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Start Fast, Kick SS

Friday, December 14th, 2007

This time of year many people have
holiday thoughts on their mind.

Thats fine for the average Joe.
But not you.

Since you are signed up for my newsletter,
you are automatically set into a different class – all its own.

People who are all about results have something else
floating round dhere noggin this time-o-year.
They are excited as heck to bring in 08.

Looking back on 2007 brings great feelings to mind.
I have much gratitude and appreciation for
what I have achieved and learned along the way.
At the same time, I am looking to use that momentum from 07
to propel myself into 08.

And you are too.

For those who set goals … most believe that in order
to reach their goal/dream they are faced with a mountain to climb.

I dont picture it that way.

And before I explain myself, let me share a little diddy…

A few weeks ago, I got sideline passes to the
Bowling Green – Toledo game.
Was great to be back on the sod in that energy.

BG smashed ‘em. It was interesting to hear
the common battle cry from coaches
and many of the players.

That phrase was “Start Fast.”

BG came out of the gates and stuck it to them.
They never let up, either.. putting a smack down on the
Rockets 37-10 or something.. i really dint count
after the 3rd TD spread.

They built up momentum, like a bolder crashing
down a mountain and rolled right over em.
And by the end of the game – they had killed the will of
the Rockets. All from STARTING FAST.

Although they didnt let up, in the end, it took less of their energy
to drive the nail in the coffin.

Now this might not seem like a big huge aha to
achieve success. But then again- it is.

And if you are sick of the football metaphors…
lets look at Olympic skiing. Thats opposite and random enough – right.

The whole key to a great finish is a GREAT start. Its critical.
That’s why racers practice that over and over and over again!

You can apply the same principle to your health in 08.

Jump all over your goals like a light weight boxer
hearing the “ding, ding” to start the round.
By doing so, you will succeed and it will take less of your
effort and focus towards the middle and end of the year.

So prep NOW, so you can hit the ground running
come January, 1. And make this year the best ever.

And you are NOT climbing a mountain. You are skiing
down it towards your finish line. THAT is the image
to hold in your mind.

Now, with all this success juice runnin through your veins …
what are you to do. Where do you start.

Well, thats a darn good question.

In about a week, I have a Christmas gift for you.
This gift will be your launch-pad to blast OFF on.

I am jacked to share it witch ya.

Make sure to Stay tuned.

Unleash You,

Vincent Palko

Ps. Learn fitness success from a man who has lived the
experience of a champion and has not borrowed the knowledge
or just talked about it. Do so by going here NOW ….

Down But Never Out

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

In the last few days, I have been OVERCOMING a physical challenge.
Thats what I call a sinus and chest cold.

And a little more intense than a headache, Jason Kidd. Hah.

Anyway, about a week ago, I could tell it was coming on because
my energy was low, I felt achey and
twas sneezing every ten minutes or so. You catch my drift.

So before I went to bed that day, I chewed-up
a piece of garlic. Not tasty. But man does it seem to do the job quickly.

No antibiotics. I grew up on those and have been antibiotic free for
some time.

When I am in the middle of a nice challenge – I down shift it a bit.
But I dont sit. Key is to stay moving and breathing.
Breathing is a great way to release the toxins.

I woke up yesterday and thought
of something I could do for exercise… AND in my house, to boot.
I didnt want to go outside into the snow and cold. That I’d save for
another day.

What I thought of was a DVD my good friend Fred Nicklaus sent.

Fred’s background is in martial arts (30 years),
boxing training and other various forms of exercise training.

Fred discovered a workout a few years ago that a friend showed
him. This friend was a major of a special forces unit — His name “Major W.”

The story how Major W created the program was this.
The group was in a city in central america that was polluted.
His unit could not exercise outside due to the foul air.
To run in that environment would not be good.
So Major W developed Combat Endurance. And they special forces
group did this for two months. What they found afterwards was their
running times and weight lifting improved drastically.

So I popped the DVD in and WOWSERS.

I could feel the energy return to my body almost instantly.
Every part of my body felt loose and limber.
Bottom line: it was an amazing heart pumping, fat burning routine.
And it only took me 9 minutes.

IF you are someone who lives where Winter is
white and dont choose to exercise outside, this program
is great for you. You can burn fat in front of a crackling fire
and in the comforts of your own home.

If you are someone looking to do something other that
hard running, this is great for you too.

If you are someone looking for something new that has been
Special Forces tested, this is definitely for YOU.

I say go for it my friend.
And the good news is Fred has agreed
to give you this Course at ZERO COST!

Merry Christmas.

Make sure to grab this course NOW before Fred changes his mind.

Unleash YOU!

Vincent Palko

Ps. When you signed up for my newsletter I promised
many ideas and products to energize you. The course I
shared today is primo for that. Its on my TOP SHELF ready to pop into my DVD
player. Its that great. Go get it for yourself and see.
That ink again is … Combat Endurance.

Shed Your Skin

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

I have a new Success Visual posted above.

When I was a senior in high school
I was awarded a full athletic scholarship to
Bowling Green State University.

I remember my best friend sharing something about
his girlfriends brother who went there a few years before me.
He said, “Vince, Marys brother went to BGSU and she said
he changed. He wasnt the same. Are you going to change too?”

“No man. I am going to stay my old self.”

We joked about it but Jeff
was awfully curious what would happen to me.

Secretly, I was as well.

A couple years later Jeff came to visit. It was the weekend of
the Central Michigan game.

After the game, sipping a couple Buds, we talked about
that conversation we had.

“You’ve changed Vince.”

Wow. What could I say. At first I tried to
debate the fact. But he and I both knew — he was right.
I wasnt the same person I was just a few years ago.

Not that I was better or worse than before. Just different.

Its tough for friends and family members when you
are in pursuit of greatness and wanting to do something
with yourself.

They see it as a threat because they might not
have the same desire.

The fact is if you are pushing yourself, stretching
yourself and going down a path less traveled –
you will have to change. Its a simple reality.

Its called growth.

If you are growing you are changing. And change is good.

Last night I fell asleep to Wayne Dyer on PBS.
Many of his ideas resonated. Many did not.
Yet, I was awfully comfortable being
in his presence — especially, in my favorite living room chair.
In my peaceful trance, I dozed off to his message.

When I woke up, I drew this picture.

In pursuit of my dreams, I have had to shed
skins of personalities, limiting beliefs
and friends (and extended family) who dont support my vision.

It might sound sad to say farewell to friends. Truth
is, if you dont share something in common with those past friends –
they naturally dissolve anyway.

This image is also influenced by my two coaches and friends — Matt and Jim.
Their insight and wisdom cannot go unrecognized.

I was talking to a friend on the phone last night and she shared with
me how she feels bad that she has not stayed in contact
with old friends from home.

Most people share the same feelings.

However, when you realize some friends go away
and new friends form — its much easier to handle.

So dont feel bad when you go back home for the holidays
and the friends you once visited arent there
for you. Enjoy the friends and family you do have.

They are the ones that really matter.

The only time you need to be concerned is
when you visit the same friends you did 20 years
ago and nothing is different.

Like a reptile sheds his skin,
let go of friends, limiting beliefs
and old personalities
that are no longer relevant to you NOW.
Thats what this Success Visual illustrates.

I think you get the picture.

Reach for greatness in 08ness.

Best regards,

Vince Palko

Ps. I have a very special Christmas gift for you
coming in the next week or so. Be on the look out.

Toledo Lawyer Kidnapped

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Not a big news kinda guy
but this one piece is unavoidable. Especially, if you live in
the great metropolis of Toledo, OH as I do.

Thats a joke. Its a small town.

A few days ago, there was a big story
that made national news about a lawyer
who was kidnapped.

Maybe you heard that one.

If not, two guys and one girl nabbed a pregnant lady.
Her husband reportd her missing after she failed to
pick up her child at day care.

The kidnappers let her go at an amusement park
in Georgia. The reason was the coverage on the case
went nationwide and the nabbers didnt want any part of
it. Close to 600 miles away from her home, she hoofed it
and flagged down a motorist. She was driven to safety.

I cant stand how major Media thrives on fear based stories, non-stop.
Its endless.

Yet, you cant deny this story points to the fact of always having
some personal protection
in case you are faced with something similar.

That is why I have partnered with my friend
Biggie Big Kahuna. My nickname for Nui.

Recently, I purchased some Mace Pepper Spray for a friend
who runs at night in a big city. Might I share
SHE runs alone. Not a good idea. Always have some
kind of protection with you — especially when you
are alone and at night.

And the story above illustrates why.


Vince Palko

To protect you and YOUR family run out to … Big Kahuna’s site
and arm yourself for peace mind.

Jason Kidd is a Wuss

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Had to laugh at something I saw on ESPN.

But then it got me thinking.

I heard that basketball star, Jason Kidd, sat out a game
last week cause get this … he had a headache.

This mind you, came from the team’s captain.

Wow. What a leader.

Try going 80 plays on the football field with a headache, pal.

I wonder what would happen if Mike Vrabel went to
Bill Belichick (head coach of the Pats)
and said, “Hey coach, cant go today.”

“No, Mike. Why not.”

“Gots a headache coach.”

Would NOT happen.

The sad thing is many youngsters pay close to a “C note” for
tix to see guys like Kidd play. And that night they didnt.
Performers in any sport or
HAVE to be on ALWAYS.
It comes with the job they signed up for.

I have a good friend who performs in Vegas and nearly broke his
hand before he went on stage one night. The show had to go on. And it did.
He went on to deliver a performance of a lifetime.
Now that’s some serious mental toughness and grit.

Might be time to put Kidd through a little linebacker routine
to toughen him up a bit.

He could run out and grab a one of a kind course called Linebacker Fitness NOW.

Now you might say, TOUGH, thats a macho thing. Not interested, Vince.

Why would you want to be tough.
Well, in life you will be asked
to play through the ouchies and owwies.

Playing through pain is one thing athletics has taught me.
And if you are living I am willing
to bet you have had to play through some kind of pain or challenge.
We all have… be it physical, mental, and/or emotional.

And most likely, the average Joe and Jane
has more than a simple headache to
play through going off to work everyday.

Time to put some rocks in your purse, Jason.


Vincent Palko

Ps. The bead on that course is here … side shuffle on over to
and grab it now.

Snow Runs Rock the Casba

Friday, December 7th, 2007

Went out for an afternoon run. Old man winter left his mark
on the neighborhood. The sidewalks had a light dusting of snow.

Not much. About an inch.

Perfect for a fast run. Many times I dont know
if I will walk or run before I step outside,
but today – I knew run soon as I hit
our front steps.

When you run on snow it feels
like you are running on air. It felt zero
pounding on my joints. This is
the same when running trails.

The pavement was ideal because there was no ice
on them. Warning: if there is ice — run
at your own risk. You never know
when you’ll hit a patch and go flying.

This morning was perfect because
all that was underneath was
the cement. Or as they say in Michigan

Don’t let the weather be an excuse
not to exercise. That’s only if you live up north.

Go out and get that cold FRESH air in
your lungs.


Vincent Palko

Ps. Throw some deep breathing into your runs
as taught in Triple Your Endurance
and watch your metabolism chew
away the unwanted 2007 fat cells and start
fresh in 08. Incorporate the Morning Glory (also in TYE) exercises
into your run. No. No stopping– as you run.
Thats the great part about these exercises
- you can do them consecutively all in a half mile distance
and every muscle in your legs with feel great from it.

One of a Kind Gift this Year

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

Hey you,

This year give a one-of-a-kind gift to that special someone.
More on that at the end of this letter.

First, I want to share with you what my wise friend Tania does
– at least in my own words. Then you can hear from her.

Tania Gabrielle is a numerology expert who has
studied this ancient practice for most of her lifetime.

What is numerology you ask.

Everyone’s name resonates to a certain number and vibration.
Hearing the sound of your name over and over in a
lifetime determines – well- what one becomes and what one
is “called here to do.” Numerology is the study of all this.

Simply put, hearing certain forms of your name
(i.e. Vin, Vinnie, Vince, Vincey, Vincent) can hurt you or help you.
When working with Tania, I discovered that there is
one form of my name that magically aligns
with my purpose. And the other forms do not.
For example, Vincent Palko aligns with my purpose exactly.
Vinnie Palko does not.

Wouldnt you want to know which name
best suits your purpose and aligns to bring your
prosperity, happiness and mail bags full of success.

I know I do.

I want to forward something Tania wrote today regarding two celebs.
You can read what how she breaks down someones
name and how it impacts there life.
I cant even begin to explain how she does it.

Here tis …


Vincent Palko

Ps. This year give a one-of-a-kind gift to your special someone.
Do so by clicking the link.

I can guarantee this gift will stand out from all the rest
scoring big time “thoughtful and unique” points for you this holiday.
And maybe you might want to start with YOU as the special someone
to give the gift to.


Angelina and Reese Top the Charts

So you thought I was going to write about
Brangelina. No, not today. Though that relationship is
an interesting one.

Supposedly Angelina Jolie and Reese Witherspoon are
the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. Both Reese
and Angelina are two of the few actresses whose name
alone can open a movie. There is a good reason for
this. Their names add up to amazing numbers.

Angelina, daughter of Jon Voight, could have gone by
Angelina Jolie Voight. It’s good she didn’t, because
that name adds up to a negative 22/4 in the Chaldean
system. Contrast this to the mellifluous sounding name
Angelina Jolie which happens to resonate to 14 – the
Media Number.

How appropriate that Angela Jolie’s name has the 14
Media Number going for her, since it signifies
magnetic communication with the public. Well, that
sums up Angelina’s box office draw. Period.

And Reese Witherspoon. The ‘Legally Blonde’ actress is
a direct descendant of Scotland-born John Witherspoon,
the 6th president of Princeton University. He was also
a signer of the United States Declaration of
Independence. Nice background. I’ll let you in on a
little secret. One item adding a lot of power to
Reese’s name are the double EE in her first name and
double OO in her last name.

It’s a good thing, because she was born on a 22 day.
However, in addition to her powerful double letters,
Witherspoon’s name adds up to the fortunate 10, the
number of Instant Manifestation. With this number
she’ll manifest anything she can imagine. If Reese
envisions it, good or bad, it will materialize. I’d
say, she’s used the 10 vibration in a good way.
Fortunately Reese’s 10 name really balances out her 22
day of birth.

I wasn’t in the least surprised these two actresses
made it to the top of Hollywood’s list this year. Both
also happen to be Oscar Winners. Witherspoon’s Academy
Award came last year for her portrayal of June Carter
in ‘Walk the Line.’

If you want to know how your name and numbers help
you, there are only a few hours left before my holiday
special ends at midnight EST tonight.

So run on over to
my website before
I raise the price.

With Warm Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. The Pythagorean Inner Circle meets again by phone
on December 19 at 8pm. See my annual special for the Inner
Circle here
- only a few hours left.

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