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Face Your Problems Head On

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

Was a watchin’one of those survivor man series
on Discovery the other night.

Anyway, the crazy host jumped out of
a helicopter and parachuted to earth.

His mission: purposefully strand himself on a remote
island and see if he could survive. Oh yeah, and take along a
crazy camera man to film it all too.

Have you seen the one I’m talking about?

As he was approaching the water he released
his parachute so he would NOT get caught up
in the ropes and such.

He swam to shore and found some kind of
coral in the water that had natural sun bathing lotion
in it. He held it up and dripped SPF from its
loins… he rubbed it all over his body… saying,
“Oh this is great. I can feel it working already. This is
equal to SPF 50. And I am not hurting the animal at all”

Ten minutes later the camera showed
a pink skinned host working through
some next challenge. The coral must not be as good
as Coppertone 50 SPF.

However, he did have a great point about fitness.
The third or fourth day of limited water and food… he
was still exercising.

Reason was he knew that exercise releases endorphins
to the body. And this mental feel good drug
helps tackle the next challenge he would face.

People exercise for many reasons. One guy I know is
addicted to “feeling good.” In the past it was cocaine
that gave him the feel goods. These days its exercise.
“The feel good rush from fitness is better because
there is no crash…” he explained.
He has cut out sugar and flour and looks

“Exercise is my POSITIVE ADDICTION,” he grinned.

Life happens to all of us and we need a release… way
to burn energy… something to make us feel good.

And when you exercise your entire body at once….

1) Challenges dont weigh you down.
2) Challenges dont stay around very long.
3) Challenges dont control you, you control them.

One of the many reasons people are enjoying
the new Super Body Blitz is the variation of drills and movements
that make every day a new routine to follow and flush
those negative feelings from your system.

One friend joked with me that I looked so sad
in the before picture compared to the after…
and this is a classic example of doing one or
two exercises for a triathlon over and over (sour frown)…
compared to multiple exercises and mixing and matching
them on a daily basis to keep it new and fresh (smile).

Also, just because you exercise
doesnt mean you are going lose weight
and the before shot is proof of this.

I stay consistent with exercise because
It helps me tackle challenges on a daily basis.
You should too. It will do wonders for your mental
clarity and emotional stability.

Now, let’s get after it.

Push On,

Vincent Palko

P.S. I am down to 43 sets of the new Super Body Blitz
and when they are gone the price will heading north…
so grab your set now and get all the bonuses that come
with – while supplies last. Visit the ultimate exercise routine.

Go From Subpar to Superior

Friday, May 30th, 2008

My college linebacker coach, Bob Babich,
and I were on the phone the other day.

Bob is the assistant head coach of the Chicago Bears
who also has the great fortune of coaching
the legendary linebacker, Brian Urlacher.

When we talked I asked him, “How do you coach
a pro-bowl athlete like that.”

“You let him do anything he wants.”

“Quite the opposite approach as me, eh coach,” I asked.

Next what he said was funny.

“Yeah, Brian Urlacher … Vennie Palko, not too big
of a difference there,” in his southern draw with a
sarcastic undertone.

Its all good though.

Coach is right, Brian is a fantastic athlete and competitor.

I was just a competitor. A competitor who had to get “creative”
to take my performance to the next level.
And to always stay one step ahead of people
trying to steal my starting position – since
I was a young freshman.

One scout from Cleveland told my agent,
“Vince is a guy who makes plays that a guy his size
and speed shouldn’t be making – yet, he still makes them.”

However, being that the NFL is big business
and weighs everything on paper,
height, weight, speed and so on,
the intangibles were overlooked and this
non-athlete didnt get picked up.

I didnt give up, I got an opportunity to play overseas
and it turned out to be a time filled with amazing adventures
to select cities abroad and great instruction for my future
design career.

My point is I was a subpar athlete. Yet, it was my imagination
that took me to the next level.

I believe anyone can use their imagination to go from
subpar athlete to superior; from fat to fit, from shy to assertive,
from fearful to confident, from poor to wealthy. And so on.

Without getting too deep, the key is to add ONE IMPORTANT
element when you take time to imagine.

This will transform the way you experience success.

I write more about this and illustrate my thoughts
in this month’s edition of the Success Rocket Ride Club.
This edition will give you a crystal clear picture of it and how to apply it
for maximum results.

So if you are not a member, make sure
to go over to … Achieve Great Success
and sign up NOW. I will include the last three
months newsletters to the first 17 who sign-up.
This will advance your learning tap
into your subconscious to achieve what you
want to attract into your life.

Push On,

Vincent Palko

P.S. And for all those wondering … both May and June editions
will ship out next week. The package forthcoming is loaded
with goodies that will salt and pepper your noggin with a success marination.

The smell of Triathlons in the morning

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Its that time of year again. Can you smell “it” in the air.

In 1979, “Apocalypse Now” was released and
in it there’s a scene where a skinny, bare-chested
Robert Duvall, playing a commanding officer,
talks to his troops, “I love the smell of napalm in the morning…
the smell of all this gas … (pause)…. It smells like victory.”

Speaking of smelling things, I can smell the first sign of fall in late august … and that means football season.

Yesterday, I went for a walk and I could smell triathlons in the air.
June is when the majority of races begin ’round here.

And I wanted to point you to a resource that I assembled
that can improve your race time drastically.

Check it out… at Triathlete’s Triple Your Endurance.
Push On,

Vincent Palko

P.S. Check out some of my other success and fitness products here.

Fast, Furious, and Fun

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Okay, now some quick thoughts
as promised recapping some of the Get Tough
seminar I attended.

Last week, a large group of doers assembled
into one room – to improve themselves.

One woman went as far as to say,
“I want to get my butt kicked this weekend.”

Not too many people look for a good butt
whoopin but this particular lady did…

… and I think she got her moneey’s worth
after a full day session on Saturday.

One by one presenters stood up and
shared with the audience amazing ideas
and ways to train.

I will share more on their programs in the coming days.

Not one of the presenters
regurgitated information already on the market.

Everything was original and EFFECTIVE as hell.

Later in the day, this group of doers were then asked by me
to do several Linebacker exercises and drills
toning and strengthening their bodies the fittest fastest way.

These exercises were lifted from my new course
the Super Body Blitz

You see, football is a sport where you train
relentlessly for “6 seconds.” This is the average time
a play lasts. Therefore, no exercise is done in a long slow
manner. So why should you care about these football
drills if you never plan on playing the sport.
Super question … this style of training leads to shorter, quicker
intervals because of the simple yet unusual body movements.

Then once a dozen minutes are up, the routine is through.
Sometimes its done in 9 minutes depending on
how much time you have.
During the routine you give me everything you
have – so you can get it done quickly
and effectively. I call it the Fast, Furious, and Fun
way to exercise.

One participant shared her comments
with me the week following the seminar:

“Vince, I really enjoyed your Super Body Blitz.
It was fast and fun. There was something about
the energy in the room with all the people that
made it feel like football practice! I loved it!

Maybe next time we can throw some balls and
tackle a bit! :) I enjoyed listening to you speak.

You seemed very real and sincere. You gave me
chills when you got emotionally fired up!”



You can tell the contenders from the pretenders in the way they approach life. This woman brought her young child to the seminar, had a babysitter watch her in the room and was there to improve herself
and pick up clues to ratchet up her health.

She gets two thumbs up from me. As well
as the MAN who was beat red in the face, about 40 pounds overweight … gasping for breath – training with the rest.

When I tapped him on the shoulder advising him
to take a break… HE KEPT GOING.

He marched on and never quit. He had that NEVER SAY DIE LOOK in HIS EYE. NICE!!!

Those are the people who make
what I do rewarding as hell.

So this begs the question – What kind of person are you.


Vincent Palko

Ps. Grab my latest and greatest course that’s Fast Furious
and Fun … go to… The Ultimate Cardio workout
You dont have to train your body all day long … just
learn the secrets from those who have a system in place
that works. You live the experience to teach the experience – and thats what Ole Vinnie-Boy likes-a-doin’.

H a p p y M e m o r i a l D a y

Monday, May 26th, 2008

H a p p y   M e m o r i a l   D a y

Wanted to send this message out with as little words possible
so it reaches as many people as possible..  and
no spam filter blocks it.

Hope you are enjoying this special day,

Vincent Palko

P.S. I want to thank all those who sent emails regarding
Dr. Barker.  Turns out he is doing much, much better. He is off the vent
and speaking.  The doctors are only allowing family members in the room
to see him at this time. So I will print and mail all the responses I received to
his address… that way he will have an idea just how many people
were thinking about him while he was in the hospital.
Many thanks again.

Too Damn Short

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

I would like to enlist your support.

First, though, let me clear my throat!

Life is just too damn short.

I look at people who hold grudges
and I am perplexed as to why.

Write this person off – write that person off
for certain things they did in their life.

Someone very close to me does this all
the time, and I just dont understand her.

I’ve tried to see the opposite side of
the coin -put myself in her shoes to see it as she does
but it still baffles me.

Last week, I received an email from a friend
saying one of my team doctors from college fell off
a ladder and is in the Intensive Care Unit.  He is not
in very good condition. He has a fractured scull.

His name is Dr. Barker. And you’ll never meet a
nicer guy – who likes to help people.

Now I have a particular place in my heart for Dr. B.
because he and another doctor were the ones I
got to know fairly well.  The reason was because
of my schnoz.

You see, the bridge of my  nose would slice open
in the course of my career because of
the front pad in my helmet. This happened after I’d tackle
and bring someone to the turf.  And some 478 tackles later
my nose would crack open quite a bit.

So much that Dr B would have to stitch it
up again and again. Some 15 times in my time at BGSU.

One time, he cranked the wound down and I trotted back on the
practice field only to split open yet again.
When I walked back into the trainers room, with a slight grin
he shook his head, joked with me saying it looked
like a piece of raw flesh, and then grabbed his stapling device.

He helped me and a slew of other young athletes
through the years.

So now its time to help him.

Anyway, you have been
great about sending healing thoughts for things
in the past.  So if you can please send them to
the hospital in Toledo – that would be great.

I dont do this often – so you know this means a lot to me.

And I would like to print off as many responses as I can
to give to Dr. B and his family.  This is a powerful and moving
experience to know that people all
over the world are pulling for you. Thanks to you,
my family and I experienced this last summer!

When you reflect on how short life really is
and how in a moments flash your life could change,
“put it in perspective” is not what comes to the surface.

Its that life is too damn short to get caught up
in the drama. The drama that wastes time, and keeps
you from achieving that in which you were placed
on this earth to do.

Get busy creating and living life. And burry the hatchet.


Vincent Palko

One Tough Tall Dude

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

I watched him walk on his hands 60 yards or more.

I watched him duck walk – forwards and backwards -close to a mile.

I watched him bully another man out of a make-shift ring.

I watched him perform many other strength and conditioning feats.

I watched him take the trophy into his hands and raise it overhead.

Just like he visualized it going overhead the night before.
He said this was a huge key to his success.

Logan Christopher was crowned the 2008 Fitness Champ of
the Get Tough seminar I attended this past weekend.

He did this the day after 6-a-day session.  On Saturday, he
attacked six non-stop workouts of an hour a piece
taught by Matt Furey, Eddie Baran, Fred Nicholas
and yours truly.

On Sunday, he beat out 4 other studs in the fitness bonanza.

At one point, he and Perry Bertholot, the other final contestant,
skipped rope as one of the endurance tests.

Since I had some of my Linebacker ropes there for my Cardio Blitz
session taught (More on that in the coming days) – we used the Linebacker
ropes for the test.

Yes, I brought all 5 ropes with me.  And those ropes
will go into the next five orders that come in.  These ropes
were all broke in by very fit folks.

And I will save the Champs rope for the first person who invests
immediately in the Linebacker Fitness course
after I hit the SEND button on this email.

And I will also have available the other ropes used
in the competition as well.

Jump now on the offer and you’ll be jumping
your way to a fitter YOU.

Congrats to all who participated. Special congrats to Logan
who’s mug shot is the first square on the Palkoholics page.

Also, a big hello to all the great people I met this year.


Vincent Palko

P.S. When it came time for my presentation,
I walked the folks through my new Cardio Blitz package
and everyone absolutely loved it.  One guy told me it was more like
a fitness festival than any exercise course he’s ever been through.
People were laughing, breathing, sweating and most
importantly getting better in just ten minutes of exercise.
FULL details to come.
To grab your course while its still at an introductory rate, head
over to, The Cardio Blitz package.

The Law of a Crystal Clear Vision

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

The other day I watched a Brian Tracy video.

In the clip he said, “All you need to do to raise your self confidence,
your self esteem and your level of attainment high is to have an absolute
crystal clear goal and work on it every single day.”

One way of creating a “crystal clear” goal or dream
is to draw it out on paper much like an
architect does before the construction process begins on
a house or a building.

Paint a picture in your mind first, then put it to
paper. This is the perfect way to keep you motivated.

And to communicate with your subconscious to
activate the Law of Attraction.

My college professor once told me that anything can be created
in the form of a 3 dimensional object as long as you can
draw what’s in your mind out on paper.

I believe that is true also for not only creating something from
nothing as sculptors do but for activating the law of attraction as well.

Some time ago, one member after seeing my Personal Power Blue Print
in my Success Newsletter contacted me to create his own Blue Print.

He shared on the phone that, “The image you drew of what
you wanted to do back then – YOU ARE NOW DOING it.”

“Yes, isnt that something,” I grinned.

So we worked together to create his vision of a better life.
Now you might think better means more money.

No, Steve has a job that pays him well. He wants freedom.
He is a stock trader on Wall Street and has little time for
his 5 girls. Count em 5. I thought I was outnumbered at home.

Anyway, he wanted to continue to serve his company
as he had done successfully in the past.

At the same time he wanted to begin building a better
life for him and his family.

Here is the Personal Blue Print Sketch I created for him.

I cover off way more details of constructing his Blue Print
drawing and what went into it in this month’s edition of the
Success Rocket Ride newsletter.

What would you do if you knew you couldnt fail.
Reply to this email and share with me what your dream is.
I look forward to reading them.


Vincent Palko

P.S. If you would like to work with me,
The Architect of Personal Achievement,
to create your own PERSONAL BLUE PRINT, the pre-requisite
is to be a member of my Success
Rocket Ride Club. To sign-up, go to …

How a Fat Washed Up Footballer Got Fit

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Back in 2005 I developed a course called
Triple Your Endurance. In it, I revealed the ways
I cleaned up my act and turned my outta shape
bod back into a lean mean fighting machine.

The extra weight I gained turned my 36 waist line
into 42′s. So I revamped my entire wardrobe cause
I could not fit into my pants anymore.

Anyway, on the audio TYE CDs I walked you through
a series of exercises that I did with my teammates
to warm up our muscles and get in good condition
during our football workouts. These were
part of the equation for my comeback.

Many of you complained to my staff about the
Morning Glory exercises because you could NOT
see how they were performed on the TYE CDs.

Huh. Interesting.

So, I took note and included them inside
the new program the Cardio Blitz package.

The Morning Glories are super for
giving you a full lower body workout with
some twists and turns that make your core fat rolls shake and shiver.

There are 7 in all to be run in sequence.

I was talking to a guy who played at Ohio State
and he said they did these all the time. He agreed these
are a tremendous exercise for people just starting out
because they don’t take long
and you control how fast or slow you go.

These are not get on your back and do sit-up exercises.

These are not squat down and do 100 squat reps.

These are not ht the deck and do 20 push-ups.

You never get off your feet for anything.

But you do put your feet through a wonderful faht loss
program the rest of your body will high five you for.

So find out what the buzz is all about. Venture
over to my new product page

and see what the Fat K.O. King is cooking up for you.


Vincent Palko

P.S. There are only a few days left before I head down to Tampa
wherein I will be one of the speakers sharing what I know
to motivate you to get fit and stay fit.
I believe there are only a few seats left
and if you are a lucky – one might have your name on it.

Happy Mother’s Day

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Finally got a chance to sit down and write.
I’ve been running all weekend long.

So Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies
on the list.

Hope you had a nice relaxing day and
went for a fresh air walk.

And if your day is not over yet,
enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


Vincent Palko

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