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A Walking Super Hero

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

A few weeks ago I mentioned
I had the opportunity to sit down
at lunch with an amazing man.

This guy is fascinating to talk to.

His name is Jeremiah Perez or
“Lord Jeremiah Moses Perez”
to the masses.

We connected instantly in that we are both into comics
and super heroes. Also, we are both big fans of illustrator Alex Ross.

Jeremiah is a super himself. He has the super hero
story to boot … You know the typical story.
Something happens in their life where they make a decision
to fight crime. And its some form of adversity that
they face before they transform into a super.

Well, Lord Jeremiah’s childhood has the perfect script
for a comic. Quick flashes to describe it …
Was never the biggest guy on the block. Got picked on by
gangs growing up in San Jose. Becomes a great street fighter and learns to defend
himself. No one messes with him. He joins a gang. Then eventually stops
gang bangin. He decides to put the information he’s gathered
through the years towards good not evil.

I mean, you couldnt write a better script.

And that is why I wanted to introduce him to you.
You’ll love him.

Now I could share some points on self defense myself,
but my course would not help you. Id suggest
tackling the punk into a light post and
pray your nose doesnt split open like
mine has done in the past. That wouldnt be good.

You want the dumb punk that messes with you to bleed.

So instead of sharing with you
points about self defense, a topic I know little about,
I’ll let him Lord Jeremiah share his amazing information with you.
Go out to Super Hero Systems and check him out.

His information is riveting and powerful. And you dont want to miss it.
Go here to grab your course today. Learn the simple yet powerful techniques Jeremiah
shares. Walk with your chest puffed out round town (with your woman)
trusting you can take out any thug who might step in your path.

Go here now,

Best regards,

Vince Palko

Ps. Have peace of mind knowing you can defend yourself – go
here NOW to find out more …

A Superfood Recipe this Halloween

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Did you know there is a superfood in the midst of
candy this Halloween.

An abundance of it.

Want to know what it is.

Read on to find out.

Last night the girls and I carved up some pumpkins.
Two requests for kitty faces. The youngest got a traditional
carving with a smiley face.

After we finished cuttin up the big orange fruits – we saved the seeds.

Why not just pitch them, like most people do, with the rest of the slimy stuff
that is pulled from a pumpkin.

Well, there is a reason.

These oversized seeds are a rich source of amino acids
- the building blocks for super strong muscles.

Also, pumpkin seeds are high in glycine, glutamic acid
and also contain high amounts of zinc.
On top of that, a handful of pumpkin seeds offers
protection against prostate cancer. A common threat to
men over 50.

Now do you see why I kept these pieces
of nutritional gold.

You may wonder why go through the trouble of
doing all this on your own. Why not just buy store bought seeds.
Have you ever tasted those. They have enough salt on
them to fill three salt shakers. And thats from just one package.

So today I will give you my recipe for Palko’s Pumkin Seeds -
the superfood of all superfoods.

Step 1 – Carve up a pumpkin and pull guts from inside and place into a big bowl.
Step 2 – Separate seeds from other stringy mess by placing into a bowl of water.
Seeds will rise to the top – other stuff will sink.
Step 3 – Let pumpkin seeds sit in a flat bowl overnight.
Step 4 – Pat seeds down with paper towel to get most of moisture off seeds. (Light moisture is good)
Step 4 – Lay down tin foil on baking sheet and lightly salt.
Sidenote: I prefer very little salt. But a little bit of salt is fine to bring out full flavor of the seed.
Anything is better than store bought heavily salted seeds.
Step 5 – Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Step 6 – Bake seeds in middle rack for 15 minutes. You will smell them once they are finished.

Seeds should be slightly golden and have a smokey flavor to them.
Now dont overcook them. You dont want to fry out all the good nutritional elements.

So there you have it.

Enjoy your superfood this holiday and get healthier
while everyone around you is putting candy in their

Dont forget to mix in some Linebacker Fitness for good measure.

This will keep your blood pumping and burning
off any residual candy calories
that might have slipped down the hatch!

Unleash YOU!

Vince Palko

Vince Turns 30-Somethin Sale!

Friday, October 26th, 2007

There is a Birthday Sale-a-bration goin’ on round here.

Run over to the Once in a Blue Moon Birthday Sale
and check it out Now.

Was telling my kids about growing up in Catholic gradeschool
and how sometimes the teacher would give us spankings
equal to our age. The a pinch on the toush for good measure.

My kids didnt quite grasp the concept. Afterwards, it left me
a bit confused as well.

Well today, if I were to go back to school, the number of wet lashes
would be in the mid thirties. And I wouldnt need any pinches
to grow any inches.

Come join me NOW.


Vince Palko

Ps. Run on over to the Once in a Blue Moon Birthday Sale and see what all the ruckus is about.

Know What Energizes You

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Feeling a little rusty at this writing stuff
since I’ve been away so long — N O H H T
(in my best Borat voice).

Been away at Matthew Furey’s
mega conference/seminar
this past week. So power-packed with
information, amazing speakers and energy,
energy and more energy,
I literally had to call off work for the last three days
just to recover and regain my senses.

I had to call the boss and explain I couldnt make it in.
Oh, wait, I am the boss. Well, lets just say
he agreed whole heartedly with my decision
for a much needed respite.


Call it a major release of my “limited self.”

Call it leaving my OLD skin behind
like a rattlesnake does in the desert.

Call it what you want. All I know is I was laid up in bed the entire
time with a fever — the blankets were drenched in sweat.

And in the process I had an awakening.
To deep to go into here but know it was
super powerful and emotional. So profound my old self
tried to hold me back with fever like conditions.

Afraid of whats to come – it was.

Suffice to say though, BANG — I busted through
and am back on track– bigger, brighter
and better than before.

Aint nuthin standin in the way.
So hold onto your hats as we round out the year.

At past similar events, I’ve rushed back to
my room at lunch or dinner to send an email or two out
to stay in contact. Also, I hid in the room
to get away and recharge my system.

I’ve found this effective being somewhat of an introvert.
Extraverts recharge around other people. I’ve found
my energy is replenished by doing the opposite, having quiet time.

This time I decided to put every ounce of
energy into this fantastic insiders group.

So at lunch I didnt rush up to my room
order room service then rush to type an email.

Instead, I sat with different people at meals
and got to know several of them much better.
And boy did I have some fascinating connections–
Jeremiah “the Messiah” Moses and David the Wizard,
to mention a few.

Being somewhat of an introvert this can be a challenge.
Especially, when I dont give myself a break
to recharge on my own.

And at the end of the week – I had nothing left in me.
The week finished up with a wonderful visualization exercise that left me
light headed and drunk with endless possibilities.

The last time I felt this spent was after the ’92 NC State game
when I sunk everything into that humid, sticky game.
I left everything on the field. And spent the next two days recovering
from full body cramps.

When you leave your comfort zone and
leave everything on the field, you open a vacuum that instantly fills
with more energy than you had before.

So tune into how your body recharges:

* Do you get more energy from being away from people.

* Do you get energy by going for a walk on the beach.

* Do you get energy from a walk in the woods.

* Do you get energy from surrounding yourself with other like minded folks.

* Do you energize with endurance type exercises.

Not everyone is the same.

Find what works for you.

Tune in and give your body what it needs.
Also, move out of its comfort zone so to
keep it always growing, expanding and moving forward.

Until then … energize, energize, energize that system,

Vince Palko

Ps. This scratches the surface on the
energy information taught in Triple Your Endurance.
To get more of the good stuff be sure
to roll your log on over to
Triple Your Endurance Now.

Do What Shakespere Said

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Was diggin through an old training manual
i had in college. I came across
a great quote that any PALKOHOLIC will enjoy.

I read this quote many a times before entering the field of battle.

It goes like this:


“In peace there’s nothing so becomes a man as modesty and humility.
But, when the blast of war blows in your ears, then imitate the
action of the tiger. Stiffin the sinues, summon up the
blood disguised fair nature, with a hard favored rage.”



Well, if that doesnt get the blood pumpin,
I dont know what will.

To check out all my fitness success products be sure
to stop and click on this link NOW…

Let’s get after it today!


New energy cartoon posted

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

You requested it. Now you got it.

Many of you like to keep tabs on some
of the behind the scenes work I do. So heres a glimpse.

Wanted to direct you to a project I finished up
earlier today for a natural healing medical Qi Gong master.
He is seen here …

His name is Dr. Wu Dhi.

Doc is a fascinating person who is his own proof. This
guy is close to 65 and looks half his age. In fact,
he announces that to the WORLD.

Wouldnt you if it were true of you — too.

Doc finds the blocks in your energy field and frees them.
This allows the energy to flow easily as it should just like the blood in your veins.
So I wanted to show his hands lighting up his patient in
this picture.
I showed this because this is what I felt when
I had a treatment done by him.

SCHZZZZZET — My whole body lit up like a lamp post in London.

Afterwards, while sitting in a restaurant with Jerome
talking, I was giddy, like a 6th grade boy looking at
Farrah Fawcett swim suit pictures.

And for NO explainable reason.

I asked Doc later what that was all about and he said
it was the result of energy opening up and pouring
in and out of my body.

If you want to check out his new course
you can do so by visiting …

You’ll be glad you began turning back your own clock and
observing wrinkles vanish into thin air.

Best regards,

Vince Palko

You can see the different phases of the cartoon building process
on this page. You can see three different concepts I created for
Doc and the direction he eventually choose to go.

Pps. Many of you emailed asking to see some
of my artwork. If you like the change-up in seeing some of my
cartoons, well good, cause I plan on sending more out.
Plus, the clients I work with are fascinating and have life changing
products that can help you!

Steve Jobs and the Lucky Farm

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

Most people think successful people are lucky.

I believe, “Success comes to those with lucky feet that move forward.”

Heres what I mean. Let me tell you a couple stories.
First one dates back to the college days playing for BG.

Twas a cold spring afternoon. We just finished
a Monday film session and then a quick team meeting.

Coach Blackney made some announcements.
He then said, “Oh, I have a job opportunity here
if anyone wants it. Says, its a farmer looking
for help for the summer. If anyone is interested, let me know”

Well, naturally, NO ONE in the room (all 80 guys) wanted to do hard labor
for some farmer. No one wanted to get up at the crack of dawn, milk the cows,
bail some hay, plow a field or what ever else a farmer needs
assistance with. On top of that, then have to report
to summer weight training at the stadium after a full day of
hard labor.

No sir.

Soon summer came. We all got jobs.
I tore off and replaced old roofs. Not the easiest jobs
while in the blazing hot summer sun. Then afterwards showing
up at the weight room to lift and run. By the end of the day
I was spent. Just like everyone else.

Most everyone. Except Matt Malaney.

Not him. He would stroll into the gym after parking
his nice company car. Then change out of his
dress clothes and into his gym gear. He’d have plenty of energy
to reach new gains on his bench and squat — week in
and week out.

After a few weeks of this, some of us picked up on
his consistent strength gains.

I wallked up to him and said, “Hey Matt, what do you do all day?
Do you have a summer job or is daddy footing the bill so you can
improve your game?”

“I work. I work just like you, man,” he said.

“Ooh yeah, what do you do.”

“I work for an agriculture chemical outfit.
I get in my company car, drive over
to different farms and make sure workers are laying down the right
chemicals on the crops. I make my rounds in the air-conditioned
car the owner gave me. Its nice cause I only have to hit
a couple farms a day in my area and then my day is essentially done.”

“Thats one cushy job. You lucky bastage.
How did you get it,” I inquired.

“Well, do you know that farm job coach told us
about back in spring– I was the only one who walked up to
coach afterwards, called the guy and immediately got the job.”

I was thinking – great paying job, in AC all day.
Reserving energy to exercise later.

D’oh! “I coulda, shoulda, woulda,” I thought.

Heres another story that
will make sense once I wrap all this up.

I was reading a book about Steve Jobs – founder of Apple.
In it, one little story revealed how Steve had a knack
for working smart not hard at an early age.

In high school gym, he have to run around the track
for conditioning. Early in the morning there was a lot of
fog theyd have to run in. He and a friend, who were not athletic,
would get out of distance of the teacher mostly due to the fog
and simply sit. When the others would loop around they
get back in line jogging with everyone. He’d do half the work
but get credit for all the work.

Some of you may think. Thats not fair. He’s lazy and bucking the system.
Yet, its an example of working smart not hard.
Not everyone can be an exercise enthusiast or a jock.
You have to play to your assets. In this case as the friend
said, “I never would have thought of that. Steve did though.” He used his head.

And I think we all know where this mindset led Steve.

Both stories above bring me to the discussion of running long distance
for an hour versus getting the job done in a third of the time, jumping rope.

You have to be part Steve Jobs and learn how to work smart not hard.
After a lifetime of constant – hard work – messages sent to your brain,
we feel its cheating if we dont.

Its not.

Jumping rope will cut your exercise time in half
but you will get credit for the full amount of exercise time.
You will leave each session recharged, uplifted and ready
to take on any challenge that stands in your way.

And you also have to be part Matt, in the first story.

Matt put his preconceived notions aside about farming
and simply took action. He took a few steps towards the front
of the room and said YES to coach. And found a gem.

While 79 other guys (self included) walked out of the room.

There are countless other fitness systems out there to get you fit.
But you have to make a decision and decide which one
resonates best with you.

This program is not for everyone. I know. There are many
people out there turned off by the whole macho, linebacker
mystique. Others dig it.

In either case, the ones that step forward and say YES
- will be rewarded. Just as Matt was.
Those people may even be envied by friends
and family by your results – just as I envied the cushy job.

If this interests you, all you have to do is take your lucky step
towards supreme health by visiting …
and grab the gem thats waiting for you.

Best regards,

Vince Palko

For a list of all my daily POWER THOUGHTS be sure to visit…

Dad Takes Care of the Kids

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

Whats your biggest fear as a parent.

As a father of three girls often times
I’ll hear from folks – when they find this out-
“will you soon be investing in a shot guhn
for when they get older.”

My reply is, “No, but the fine young gents
who want to take my girls on a date will
have to run the gauntlet obstacle course
in my basement – before they go.”

Joking aside, I am not worried about who
they will attract into their lives as boyfriends.
I know they will find just the right guys
to be their friends. Yes, its difficult writing the word

However, there is one area that I will assist them
and that is their personal protection from yahoo’s
who they DONT want to be apart of their lives –
street punks, hoodlums and so on.
Self defense and personal protection tools
as I call pepper spray and other things will be
among the main things I provide.

Although I have young kids, it wont be long before
they will be off to the movies or the mall and so on
without their parents around.

And these tools make it too easy to keep yourself protected
for the price. I myself have a couple cans of pepper spray
in my car at all times. You never know who you can run into
traveling in your car.

That is why from time to time i will send out emails on the topic.
Its that important to me and you as well.

Here is one email I received from someone who is
top of his industry in terms of self defense products.

They call him Nui or BIG.

Check him out…


Dad Takes Care Of The Kids

I was banging away on the keyboard when I
got a call from a friend this morning. He
is a very soft spoken guy, and unfailingly
polite. He usually emails me that he is going
to call, and since he didn’t I knew something
was up.

He wanted to know how to get his kids tooled up.

His kids are young adults. Two already live
away from home, and one will leave the nest
soon. There are two daughters, and one son.
He wanted to get them started with some tools.
We talked about any number of options, and
settled on two pepper sprays for the girls,
and one for the boy.

One of the things he said in our conversation
was, “I used to think this was a safe place,
and this crazy stuff couldn’t reach us here.
It seems like this stuff is getting closer and
closer everyday. This weekend changed all that.”

He went on to detail a number of just senseless
acts of violence in his community that happened
in a very short period of time. He realized he
couldn’t just shrug it off as something that
happened somewhere else anymore. He wanted to
make sure his kids could fight back against these
kinds of predators.

He started with Wildfire and Lipstick Pepper
Spray for the girls. That’s a good choice. One
that can be used as a key chain, and a backup that
can be carried almost anywhere. The Lipstick Pepper
Spray will easily fit in a pocket or purse.

I told him the biggest thing is convincing the
kids to carry all the time.

There is never a free pass time. Violence most
often occurs when you least expect it.

I can’t tell you the number of “I was just going to…” stories I have heard.

We settled on Wildfire for his son too, who
lives in a rough part of a city. His son is in
very good shape, and very strong. None of that
makes any difference if you run into a pack of

If you are ever confronted by a pack of mooks,
take out the lead mook first, if you can. Give
him a liberal coating of Wildfire, because many
times when the leader is taken down the pack will
run away. But also hose as many as you can. The
more mooks going down, the higher the confusion

You want to hit the mook in the face. This does
three things.

1) Pain is immediate, and high level. The mook will
think he is melting.

2) The Mooks eyes will close.

3) The Mooks breathing will become very labored.

Then get out of the area immediately. Vamoose!
Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.


Dad has taken care of the kids.

Now what about him and the missus?

Stay aware, alert, and have a plan.

Aloha kaua,

Nui (Big) Kahuna

Avoid Flu Shots and Simply Jump

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Popped into my local juice bar down the way
for my favorite, P B & J — a berry mix with a dash of peanut butter.

While there, I leafed through a book on Natural Cures.

Came across a passage that caught my attention.

The author was talking about the benefit of jumping on a trampoline.
And by doing so how you could stave off illness and sickness.

I’ll paraphrase what it said…

Jumping strengthens every cell on every level.

The benefits of cellular exercise include:

1) Increase oxygen to the cells – pretty self explantory.

2) Movement of lymph fluids – the lymph glands aid in the elimnation
process and jumping helps the fluid keep moving through them

3) Cell stimulation – Every cell produces waist. Jumping helps
stimulate and get rid of waist on a cellular level

4) Opening of energy channels – Energy flows just like blood.
Sometimes it gets blocked. Jumping keeps these energy pathways open.

5) Release of tension – Jumping bounces the stress right out of you.
Stress is the silent killer. Dont move and risk letting negative
feelings build up and lodge somewhere in your body. Or jump and rid yourself
of them almost completely.

Now trampolines are fun. Yet, how many people
have them in their backyard. Or better yet, who wants them.
The big ones take forever to set-up. Plus, they are an accident waiting
to happen, especially if you have kids around. And the little tramps
clutter up your house or basement.

Thats why I like jumping rope. It can do wonders for
your health. You get all the benefits listed above
without having to store away lunky equipment.

If you think all you need is a jump rope — think again.
Their is a proper way and attire to jump so you dont get injured.

And there are dozens and dozens of foot drills, jumps and
movements to keep your routines fresh, fun and new.
All are included in my LB Fitness manual included in
the huge box of other goodies that come with the program.

So jump your way to a healthier you. Do so by clickin on the link
right HERE …


Vince Palko

P.S. The good news is jumping and twirling the rope
at the same time builds coordination which also strengthens
your mind and mental capacity… just another benefit
in doing the powerful Linebacker program… get it here NOW.

The Yankees Fall

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

It ends in 4.

Its been since 1948 that the Clevelan Indians won a championship.

After beating the Yanks tonight, Cleveland stays in the hunt for the world series

As a kid growin up near Cleveland, I join the many who cannot stand the
New York Yanks. Yeah, maybe cause they are so good and are
always in the playoffs beating the Indians.
But tonight they fell in 4 games to the Tribe.

Although, I have not kept up with the past season like an avid fan, I am as happy
as pig in poooop for the city of Cleveland and their amazing team.

I heard countless times tonight that the Indians play well together as a team.
That they treat each other as family. So the key to success is like Kipling once said, “The strength of the wolf lies in the pack and the strength of the pack is the wolf.”

Bring on the Red Sox.

Go Tribe,

Vince Palko

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