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Archive for November, 2007

Why Winter Walks in the Wild

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Hey you,

The winter cold has set in
and so have my winter walks.

I feel for my brother who lives in Jacksonville,
Florida. He moved there several years ago.

The first few years he would said he DID NOT MISSS
the change of seasons AT ALL. Lately, I believe he
has changed his tune. Thats what 90 degree heat
does to you year round. Its gets to yer head.

Aint nuthing like the feeling of leaving a warm house
to venture out into the cold night air for a brisk walk.

I am huge into contrasting hydro-therapy. That is using
hot and cold water temperatures to heal the body.
I have done so to heal thigh contusions, sprained
knees, torn up elbows and so on. You can use
contrasting air temperatures as well.

What happens is you awaken the cells in your body with
drastic changes of temperature.
This keeps them alert, young and peppy.

And the higher the contrast in temp the better.

The fins jump from cold lakes to hot springs. And they
have one of they have one of the largest
longevity pockets on earth.

So instead of curling up by the warm
fire this year, do something different. Get bundled up
and go out into the midnight cool air.


Doesnt get any better.

Before you do, make sure to get a quick ten minute
workout in with Linebacker Fitness.
Once you are revved up warm, the cold contrast will feel amazing.
After about 10 to 20 minutes outside
return to the homestead and hop into a warm shower.

You will have completed one set of the Palko Polar Bear health formula.

Hot – from the workout.
Cold – from the night air.
Hot – from the shower.

and we could go one step further
Cold – from standing in a cold bathroom naked – hah.

“Wowsers,” is what you’ll be saying when toweling off.

Does NOT get any better.

Unleash you!

Vince Palko

Ps. Want to fire up your energy reserves this holiday
season to stay up with the hustle and bustle, make sure to
grab up a complete set of Triple Your Endurance NOW …

Pay it Forward Plus

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Here is “Part II” of last weekend. To view part one, go to my blog
and check out How I Ran Out of Gas entry:

So there we were all getting out of the van.

Two girls in my arms and my oldest to the right of me…
as traffic was blazing past on the left.

We took no more than 5 steps and then we saw
an older mini-van pull off to the side of the road.

The van then began going in reverse. Coming
to us. Wow. Imagine that.

How lucky are we!

Quick flashes of stranger danger flew
through my mind. Who is this person. Can I trust him/her
to take us into his car.

Then they vanished when I saw the kind eyes of the driver
once he rolled down his window.
You can tell a lot by looking into someone’s eyes.

I wont go into the details of the story. But what transpired
was an amazing connection with a Methodist minister named Gabe,
his wife and family.

Of all the people blitzing past. Here was an amazing
african-american man who was as nice as the sun is warm.
I felt like I had known him my entire life. At least that is how
he treated me and my girls. Even with being somewhat uncomfortable
around a total stranger.

Gabe and company were while travleing from
North Dakota to Cleveland to be with friends and family.
They were late for a party yet saw a father with three girls
and thought to take a risk to help this stranger out.

He told me later that he thought he could trust a Dad walking
with young three girls.

I am forever grateful he did.

And when I asked him how I could repay him … he would not accept any amount
of monetary means … he said, “Pay it forward, Vince.”

Later, when I asked again, “Make sure to go to church.”

“Will do, Gabe.”

Once we were back in the van and on the road again, Sophia and I talked about
our new friends. Thats what I called Gabe and she followed suit.

“Does your friend, Gabe help many people out like he did us”

“Yes, Sophia – he does – in more ways than one.”

To me, Gabe was heavenly sent.

To Gabe, I was an opportunity to show how much people
in this world care about each other.
He is walking the walk of what he is here to do.

So I will heed Gabe’s message and also pass it along to you.

Pay it Forward, my friend. The random acts of kindness that is.
Even if its not giving a lift to a family in need.
Whatever it is. Do it with no strings attached just
as Gabe did it for us.

I know I am.

Thanks Gabe where ever you are! You are an inspiration
to me and my family.

On the ride back from my parents we saw a
policeman had pulled over a car. We were not sure
if the guy was getting a ticket. Or if he was stranded.

Although tired, hungry and needed to use the potty, Sophia said,
“Dad we HAVE to help those people out.”

“You are on the right page Sophia. However, that policeman is
taking care of them – so we’ll keep our eyes open for the next one.”

I was SUPER thankful this past weekend. I hope you were as well.


Vince Palko

How I Ran Out of Gas

Monday, November 26th, 2007

Can you ever be too focused on your goals.
Well today, I have the answer. Its a dandy.

Ive been labeled a dreamer more times than not.

But this story takes the cake, the pie and the pudding dessert.

This story illustrates how focused
one can be when one deals in the playhouse of your
imagination. Its like a horse with blinders on – but in my case the blinders
make it so the path isnt visible.

So many times you hear from success experts (self included) to not lose
sight of the big picture. To have goals. To focus on them and so on.

Well, today, I am suggesting the opposite.
Never be too focused that you take your eye
off day-to-day tasks and functions.

Let me explain.

I spent the holiday weekend
with the girls. I took them back to my parents in Akron.

Cheri and I exchanged vehicles because its much
easier to travel with three girls in a van
than a mid-sized car.

In the process of switching out certain items
in my car — I could not forget one thing; my goal card.
The small card that travels with me every where I go.
So I took it out of my car and purposefully
wedged it in the dashboard of the van.

We left about 20 minutes later after the
van was packed. I drove close to two hours. All the girls
were sleeping in the back.

I focused on my goal card about 10-14 times.
When ever I checked my speed- my eyes drifted over
to the card.

Thinking what it would be like once I achieved the goal.
The dream-like pictures in my head kept my mind busy.

So busy I had no idea what was about to happen.

I just passed a sign for a “Rest stop 1 mile”.
I was ready to ask if anyone needed a “pit stop.”

Then it happened.


At 70 mph the car lost power. No more acceleration.
And lights on the dash began flashing.
So I pulled my goal card off the dashboard covering
the gas gauge. Yes, I left that little fact out. In my car,
the gauge is on the left, not right.

The needle was below the mark “empty” mark.
As if it had been barking at me saying -
“I’ve been warning you for the last 50 miles, dummy.”

My mind raced back to before we left
and seeing the gas being on a 1/4 tank.

Since we were riding down a hill. I was hoping the car
would make it another half mile
to the rest stop. I could see it before us.

Wasnt happenin.

I pulled the car off to the left and the car sputtered out.

What now.

Even though I effed up. My mind did something
it had never done in the past. It began formulating a plan
and seeing a favorable outcome in my minds eye. Not once did I beat
myself up for the blonder I seemingly made (Or later realized was a blessing).

Perhaps, it was just a
happy accident that would lead to
a fabulous adventure with wonderful strangers.

Perhaps thats what happens with a focused mind.
You have to take the good with the bad.

Back to the action …

Once the van stopped, the first words out of my
mouth were… “Sophia, we ran out of gas.
We are going to go for a walk — just like we do on out path behind
the house — up to where the road
turns off behind that bridge. Do you see that.
Its not very far — about a 1/2 mile”

“Okay, Dad.”

“I need you to be strong Sophia.”

“Okay, Dad.”

I gathered up the other two girls in my arms and carried
them. We locked the van up and began walking
down the side berm of the expressway.

Semis flew by us throwing a force of wind so strong,
you’d lose your balance with each stride you took.

We took five steps and ….

Tune in tomorrow for part deux.

Unleash You,

Vince Palko

Gets Rid of Wrinkles and Krinkles

Monday, November 12th, 2007

I love when kids naturally make-up words of their own.

For example, one of Sophia’s words some time back
was mistaking wrinkles as krinkles.

“Daddy, why does that guy have so many krinkles on his face.”

This after watching an interview with Keith Richards one night
while sitting next to me on the couch.

A true observant art-eest.

Tis a good question Sophia.

The guy smokes like a chimney and drinks like a fish was
going to be my response.

But I kept that to myself.

I simply said, “some people get them worse than others.”

Now, I thought I knew what the answer was. But I only had “one half” of the equation.

You see, all the talk about proper hydration made sense to me.
Otherwise, your bodily organs dry up from the inside out.
As a result, your skin shrivels up like a prune.

The other part came from listening to an expert in
the field of natural healing. My good friend
Dr. Wu Dhi shared to a group recently what keeps wrinkles away.

Side note: I have yet to discover a wrinkle on Wu Dhis face, and he is approaching 65 years of age.

Dr. Wu spoke about how wrinkles start as a result of
your internal organs being weak and lacking the Qi (energy)
they need to stay healthy and vibrant.

As a result, the skin shows on the outside what’s going on in the inside.
Hence, a face scarred with pronounced wrinkles.

So lets go back to the extreme. The celebrity Sophia commented on…
The truth of the matter is our friend’s organs are hanging on
by a thread. His lungs & liver have detiriorated something fierce.
Therefore, his face reveals whats happened to his organs.

Tis amazing he still stands to play the guitar.
The human body truly is an amazing piece of machinery.

Now most people have NOT damaged their body as much.
Yet, throughout the course of a lifetime not moving
the Qi through their body has an effect on the internal organs
and consequently the skin. What starts as little wrinkles turns into deeper ones.

Yet, if you move the Qi throughout the internal body
you can intercept the aging process and actually reverse it.

So in summary, what leads to healthy, smooth skin is two-fold:
1- proper hydration
2- strong, healthy, energized organs

Back to Dr Wu. His created a course
that is designed to keep the energy flowing throughout
your body and keep your internal organs vibrant
and full of life.

If you are interested in reading more about his tremendous
life-changer – make sure to visit Recharging Qi Gong NOW by clicking this link.

The secret is focus on healing the organs inside, so
you can heal your body outside, and watch as the wrinkles
wash away from your skin.

And Doc gives you dozens of exercises to assist you
with your mission in his new course

So lets grow younger together.

Unleash a younger you!

Vince Palko

Ps. Doc’s amazingly simple to follow course is here

What to Do with People Pleasers

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

“Your job is not to make friends
with everyone in your class or kiss up
to your teacher.

“Your job is to learn as much as you can
and then go out into the world, and test what
you’ve learned against the realities of life.”

Those were the words spoken
to my oldest daughter when I found out
she has never gotten one yellow card,
red card, or black card for any bad behavior
our last parent teacher conference.

I soft peddled the approach a bit but
you get the gist of my message to her.

This might shock you that I think this way.

Yet, you have to be willing to take risks
and step outside the boundaries a bit in order
to reach your true potential.

And Sophia is petrified of how others
will view her when she gets slapped
with a yellow card. I speak from a lifetime of experience.
Fear keeps her in line. Yet, at the same time,
it is who she is.

So I will use this as a point to my email
and let her be for now. Trusting her
self-awareness will serve her as mine has done me.

I’m reminded of something way back when in art.

In graphic design class, my gay professor
(not that theres anything wrong with being
gay) always told us, sometimes you have
to break the rules. Design is heavy on rules
and formulas that you may or may not know.
“When you do so,” hed say,
“thats when the artwork pops from the background
your mundane competition who follows all the rules.”

Its the same with life.

Yet, if our school system is rewarding this
get in a single file line and stay there… like emotionless robots … this is very bad for this here thing called LIFE.

I have to watch what I say
because I come from a family
of teachers (Yes, more people pleasing).
And teachers are about
the worst paid professionals
on the planet. Who wants to teach
a class full of monkeys jumping off
the wall. I know, I know.

However, this robotic-like behavior
reminds me of being in Germany back
in the late nighties and going to a bank
to deposit a check for cash. Everyone stood in a single file line
and never once crossed over the yellow
painted box signifying the person
speaking with the tellers space.

No one so much as stood out of line
or dared put their shoe laces over that yellow

Those Krauts are awesome fine tuners and great
engineers but horrible original thinkers and creators.

Those words written at the top of this email
often get repeated to myself in the mirror
from time to time.

Instead of fighting the fact I have always been a
people pleaser. I have adopted a new approach.
I’ve found it to be apart of my success system
and you can use it as well — if you tend to be
one of us.

In football, I never wanted to be the weakest link
in the chain and let others on the team down with
anything that resembled sub par performance. So, I played like I had
hot coals in my drawers. And pinned my ears back trying
to make every tackle. And more times than not, I did.

Today, projects get done a lot faster when I know
someone is depending on my to accomplish them
by a certain date.

My health becomes paramount knowing
my family is depending on me to support them for a loooong time.

Yes, your health is important to you too.
And if you play around with this a bit
you will see that if you go with the flow
of your essence you can make the people pleaser in you
into a positive.

The interesting thing is by observing myself
and others in people pleasing modes, I’ve learned
to forgive myself and others when I recognize it.

So if your health immediately becomes more important because
your family is depending on YOU. Go with
that thought and see where it takes you.


Vincent Palko

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Stop Thinkin So Damn Much

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

Was watching Seinfeld being interviewed
on Charlie Rose the other night. This counted as my one hour average
of boob tube a week. That is unless a 3 hour Browns game is on Sunday.

Jerry is a genius. I like his approach.

At one point, Charlie was throwing
a ton of questions at Jerry asking how
he put together his show. How he puts together
his acts and so on. What do you think of this..
and how do you think of that.

Jerry, came back with … “I DONT THINK Charlie. I try
not to think too much. Thats what gets you in trouble
sometimes. I like to keep it simple and NOT think.
Thats whats made me successful.”

It got me thinking of most people being
overwhelmed with all the fitness options out there.

This is often the reason why they dont
take the first step down any path at all.

Do I join a gym or do I invest in a course
I can have at my finger tips at any point
during the day.

To add to the confusion, so many so called experts have courses
on kettlebells, ceiling ropes, weights, sand bags, bean bags,
dumbells, smart bells and so on.

Sometimes I get confused as to which
is the best option to choose next.

I like going into shops where there are a
few high quality options to choose from. Give me a selection
of 5 or 6 coats. Not 15-20. I dont like being overwhelmed
or having to think too much. I dont have time to sit around
trying them all on. And I’ll probably go elsewhere.

One of the reasons my clients enjoy Linebacker Fitness
is because its so simple, yet so effective.

You dont have to count reps

You dont have to change out weights

You dont have to jog for hours until your shins get fried

You dont have to have ten different items around you while you exercise

You dont have to have open wall space to set up a contraption

You dont have to touch sweaty, germ infested equipment from other people

You simply open your LB box, pull out rope, start spinnin and let your mind
focus on nothing. Its hypnotic in its nature. And allows
for your mind to clear and focus for the rest of the day.

Many people watch my LB Fitness DVDs and almost go into a trance
by watching the rope spin around me.

Then when they pull the rope out for themselves,
they find its easy to twirl on and on — not stopping.

Recently, one client, Dr. Trevor shared with me he took it
to a seminar and every morning in his room would
spin away only for several minutes.

Then by the time he came down to breakfast
he found his energy was 30% higher than those
eating around him. His system was fired up on a higher level.

When he first started he was able to do about 3 minutes straight
and now is up to 15 or more. Patient persistence is what he attributes it to.

Its a simple exercise that allows you the ability
to grow into it and eventually add a thousand different

So grab this course before the next Volume launches
and it will no longer be packaged as a single item. I’m thinking you’ll only be able to
get it in a bundle.

So jump start your fitness program this holiday season
with a simple program. AND jump your way to a fitter you!

You’ll have loads of energy and fun along the way too.

Unleash You,

Vince Palko

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routines… I have a “goof proof” system already laid out for you.
There are 8 different exercise routines. These LB Fitness cards
are 5.5″ x 8″ and perfect because you
can pick a set of exercises, drop the card to the ground and still read
what the next exercise is from a standing position.

Everything has already been created for you.

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Adversity Attracts or Repels Success

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

I remember hearing a story about the first
Apollo mission. The first ship blasted off with
the intent to land on the moon.
It didnt accomplish the goal.

In the papers the next day one headline read,
“Apollo 1 misses target by 248,569 miles.”

It took from 1 to 11 to land a man on the moon.

But each and every launch counted
to get the ship closer to the target. Not just the 11th.

This is a powerful example of what corrective feedback is.
Or as I call it “river jumping from rock to rock to reach success.”

It reminds me of another powerful story of a friend.


“He got his ass ripped up one side and down
the other.”

Thats what I said as I stood at the podium
being inducted into the Bowling Green State University
Hall of Fame last year.

Kevin O’Neill was a walk-on linebacker who in are
first meeting in a bar almost ended in a fist fight.

We soon became friends for some reason. Eventually,
we played side by side and were a force to reckon with.

And his story went like this. Twas a blistering hot
August afternoon. The kind of day where you tend to
see double as vapors rise in the distance.
And thats not because your exhausted
running from station to station. Its just from standing there.

Anyway in one drill, Kevin kept bleeping up;
missed assignment — one right after the other.

Coach Blackney Ripped his ass. Right out in front
of God and everyone on the team. You could feel the thunder
come down form the heavens and the earth shake.
Many of the players forgot
this day… cause coach would rip different guys, different days
for different reasons. It came with the territory.

But Kevin and I never did forget. It became a marker
in both our lives. One I was proud to talk about.

Kevin, being a green walk-on (no scholarship) took this hard.
I recall walking into the locker room after that last session of the day.
So exhausted I did care to speak. But I felt Kevin
in a state of pain and feeling really low.

I stopped Kevin and said, “Kevin. Forget about today. Keep your chin up.
Coach knows you are going to be a great player. Otherwise, he would have
NOT said anything. He would have turned to another direction
shaking his head after your 3rd mess-up.”

“If he would ever do this… its then and ONLY then you need
to be concerned. If he were to do that,
it would be a sure sign he didn’t care about you.”

Kevin thanked me and we continued in the locker room.

Coach gave us the holiday weekend off those next few days
and I returned the following monday. I was getting dressed in my locker
and Kevin walked up.

He handed me three cards.

I opened the first it was from Kevin.

“Dear Vince,
Thanks so much for what you did for me on Friday. You’ll never know how
much it meant to me. Coach was ripping my ass all week and I was fed
up with him. I was ready to QUIT after the last blow up.
You helped me see the light. I am NOT quitting.
Thanks to you I’m sticking it out.”

The other two cards echoed the same message
from his parents and an old high school coach of his.

My eyes started watering. And I got a lump in my throat.

You know what the funny thing is.
I never thought twice about what i did
for Kevin that weekend.

I shared this story with the audience as one of the most proud moments
in my career.

Above the Butkus nominee.
Above being captain two years in a row.
Above being selected Defensive Player of the Year in the mac.

Why? Well, its a great story about perseverance and success.
There will be people in your life that will get in your face and
chew you out. Or conversely lay down the velvet hammer. Use a softer
approach in telling you what you are doing is wrong.

Its what you do with the feedback that counts.

I remember getting my ass chewed against Fresno State
in bowl game my freshman year in front of millions of people.

That day, I decided to depend a little less on my coach
and simply go out and do the damn job myself. I detached from
feeling dependent on them for my success.

Now what I didnt tell you about Kevin is he went from a
lowly walk-on status to being a celebrating scholarship

Kevin went on to start as a junior.

Kevin went on to be elected captain his junior year.

And that little walk-on that joined the Falcons went
on to make the Detroit Lions NFL football team. He made an impact
on their special teams for three years until a career ending
knee injury took him out.

Now let’s say he would have quit that day.
I mean he was adamant about it on that Monday. He was done.

If he did. He never would have experienced what it was like
to play at the pro level. Playing on Sundays with other great athletes
in great stadiums of which most are torn down now.

He never would have had sizeable checks deposited into his bank
accnt. Enough to invest in real estate and other investment vehicles
to kick off his professional business career.

Corrective feedback is one of the most powerful forms
of success drivers you can receive.

So if you are faced with some corrective feedback
the tendency is to fold your tents. Put your
tail between your legs and hunch your shoulders.
SHut down. Defend yourself to others. Disengage and so on.

But do the opposite. Smile when you receive it.

If you lean into it and see it as just what it is – corrective
feedback – then you can use it as a ticket to get to the next
phase on your journey.

And a whole new wonderful world will be there waiting to greet you and shake your hand.

Unleash You,

Vince Palko

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Erase Your Memories of Mistakes

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

Last Friday, I was invited to speak to
the defensive unit
of the Bowling Green Falcons
before their televised game against Akron U.

Prior to speaking with
the unit, Coach Ward shared with me that the week before
the defense collapsed after their opponents first drive.
Ohio U returned the kickoff to BG’s 25-yard line.

The first play, BG ran a blitz
with their best defensive player
that should have resulted in a sack.
Instead, the fullback picked him up and the
QB scrambled for 20 yards down to BG’s 5 yard line.

After that, the Falcons seem to fold their tents.
They tried to finish strong, but couldn’t.
BG had 3 and ½ quarters to recover,
circle the wagons and put the screws to
Ohio U. But couldn’t come out of their funk.

They lost.

So one thing I shared with the defense is Friday was …

In football, you are going to get knocked
down — both figuratively and literally.
It’s a lot like life.

The talented pro players though
have the ability to erase their memory banks.
They have short term memory failure, which is a good thing.
That’s a figure of speech to be able to wipe there
minds free of any past failure.
Wipe the “hard-drive” completely and move on.

And if you ever get knocked down
and try to get up too slow – you get knocked down even harder the second time.
It usually comes from someone out of the blue – unexpectedly.

So the key is to pop off the ground – like you were never down.
And sprint to where the ball is and tackle the ball carrier.

And like I told the players whether there is 11 minutes
on the clock or 11 seconds you go lights out
in pursuit of your mission – which is victory.
Soon as you snap on the chin strap
and get back in the game… Pin your ears back
and set your hair on fire.

Now if you find yourself saying, “So what Vince.”
This is just another one of your football stories.

Think again.

This formula is the same for handling adversity in life.

In football, you the opportunity to
start each series fresh and new.
Just like the ability you have to start
each day fresh and new.

No matter what happened last year,
yesterday or 40 minutes ago.

Each game, each series, each quarter, each snap
is another chance to come back assess your position
and keep moving forward to get the job done right.

And if you don’t succeed you cruising around average.
You fail — so what, you’ve running about average.
Get up, dust off, pat yourself on the butt,
keep your head down and always move forward.

You are bound to score a touchdown or get a sack.

Unleash You,

Vince Palko

Ps. Check out my success and fitness products
that rapidly transform you into
a better YOU …

Pps. By the way, BG crushed Akron that night on ESPN, 44-20.

How to Build Strength From the Inside Out

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

George Washington lied to his dad when he cut down
his apple tree. Well, I must confess I did it too. I cut down
a tree practically in the middle of the night.

The clock just struck 11:25 pm a few minutes ago on Halloween
and I just got back from my neighborhood workout/prowl.
I’m still hot and sweaty.

Had a hunch I would find some teenage punks trying to
smash some pumpkins.

I was wrong. No one was out and about but me.
Guesss that makes me a young punk.

As I walked back up to my house I did see something
that caught my eye out of my periphery.

It was the tree we planted some
5 years ago. The same tree Cheri wanted
to plant smack dab in the middle of our front lawn.

The same tree placement I vehemently said, “NO” to.

By no means do I mean disrespect to Cheri. We’ve laughed
about this since its been there.

But hey you gotta give a little in relationships. Right.

Wrong. From day one I didnt like it being there.
And no offense to you non-artist types but most designers
know you dont place an object directly in the middle of a composition.

This is a design 101 no-no.

But hey what do i know.

So the tree gets planted equidistance from every edge line.

Ever since that tree was planted
it was struck by lightning TWICE in the course of 5 years.

Is that just a Kawink-ee-dink? I dont think so baby.

I didnt realize this until early this spring when I found myself pruning
the branches from the last blitz (German for lightning).
… thinkin to myself, this is the second time
I’ve dont this at the same location.

Not good.

So tonight at approximately 11:15 I took an ax to it.
It had to go.

Now for all you tree hugger, granola types — keep your pants on. I will replace
that tree with another sapling somewhere else in the yard.

So on to my discovery.

As I get halfway through chopping the tree down – I find
the core is all dead wood. It brought new meaning
to the phrase cut out all the dead wood in your life.
The tree would have practically
fallen over in another 6 months if I had let it go.

Huh, imagine that. Gut instinct that something was wrong with it- was right.

But if you were to snap a picture before I cut it down.
I was leaning against my ax. Thinking to myself.

Do I do it.

Do I do it now.

Do I do it with an ax. Or chainsaw.

All these thoughts flashed through my mind.

At one point my neighbor Scott, who often smokes this time
of night, came out.

He didnt know what to think or say for the first time
since I’ve known him. Think of this. On Halloween night
his crazy neighbor, ax in hand, is chopping down
a young tree in his front yard.

“You okay Vince.”

“Oh yeah.”

Besides the fact it was a great capper on
a fantastic workout … it just had to be done.

And am glad I took action now rather than waiting.

I felt a rush of new energy pouring into my veins.

Like a monkey has been lifted off my back.

Most people “hmm and haw” over
minor things. But the successful types are the ones
who take action immediately. When they have a strong
hunch or urge they go for it.

They dont wait around for tomorrow to come.

So if you are ready to let the real you out. The fit
and healthy you. What better place to start than
focusing on your core.

Just like that tree, if your core is strong
the rest of your body will be strong and healthy.

Yet, if its weak and frail and rotten -
how will the rest of your body will be.
You guessed it. Not good brother.

What better course to start off with than my good friend,
Eddie Baran’s, Gymnastic Abs program.

You can mix and match just a few of his many ab exercises
included in his program. Just like I
have done. When you begin flexing your abs
the way Eddie teaches you, your
body will become strong from the inside – out.

And you’ll be surprised how fast you notice a change.

Let me just say, if you think its another
one of those bogus infomercials plastic ab-er-sizer-do-hickey thingies… think again.

You can see the results that are waiting for you
when you look at this page. Check out Eddies
brother before and after pictures. This is real. This is not a Photoshop
Job like half the info-mercials pictures displayed when they run a 2 hour segment.

Or the photoshop jobs put in those fitness magazines. What a crock.
You cant dupe this former Photoshop arteest.

Bottom line: This is whats waiting for you if you simply take action
to improve your health.

Go for it.

Vincent Palko

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