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A Different Commercial

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Wanted to share a poem with you by Apple
that was broadcast in a commercial back in 1997.

I hope you enjoy it.

Think Different – Apple

Here’s to the crazy ones.
The misfits.
The rebels.
The troublemakers.
The round pegs in the square holes.
The ones who see things differently.
They’re not fond of rules.
And they have no respect for the status quo.
You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them.
About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them.
Because they change things.
They push the human race forward.
And while some may see them as the crazy ones,
We see genius.
Because the people who are crazy enough to think
they can change the world,
Are the ones who do.


And here the actual ad that ran
way back when. I got jacked when i saw it
on vpTube …

My new Success Club is different. Its different from anything else out there.
When you become a member, your mind will be thinking
differently and creatively and successfully — all in one.

So much so, you will be head and shoulders above
your colleagues, neighbors, competition and friends.
You may even leave them in the cloud left behind as you launch yourself into the stratosphere.

Go here now to find out what all the buzz is about.

I look forward to being your co-captain on your journey.


Vincent William Palko

Ps. If you are content with being status quo –
then ignore this message.
If you want a little more outta life,
then click on this link NOW …

How to Draw Success to You

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Over the course of my life, I can’t tell you how
many times I’ve heard “Wow, you’re an artist. I wish I could draw.”

Truth is, everyone is born an artist… over time we just
forget how to do it. Or the rust accumulates so much that
we don’t know where to begin.

I’m willing to bet you grew up coloring with crayons
or working with paints. If you doubt me, just look at what
kindergarteners are taking for classes —

- Finger Painting Extraordinaire 101
- Construction Paper Cut Out Mastery 205
- Creative Crayon Creations 202
and finally,
- Gunky Glued Objects Glory 108

Somewhere along the way though, you stopped doing it – for whatever reason.
And perhaps at the same time, you lost a bit of your childhood wonder
and optimism.

Kids are born with 100% creativity. It runs through their veins.
But slowly over time, they lose large percentages of this.
By the time they are teenagers they have 50% or less.
A number of factors impact this–parents, peers, and other outside influences squelch the creativity out of them.

When you look at a child, these little creatures are just SO happy. The reason
why is simply because these creatures CREATE. Create they do, everyday.

My oldest can while away the hours, not noticing
where the time goes. And that state of mind is what you need to have
when you are attracting success into your life. The belief
that anything is possible. The sense that time doesn’t matter.

Back in college, I had one professor who had a very sound approach to teaching – far better than any of the other jokers in that school.
He was my sculpture teacher, Sean Morin. He drilled us, with
the confidence and swagger of most championship coaches.
Yet he was an artist and a damn good one.

I remember working on my first project, chipping away at my sculpture.
I was frustrated because what I was creating wasn’t turning
out exactly as I’d drawn it on my sketch pad.

We were asked to sketch the object that we saw in our mind – the
piece we wanted to create from stone. First though, it had to be drawn on paper from three different angles.
This is pretty tough to do when you have never even
seen what you are about to create before.

So at one point, I got frustrated with my piece, set the chisel down and went to talk to Sean.

“Vince let’s see your pre-sketches … Okay, these are great.”

But the next thing he said changed my life forever.
“Vince, as long as you can put thought to paper in the form of a TWO dimensional drawing, you can bring it to life in the form of a three dimensional object.”

With that new found reinforcement and encouragement,
I went on to create exactly what I saw in my mind.

It was one of those orgasmic creative moments – where I stepped back and
said, “Whoa.”

That instruction not only enhanced my sculpting abilities -it also
impacted my athletic performance. I applied that phrase
toward drawing images of athletic success, such as goal pictures, and watched how
real life followed my own blue print – first drawn on canvas.

It became my springboard for even greater success later in life.

By now you may be wondering, “So what, Vincent.
I can’t even draw a stick figure. What does this have to do with me.”

That’s why I’ve decided that in this club, there will be a special section
just for drawing instruction: little bite-size chunks to get
your drawing back up to speed.

I’ve met several clients who shared that they’ve
bought books on how to draw cartoons or comics.

Well, in this club you will get drawing tips and techniques
that work even if you can’t draw a squiggly line.
Learning to draw is important for 7 reasons.

- You’ll have a new talent to impress friends and family.
- You can spark your creativity more easily.
- You’ll be developing a new skill – new skills bring new awareness.
- You will open neurological pathways within the brain that have lain dormant …just like when people learn a foreign language.
- You’ll have a 30,000 foot unobstructed view of the path to your future success – not the day to day grind, where you see only the obstacles.
- You will instantly become the creator of your world – not a whiner or complainer.
- You’ll draw success to you more easily by commanding your subconscious with mini blue prints (instructions) of how you want your future to unfold.

This last point is the most important one, because we all think in pictures.
But when you draw in pictures, you bypass the conscious
mind (that tends to hold you back) and speak directly to your subconscious.
That’s where all the magic happens.

Words, affirmations, visualizations and meditations are all terrific
forms of personal development … yet, don’t overlook the power of pictures and how they can change your future.

I look forward to teaching those of you who have alrea dy signed up
how to begin the art of drawing – no matter what age you are.

So if you’ve always wanted to learn
how to draw AGAIN, now’s your chance
to finally do it. No time like the present to start learning a hobby that can
draw success into your life.

And if you really can’t even draw a stick figure … no worries, we will cover
that in some of the upcoming lessons.

What is this investment worth to you? We’re talking about what would typically add up to over 40,000 hours (with all the instruction
and application time one spends over the course of a lifetime) all boiled down for
you in simple, easy to understand instructions.

You’ll be amazed when I reintroduce you to that long buried talent of yours, just waiting
to burst onto the scene. Will you be da Vinci in a month? No, and yet
you will find you have a new tool to use in many, many places: at home playing with your children, watching their eyes turn to saucers… in front of your business associates when you lay out a new idea on the whiteboard… sitting
with your mate waiting for dinner to arrive, showing off your new skills …
and lastly, making that sales presentation come alive with visual
flair, a skill that few other salespeople have.

When you combine your newly discovered drawing skill
with the knowledge that you have the power to bring ANYTHING to life
that lies in your mind – you’ll no longer be expressing yourself with mere wishes to the world. Now you’ll be making COMMANDS to the universe.

And they’ll hear you roar …as your Rocket takes off.

But you have to step up to the plate. Step up and I will take it from there.

Step up to the plate and swing away.
You can do so now by clicking this link.

My Opinion of Yoga Wimps

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

Ever since I started this here newsletter I’ve gotten a ton of
questions about yoga. Is it just a fad? Is it really any good?

Well I’m gonna give you the answer once and for all – so I
expect those emails to stop.

For the most part, I don’t think yoga is worth the time. Sure
you might get some peace of mind and some more flexibility
over time, but that’s just about it. A normal yoga workout isn’t
intense enough to trigger changes in your body.

Like burning fat and building muscle, for instance.

So there you go. HOWEVER, that’s my opinion of NORMAL

Recently however I came across a strange guy named Ben
Rifkin who teaches a different kind of yoga. It’s definitely not
the kind you use for meditation. And there aren’t any weird
chants or religious overtones.

Just a darn good workout.

If you want to discover more, make sure to check out
Lumberjack Yoga
which is his website.

Like I said – Ben’s a pretty strange guy and I’m sure you’ll
agree once you read his website. But it’s still definite “must

Unleash Your Endurance,

Vincent William Palko

P.S. Ben’s also a former weight lifter and if you’re into hoisting
iron yourself, you might not like what he has to stay about that
at Lumberjack Yoga

What Da Vinci Knew about Success

Monday, January 28th, 2008

My favorite artists have changed through the years.

I grew up loving.. Van Gogh and still do. But have
moved on from the focus being just on him.
Although most of his energy was depressed and negative, I liked the intense
emotional passion painted onto the canvas.

And then there is the MASTER of all masters … Michelangelo.
Need not go any further than “the David” for why he ruled the art world.
There is not another sculpture like it in history.

But someone put into a category all his own.. was the Great Leonardo da Vinci.

What makes him unique is the innate ability to balance both logic side and creativity side
of the brain. And his ability to rise above the rest in not just one area of his life.
But into several areas.

I mean this guy was a fabulous engineer, inventor, mathematician,
musician, writer, botanist, architect, and engineer just to mention
a few. He was responsible for inventing such things as the
helicopter and a tank from his concepts drawings.
Though they werent actually completed until after his life.

Not to mention he was a tremendous athlete.

And we havent even scratched the surface one one
subject either – one he is most famous for.
Da Vinci was one of the most renowned artists of ALL time with hundreds of
well known works of art. Perhaps you have heard of one of the many,
The Mona Lisa… that hangs in a museum in France.
Or maybe another The Last Supper.

The name “Renaissance man” was coined after him.
Reason being, this guy was wildly successful in not just one
area of his life but a dozen areas or more.

One factor that made him immensely successful is the ability to not
only sit and write his ideas on paper but to also illustrate them.
This act of creating mini sketches on paper was monumental.

His mind could interact with the information a whole new way. One was taking
a step back to see the big picture unfolding in front of him.
Therefore, allowing his mind to make new and unique discoveries -
ultimately excelling in the areas he was passionate about.

I enjoyed studying Da Vinci through the years and in particular
a book about him en route to Florida.

And sitting in first class with me was a lady who asked about my book.
As we got to talking she commented, “After hearing your background,
you seem like a modern day DaVinci… and its interesting you are reading a book about him.”

Huh, isnt that interesting.

Instant catalog retrieval went my 16 oz sponge between my ears.

Success in:
-working and thriving in a foreign country for several years
-authoring several books and courses
-running an amazing marketing business
-parenting 3 wonderful girls

Well, maybe my new friend was right.

And many more areas that are blossoming as I type
taking shape for the future.

Now its one thing to be an accomplished in one area
of ones life.. Like some many of the other success gurus out there.
These jokers excel in one area. These guys and gals have lopsided brains.
Yet, its an entirely different thing to learn from someone who has experienced success
multiple polar opposite categories as stated above.

This whole brain blending made it possible because what i have practiced over the last
20 some years. Its something I have boiled down
and will send you every month when you sign
up for my New Success Rocket Ride Club.

My success toolkit arrives at your door with tons of graphics and
images to stimulate your brain so it doesnt go into “sleep mode” like
so many other membership programs out there.

Run out to my website and click on this new link that describes
whats in store for you when you sign up.


Vince Palko

Ps. Again, that link you want to visit is
P.S.S. Look for a special announcement going to a select group in
the next email.

It’s a Matter of the Mind

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Was at the store last night grabbing some SMALL toiletries
for a weekend trip to sunny Florida.

For the longest time when I’d travel … I kept forgetting nose
hair trimmers are considered
a weapon and Uncle Sam collects all bottles over a certain size.

So I had to restock because it seems I never have toothpaste
or a bottle of shaving cream once I hit my destination.

Anyway, before I even reached the counter to check out …
the clerk glares at me and says, “Do you know its 11 degrees out.”

“No I did NOT.” It honestly didnt feel cold out.

“That’s ridiculous” as she motions to my shorts underneath my winter coat.

“Not wearing pants in weather like this.”

The way she was reacting to me wearing shorts in winter was like I nabbed her first born from her.

One of my coaches had a saying and it went like this
“Its all a matter of the mind. If you dont mind, it dont matter.”

I like the cold. I like my legs getting a whiff of fresh air.
I dont mind. In fact, this time of year is when I take my
full body snow rolls — aka the Palko Polar Bear dives.
So snow and cold do not bother me. This has many healing benefits
people like my bro in Jacksonville never get to take advantage

So cold is all in your head.

Yet, some people chew up their own energy
letting you know how wrong you are. Or at least in their mind.

So I said, “It actually feels like 80 degrees out there.”

This only infuriated her.

“Yeah, right… pause .. You must think summer here is like living in the desert.”

As you flow through life there will be a critic round every corner.
Or someone who will want to drag you down
to their level to make themselves feel better.

Stand tall, puff your chest out, and smile.

And pay no mind to the useless drivel that exists in the world.


Vincent William Palko

Ps. Members are filling up my Success Club quickly …
and we have 57 bonus sets
still available. I have a special bonus on top of the bonuses
that I will announce soon. So stay tuned.

Drop Your Lament in Cement

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Someone wrote to me asking what makes
my success club different from ALL the others out there…
By the end of this letter I hope to show you.

Today we are going to use Lament not as a verb but a Noun.

While exercising last night good ‘ole Dr. Seuss touched Dr. Palko (the success doctor)
on the shoulder and advised him to get this one out today.
“There are a lot of people who could use this immediately.”

“WIll do, Doc. Will do.” I said.

If you find yourself lamenting something from your past,
this visual will be especially helpful. But it doesnt
stop with feelings of sorrow — drop whatever dominates your thoughts
into this image and youll find it works wonders.

I just sent this image to a friend … and she said … “my ‘lament’ now sleeps with the worms.”


Not to long ago, I dropped one of my own into the cement mixer.
And the past image no longer surfaced.

A great job it did … like “ant acid to cool the flames” of hot wings.

Growing up in an Italian family I kept hearing about
this guy who was buried at the base of Giants stadium.
Being Italian on occasion, you tend to hear this story
Whether your family is in the mob or not. And just for the record — We are NOT.

Eventually, I found out about Jimmy Hoffa.
And the rumor about him being buried under a thick cover of cement.
Yikes. Was pretty horrific hearing this as a youngster.

And people who know me can vouch i would never dream
of doing that to anybody. Yet, I WOULD to the limiting thoughts holding you back.

Now my approach differs from that of other Success-perts out there.
Most will tell you focus on the positive that you want to bring about.
Dont think negative thoughts … Yet how can you think positive if the
negative thoughts keep surfacing.

Just like there is not “one glove” diet course that fits ALL because everyones bodies are different. So too … there is not one way to experience more success. Everyones minds work different as well.

So the step I stick before the success thought is letting things go or burying them.
You have heard of bury the hatchet. There is nothing better to bury the hatchet in than cement. Cause you cant dig it back up.

So, I created this visual to stir your imagination a bit to plant a picture in your
mind of how to imagine this happening. You have to look closely for
the LAMENT in this picture. He has been labeled. Click on the image to see a close up. Have a playful mindset when you do this. The visual will help with that.
Nothing can get out of cement once its dried… not even Jimmy Hoffa.

That includes the hairy beast of jealousy, anger, regret, fear… or anything
that might be brewing upstairs.

Once and for all bury the beast. And you will be free to move on with your life.

Now if you already know what makes my Success Club different, then, kudos.

If you dont, let me spell it out for you. This playful, Dr. Seuss-ish image
you now have in your mind… has been anchored. What does that mean.

A month from now, a year, even five years from now… if you were
to think of this title “Drop Your Lament in Cement” … I am willing to bet
the picture you pull-up will resemble this one exactly. You will see the
ugly beast (with ‘X’ed out eyes) getting smoothed over. You will see his hands in the “Han Solo
pose” (when Han was cryogenically frozen) from the movie The Empire Strikes Back.

How is this helpful you ask. Well, you can on command think of the beast you want to bury,
slap a new label on him, and move on with your life.

Its truly an amazing power you NOW have been given.
And it works like magic as I am sure you will find.

The good news is as you pepper your mind with these success images,
you will begin to realize something. There is no effort needed
to slide through life easily and effortlessly. Right up to the top.
And this service comes to you as a bonus at no charge for being a member
of Vincent Palko’s Success Club.

Give it a whirl, my friend.

Best regards,

Vincent William Palko

Ps. This above email only scratches the surface of how to put the past in the
past and move on. “Drop the Lament In Cement” is a quick example of what arrives at your door each
month as a fraction of my total Success Package.
What you did not experience is the what to do once your Beast of Burning
is buried… To find out that — sign up for my new Success Club.

How Dreams Move On

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Late last night I pulled up Dr. Martin Luther King’s
speech online.

And sat spellbound for 20 minutes.

I have never listened to it all the way through.
What an inspiration.

Invisible shock waves ripped through the crowd building up to a crescendo:

“Free at Last, Free at Last — Thank God Almighty We’re Free at Last.”
Were the words beamed to the heavens from that small podium in
Washington. These words spoken over 40 years
ago, still carry a tremendous vibration.

That brings me to why his dream has carried on so long.
His dream was infused into the hearts of millions of people
all over the world. This dream quickly became THEIR dream.

Most folks “have a dream” too.

Yet the dream never gets past the “in the noggin” phase.
Never to reach a single soul to impact them.
Let alone millions and millions like Dr. King.

And this is truly a SAD, sad thing.

Then six months later when they see their dream
on TV or in the bookstore, or with someone else … they say:

“It coulda been me…”

Let me give the hard facts about your dreams.

- A dream needs to be protected from criticism
- A dream needs cultivated
- A dream needs thought energy and guidance
- A dream needs to replay itself over and over in the background of your mind
- A dream needs to be an “escape” to go when you are frustrated with your current reality
- A dream needs to be acted upon today — even if its a 3 minute exercise, or one sentence for your new book

Or else that dream goes up into the ethers … floats around
waiting for someone else to pull it down and ACT on it.

Never to giving you the opportunity to Conceive it, Birth it and Grow it much like
a little child.

When you sign up for my Success Club
I’ll show you how to keep your dream
alive and working for you even when you are not working to bring it to life.

And I am not talking a HUGE dream impacting millions of people like MLK’s.
Though it could be.

Yours could simply be to write a book. To find your soul mate.
To drop 20 pounds. To find happiness in your life. To invent something.
Whatever it is… I can show you how to bring it into your life… easily
and effortlessly. These are all dreams anyone can accomplish and do
on a daily basis.

And if you want to set a BIG dream cause you think larger than LIFE.
That’s good, I can assist you in that arena too.

The only thing we need from you is for you to simply make
a decision to put energy into what you want by taking a single
step in that direction.

My Success Club Toolkit
that arrives each month will assist
you keeping your dream alive and well.

It will serve as time for you to spend with your dream so it does NOT slip away.

Dreams, like fish, will slip out of your hands unless you net them
and bring em into the boat.

I look forward to NETTING your big FISH after you reel it in.
And slapping high fives – over and over with you – when WE do.

I still have 107 slots available to get into my new — Rocket Ride Success Club.
You can sign up here NOW…

Conceive, Believe, Achieve,

Vincent William Palko

Ps. Remember: Dreams move on if you wait to long.
Dont wait any longer … visit this Success Club NOW…

How to Build Rome in a Day

Monday, January 21st, 2008

Have you ever been to Rome.

If so, you know how amazing this city really is.
Walking down solid cobble stone streets looking up
at majestic architecture world renowned landmarks and
fountains takes your breath away.

Seeing fragments from the Forum that was built in
80 AD astonishes you. Or the Coliseum
constructed in the same year – where gladiators battled giant beasts. Very cool.
If my history class serves me correct… thats 80 years after Christ.

That be a looong time ago.

And to think all this was created before any modern
advances has you shaking your head in wonder.

They might have NOT had technology. They DID have time though.
And took there time to construct this – they did.

And sometime between then and now, some
genius came up with the phrase… Rome Wasnt Built in a Day.
This is in reference to taking steady progress to complete any task.

When it comes to fitness, there IS a way to build Rome in a day.
One way is if you are in the cheater league.

The “cheater league” is a league
of body enhancement, steroid, unnatural pill-poppin,
shake enhancement — taking people.
The average Joe who wants nothing more to
see his veins pop in his guns and his butt stick out like a shelf.
Or the ego driven professional who wants to play
one more season … just to feel the glory of hearing
80 thousand fans scream his name.

For the rest of us. We know that Rome Was NOT Built in a Day.

As a young college athlete, I made a pack with myself I’d play in the NFL.

I also made a pack to NOT use any new age Roidal substances to get there.
If you believe there are no such substances in the league.
Take a gander at some of the players arms and legs. Wowsers.
Just know there are drugs to cover up the drugs
in dope tests. Believe you me. And in about 3 years you can bet you will
be seeing a story of someone who is playing right now on 60 minutes.

Even at a young age my mission was to live a looong healthy life.
This outweighed any dream
to get in the league as passionate as I was. I could clearly
my future unfolding running round with my children
having kid-like energy. And ROIDS were a never an option.

So could I have used an extra step in my 40. Yes.

Could I have used a bit more bulk to take on the
hugundous folks in front of me. Yes.

But I never did.

And instead of playing in the NFL, I got a shot over in Europe and had the time of
my life. HAve made lifelong friends from the motherland.

Got to see the world. Got to experience and learn a new culture.

All things I never had on my radar screen. Yet, still experienced.

My point is this.

You may get frustrated when you see others that are stronger than you.

Bigger, bulkier… More slender and so on.. Everyone has a different idea
for what perfect is.

Know that doing something today even for 10 minutes is better than sitting
on your couch. This approach is better than any drug, enhancer or protein shake.
This approach will give you faster results in a month and without any effects on your winky.

These cheaters will pay the price one day. All the ball players who used ephedra
and passed away are good examples — one I was a fan of growing up
Mr Lyle Alzado of the Browns (in the 80s) is no longer here. How sad. And countless other folks who used have passed onto this world.
All from these wonderful GIVE IT TO ME NOW enhancers.

For now, spend 10 minutes or more a day and take small steps
to a fitter you. Grab my course
that gives you 8 different exercise cards to burn fat with.

Just like those Romans… take steady progress towards
building back up your temple. And yes your body is a temple.
Treat it as such.

Again, take short quick chips at your fat. And watch it fall away
over the long haul. Which wont seem so long looking back.

And when you hold your jump rope in your hands, it will be like meeting an old friend. My mission is to re-introduce you to something you may have used a long time ago to get fit as a fiddle – NOW. Go to the Linebacker Fitness promo page
Out with the fat and in with the fit, my friend.

Lets get after it!

Vincent Palko

Ps. On another note … meet with me each month and
let me download into your brain
all my success knowledge gained through the years.
You can do so by heading over to my Rocket Ride Success Club.

Instant Energy on Command

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

Do you touch yourself.

No, I am not talking about the Michael Myers prance in place while rubbing your nip-Piles, while that goofy song plays in the background.

I am talking about another form of touch.

One that will give you instant energy on COMMAND.

Back in college. One of the things I miss about
the weight room.. was not the weights.

It was the comradery with the other players as you prepared a lift.

And each player as they approached the racked 650lb
squat bar or more… would have three spotters. One on
either side of the bar. One right behind you.
Upon placing the belt, chalking up,
and getting mentally focused– one thing inevitably happened.

The other spotters and onlookers would proceed to whack
you on the back. The shoulders. The waist.


Then another hard one as you were looking forward.


And then another random — WHACK, WHACK.

Finally, you’d let out an AHHHHH!

And then ready to go.

Now, lets’ examine what was happening here.

Your body, was getting an overall energizing warm bath of whacks.

- This woke up your muscles. Made them stand at attention.
- This made you mentally alert and focused on the task.
- This stirred your adrenaline naturally.
- And lastly, this pop infused you with a bit the person’s energy giving you the blows.

Many a strength records were broken from this on our team.
Everyone was happy for each others success.

It got me thinking about how to recreate this even if your are exercising alone.

The best way to do it is by giving yourself a couple pops before
you start some pushups. Or squats or your jump rope.

This will enhance each and every routine – without a doubt.


So many gurus want to talk to you about improving your spiritual side or mental side.
Yet, they neglect to share how important it is to develop yourself in the physical sense-
not with exercise but with TOUCH.
The physical is equally important and paramount for personal growth.

Another nourishing form of touch is massage. This ancient form of healing that enables us
to open up our energetic pathways in order to receive unlimited energy from the universe.
I get these from time to time. But NEVER underestimate the power
of your OWN touch to your body.

Sound good.. Go ahead and give yourself a WHACK, wahck on the shoulders right now.
Ahh, aint life is good.

If you like that one… I have a plethora of other ideas and tools
to increase your energy in the program I developed called Triple Your Endurance.

If you race in marathons or triathlons… you will want to get your hands
on another program I have Triple Your Endurance for Triathletes … visit this page for more info, bro.

Okay, time to get after it.

Ciao for now,

Vincent Palko

The Palkoholics Promulgation

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

What the “h” double hockey sticks … is a Palkoholic

Got an email from a member that must be a newbie… she was rubbed
the wrong way bout the reference to the word – Palkoholic.

Here is what she wrote … “Is this some sick reference to an Alcoholic.
I am on your list but I have never touched a drink before in my life.
My father was an alcoholic for many years. Your comment directed towards me – turned me off.”

Well, okeey dokeey. Smokey.

Let me clear up any negative energy floating out there
on the name — Palkoholics. If one has
a question, perhaps another hundred do as well.
And I do tend to drop this into my letters often.

First, YES this is a reference to a certain kind of addict.
But not a druggie. Or a “weirdee” (as Gus, Mickey Rooney, says in the movie – Night of the Museum).

This reference is in regards to people who are the opposite.
Who are taking life by the bag, not holding a bag. The doers.
The ones who “get after it” …. as I like to say.

Let me give you the definition of a Palkoholic.

Palksters dictionary (not Websters) defines it as such:

Palkoholic: (Pal-kOh-hoL-ic) A member of the Vincent Palko’s
newsletter community who exemplifies commitment to the cause by improving their life incrementally step-by step, bit by bit. They believe that reason the tortiouse beat the hare is she kept moving. These individuals never give up their pursuit and dream for excellence. They experiment with their imagination to achieve great success… higher than they ever imagined.

Their biggest room they know of is the ROOM for improvement. Their insatiable thirst for knowledge, wisdom, and visual inspiration
allows their dreams to be weaved
right before their eyes. They take feedback graciously
and see it as an opportunity to reflect
and grow. Not as anything negative or hurtful.

Furthermore it states… These individuals are
underdogs… people may not have the greatest abilities,
talent, or smarts. Yet, make up for that with grit, moxy, determination, and drive… These such individuals never
get enough inspirational energy sent their way. “

So there you have it … our first draft of the Palkoholics Promulgation
if you will. Been a long time coming… if you would like
to add anything — feel free to email me and we’ll modify.
I am a man of the people.

Now, lets make today a gargantuan grrr-eat one.

Vincent Palko

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