and opportunity to begin a new.
That what ever I face right now is not as bad as I thought
when I first started.

After all, my situation could be worse.
I could be Paul McCartney – parting with milliunz.
Or better yet Michael Vick. Right?

No thanks.

Back to the program. I;ve found the best time to spend time with
Woody is in the morn to start the day fresh.
Your radar screen cleared for take off.

Your day is guaranteed to be positive and upbeat.

Find ways to release the negative pressure valve.
And this program is one of a few tools to get the job done.

Your new life starts NOW. Take the first step by clicking this link …

Unleash a New You,

Vince Palko

Ps. Also, what amount of money would you pay to find a way to
keep you growing younger everyday. The proof is meeting
the soon to be 64 year-young man who created Recharging Qi Gong.
The investment in his fountain of youth course is a mere pittance
compared to the value you will receive in return.

Pss. I talked to Woody yesterday and although many have bought,
they do in fact have 47 sets left.
But do NOT wait any longer to grab yours — these continue to move off the shelf.

Never Be Tired Again – Ever

Saturday, September 15th, 2007

I made a BOLD promise to you when you signed up
for my newsletter.


Yes, a bold promise in a world of run-down individuals, over-worked
over-stressed … under-nurished, under-exercised, and flat out under-charged …
depleted of any extra juice. That is unless
they have had a double-cappa-frappa-lapa-chino-beano.

Well, today I am going to deliver on my promise
(as I do everyday with an uplifting message)
by introducing you to an amazing course from a very good friend.
One that will leave you in a slight sweat feeling like you
can conquer the world.

It has me riding high – yet again – from a quick session
spent with Dr. Wu Dh. Woody for short.
Or as I call him “The Wood Maestro.”

Cut to my routine this morning.

Got up from my couch and dropped in his DVD.

I didnt move within a 8 foot radius all around me.

I didnt run or sprint.

I didnt lift a weight or flex a muscle.

Yet, coming out of the 18-20 minute Qi Gong routine
I was jacked on natural juice, charged-up like
never before.

Actually, I cant say NEVER before because I have been
following his course now for several months.

So I thought to sit down and type this letter to you.

I met “Woody” at Matthew Furey’s fantastic
fitness seminar. And as soon as he finished his presentation,
I almost knocked him over being the second person
to hand him contact info for the pre-release on his NEW course.
Reason being, I wanted his course
the second it came out to work into my morning routine.
If you cant wait to read on
here is the link to his course … Recharging Qi Gong.

Anyway, the same night of the seminar, I also signed-up for his
personal one-on-one session
where Woody did energy work on me.

I remember talking with my friend Jerome shortly
after and laughing like a grade school boy
in a room full of girls — giddy for no reason at all.

Woody showed up a few seconds later in the lounge.
And when I asked him why I was sooo giggly he told me
there was a lot of negative energy pouring out
while positive energy flowed in.

After that, Woody and I became great friends.

Woody commissioned me to do his cartoon. I gladly obliged
because I want to do anything to support his top notch products and get
them out into the hands of every individual on the planet.

I drew his cartoon with energy shooting out of his fingers
and hands because thats what it felt like when I was finished
with my personal session.

And thats how I felt this morning after following the DVD instruction …

Super Energized BABY!

He has my full endorsement for a positive life-changer.

You absolutely will be glad to have learned from this gent in DVD format.
He is a down-to-earth, kind, funny, and powerful spiritual teacher.
Spending most of his life studying in China.

And his energy rubs off on YOU.

If you ever get the opportunity to have him do
Medical Qi Gong on you-
you’ll be a lucky man and woman.

Rush over to his website and gather this GEM up immediately


Vince Palko

PS. Now its your turn to ride the pseunami of everlasting energy.
Go here now, to get your hands on the course Recharging Qi Gong.

PSS. Tomorrow I will reveal a secret
I’ve been keeping from YOU for several months now
and sharing how this program has been instrumental
in assisting me through it. Be sure to tune in.

54 Year-Old Palkoholic Asks a Question

Friday, September 7th, 2007

This note is sure to piss off many
folks in the endurance world, but it’s the truth, my friend.

Today, a 54 year-youngin has a great question
that many people struggle with at times.

Let’s take a gander.

“Hi Vince,
What kind of training do you recommend to a 54 year old guy that wants to be
in as good shape as he was when he was 30. When I was 28 I ran a 30 km cross
country race and now at the age of 54 I have tried it again, but this time
it took nearly an hour longer to run.

I like to run but not the time-consuming marathon training for several hours.

Also, I have ambition to cut time from my half marathon without
running a lot every day.

Best regards,”

Leif Lundgren


Hi Leif,

Some thougths to consider …

First, pick a time you would like to run your race in. Write it down.
If you feel a bit cahrazy, write it on your arm when you run your race.
This is a great focusing tool. If you want to get even more caaahraazy,
write your split times on your arm after you survey the course map.

Okay, on to the next item.

If you want to run the exact same time you did when you were 30,
I’m a believer in that it can happen. Yet, I also believe its been 26 years
since you did it. So lets take it step-by-step.

Rome wasnt built in a day. Or a month. Or even a year for that matter.

So lets start in a place that you can achieve
your goal but will also be a good stretch from
where you currently are. Focus your mind on that.

Now go dig up an old photo of you from the time you were 28 or so.
Hang that on your fridge. This is a visual representation of your long-term vision.
Always hold this vision in your head. I like to do this for no other reason
than my mind can see I’ve done it once, I can do it again.

Now for your training. Here is something different you
wont hear many other places. Especially not from Mr. Higdon or anyone else.

How about training for your marathon by doing shorter distance more
intense runs. This flies in the face of conventional Old Man Higdon thinking.

Also, focus on building muscular endurance. Get in the weight room
do your squats, lunges and calf raises and so on.

Or simply stay home and do hindu squats in your living room.
Doing these exercises build your lung power, increase your stamina
and give you tremendous muscular endurance as well.
You can put up that exercise on your wall for decoration and instruction at the same time.

Flat out cut your training time during the week in half.
Get a couple good runs (3-4 miles) running a good pace and that’s it.
Simply get your long runs in on the weekends.

While you train is the best time to work my special breathing
techniques taught in TRIPLE YOUR ENDURANCE

These one exercises are pivotal in producing extra energy throughout
your run.

They work incredibly well.

More proof came last weekend. For a long time I’ve been
trying to do 100 yrd lunges without stopping.
In the past, I could get 50 – 60 yrds
before I would have to take a break.
But last weekend, I focused my special breathing
techniques like never before and
100 yards came like no big deal.

Now if you cut your training time in half but dont do everything I advise
and don’t hit your time … don’t come a-whinin’ to me.

I have done everything above to shave major chunks of time
from my personal best races. Yes, even weighing a good 230lbs on raceday.
But I did everything written above.

Be sure to do everything I suggest. And watch energy pour into you
like the power generated at the Hoover Dam in Nevada.

Hope crush your personal best! I know you can.


Vince Palko

Ps. The energy generated from tips in Triple your Endurance
can be used for much more in your life besides long distance races.
How about having the energy of a jack rabbit ready to get projects accomplished in your house long after 9pm strikes. Its possible. My clients and I do it
all the time.

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