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Archive for June, 2008

Skivvie Time

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Just a few minutes ago I came to
the realization that I had spent the first
half of the day working in my long briefs
(or skivvs)… as I call em.

It wasnt until I walked out
to the mail box did I realize my attire
because the elderly neighbor woman
gave me a weird look.


Well, carry on.

Anywho, I guess when you hear of solo-prenuers
touting the fact they can go
to work in their skivvies is a good- thing. It
never really dawned on me how nice
this is until my aha skivvie moment.

Luckily, for me I dont have a commute,
put up with a grouchy boss, report
to the “warp” race where everything moves
at the speed of light and as a result
you come home zapped, drained, fatigued,
and ready to crawl to the couch.

For me I dabble in a cartoon here…
write an email there and always… always
find time to get one if not two training
sessions in.

Ahh, life is good.

Quite the opposite feeling as
most people feel a part of themselves
slipping away -when they report to work
each day.

I was talking to an old friend on
the phone last night and he wanted to know
how I went from the corporate bat race to
being a solo-preneur. The same thing
I told him is revealed in bits and pieces
to my Success Rocket Ride
Club members over the past year.

Was it an over night thing. Well, in
next months edition, I reveal another
key nugget in the edition of The Success Rocket Ride Club
so make sure to climb aboard this rocket ship.

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This newsletter is my passion. I enjoy creating
the bonus DVDs and CDs each month as well
as the Success ToOls. These tools are designed
to move you step by step closer
to achieving more success in your life.

The choice is yours. Continue rotting
away as you enter the doors to your place
of work or dance down the stairs to add life
and breath your passion.

The choice is yours.


Vincent Palko

Rain, Rain, Come and STAY

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Often as a kid you probably heard the saying “rain, rain, go away.”

Today, I am going to give you reasons why it should STAY.

And its not because the crops need it. Thats a given.

I finished up an awesome workout in a rain storm
last night. And I thought about why exercising in the rain
is a powerful and healing method for training.

Here are my reasons…

Reason No. 1- Rain is good because it washes away the day.
In many religions water is a form of cleansing. The same is
true for the cares of the day. Just like it knocks the cotton wood
(white fuzzy things) out of the air in the spring – it can do the
same with stale, stagnant energy that surrounds you.

Reason No. 2. – Water recharges. No, I am not
talking about that new fangled water some of
you keep directing my attention to. Water is a conduit
for electricity. That means electricity flows freely and powerfully
through it. ALA – a plugged in toaster dropped into a full bathtub.
(Dont go trying that at home!) If used right water can be something
that revitalizes your body. And members of my success club
know what I’m talking about….

Reason No. 3. – Water changes the mood for the better.
I remember back in football camp, there was one day
in which it was blitzin’ hot for 3/4 of the practice. Everyone was tired and asses draggin’.
And it wasnt until the end of the session, that we ran drills as a team
when the mood changed. Out of no where, the winds blew in, the clouds got dark and the buckets of
rain started dumping. Did we run for cover. Hell no.
The coaches kept coaching like it was sunny and blue skies.
And we kept practicing.
Funny thing was it instantly made practice fun – slipping and sliding.
Our energy was revitalized. And the wet ground was a distinct advantage for the defense.
We were teeing off on the offense as they could NOT get any traction.
Mud, sweat and flat backing tackles — phun, phun stuff.

The same is true when you exercise the Super Body
in the rain.
All three points still apply. The rain washes away
the sins of the day, revitalizes you with an electric charge
and is a fun change up.

Plus, this way of training always guarantees a good workout. I used to know
a coach who would say, “a workout isnt a workout unless
you return with shirt drenched in sweat.”

So when you return from your exercise in the rain
you feel like you actually did something.

The good news is the workout I did dint take long.

Here’s what I did:
- 10 Lombardi’s (Super Body Blitz DVD 3)
- a set of Morning Glories (SBB DVD 1)
- Ten 50 yard sprints – progression
- Two sets of Four Corners (SBB DVD 2)
- and finished up with alternating pushups.

All under 26 minutes.

The rain mixed with sweat is the perfect elixir to wash away
negative thoughts from the day and start new.

Cast away the negative feelings and fears
that hold you back and watch how your mood changes.
But you cant get this in the gym — get outside and get after it.

Okay all for now. Let it rain. Let it rain.

Push on,

Vincent Palko

3 Reasons to Do the Blitz

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

I’m on my way out to get a second jolt of energy
from exercise as the rain clouds come in.

Had a good BLITZ this morning and it
felt soo good – me’s gettin another one in.

Notice how I didnt say BEFORE the rain clouds
come in though.

Some people use rain as an excuse not
to exercise.  Its as if they’ll melt or something.

Ideally, I hope to be wrapping up the Super
Body Blitz
as the clouds roll over top
and pour a healthy dose of summer rain down on me.

This is a exhilarating as heck. The only time
its more revitalizing is in the chilly spring or late fall.

Ahh, doesnt get any better.

But before I venture out, I wanted to share some
interesting news on similar exercises as
taught in the Super Body Blitz.

1) Burns 3X as much fat as running at a steady pace

2) INCREASES good cholesterol to clear your veins
and reduce the risk of a heart attack

3) Increases blood supply to the cells, the cells
use oxygen more efficiently. Also
the enzymes that help create energy increase as well. Both are good things.

Okay gotta go do the blitz before the “blitzes” come.
That’s German for lightning.

I draw the line at lightning – no need to be like the guy
from Caddy Shack getting blitzed in the middle of no where.
Only to have the caddy, Bill Murry’s character, set his golf bag down on top
of him and scurry away.

Push On,

Vincent Palko

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increase muscle and increase endurance
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you waited too long and were most likely
the 18th order.  Rats. I hate when that happens.
Move now.

A Kick in the Keister

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

The phones have been ringing off the hook for
my Boot Camp starting here in mid July
and running until late August.

What many of the men and women have been
saying is they all are looking for a good KICK in the BUTT.
It BE a long time coming for many of them.

And yes, I am just the man for the job.

Well, the bad news is … if you do not live here locally,
chances are you wont be able to get involved in
this amazing group of DOERS. We’ll meet 3x a week for six
weeks straight – at 6 am.

However, the good news is – if you are looking for a good kick in
the pants to get your summer body in shape …
so you don’t feel embarrassed sliding on your bathing suit
and actually enjoying a summer cookout
without feeling guilty — then venture on over to

I want to be your fitness coach.

When this 5 DVD set arrives at your doorstep,
you’ll enjoy my world class instruction and a good butt whoopin.

Come a few weeks later and you’ll be thanking me for it.
I will say, it was you who did it my friend – not me


Vincent Palko

P.S. If you do happen to live in Northwest Ohio or lower Michigan and
are interested in more Boot Camp information, reply to this email and write
“I Want You to Kick My Butt, Vince” in the subject line. We’ll
send you the information right away.

How to Break Bad Habits

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

I came across this little gem while dusting off an old football
playbook in the basement. Its one I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

“Practice does not make perfect – practice makes permanent.
No matter what you do, if you practice long enough, it will become
a habit and you will become great at a bad habit – if thats how you practice.

Practice being second class and you will be second class.
Practice being first class and you will be first class.

The choices you make in tough situations will be the
habits you develop.  When you choose a habit, you choose
the end result of that habit.

The habits we choose on a daily basis will either make
us or break us.  The habits we choose in practice
will be the habits we revert to in tough situations in the 4th quarter
of a tough ball game.  You will perform during the
season exactly as you practice. ”

Now a habit doesnt have to be viewed as tough to do.
Or challenging for that matter.
If you want to develop good exercise habits… its easy.

The key is finding a system that is fun and leaves you
wanting more. This makes exercise addictive
and habitual.

If you have been looking for something fun and effective…
then you have an opportunity to seize the day in investing
in the Super Body Blitz - at least for a few more days.

How do I know my program is fun. Well, I dont just
write about it – if it taint true.  The program
shocked the entire crowd at a recent seminar.

Perhaps many thought that the exercises I was
going to teach could only be performed by
world class athletes.  This simply is not true.

At one point I shouted, “Y’all look like you
are ready for the NFL.”  People’s feet
were buzzing in and out of every drill.

They were also shocked because they actually had FUN.

Now how do I know this. Each and every
person wore a cheshire grin as they
moved from one exercise to the next.  Plus, several dozen
met me afterwards and shared they had FUN.

Little did they realize they were taught several
exercises that made them smile, but more importantly
roasted the FAT – like a pig on a spit at a summer barbeque.

So have fun while you get fit.  Visit the link here NOW …
Amazing Cardio and Strength Building Program


Vincent Palko

I’m a Sucker for Strawberries

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

I just returned inside from a powerful
meditation out on my back deck.

The same meditation I learned from
non other than my good friend, Dr. Wu Dhi.

At age 65, take a look at Doc for he is sure to be turning back zee-clock.

Okay, back to my morning …

After finishing the exercises, stretches and
breathing instruction – I moseyed over
to the long strawberry patch in my backyard.
A few weeks ago they were just little green bulbs.
Now they’ve sprouted up into BIG RED RIPE treats.

I never knew these little suckers are perennials.
As it turns out they are.

To my delight their were several dozen
plump red ripe strawberries. I plucked a
dozen from their green homes, took them inside,
washed ‘em up and gave them a new home.

My belly.

Mmmmm – uhhh!

Very, very nice.

Now, I not only feel energized from the round of movements
this AM and have homeostasis from a delectable
morning treat… I feel so good I’m going for ROUND 2 …
only this one will take it up a level.

I’ll do so by grabbing my Linebacker Ropes; the speed
and weighted ropes with me to the track…
and bounce up and down on the rubber pellets
that make up the surface.

Okay, gotta run, that fresh air is a callin’ my name.

Oh yeah, if you want your own system
with the best speed ropes on the planet, make sure
to run over to …
and grab the weighted ropes as seen here

And if you get a chance to pluck some red delicious
wonders – do so…. they are filled with many unusual phytonutrients
that love to keep you healthy and strong.

Push On,

Vincent Palko

Which one are you

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

I bet I could slot you into one of two categories:

1) You are either staging the biggest comeback
in your life.  This is my phrase for people facing any problem
in their world.  The phrase denotes that you are actively searching
for solutiosn (digging up plays in the dirt) and not focused on the problem.
A mindset that is key to success.

2) Or “you are in the lead” so to speak and
want to continue kicking butt in order to win.

Let me inform you, both of these positions
require halftime adjustments, coaching instructions
and action steps in order to win the ball game of life.

Dont ever settle or get comfortable. Keep pushing
yourself to reach higher and higher.

I want to be your coach and help you go
out into “life’s second half” and reach the goal line.

My coaching is more like visual instructions
and squiggles on a whiteboard – success x’s and o’s
if you will.  These visual clues and secrets
arrive on your doorstep each month with tools
and tips to help you reach your true potential.

And to have peace of mind as you flow through
each and every day.

Yes, you could even say a slice of me
arrives each month to encourage you to be all you can be.

To read more about how I serve countless folks
all over the world, visit … Success Rocket Ride Club.

Vincent Palko

Why Looks Count

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

This may ruffle a few feathers but thats good.

Got an email from a so called fitness expert
who in his note said, “for me, fitness these days
is not about looks its about longevity.”


Maybe this guy was trying to appeal
to the masses who think its not about
looks its about what’s inside — ala 3rd grade Ms. Harry’s instruction.

Not about looks – huh.  I beg to differ.

Here’s what I mean.  There is a reason
why the military makes the men and women
who serve – shine their shoes to the nine
and always clean and press their dress attire sharply.

Perhaps they prescribe to the same
mindset I developed before taking to the gridiron:
You look good, you feel good, you play good.

There are countless examples of how
your appearance raises your level of performance.
It changes the way you think of yourself.
And it changes the way others think of you as well.
This is unfortunate but true that others judge you
based on your appearance.

Zig Ziglar, the ultimate sales coach, on
the topic of appearance says, “Those that dress up go up.”
He was referring to their self esteem and their success.

My college coach never wanted our jerseys untucked.
Or to have sloppy uniforms in any way.
So the mother of the equipment manager
sowed up the bottoms of the jerseys -
to waist length – without us having to think
if they were tucked in or not.

Each week, the helmets were shined and cleaned
and new decals applied – if needed.

And its the same with physical appearance.
I always feel better about myself, which in turn
impacts those around me – when I am exercising.

Now you dont have to have a fake celebrity appearance.
That’s not what I am talking about.  I have a “honker”
bigger than anyone’s out there. Most of those pretty boys and girls
have had countless surgeries to get like that.

What I am talking about is improving your
physical appearance with where you are and
what you have right now.  Things you are capable
of controlling — like your weight and your physique.

When you improve in these areas your self esteem skyrockets.

I dont exercise to bend pipes, tear phone books
or break any weight lifting record.  Not that there’s anything
wrong with that.  Just not my bag.

I exercise to improve my mental mind power and focus.
And also to feel and look good.  There is nothing like
the high you receive when you rinse of the sweat and grime from
an excellent workout – leaving the shower feeling
refreshed, energized and ready to tackle the day.

And there is nothing better than liking the way
you look.  This is often a sign of a positive self image.

So exercise to look good, feel good and play good, my friend!

Push On,

Vincent Palko

P.S. If you want a resource that lights up light-up the love handles,
sands away the cellulite and gobbles up the turkey neck
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What is the Law of Averages

Monday, June 16th, 2008

In football, like life, you get knocked down
many more times than you actually make a BIG play.
But if you pop back up, keep your head up,
feet pumping – you’ll eventually reach the goal line.

And the same success formula works wonders for
pursuing your dreams.

Doesn’t matter how many times you
tried in the past. What matters is you return to
your feet and keep pushing on. The Law of Averages,
states you’ll eventually strike gold and win.

Keep pushing yourself with your fitness.
If you want some support here… I can help.
I have a brand Neu system – ready to ship – called the
Super Body Blitz.

Its main purpose is to light-up the love handles,
sand away the cellulite and gobble up the turkey neck
with half a dozen easy to perform exercises and drills.


Vincent Palko

Author of Linebacker Fitness
Creator of Triple Your Endurance,
Super Body Blitz, and Success Rocket Ride Club
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Reduces Balding

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

I came across an out of print book by Paul Bragg,
earlier this year.

In this powerful resource – written in 1929 – Bragg writes
of a cure for balding (or slowing of the process). Its a natural cure not
Rogaine.  I dont think they had anything of the sort way back when.

And there is a black and white photo of him with a thick
head of hair on the fourth page.

This same natural cure also provides:
• more energy and creates better vitality
• dramatically downsizes the affects of disease
• increases strength

All without touching a weight, doing one pushup,
or popping any form of supplements or medication,
protein powders and so on.

This natural cure also helps with acne and
reduces dark circles.

I write more in depth about this balding buster
in the June Success Rocket Ride Club – be sure
to pick up a copy, the first month is virtually Fre..e.

Do so NOW and it will be on your doorstep in
no time.  Since we produced these early this
month -  every member already has
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This month comes with several amazing success visuals
to pepper and soak your mind in a success marination.
You can place these on your desk at work or display them
on your fridge… both places work.

You can grab your copy hear if you want to
tap into this natural cure —


Vincent Palko

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