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Flab is Good for Harbor Seals

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Some people expect to grow old and flabby.

Was having a conversation with a woman who
said when you hit middle age, you will turn flabby.

With all due respect, mam – I disagree.

I admire people who are walking examples of
glowing radiant wellness.  When I see people
older than me who are more defined than me,
I say to myself, that’s how I am going to look at
there age. I tell myself its possible and necessary.
And if they can do it…. I can too.

And these people are all around you.
These folks are well past middle age too.

I never tell myself – there will be an age when
my gut will hang down past my waistline. Or knees
for that matter.

If you want to see a real person who looks
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This person is in his 60s and does NOT
have a gut or any fat for that matter anywhere on his body.

He does Linebacker Fitness to keep
the weight off and to grow younger everyday.

First off, dont expect to grow old at all.
Expect that you will grow younger, slimmer and firmer.

Cuz, you get what you expect.

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Vincent Palko

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Dead Man Breathing

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

I want to tell you a little bit about my friend
Timothy Black. I met him a couple years ago
at a business meeting.

What I remember about our first meeting was Tim’s
positive attitude.  And I am not talking about the fake,
“Hey, its a great day” kind of phony front some people
put on.  This was a genuine enthusiasm for living
and zest for life.

So you can imagine my shock when I found
out Tim had Cystic Fibrosis. He was
healthy and outgoing. And I knew he
was into fitness like I was and was an
entrepeneur also.

It turns out Tim was diagnosed with this disease
in 1970.  Back then, the lifespan for someone with
Cystic Fibrosis was about 6 or 7 years. It’s a deadly
genetic disease that primarily affects the lungs.
It’s like asthma time a HUNDRED.

In fact the doctor’s even told Timothy’s parents
“don’t bother saving for college” because he
wouldn’t make it that long.

So how did Timothy overcome his long odds
and live much much longer than anyone ever

It’s something he calls Fearless Breathing.

This is Timothy’s own method of breathing that’s
helping him overcome his deadly disease and live
a great life. He’s is the real deal. And with this
breathing method, Timothy went from a skinny and
depressed nerd with a bleak outlook on life –  to a healthy,
happy man with a peaceful and fearless attitude, and
a six-figure income along with a strong and fit body.

I’ve been doing his Secrets of Better Breathing for the
past couple weeks and I’m already more energized.
I feel more calm during chaotic and
stressful situations.  Fre.e from reacting to
three little girls who like to cry loudly
and often in chorus – from time to time.

Go check out Timothy’s story now
You’ll be inspired…and you won’t have any excuse not to
take the right step for a better and healthier you. It
takes only a couple minutes a day.

This is a sharp guy who has a passion for breathing
and helping others.

If you could extend your life just a fraction
of what Timothy has, what amount of resources
and investment would you put towards that.

That is the question.

Start extending your life NOW.  Do so
by visiting Timothy’s page and investing in
what he teaches …


Vincent Palko

Why Have a Plan and A Backup Plan

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Everyone needs a plan.

A plan to attack the day.

A plan to get things done.

A plan for the future.

And most definitely a plan for your fitness.

Sometimes those plans have to be changed.

But you need a plan.

This AM I jogged over to a large field where high school kids
practice and play sports. The same field LB Fitness was filmed.

Yes, I likes to hit the field come mid-day. The sun is bright
and the breeze is a blowin. Who wants to be cooped up in
a gym on a gorgeous day outside. BTW, I feel the same about rainy
days. Out vs. in is top preference.

So I took to the field in the middle of the track warming
up with some 100 yrd striders. Then I was all set to blast through
a body blitz routine – straight out of my new course.

A couple of cats in a golf cart waited as I made my way
to their end of the field.

“Hey uh, sir, can you please jog on the track or off on
one of the practice fields,” they asked me.

Me not being a confrontational person and someone
who always has a plan AND a backup plan, I gave ‘em a thumbs up.

I took my game to the bleachers. Sideways linebacker shuffles
up and down the 14 seats. All the way down one side of the stadium
stairs and then I walked back. The process began all over again.
This one works your hip flexers and core as well
as your legs and calves.

Then I got on the warm rubber track and did about
5 minutes of monkey rolls. This exercise alone will make your shoulders
and arms rock hard. Not to mention your core and legs.

I finished up with a quick “Linebacker” stance for meditation
and recoup.

5 Lombardi’s and I was ready for a bear crawl off the practice field.

All exercises taught in my new course that makes men
and women – stronger, leaner and a whole lot mean-ah. Okay, maybe not
meaner… but a whole lot tougher and grounded – ready to
handle life’s curve balls.

Every single body part was hit in a matter of 20 minutes.

If you too want to take advantage of this new Body Blitz course one

that you can mix and match into any routine — make sure
to grab these DVDs and bonuses as they are one by one
getting snagged up.

And remember, the prize goes to those with a plan
and a backup plan.

All for now, gotz to go run and tackle my mail
carrier for being a little late today. BLAMMO!


Vincent Palko

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What we learned on the farm

Monday, April 21st, 2008

vince milking cow

Hi Y’all,

Yeee Haw!

Wanted to post that picture I promised to take
at the farm last Friday. If you recall, I chaperoned
Sophia and a couple of classmates on a trip to the farm.

Our guide was a funny gal. She kept referencing the
roles male and female farm animals have and what
makes each one different. For example, when discussing
the bees they keep there …

We learned that the male bees are used for one thing
and one thing only – to make babies. After that, they die.
My personal commentary on the matter is if you ever
experienced trying to make a baby with your wife -
you understand how it feels like to be a tool – good for one
use only.

She went on to say how the women do everything around
the bee-hive and the other fathers on the trip got a real kick out
of that one.

And if you get stung by a bee, it is going to be a female.
Male bees dont have stingers. Ouch.
This brought more laughs from the Dads.

She shared factoids similar to other male – female animals there.

Its a little known fact that without bees
nothing grows. They are used to pollenate
the plant life on the farm, such the Christmas
trees they grow and the flowers on the thousand of pumpkins
planted each year. Hence the reason
why they have over 100,000 bees on the farm.

I would have paid Ms. Cat – seen in back of photo -
for a big bottle of home grown
honey but they only sell it in the fall. Missed opportunity
for Ms. Cat and the rest of the crew there.

Anyway, fun times were had by all.


Vincent Palko 

Prove it All Night

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Was reading a book by Larry Winget, The Pit Bull
of Personal Development, last night
and in one section he talks about sexxks.

He says if you are not sweating you
are doing something wrong.

Hmm.  Veddy interesting

It reminded me of an old Springsteen song, called
“Prove it All Night.”  And the IT in the title refers to
being able to prove one’s love for their partner
by providing a good “roll in the hay.”

Both references above point to having
enough stamina and endurance
to go the distance with your lover.

The sad reality is most people cant.

They cant go the distance or prove it all night
because they are so out of shape and tired.

No sweat ever forms while they work their magic.
And if it does by chance, and they realize it … somehow
they get zapped and are forced
to fall- never finishing what they started with as much gusto.

The only PROVING they do – to their partner – is
how FAT-tigued they are at the end of a day.

They lack drive, endurance, and stamina.

Well, endurance is a funny thing.  You either have it
in your life or you dont.  You have good endurance
while you exercise, work at your job and when
engage in an evening sexxkual encounter.  There are no “in betweens.”

And you either know the secrets to increase your endurance
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Vincent Palko

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How to Plow Through Any Task

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Want an easy way to get more
done in less time.

In my art business at any one moment I can be juggling
5-10 art projects. When I’m into each project, its easy to get
lost. Lost in creativity and imagination. Time zips
past like a bullet train flying along the tracks in Italy.
Yet I have tons of time to complete emails like this
and write new courses. Most importantly tons of time for my three girls.

I discovered a special technique for keeping me focused
and on track to finish project after project.
I call this secret the Palko Plow Method — plowing
through task after task- job after job – To Do after To Do.
All the while producing professional – world class work
for my clients.

TV and net surfing are never options when i am in the zone.
Procrastination gets obliterated on command.

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Vincent Palko

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Time is Running Out

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

When I was little, I was a huge Rocky fan.

And after watching the first movie with my daughter
the other night – it was her idea -  I realized how inspirational
that flick was for me.

I could feel the motivation welling inside – yet again.
I was instantly transported back in time.

As a kid, I always thought I was trying hard enough to play
the sport I loved.  Yet, after watching the training sequences
in the boxing movie, I learned there was always room to push myself.

All from watching another person show me it was possible.

Back then we didnt have access to information
as we do today.  I never really read training books or manuals
in a library.  I had better things to do… like play outside.

Yet Rock always jacked me up.  And set new parameters
in my mind for training. This was back in grade school and high school.

Since then, I have been around the world and have learned from
some of the greatest strength and conditioning coaches.
I always felt that my personal program is second to none.

Until I had a new “I CAN PUSH IT MORE” moment.

Last October, I met a man named Dan Gable.
Dan is the legendary coach for the Iowa wrestling squad.

To hear him speak about his fitness training and success
changed the way I think of my training – even to this day.

One story of coach Gable I heard was … he chose to exercise
in the middle of the night after his flight got in at 3 am.
At the hotel that night he made his way into the closed
pool area to do water sprints.  Now thats commitment.

Bang, instant inspiration – for me.

And to shake hands and talk with coach was such a pleasure.

Besides enduring a rough childhood, becoming
a world champion athlete, and then coaching young men to be champs,
there was something else about coach that I admired.

Matthew Furey and I were talking later that night about how
coach would ask to train with Matthew back in college.  The average person
hearing this may or may not think this is a BIG deal.  But to me, hearing
your coach wants to train with you means… the guy is
open to learning new training styles and techniques.

This brings new meaning to the old phrase having an “Open Door Policy.”

Many coaches say they have this.  But to many its just talk.

Champions always want to learn more. They always want to improve.
And that is the approach taken by winners.  To adopt this style
will improve your life and make you more successful.

This is a sliver of the life changing principles you ll receive when
you attend the Get Tough seminar.

Now will you get to coach Gable’s fitness level after hearing him speak.
No.  However, you will improve where YOU currently are.
And that is what we are looking for.  A 1% increase
everyday can improve your life drastically over a year’s time.

You do not want to miss Matthew Furey,
Coach Gable and  and several other inspirational speakers
at Matthew Furey’s Get Tough Seminar.

I have been asked to be one of the speakers in the line-up.

And if you enjoy my daily emails, you will enjoy
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Vincent Palko

How to Lift Your Energy

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

cartoon energy

This morning I went for a walk.

As I got into it, I began to run. Then walk.
Then sprint. Then walk. Then run.
All the while I was taking in the clean fresh spring air.

Man, did it feel great to go outside and burn some energy.
I was cooped up in a hotel all weekend.

Before I knew it I was out of my development
and into an older section of the neighborhood.

As I passed one house, I got that feeling
you may experience from time to time. That feeling
of someone staring at you. I turned to look to my
right and my hunch was correct.

There on a large stump – 15 feet away – was an overweight man in
his early sixties raking leaves. But he had ran out
of gas. Our eyes met. And this is what I saw.
He looked almost exactly as I sketched above
with the large tree stump engulfed by his lower body.

I thought to myself whats with that unforgettable
look on his face. Perhaps he’s thinking, “Wow, look at
him go.” Or maybe, “Damn squirrelly guy with boat
loads of energy, I wish I had some extra juice to finish
this damn lawn. Should I ask him to help or at least
pull me up from my seat.”

I kept moving.

Who knows what was on the man’s mind.
All I know is I had to capture the funny expression on his
face. When I got home – I quickly sketched
this cartoon and posted it for you.

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almost instantly then you must visit this link NOW.

After reading this page, you will understand how to get
all your spring cleaning done in no time flat with plenty
of energy left over to do countless other things. Or you
may choose to do nothing.

The choice will be yours.

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Vincent Palko

Pissed Off at the Pump

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Tonight, I topped off my tank for the trip
to Detroit tomorrow and then to catch a flight to Nashville.

I pulled up to the pump and stepped out of my car.
The next thing I heard was a bunch of rustling and commotion.
Sounded like there was a scuffle on pump three.

Turns out there was one pissed off man
at the pump. No, not because it wasnt working.

Because his dumb digital readout was too high.

“?%&!w$%^, stupid pump, effin $50 to fill up, now $65
to fill up the tank. What’s it going to be next – $100,”
the incensed gent cursed to himself.

I literally felt his negative venom pour out
two pumps over. When I looked to see
if I he was really yelling at the pump – and not someone else-
our eyes met.

One unhappy teed-off camper.

He drove away looking back at me a couple times fuming.

This story seems like its all made up, but its not.

I mean he was pissed OFF.

“Hey man, dont look at me, pal. You dont want
to go any rounds with Big Nose,” I thought.

He was like an instant brain hemorrhage waiting to happen.
People with that much volatility towards an inanimate object
need serious help.

Sure gas prices are high. But if I was to transport the
vexed gent to the late nighties when I lived in Deutschland -
gas was $3.50 a LITER. Thats like over ten bones for
a gallon of gazzoline. Can you imagine Angry Archie – he’d rip
the pump right out of the friggin ground.

Count your blessings pal.

Angry Archie could use a couple rounds with my
“Morning Glories” to burn that negative energy
completely out of his system. These exercises will lift
him out of the doldrums and make him believe
he controls his own destiny. And that he doesnt have
to fall victim to the 5 foot metal pump. These exercises
are taught in my newest course The Cardio Blitz Package

He could also use some of the deep breathing exercises
taught in Triple Your Endurance to relax
his mind and soul.

Don’t let the little things pull you down.

I once heard an interesting saying …
If you have a problem that man or money can solve,
you really dont have a problem.

Something to ponder, eh.

Let’s get after it,

Vincent Palko

How to Cure the Late Habit

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Back in the early winter of 1990 my roommate, Dave,
and I left our dorm for our first off-season strength training
session. We showed up 4 minutes late.

Our strength coach, Joey Batson – stood talking to some
other players about 20 yards away -looked up when we walked in.

Joey was the person that I first learned some of
the exercises taught in the Cardio Blitz Package.

He left my second year there to be Clemson’s
strength coach
and still is to this day.
In the NCAA, he is regarded as one of the nation’s
top strength and conditioning coaches.

One of my memories of Joey was that first day in the training facility.

Dave and I didnt think much of being late.

We walked over to the board where upperclassmen
were huddled making mental notes of what the
days workout entailed.

Dave and I began our workouts. We had played ball
together since CYO league in grades school. We split and went to different high schools and it so happened we united again in college. So training together was like training with your brother.

As we were learning the “hang clean” exercise for the first time,
Joey, appeared out of nowhere. Joey was a blonde, thick strong man with forearms like Popeye. He said in a soft southern draw,
“You two see me after your workouts.”

We looked at each other and thought, “Oh schisse.”

While finishing up we noticed Joey cracking
the whip with one player. George Johnson was doing minute
sprints on the stationary cycle. He looked spent
peddling a 1 minute all-out-sprint then a 30 second coast. This for 45 minutes straight over and over. And this was following an intense college weight workout.

The same college workout that comes as
a bonus in the Cardio Blitz Package.

Anyway, someone shared with us that
George was late too. Uhh oh.

We wrapped up our workouts and walked towards Joey.
Once close, he said in calm cool voice, “We are going to run
you two a little extra for being late. This usually cures the late
habit for newbies. You can choose the stationary bike or the
stadium stairs. Which will it be?”

We both agreed fresh air might be better. And being that we
saw what George had just been through – we chose the stairs.

Joey ran us ragged. Our stadium had 113 steps all the way up.
He had us run up and down those 12 times.
We counted well over a thousand steps after a grueling weight workout.

Upon finishing Dave let out a little burp.

Walking back over the large soccer field to our dorms
Dave and I heaved our guts out.

And yes if you are wondering, we were never late to
any practice or drill – ever again.

If you want people to be on time in your organization
or family — you have to implement the “Cure for the Late Habit.”

Time is a precious thing and can never be wasted.

Nip it in the bud the first time – just like Joey did.

All for now.

Let’s get after it,

Vincent Palko

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