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Gettin Geared Up

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Excitement is buzzing round here at the Palko Publishing offices.
We are all excited to launch an incredible program to revolutionize your fitness routine. So keep checkin’ back in to hear more.


Vincent Palko

Hydrotherapy Healing

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

One of my favorite maxims is …
“Its all a matter of the mind. If you dont mind. It dont matter.”

Now, I may NOT be “The World’s Most Perfectly Developed Man,”
- like Charles Atlas – but I do enjoy pushing and developing
my mental toughness.

First, a story to share.

Was on the phone yesterday with two good friends, Jeff and Ed.

They are both from Out West. Where the rattlers live.
We were kinda busting each others chops a bit before
the meat of our conversation began.

I told them it was a beautiful day here in Northwest Ohio.
We just got dumped on with about 7-10 inches of snow.

“Oh, that’s cool. I’m just sitting here in my shorts
and some flip-flops.” Jeff piped.

“Wow, sukks to be you, man.” I returned.

“Why do you say that,” he said.

“Well, you never get a chance to experience
all the great things about winter.”

“This morning I just had a high-powered
hydrotherapy healing meditation.
One where I ran NOT one step of a jog or sprint.
One where I lifted NO weights.
One where I didnt get on blades a bike a treadmill.
Yet, when I finished – it felt like I had and it was one of the most exhilarating feelings -ever. “

In college, hydrotherapy healed, ankle sprains in
a weeks time. Busted up knees where better in
a few weeks. Hurt wrists- took a day or two with a
good contrast whirlpool. Lower backs a week, maybe two.
All without drugs or pills to pop. The results were amazing.
Especially, when you saw guys who couldnt walk, get up and
on their feet in playing again in a couple weeks. The sprained knee
I got against those cheap shot artists up in Wisconsin (the Badgers)
healed in less than a 6 days. I played 93% the following week against NC State.

These are just a few of the benefits I and others received healing
ourselves in a sport where mini-car-wrecks are the norm.

And this is not the end of it. The Fins have used this type of
healing to ward off future attacks against disease and extend their lives.
This is my intent with it now as I have no aches, pains, bumps and bruises.
But what I practice can help with the those as well.

I reveal my secret form of meditation and exercise in this
months Success Rocket Ride Club. Make no mistake, you will be quite alarmed when you view portions of this DVD.

Also, you will enjoy watching as I test the limits of my
mental toughness on this DVD. This DVD, that comes as a bonus,
with this months newsletter will invite you into my world of strengthening
that 16 ounce sponge atop my head. And it will yours as well.
It will reveal a system that heals your body and extends your life.
So dont be left outside in the hot, hot desert. Or the cold, cold snow. Be sure
to jump on this one.

I ordered a limited number of DVDs so make sure to sign-up right NOW.
This membership is something that you can cancel at any time- so the risk is on me- NOT you.

Conceive, Believe, Achieve,

Vincent Palko

Ps. Again that link to grab this months BONUS is
The Success Rocket Ride Club link.

Zero to zero

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

And when you do experience success – watch what winners do.

They never sit back. And relax.

Or go to the coffee shop and shoot the schisser.

Relax and watch TV.

The score is still 0 to 0.

What I mean by that is, when a football team returns to the locker room at halftime up big on the opponent – say 25-0, an interesting thing happens.

Typically, this is what you’ll hear from the team leaders:
“Its zero to zero, baby! Dont let up. Keep after ‘em.”

The mentality of going out in the second half
and playing as if you just started the game is what winners do.

The moment you relax and get lazy is the moment
the momentum shifts in the game. And the score evens itself out
and eventually the team that was up so many- loses.

Cause the team in other the locker room is saying,
“If they can score that many on us in the first half, we can too in the second.”

That’s the way it has to be when you experience success
with your job, your fitness, your mate and finances in general. Never let up.

If you want to experience more happiness and success, I can show you how.
Motor that mouse on over to my Success Club.

Because it’s YOUR life and its NOW or Never!

Make that jump. Do it now.


Vincent William Palko

How to Iron Out Your Wrinkles

Monday, February 25th, 2008

The human body is truly an amazing thing.

You’ll hear this all the time. What I think is our ORGANS are the AMAZING parts. And their regenerative qualities are TRULY amazing.

Take the lungs of a smoker. In grade school science class, I recall
being shown picts of 2 tarnished black charbroiled steaks laying next to each other.

“This is what smoking does to your lungs,” Mrs. Yeager would say.

“Yet, if one stops smoking, the lungs repair themselves,” she continued.
“Your body regenerates itself when you take care of it.”

Then the next slide would pop up and show a lighter color set of lungs.

Lights go dark and another slide showing even more black vanishing.
And another, showing the lung progressively healing itself.

Until finally, the last slide lit up the screen with a new set of watermelon colored sparkly healthy lungs.


Another organ you can heal is your skin. Most dont think of your skin as such… but it is. Tis the largest organ on the body. I thought about the problem most people have with it drying out and wrinkling – making it age.

- Excessive sun time.

- Excessive alcohol consumption.

- Excessive coffee drinking.

- Excessive smoking.

- Excessive breads and pasta and little fruits and veggies.

- A combination of all the above.

All these habits listed above do nothing but suck water
from the internal organs. So the body has to go
to the outer organ — your skin. And begin pulling water from it. Hence, the agin process starts and dry prune like skin forms.

So the way to heal the body is to, yes, drink more water.

And for the longest time – I thought water was the only answer to a vibrant, healthier, younger you.

That was until I met my good friend Dr. Wu Dhi.

He showed me you have to heal the internal organs as well.
In a way, the organs have been damaged much like a smoker’s lungs.
And through certain exercises and meditations you can revitalize them.

His proof for me is his 65 year YOUNG body. And a face with virtually zero wrinkles.
That’s all I needed to see.

And when you move through these eastern exercises and practices on a daily basis, in essence you take an iron to a wrinkled shirt and smooth out all the creases on your face and neck.

Dr Wu has a wonderful course called Recharging Qi Gong
that will help you with this.
His course recharges the internal organs from the inside out, including the skin.
Leaving you with a healthier younger you.

After all, most people do NOT want to grow old and saggy.
They exercise to stay young and live longer. These are two of the
many benefits you receive when you invest in his course.

How many bazillions has Cher and the rest of Hollywood paid out to
high priced plastic surgeons to stay young and vibrant.

Its astronomical.

Dr Wu’s course is a mere pittance in comparison. And without ALL the underlying
emotional baggage that comes anytime you cut into the skin of your body.

And let’s say you are in your 40s or 50s and you begin today on Dr. Wu’s course.
How many years can you take off by starting now as apposed to two years from now. That number is up to you. Maybe you might hear from people you look 20 years younger than the last time I saw you. That would be nice. Wouldnt it. Its possible and happens all the time to people who make the intention to grow younger.

Be sure to jump at his current offer cause he shared it may be going up another
$50 very soon. I am just lookin out for you.


Vincent William Palko

Ps. My mother, who just turned 65, was in town visiting last weekend.
We popped in Dr. Wu’s course. She couldnt believe HE was HER age.
“He DOES NOT look 65,” she gasped.

I said,” Yeah ma, he tells me he gets looks from women half his age all the time
where he lives in Miami.”

“Wow, what’s the name of his website,” She asked.
So again, its … vibrant health.

Whats Brewing at Planet Palko

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

Just a quick note …

I’m Baacck! Well almost.

Soon you will be alerted to a NEW course set to hit the streets. It’s the next installment of Linebacker Fintess. And it’s going to add to the first edition — building on the tools taught to get you fit. Be sure to keep an eye out for a new package ready to launch very soon. This is one program you will not want to do without. One amazing program sure to shake fat rolls off their foundation.

Again, tune in for more on the topic in the near future.


Vincent Palko

My Secret Battery Charger

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

These days finding natural energy boosters is the key
to sustained living and longevity.

After all, soon as the energy runs out – the lights go out.
So its important to keep your energy levels high.

And today, I will reveal my way.

Playing in front of 94,000 screaming fans and giving everything you have
has made many a man nervous.

Yet, my personal success system was always the same. I instinctually performed
the same thing week in and week out to prepare. Not a clue what I was REALLY doing.

When my hotel roommate relaxed on the bed — TV controller in hand,
I’d fill up the tub, climb in and begin my stretching & relaxation exercises.
And then in my mind create “memories” of the next day waaay before the day started. Some call this form of meditation – visualization.

Mine though, were so REAL that they felt like I had already lived them.
They felt more like memories, NOT future images.

How could this be.

Let me be clear in telling you at the time I had no idea
my way was any better than the guy relaxing his mind and taking it off
the game by watching TV.

However, there were clues now that suggest – i was dialed into exactly how
my body needed to excel at a high level.

The other thing I found out later in life … was the time spent in the tub
was my RECHARGE time. My internal battery would fill up after a tough week of practice. I’d be so ready to go I’d be pacing on the sidelines come the fourth quarter chin strap buckled, ready to get back in the game. While others rested on the bench.

How did I figure this important energy clue out. It wasnt until years later and
meeting a special guy in the longevity and health department last year.
He showed me how to pull in energy from
nature. Yes, pull it from water, from plants and from trees around you.

Sound like it cant be done. But it can. Everything in life gives off a vibration and energy.

And here back in all those hotel bathrooms preparing for GameDay,I was doing it all along. Pretty fascinating stuff.

Just being in water alone will NOT recharge your system, you have
to know the techniques to draw it out. Very Eastern in its origin. At least
this is where my friend studied his practice for over 30 years.

I reveal how to recharge your internal battery with
my course Triple Your Endurance.

This secret is told along with 6 other simple exercises to practice on a daily basis.

What would it feel like to never runout of gas. To work late
into the night and spring outta bed in the morning with nothing
more than a glass of water to start the day.

Tis a great feeling to know how to harness your own energy.
Its possible and its necessary if you want to get ahead in life.

I can show you how by simply by adjusting a few things
in your life. Make sure to move that mouse (requiring very little energy)
on over to

And feel your energy reserves fill and feel your energy take off
like a cheetah bounding from the bush.

Unleash your endurance,

Vincent Palko

When No One Believed But He

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Okay, let’s take a little reprieve from football and talk, WRESTLING!


I have a bit of inspirational juice for you to enjoy today.

Was talking to my friend Jim last night. He is an assistant coach
of a wrestling squad in Colorado.

We were catching up on how his team did at Regionals last week.

“Let me tell you about this one kid, Ryan,” Jim started,

“This kid had to wrestle a guy who had pinned him
FOUR times previous in the season.”

“Oh yeah,” I inquired for more.

“Yes, Ryan was getting lit up in 3/4 of the match.
And by the end of the two periods he was down 15-2.
If the other kid scores again, Ryan is beat. He would be disqualified for a
certain rule in place making sure anyone gets blown out 50-4.

But something happened inside Ryan before the start of the third period.
His eyes changed ever so slightly. He had enough.

The next period he went out to score right away. Then again. And again.
He was on a tirade. He could not be stopped. He scored 15 unanswered points
on his opponent and won 17-15. He is NOW going to the State Finals this week”

“Holy Toledo,” I said.

Last Monday, the head coach before practice addressed everyone who
made it to the State Finals. This little school in Colorado has 5 going to
the State Championship.

Jim shared that when it came time for coach to address Ryan, he said,
“Son, I dont know what to say to you. You have no business being here.
I have no idea how you did what you did. But I congratulate you
for making us all believers.”

Jim said Ryan had the biggest grin on his face and took the comment
“No business being here” as the biggest compliment in the world.

Jim later ran the team through some situation drills to prepare for
state. He paired up the kids and said, “Men you are down
15-2 – there is seemingly no way out. You have to dig deep
and wrestle with all you got. ”

Jim grinned, “Ryan, you can sit this one out. You have it mastered.
Everyone else … timer ready — GO.”

This little kid, who everyone wrote off for not, got the biggest kick
out of Jim naming the situation drill, “Ryan’s Comeback.”

So DOES it matter if everyone has written you off to lose. Even those closest to you.
Hardly. What matters is if YOU believe in YOU. Summon that still small voice
within that says YOU CAN. And that’s all you need.

Thanks Ryan. Thanks for your will to WIN and NEVER GIVE UP.

You are an inspiration to more people than you know!
Good luck in state this week. Use those winning feelings you experienced afterwards
as the juice to do it again.

Make ‘em ALL believers ONCE MORE!

Conceive, Believe, Achieve,

Vincent William Palko

Ps. Be sure to stop by my products page to pick up
several life enhancing programs…

Nose of a Champion

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Yes. I gotz a big schnoz.

At least thats what people have told me.

I always thought everyone else’s nossle was tiny and wimpy.

This nose of mine has been busted 15 times throughout my career.
Its been blasted, bloodied and bandaged.

Best story is my redshirt freshman year.
I split the bridge of it open. Went into
the locker room. Doc stitched me up. Went back out on the field.

Two plays later — Blammo — blood everywhere.

Back in the training room. Raw flesh hung from my schnoz.
So they could NOT use stitches again. No. This time 4 big STAPLES.

At the time, I kept thinking, why do i keep doing this to myself.
It was the fifth time it happened that season.
But resting or sitting on the sidelines was never an option.

I got back in there. Everyone in the huddle smiled.
My transparent orange mouthpiece showed,
as I smiled back – calling the signal.

One weekend, our team was away, my pals and I drove to ND to watch them open against Michigan. Towards the end of the game, it began raining. My friend shouted, “Get Vince inside … before his nose rusts like the tin man.”

A reference to my metal staples embedded in the bridge of my nose.

Yeah, my red badge of “Get After It Ness” and I have been around the world.
And I have heard all the quips.

Hey, Turtle.

Hey, Big Nose.

Hey, Tucan

Hey, Nose – I mean Vince.

What they dont understand is the term “Nose for the BALL” (a common phrase used
for a defensive player) never fit better on anyone. And I wear it with pride to this day.

And to have anything in life you have to be a heat seeking missile towards it. Yeah, I just used a graphic warfare type vehicle to deliver my point.
Another less violent visual is a high powered magnet pulling in iron
dust. Every cell in your body has to be aligned around your vision
and decision to bring to you what you want.

That’s why in my success club you receive success based images
that ramp up your enthusiasm meter to make your mind think success
at a high level — ALL day long.

This group is not for everyone. We are lookin for a few good men and women
to spin their propellers in the forward direction – not reverse.

You can sign-up for my Success Rocket Ride Club.

Do so now,

Vincent Palko

Ps. Next month I will reveal how I quit my job and the afternoon had a giant check waiting on my front door step. A check from a legend, Dan Kennedy, who I call the “Elvis of Direct Response Marketing”. This pre-payment was for several images I drew and autographed in Dan’s new book soon to be released. If you are someone wanting to break the chains that bind you to your day job desk… I highly suggest you grab a copy of this newsletter… cause you wont want to miss it.
Go to the Success Club link NOW.

Sow Your Seeds Baby

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Its known that you flow through the day with the sleep
you got two nights ago. Not last night.

Quick example. Before I ran my first marathon in Chicago,
my 1 year old was up every other hour. So between her
being up an me being anxious to “GET IT ON like Donkey Kong”-
I didnt get much rest. Literally, two hours tops.

I went out the next day and felt like I had a FULL nights slumber.
And ran a great race. How could this be on 100 minutes of snoozing.
The same was true before any big game in football. The intermittent rest
would seem to most a ruff way to start the day. Let alone
get after it FULL SPEED on the gridiron. But because the night before I slept
like a babe swaddled tightly, I had the juice for Game Day.

Success in many ways is similar.

You have to plant the seeds today so in a week, a month,
or even a year from now — your crop becomes ready for harvesting.

This is contrary to how most think. They believe that if they dont see
success tomorrow, they must be doing something wrong.

A challenging thing to contemplate in the world of gotta have it now gadgets. I know.

That is why I like images and paintings that show farmers sowing seeds.
Van Gogh has one called The Sower. Keep scattering the seeds of success and sooner or later those seeds will take route (in the rich soil) and blossom into
your dreams – right before your eyes.

By continuing this process over and over – you have the law of averages on your side. One small seed will turn into a REDWOOD. Giving you unfathomable abundance and happiness.

One way to constantly be thinking of success is to sign up for my Success Club.
I’ll remind you with fun, engaging images and concepts to pepper
your mind each month —

I’ve been told that my messages and images inspire you on many levels.

This fabulous group gets a slice of me and my championship mindset
sent to your door every month with an uplifting message to keep you moving forward. Not standing still or backwards for that matter – like most people’s thoughts give them.

If you sow the seeds in your mind – so shall you reap them in reality.

Sign-up now while its still possible to get in on the $1 test drive offer.

Time to go water mine.


Vincent William Palko

Ps. That link again is …

Avoid this like the plague

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Sometimes little clues can provide major results with your health.

Was watching 60 Minutes a month ago.

And a special on fast food restaurants and their caloric food counts was featured.
Was amazing to see what they discovered from one simple ingredient.
One that seems harmless.

Something most may know is bad yet not as bad as the numbers say.

Its all about the MAYO. Or not.

They showed comparisons for sandwiches at different
restaurant chains with and without.

And take SubSchwunz for example. They boast about sandmitches
that are low in calories. But when you add the white stuff the calories jump
and exorbitant amount.

Now this is no earth shattering news on the nutrition front- I know.
Yet, if you avoid it – you can see earth shattering results.

Sometimes a little reminder is all we need.
Avoid the mayo at all costs in restaurants and at home.
I have never been a big fan of the stuff myself. Its pretty nasty if you ask me.

And if replacing one soft drink with water (a day) can reduce your waistline by ten pounds, then by leaving the mayo off your sandmitches, you ll see 10 pounds or more fall from your waist and hips.

Combine that with an easy to learn fitness program like
Linebacker Fitness,
that “easy 10″ can turn into 20, and 30 pounds that vanish
in a very short window of time.

Best regards,

Vincent Palko

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