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Archive for March, 2008

Meet the Godfather

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Hey, maybe we’ve met before. Maybe not.

But one thing’s certain. I know you haven’t
met my better half yet, the cartoon version of me.

Sure you have seen the cartoon version
on the site, but not animated with sound.

We just created a video for the upcoming
SuperConference.  You can view it here …

In the animation, you can see
how “Vincent the cartoon” uses his quips and
stupid jokes to rope in an audience.

This is a good example of how cartoons
pull your audience in and spread the word
on your business. And then spread it all over the world.

This video will debut our latest and greatest product
which is an animation. Most people think cartoons
are for kids but notice how we mixed the cartoon
with live video for a super professional looking piece.

This video is not the complete version to be
showcased in Nashville, but will give you a flavor for it.

To understand the basics on how
cartoons make your business more money,
grab a copy of my book,
The Art of Selling Using Cartoons.

We are down to 23 BONUS mousepads
that come with the book and cannot guarantee you will receive one
- if you wait to order.  these will be a collectors item
with the old version of the Godfather on them… So do it now.


Vince Palko

Ps. This product is so new we have not
yet even placed this product
on our website for sale.  If you are
interested in receiving a cartoon animation
for your business – send an email to and type in the subject line
“I want an animation by the Godfather.”

How to Get What You Want

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

Came across a great quote while reading in
my favorite living room chair this AM.

“It is very important to remember that while the subconscious
will get into action at once under the commands or suggestions
which it receives from the conscious mind, or which comes from
outside sources and are transmitted to it via the conscious mind –
it gets results quicker if the conscious mind accompanies its
message with a mental picture of the desired goal.  It may be faint,
sketchy, or even unfinished, but even if it is an outline,
it will be sufficient for the subconscious mind to act upon.”
Claude Bristol

“Magic of Believing”


When it comes to success, Mr Bristol had it spot on.
Hold a mental picture of what you want to bring
to life and watch it materialize.

However, some of my clients find the picturing
process mentally clumsy and uncomfortable.
So this is why I created the Success Rocket Ride Club.
because I know of no better way to attract what you want
than to hold an ACTUAL hand drawn sketch – in your hands to look at- instead of trying to hold an imaginary image in your mind.

I have 20 years experience in doing this and seeing the
sketches come to life right before my eyes.

You can too when you sign up for my Success Club.
Each month I bombard you with a plethora of images
ranging from financial, career, and relationship goals
one might have. Also, some members provided suggestions
for future illustrations that I will give thought to as well.

These images give you a bee-line access to communicate
with your subconscious mind as Claude stated above.

And Claude, you’ll be happy to know that your spirit and
message lives on with the Success Rocket Ride
members who apply this practice daily.


Vincent Palko

P.S. Sets of the Cardio Blitz Package are moving at a good clip.
If you are interested, I’d suggest you jump on this pre-launch
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How to Zap Worry and Stress

Friday, March 28th, 2008

I was uncorking my feet from
my boots after my Winter Wonderland Workout
when I had a thought hit my cleared head.

Exercising using The Cardio Blitz Package
tends to do that – clear my noggin’ of thousands of thoughts, ideas,
worries, concerns and so on.

The brain needs a rest -just like your body
needs sleep.  Not sure about you, but I have a tendency
to over think things — a bit too much.

Do you know anyone like this.

Most of the time the things we think are major
elephant headaches turn out to be minor Mosquitoes.

So all that stress and worry is for not.

And the byproduct of this unnecessary stress elevates
abnormal amounts of bad hormones such as
cortisol. Studies show that over time, this accelerates the aging
process as one of the many negative effects.

So you have to nip the negative thoughts in the bud
before they get out of control.

This is one of the many benefits of practicing
my new course The Cardio Blitz Package.

The bounding, shuffling, hopping, bounces
those negative worries, doubts and fears
right out of your mid brain.

And it only takes 18 minutes of your time.

You walk away with a clear head. A wonderful
overwhelming sense of calm and confidence.
And ultimately a new perspective
on how to approach any challenge that
may surface.

So live stress free by learning the exercises pro
athletes use to get whipped into shape quickly
from a long off-season.

You can take advantage of this complete package
for a low, low, pre-launch rate.

Do so by clicking this link.


Vincent Palko

P.S. That link again is …

What to Do with Winter

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

I was sitting down to dinner tonight with the girls
and noticed thick white fluffy flakes fallin
outside the window.

After tucking them into bed, I came down to my
front office and looked out the front double hung glass.

Another fresh blanket of snow.


Now I could be like the masses of other folks-
just miserable at the sight of it.

Quite frankly, I am not.  I know tomorrow
I will put on the ole’ schisse kickers
and head out into it for some great “loose surface” training.

And just for the record, like in the movie Talladega Nights …
that phrase “loose surface training” is trademarked by yours truly.

Wink, wink.

This is the same kind of training taught on one
of the Bonus DVD’s in my newest course, The Cardio Blitz Package.

Now what if you dont live in the snow belt.
Can you still use this power-packed DVD.

No, loose surface training pertains only to those
who live where the snow falls.  Just joking.

How about training in the sand.

Pro athletes train all the time in sand
in the off season to ratchet up
their mobility, strength and conditioning.

This routine would go perfect on
a sunlit beach about 70 degrees.
Ahhh, I can see it now.

Walter Payton used to train in sand all the time
and became a Hall of Famer.

When you train in snow, sand or gravel,
the surface is like one big exercise ball.

Have you ever used one of those babies.

The same principle applies here.  Your body has to
over-compensate for the imbalance and shifting surface,
therefore making all the muscles groove together even more as a unit.

This 18-20 minute romp in the snow
will catapult your conditioning, strengthen your muscles
and build your wind in record time. I guarantee it.

So whether you live where there are blankets of snow or
patches of sand  – matters not. What matters is you
get your hands on the Winter Wonderland Workout to get you fit
and help you train on this surface properly.
And you can thank me later when you feel on top
of the world — ready for anything life throws your way.

The snow is a fallin’ and it also is a callin’ your name.

Put those shett kickers on and get after it!

Have fun.


Vincent Palko

Ps. If you have heard enough and want to go
right to the order form click here …

Alex Trebek and The Cardio Blitz

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

I have never been a huge Alex Trebek fan,
(I think his neck tie is too tight), but today I will steal
a bit of his game to answer a question sent in about
my new Cardio Blitz Program.

One reader wanted to ask why so many experts say
their program only takes a minimal amount of time to get fit
and that this is a bunch of bull.

He was referring to what I wrote yesterday
about “The Cardio Blitz getting you fit fast.
And in only 18 minutes a day.”

Now for my Alex Trebek impersonation.

The answer is …

“The (average) time it takes for one football play.”

What is 6 seconds?

Since it only takes 6 seconds for a football play to
occur – exercises and drills are set up to be short and sweet.

Give me everything you got for just a few seconds.

Thats it.

And these short bursts are all you need to get fit and stay fit.

When you talk about functional fitness for grand living,
it doesnt get any better than this.

Functional meaning, the entire body works as a unit
to get you healthy and strong. You are hitting multiple
muscle group in these exercises. And at the same time
these exercises efficiently fit into any schedule.

Sure, the length of practice doing these drills can go on forever.
Especially if coach is ticked off saying
he’ll keep the team practicing ALL NIGHT if he has to.

However, the average person, myself included, only needs 18 minutes
to get an amazing pump and cardio blast.

Unlike running long distance, you do not
need a lot of time with The Cardio Blitz Package
because your body is NOT running:

- in one direction
- the same pace and intensity
- doing the same body movements over and over and over again!

These are the same exercise I do on soft grass
in my back yard, that dont tear of up my knees or beat up my joints.

That cant be said of typical jogging or running.
The concrete wins out every time or at least over time.

You may not be a footbrawler. But that doesnt
mean you can steal the secrets top-line athletes use
to make themselves strong, tough, and well-conditioned machines.

So get fit in the least amount of time.
Do it now, by heading over to


Vincent Palko

P.S. Sets are moving quickly so be sure to grab yours NOW …
head over to

New Cardio Blitz Release

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Okay, I have been promising this one for a long time.

It is a new program sure to KNOCKOUT
any other “cardio” training program out there.

The new program is called, The Cardio Blitz Package.
It’s Volume II in the Linebacker Series.

The first volume incorporates the jump rope and
its many variations of exercise that you can do.

This new edition outlines linebacker drills and station
exercises to get you fit fast.  And in only 18 minutes a day.

Sure you may have heard that from other programs out

But check this out – when you look to guys like Lawrence Taylor, Ray Lewis,
Mike Singletary, and Brian Urlacher – they all have close similarities.

Besides being stand out leaders in their game – they were also
always in the best shape – making BIG plays
one after the other … with svelte upper, lower and mid regions.
And its all because of the certain cardio exercises
they did to get fit and stay fit.

This program will rattle the fat right off of you
thanks to the full body twists, turns and hops.
Your legs, torso and upper body get sculpted just how you want them doing the exercises in the cardio blast.

Not to mention, you wont feel like a girly-mon doing them, cause
there taint no spandex or hip hop music in these videos.

Go check out what I have been cookin’ up for you,
in the last few months.

Visit, NOW.

Unleash You,

Vincent Palko

P.S. That link again is
Grab this program NOW while its at this introductory offer.
You’ll get fit in record time … ready for summer and the beach.
Check out my pix at the bottom of the letter
to see what it can do for you in just two months.
These 99 sets will go fast, so grab one while this is top of mind.

Second Kennedy Cartoon Posted

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Here is the second Kennedy cartoon posted to the AdToons site.

It is one I am particularly fond of. I miss all the
corporate “Rubber Meets the Road” kind of banter
that exists in Corporate America.

This cartoon is one of twelve that appear in Dan Kennedy’s
new book, “No B.S. Guide to Ruthless Management of People and Profits.”


Vincent Palko

More on the Super Skip

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Okay, let’s dip into the mail sack-er-runi.

Got a ton of response to the Super Skip email sent
out last week. Here are a few of the highlights.

If you recall, this exercise is where the rope twirls twice
before your feet touch the ground.

Here goes.


“Vincent: Since you are not jumping twice
as many times, how does this burn the fat?
Are you jumping twice as high?”
Thanks, Suzanne.

VP’s response:  Great question Suzanne
Here are 5 reasons why you burn more fat:
- You are working your lower body more by jumping
often three times as high depending on your experience level.
- You are moving your arms more by whipping the rope faster.
- Your heart rate accelerates because the whole process is rapid fire.
- Your timing has to be spot on and in sync for it to happen.
- Your breathing increases because it is one continuous
motion that doesn’t stop until you miss or you choose to stop

Simply try one at the end of your exercise
routine, Suzanne. You’ll love how they
balance out the upper and lower body -
hitting any area not already worked.


“Vincent … how many days a week
would you recommend jumping rope”
- Steve Austin

VP’s response:  I recommend every other day
when just starting out.  Given that though, you could use
the rope as a warm-up ( 3 minutes) or the main focus of your routine
(10-15 minutes) -  as I mention in Linebacker Fitness – every day.

Tune into your body and guide it as always.  Using it at the very least
to warm up every day will not harm you in any way.

I once used it every day during the summer.
I’d look up to the sun twirling away on the hot black top
visualizing the sun recharging every cell in my body.
It was the best summer I had fitness wise.
Others noticed my energy, my vibrancy and my thinner face.

Start slow with it and add more time as you get comfortable.


Just wanted to let you know that my
Defensive Coordinator, Coach Trujillo, here had
our linebackers in the weight room this morning at 7am sharp
putting them through an intensive jump rope routine as
taught in Linebacker Fitness.
He’s a believer brother!
Take care and no we haven’t put in the Weak Eagle defense yet.”


VP’s response:  If you want to rise to the top every year, a good dose
of LB Fitness in the am will do the trick.  Mix that
with a bit of Weak Eagle defense and wammo –  Instant Champi-ono!
That goes for the average spud on the couch too – minus the Weak Eagle.
Good luck to your team down there in Floh-dah.


“Vince, The exercise you speak is what we called ‘double jumps’
when training for basketball and volleyball. In high school
the strength coach, Jeff Moyer (a senior world champion powerlifter)
challenged me to double jumps without stopping. I beat him 120 to 78,
but Jeff was around 50 at the time and I was 17! Today I can still do
between 40 and 50 and I would bet Mr. Moyer could do the same
in his late 60′s. If people would at least practice these twice a week and
work up to 50, I guarantee the fat will NOT stay on their body…
and they will jump like Dr. J! (OK kids, Lebron) Keep up the great work.”


Michael Sabler

VP’s response:  Yes, some call these double skips.
What makes mine SUPER is the addition of exercises that go
along with it as taught in Linebacker Fitness.
Pick up the set if you havent already.   Yes, its a set
of 2 DVDs and a plethora of bonuses that come boxed up.
And the truth is 10 Supers are enough at the end of any routine
to balance out and strengthen any unworked upper and lower body muscles.
Before you know it – you BE a lean, mean, sexksy machine.

All for now.


Vincent Palko

What do you call …

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

What do you call a man with no arms and
no legs floating in a swimming pool.

I’d like to take people like Howard Stern, who rips on
disabled folks, and throw him into the swimming
pool with a few 100lb weights chained to his waist.

Okay, a bit harsh.

Yet if he had to walk even two inches in these people’s shoes,
he’d whimper like a little stuck pig.

So what do you call someone with no arms and
no legs floating in the swimming pool.


I saw this story come across my desk and had to pass it on to you.

From time to time, I get complaints from people that
say, they have an ache or pain and cant do certain
exercises. Or cant exercise at all.

To those, let me be frank, and give you a shot of humble pie.
And once you ve read this note, you maybe too
embarrassed to ever complain again – about anything for that matter.

Let me tell you a story about a young man.

A young man who struggled in school at a young age and got straight “Fs”

A young man who has nubs for arms and legs.

A young man who wrestles.

A young man who went from a record of 5 – 15 his
freshman year to 40-1 his senior year.

A young man who went to State and won his first match.

His name is Dustin Carter and he is 17.

Now if there was ever any inspiration in this GREAT nation- it would have
to be with Dustin. And I am proud to see it come from the
state of Ohio.

What I always wonder is how much people like Dustin
would want to walk “normal” again- without hobbling like he typically does.
How much would he like to run like everyone else does.

Or maybe he doesnt even think of that. Maybe thats
why he is so successful cause he has moved past all that.

But that’s what motivates me when I hear stories about people
like this. And if this story makes you think maybe you ought to use
your arms and legs as they were designed to be active – not passive, GREAT.
If you get up off your butt and spin the jump rope for several minutes,
then Dustin’s story was successful today.

Lastly, let’s hear Dustin’s thoughts on losing, “If I don’t win.
I at least gave it my all. If I don’t win. That person won because
he was a better wrestler. Not because he gave more effort than me.”

This quadruple amputee continues, “If I see you crying,
I have no sympathy for ya. My bottom line is go out there
and take care of it. GET IT DONE.”

Dustin, when they built you son — they broke the mold, literally.

All for now.

Unleash Your Endurance,

Vincent Palko

P.s. Put the excuses aside. Pick up your jump rope and
use those arms and legs as if you ve been given them as gifts or the first time. Oh, and if you dont have your complete jump rope ourse for beginners and novices – then trot over to

and pick up a set – NOW.

27 Life-Changers Left

Friday, March 21st, 2008

Ten minutes ago I was in my studio putting some
finishing touches on this Adtoon cartoon
when I received a call from my Success Club newsletter printer.

He said one of his workers was cleaning his
shop and came across a box of 27 extra March newsletters.
His employee informed him that they were printed
on a different stock before someone realized the error.
He thought they looked perfect to him.

He asked if I wanted them and we agreed to split the cost.

What does that mean to you. I am going to offer these to
to the first 27 people if you dont mind a heavy stock paper.
In this edition, you’ll enjoy reading what I say about all those who
tell you to simplify your life to have peace of mind.

We have a different amount of DVDs left.  This month
focuses on a unique healing method used to shore up
aches and pains. And even extend your life. I walk you
through this Healing Meditation and Exercise in the most unusual of places.

I promise that no one else is teaching this the way I do.
So grab a set of these while you can.

And since we have less DVDs now than newsletters – we will
have to turn away orders once the DVDs are gone.
Or put you in line for next month.

So move now, before your “global neighbor” grabs the last one.

Enter your name and address on the order form page.
And receive the first month at no cost to you.

Okay, I lied.  It will run you a whopping buck-
plus shipping.  If you dont dig what I’ve assembled – you can return
it at any time.  So head on over to the Success Rocket Ride Club page
and grab a set.

Conceive, Believe, Achieve,

Vincent Palko

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