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To Live Life or Waste Away

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Years ago, when Ken Stabler was a quarterback
for the Raiders, a newspaperman said,
“Ken, I want to read you something Jack London wrote:
‘I would rather be ashes than dust.  I would rather that my spark
burn out in a brilliant blaze than be stifled by dry rot.
I would rather be a super meteor, every atom of me a
magnificent glow, than a sleepy, crumbling planet.
For the proper function of man in to live, not exist.
I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them.
I shall use my time.’”
And the reporter then asked Stabler: “What does that mean to you, Kenny?”
Without hesitating, Stabler said: “Throw deep!”

I read that quote in a book called “Advertising Age” by
Michael Wagman.

This quote in my opinion has everything to do
with how you live your life.  Some people’s aim is to just
get by, while others want to live it to the fullest.

In order to live life to the fullest you have to
be pushing your energy capacity to the limit.

This in turns gives you endless energy reserves.

One of the most productive ways
to build more energy is to do the Super Body Blitz
mixed with Linebacker Fitness.

I’ve always said that if you dont have enough energy
at the end of the day to play the day all over again- something isnt right.

Start living your life like you were meant to.


Vincent Palko

One more thing

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Oh yeah, and one more thing about last weekend.

I ran into Dr. Barker.  If you recall,
many of you wrote to him when
he was recovering from falling
off a ladder a couple months ago.

He too was at the golf outing, walking around and in
great spirits.

Doc wanted me to pass on to you his deep gratitude
for taking the time to write him.  And I’ll second that.
That day you were most likely busy but you
took a few minutes to write to a total
stranger to send healing thoughts.

His family read everyone single one of the hundreds
sent to Dr Barker.  They were extremely appreciative and understood
the power of your actions.

I stood talking to him for a good long time.
He says he is having trouble remembering
things that happened in the short term.

I think this is understandable as part of his right
brain was missing when he pulled off
his cap.  Not a pretty site.  But he
said his doctor puts the piece of the scull bone
missing (to do the surgery) back in soon.
Twas not a pretty picture but the reason I share was to show
you how serious the injury was.  And how
remarkable the human body is and able to
adjust and recover. Amazing.

I wiped away a couple of tears as we wrapped up our talk.

So many, many, MANY thanks to you
for sending your thoughts and prayers to my good friend.

I so appreciate you and in a few days
will be showing you how much I do.

Hold the line.


Vincent Palko

3 Ways to Turn Back the Clock

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

So many people are looking for the
cure to turn back the clock.
I have three ideas for you.

First though, last weekend I mentioned to
you I was off to a golf outing with
former Falcon players – guys of all ages, shapes and sizes.

As we were all standing around for
the scramble to start … one of the guys,
who was a bit insecure about his hair (or lack thereof),
took his hat off and announced to the world some
comment about how the ‘ole dome just keeps

Everyone laughed.

He looked at me, and piped, “Yeah, Vince is
the only guy who comes back to these things
looking better than when he left.”

A grin, a nod and … no response from me.
I’ve learned if you dont have anything to say,
keep the lips sealed and keep forging ahead.

This was further confirmation that the program
I have myself on is one that turns back
the clock, while making you stronger and more fit.

So let me give you my 3 Secrets
for Turning Back the Clock:

1) Drink water … and a ton of it … helps eliminate the wrinkles.
2) Find activities you enjoy doing.
3) Do these activities on a daily basis.

Pretty simple. Nothing earth
shattering — I know. Just like many championship
teams are good at the fine tuning the basics -
you need to be reminded of these – as tons of
fit wizzy gigs, pills and gadgets are thrown in your
face all over the Tv and Internet.

Notice I never wrote, “Watch
every morsel you put to your lips.”

When you are doing the Super Body Blitz
and Linebacker Fitness
you dont have get out the calorie counter.

Get active and stay active… watch as the loose
flab turns tight as a drum – and the wrinkles vanish.

You dont have to grow old…
grow younger – starting TODAY!

Go for it.


Vincent Palko

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Can Stress Kill

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

I’m about up to my ears
in rising gas prices and food costs talk.

And the media isnt helping.

The funny thing is I dont even
watch the news.  But I’m up to
my ears because everyone you
speak to has this on their mind.

And this is stressing people out.

So this month in the
Success Rocket Ride Club -members
will receive 3 Key Components
to Tackle Stress in a Tough Economy.

And if you dont think you have
to worry about stress, let me tell
you a little story.

My sister’s best friend growin
up was a girl named Amy.

Amy came from a wonderful family.

Her Dad was the President and CEO
of a company called Ohio Edison
that later changed to First Energy.

If you lived in the midwest
you may recall about 7 years ago or so
there was a major blackout -electrically speaking.

The gird that was affected stretched
from parts of Michigan through Northwest
and Northeast Ohio – reaching towns in
New York.

And guess who’s company was responsible.

Thats right First Energy.

Government officials, city officials, and the public
scrutinized the company.   And who
was at the top of the pyramid.  Yes, Amy’s Dad.

Amy’s dad eventually stepped down. Shortly
later he developed an incurable form of cancer.

There wasnt much time after that. He was gone
less than a year.

Now, if you ask each and every member of
that family what caused the cancer in their father
at such a young age.

They’d would all give the same response,
the unbelievable pressure and stress put on
the man… by everyone in his community.

This is simply unreal when in actuality he
took the heat for several other
individuals in the business. No one shared the
blame but him.

When a kicker misses a field goal at the end of a
football game, the fans in the stands all point the fingers
at him.  Yet, in the locker room – the head coach shares
several examples with the team of moments
when if certain plays were made (by players other than
the kicker) the game would have been turned around.

Nevertheless, bottom line – stress took this man down.

And this is one of many examples of how
harmful stress can be.

Now most people dont know how
to handle stress.  They let it build and build
until it relieves itself in some harmful way.

Make sure you have a strategy to deal
with the media showering fear based news.

You need a system in place
to dissolve stress as soon
as it appears on your radar scope.

I can help. Go to and sign up NOW…
to be a Success Rocket Ride Member.

The risk is all on me to deliver the
goods.  I know you’ll enjoy it.
Its only a buck to get a sample sent
to you.


Vincent Palko

How to Start the Day with a Bang

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

I’ll never forget my freshman year
at BGSU as we’d warm up for practice.

We’d stretch out in the cold, wet dew
that had settled on the practice field from the night before.
And right at the point when we were told
to sit down to do the “seated buddha groin stretch”
with nuggets in the grass  …
Coach Oliver would shout,
“Let Mother Nature tickle your fancies.”

Rows and rows of young men with
stern expressions would turn to smiles.

When you analyze what coach was doing…
Coach took something that was
on our mind that seemed negative – sitting in wet grass,
soar from the practice before, at about 7 in the morning,
and turned it into something upbeat and positive.

So the key is to take something seemingly negative and turn it
into something positive.

Most people think getting up early to exercise
is a negative. They’d rather take time to sleep in.

Break your morning fog with a mahantra like coach did ours.

“Today is my day to get better and better in every way.”

And when you combine powerful mahantras with
powerful exercises– look out.

When you begin each day
with a series of hops and twirls – you rev
up your internal battery.  And just
like that energizer bunny
you’ll go longer and stronger than
anyone around you… were talking at
work, at home and even in the bedroom.

You’ll notice that your energy is 30% higher
than those around you.

And before you know it – you’ll be on the road
to greatness.

Get after it.

Vincent Palko

P.S. Start your day with a BANG and
grab this easy to learn course on
rope skipping.  Where one exercise
turns into a thousand variations.

What I Saw Before the Ohio State Game

Saturday, July 12th, 2008

What if your television or favorite movie theater played
scrolling walls of text. No pictures what-so-ever.
How much fun would that be.

Yikes, B – O – R – I – N – G

Yet, people read countless self improvement
books on various topics and go no where.

And its not that the information is bogus.
Not true. Its that your mind is not engaged
by the “info” to spark action.

Or you simply forget it and the information
disappears like a thin trail of smoke into the wind.

What if you fed your mind pictures of a future
you wanted to have. Similar to how
a new system software changes your computers
performance… this process of feeding success images
will develop new instructions for your mind to operate from.

What if by constant visual programming
you took the seemingly impossible and made it possible.

This can happen. Its happened for me several times
in my life. As a young boy, I wanted
so badly to play in front of thousands of
people in the football arena (as I’d seen on TV).
In high school – I drew a picture of what I desired most -
to play for Ohio State. At the time, I wasnt even
starting JV as a sophomore.

I didnt go to Ohio State but I do vividly recall warming up in their endzone
looking straight up at the small skyscraper
of spectators (94,000 plus) that lined the east side of
the stadium … thinking to myself… holy shit …
now thats a lot of people. This was wild and so
much more that I originally imagined – especially
as I was playing in front of them. But I had to lead my mind
for reality to follow and bring more to the scenario.

At the moment, I didnt say I created all this
for myself in the picture I drew of my aspiration.

However, several years later I DID realize this -
there are no mistakes. No happened stances …
You create the world you want. How you want it.

And this practice only applies to sports and athletics.
Hah. Just checking to see if you are still with me.
No matter how big or seemingly impossible
your dream is – this method will work.

Sadly, people are at a point in their life where
they have given up on their dreams. Some
clients give me the AGE excuse … Well, did you know
Mr Sanders started KFC at 61. Its true.

You are never to old to live your dreams.

And I want to be your enabler, your coach – every month
to encourage you to do so.

I have assembled a revolutionary resource that
arrives at your doorstep each month to download
what I have learned and applied over the last 21 years.
This information is taught not with walls of boring text but
with upbeat success oriented images scattered about
to spark your creativity and lock-in the information.

Now a picture is NOT worth a thousand words.
A picture is the bridge between your current situation
and the future you want. How much is that worth.

Tune in this month where we cover a meditation
that will have your mind explode with endless
possibilities to acquire wealth.

You’d be crazy not to find out what I cooked
up for you. This instruction will
knock your socks AND shoes RIGHT OFF.

Run over to …
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Its only a BUCK. Put the pressure on ME to deliver the goods
and if I dont you can cancel your membership. I’m a pressure
player – I luvvv that kind of challenge.

The choice is yours.


Vincent Palko

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I Practically Fainted

Friday, July 11th, 2008

I just finished up a series of CPR and first
aid classes this last week.

If you want to know why, read some of my recent posts

I gotta hand it to ‘em

I have newfound respect for those people
who serve our communities;  fireman, police, and emergency medical professionals …
not too mention doctors and other medical related field

All I have to say is – hats off.

I wont get into all the graphic items discussed
in my class like what to do when … nope
I cant even write it … I’m about to eat lunch.

What these people experience on a daily
basis — I could not do.

I’m a big wimp when it comes to blood (unless its streaming
from my schnoz — thats second nature). I’m an even bigger wimp
when stories are told about past accidents
or pictures are shown.

Now when the instructor exposed us to this
information the other night — ten minutes later I
had to excuse myself. I walked out of the room to
get a drink of water and clear my head.  The instructor
was getting a little too carried away
sharing what he knew and saw before.
Being very visual I have a
tendency to see a scenario played out – so I have to erase
the images when they come in.. as I dont want
to keep my mind focused on these kinds of things.

Now these professionals keep
in excellent condition.  Cept some of the donut
eating cops.. but hey where would YOU go
to keep yourself awake from driving around town all night long.

For those that stay in good condition like many
of the fire fighters… I have something that
will keep you in even better condition without
taking all day to do so.  You can do it
outside the station waiting for your next
call or in an open room preferably with carpet
or a wood floor.

You’ll want to check out, Linebacker Fitness.

Thanks for all you do.

Vincent Palko

P.S. Many doctors I know are also is great condition …
keep up the good work!

Be an Enemy Fearing Player

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

If you dont play football and
are not interested in some of the technicalities
of the sport… simply delete this email.

This one is for the linebackers.

Okay, listen up men.

One of the most important aspects
to becoming a championship linebacker is this…

There are several.

But I will give you one maybe two if the excitement
and energy stay with me. Pretty hard NOT to do when
talking about the sport I luuuuuv.

Here goes.

You want to be a bad ass – opponent fearing player?

Do this for me. Stand on one leg and see
how long you can do this.

If you lose your balance within seconds,
you have your work cut out for yiz.

You need to work on this.. and this is the time of year to do so.

Grab a rope – use the high speed ropes
that come with LB Fitness as seen here…
You dont want slow moving ropes unless
you want to be “slow moving” on the field.

This exercise will make you agile, mobile
and hostile. Work on your Pirate Hops
and your single leggers. Both will increase your
balance as you are shuffling over the pile
of fallen bodies to light up the tailback
as he is making his way through the L.O.S (line of scrimmage).

Do these exercises relentlessly and consistently all summer
until camp starts. Watch how your speed accelerates.

Get real good at this drill and O-lineman
will be cursing you under their breath when
they try to cut you … and you dont fall.

And trust me coming from a guy born
with slow twitch muscles this exercise
will enhance the quick twitchers
to allow you to make every tackle.
Or at least this should be your thinking
every time you set foot on the field.

Go for it.

Get after it.

Light ‘em up.

Sacrifice your body.

No pain.

Pin your ears back.

Push on!

Vincent Palko

P.S. Another course you’ll want to have in your summer training tool belt is this… You
dont defeat an All American center from the Hokies without it.

P.S.S. Okay, I almost forgot … the second key to success… strengthen
your 16oz sponge between your ears. So you step on the field
with King of the Jungle confidence not like a cowardly little kitty cat.
In my Success Club, the first month is free so all the risk is on ME. Also, when you see what arrives you’ll understand how my approach is different from any other of its kind on the internet.

Could You Do this for Two Minutes

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Last night, I typed this note on my iPhone
while on break in my CPR class.

Why CPR.

Well, I thought it would be prudent as
two of my three daughters have peanut allergies.
And peanut allergies aint no joke to mess with.

I also think having the knowledge to save
someone close to you is a darn good reason
to be COACHED UP in CPR training. You
can go to your local Red Cross for more information.

Back to my story of last night though…
I had to write down these thoughts
before they escaped me.

When someone has a heart attack – time is a precious thing NOT to waste.

Its known that you have minutes before
one loses brain damage permanently – 10 to be exact.

And if CPR is applied to the person in need – that
10 minutes can be extended to 40 or more minutes.

Anyway, while in this class of men and women
it came time to practice on the man-a-kins.

The instructor walked us through a series of steps
in the process.  At the end it was time
to put it all together.

Two minutes straight.  Several chest compressions
mixed with two breathes (i wont go into specifics for
the protocol) – for the stories sake all you need
to know was people were pushed to their limit
after the 2 minute alarm rang.

“Wow, I’m going to need someone to resuscitate ME,” one woman said.

“My arms are killing me,” another chimed.

The instructor looked at the class a little
stunned and said, “THAT WAS ONLY 2 MINUTES.”

Now the average time for the E.M.S. to respond
to a scene (at least in this area) is 8 minutes.
Sometimes if its a crazy night and they have to respond
from another scene it could take longer.

If thats the case, could you save your
loved one’s life performing CPR on them
to try and resuscitate them?

I should would hope so.  Or would you
give up in the process because you
ran out of steam to keep their heart pumpin’
until the ambulance arrived.

Dont leave that question unanswered.
Have peace of mind knowing you could do that and more.

Prepare yourself if duty ever calls and the peace
of mind you know without a shadow
of a doubt have enough juice to know you did
everythin in your power to keep them
going until the paramedics arrived.

And this is only one example if a tragedy ever strikes
could you carry your children to safety in a flood
or be there for them in any other natural disaster?

Dont know.

Well, might be a good reason to get
back in shape.  One important place to start is to
develop your wind and endurance — plus
strengthening your arms, back and shoulders
while your thighs and calves grow stronger.

That place to go NOW is …

Dont live with the nightmare you knew you could have done more.

Start by taking a little action today by ensuring
your families safety tomorrow.

Push On,

Vincent Palko

My Opinion of Wall-E

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

This past weekend the girls and I drove to Chicago
to visit my sister’s family and celebrate the 4th of July.

Fun times were had by all.

Saturday evening my bro-in-law and I took my two
older kiddies to see the new Pixar movie Wall-E.

I didnt really know what to expect with this
new release.  I was curious to know how
the new one would fair among the oldies.

How do you top Cars, Finding Nemo and the Incredibles.

Although I have a ton of respect for what it takes to
create art in 3-D (not easy), this one for me – stunk.
The story, that is, stunk up the joint.

The story was … well … there was no story.

There is something about a love story between two robots,
but thats about all I can tell you.
Artwork and sound wise this movie was fantastic.

The one thing I’ll hand them was a politically incorrect
view of how our country will look in the future.

Yes, we have a pulse but thats about it.  They portrayed
the population- floating around on these electronic lounge
chairs- connected to the net and isolated.  They are big body
blobs and cant get up if they fall down.

Everything is done for them and they re lazy as hell…
even the golf is played by virtual robots.
“Meal in a cup” is their food of choice. They cant see past their floating clear internet
screen – (ala Star Wars command center-ish).

The way these futuristic people acted reminded
me of Wall Mart shoppers in their food dune buggies -
lazy and impartial to anyone around them.

One funny shot in the movie showed x-rays of how
these people evolved over 700 years.  The body
structure changed.  Pretty clever how they showed
the bones spread apart from the excess fatty tissue
in between.  I guess you ll have to see it.

Bottom line, these people didnt move from their space loungers.

It got me thinking about our current state of affairs.
The movie was supposed to be 700 years hence
and the ironic thing is most of our population looks like these earthlings now.

Key point in all this – stay moving. Dont become a space lardy.
Get up from your chair – even if for only 10 minutes.
This will do wonders for your metabolism and erase stress levels.

For a resource to support you here – check out
my Linebacker Fitness course.

Designed for 10, 15, or 20 minute workouts,  I’ll lead you
and you simply follow along.

Okay my movie review hat is now officially off.

Push on,

Vincent Palko

P.S. Or if you want to challenge yourself a bit more,
make sure to grab ahold of my newest course
the Super Body Blitz course.

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