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Archive for August, 2008

I’ll Never Forget This

Friday, August 29th, 2008

There are moments in your life
that leave a big impression on you.

I want to share a personal one.

I’ll never forget back in 1993 when I
was invited to a MAC banquet as Mid American
defensive player of the year.

I was excited about receiving the award….
even more excited about meeting the guest speaker.

This honorary guest coached my favorite team
growing up — the Cleveland Browns.
Sam Rutigliano led men like Brian Sipe,
Lyle Alzado, and Clay Matthews into many
playoffs and almost to the big dance.

Anyway, my linebacker coach at the time,
Bruce Cunningham knew coach from years past.
And we were invited to get a personal meeting with
him before the ceremony kicked off.

When I met Sam, I introduced myself and shook
his hand.  He looked me square in the eyes
and said, “Nice to meet you Vince.”

All three of us sat and talked for a good 20 minutes or so
before coach had to arrive at the head table.

He gave a great talk on success.

One of the most memorable things
about the night came afterwards.

After his talk, people swarmed coach asking for autographs
and chatting with him.  There was about 200-300 people
at this ceremony.

Once he was done talking, Bruce and I walked up to him
and said, “Goodbye.”

I shook his hand and he looked at me -
just like we were old pals – and said,
“It was good to meet you, Vince.”

Wow. He remembered my name after he met
with all those people, I thought.  I was shocked.

When you meet successful people there are key
ingredients that led to their success.

Some people think the key is to be articulate
and have a vast vocabulary.

The impression left on me after I spoke with coach
was something I’ll never forget.  Although
Sam was a gifted speaker, his memory is what
sticks out in my mind as why he became a success.

And I instantly wanted to improve my memory
and make it a point to remember peoples names.

Its funny the more successful people I meet,
I come to understand they have a memory like
a steel trap.  Nothing gets away from them it seems.

Now, some people will say, “I’m bad with names.”

Thats an excuse.

Get good with names.  And never affirm your weakness.
Strengthen your mental mind machine
and watch how your results in life grow exponentially.

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Vince Palko

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A Recession is a Blessin’

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Boy ole boy, no matter where you turn
you’ll hear that the sky is a fallin.

And truth be told, for a spell, I was buying all the crap.

It wasnt until I firmly put my foot down
and said to myself – NO MORE – did things change and open up for me.

And I mean in a BIG way.

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Vince Palko

What’s gonna work

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

I took my three girls to the park the other day and while there, some kindergarten kids chanted a funny song.

“What’s gonna work — teammmm – work!”

Over and over they did.

So my youngest, who is only two, began
emulating the Pied Piper of the little people.

“What’s gonna work — team …. work!”
(In her squeaky voice for 2 hours straight)

Now, dare I step in and tell her to stop saying that after the 67th one.

Heck no.

Its a good phrase to repeat to infinity and beyond.

One group of girls that have mastered
the whole teamwork mentality is
Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh. The US duo
who won gold in the women’s beach volleyball.
It was also their absurd 108th win in a row.
They’ll go down in the record books
as the best beach team in history.

Might even be the best winning streak
in ALL of sports.

These two are like one well oiled unit out
on the court. Signals and hand gestures communicate
without words — they know what each
other is thinking and strategizing.

These non verbal forms of communication
are a huge part to their success.

Obviously, you hear a ton of chatter too.

The main thrust of my point here is
to reach success in any form of team sport -
the communication is pinnacle to outstanding performance.

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Vince Palko

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Can Canada Win One

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Well, the Canucks up north
have yet to medal in any event.

My old Canadian teammates claim the summer
games don’t count -only the winter.


Now, please dont send me a slew of emails
my Canadian friends — I’m only stating
the facts. Double hah.

China has an elephant lead
of 12 golds over the US.

Gold Medal Michael picked up two more
golds Wednesday.

Now enough Olympic updates.

Onto your message for the day …

There are two kinds of people
in the world. The kind who
like to stir confrontation and others who avoid it.

Whichever one you are …
be darn sure you dont let
whatever someone says take you
down and keep you down.

Be like Phelps and welcome all feedback.
Turn it into wood to build your fire to succeed.

And one of THE best ways to respond
to something that has you perplexed or
frustrated is – get out and move your
body. Exercise lifts whatever it is thats on your mind.

Once the fog is lifted, then its time to refocus for your day ahead.

You can do so by going to a gym
or going to a track but why not
just walk down to your basement or
step outside using a jump rope
in only a ten by ten square.

Yes, you saw Mr. Michael Phelps
skipping in some of his training montages on TV.

Nip whatever is on your mind first thing — so you can be
on top of your game the rest of the day.

The resource for the ultimate jump rope
routine perfect for beginners and
advanced people like you …
Linebacker Fitness.

Go now and grab it.

Your mornings will never be the same.


Vincent Palko

When Doubt Creeps In

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

Often times when I sit down to
scratch out a new drawing. I grab
a couple of old sketches I drew
in the past.

The ones where even I was astonished
the work came from my hands.

The ones, as I apply finishing strokes,
an inner “aha” thought declares, “Wow, that turned out just
as you envisioned it before you began.”

I lay these works around my blank
sheet of paper to put me in the zone.

These are visual reminders of past success.

From time to time I do create images where
the lines are weak and wimpy.
Ones that lack energy and appeal.

Yes, I do. Unless I activate the law
of “I did it once – I can do it again” — law.
This is a huge part of my success with not
only art but many other areas of my life.

You have this same success mechanism
within you.

Its one that by simply recalling
a time when you succeeded in your
job better than anyone. When you
were in the prime shape. When
what you did to achieve it
was effortless and easy.
And you were in the zone.

By beginning a challenging task
with these enthusiastic thoughts – you’ll
thrust yourself back on the right path
to success.

But you cant just think about them. Before
you know it your mind will be distracted again.
Thats why its vital to have success images
around you to catapult you towards success.
You need constant reminders to absorb yourself in.

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Go for it.

Get after it.

Push on,

Vincent Palko

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Anchor Your Mind for Achievement

Friday, August 8th, 2008

From time to time I’m often asked
how a picture or illustration creates success in your life
and what the heck is a success anchor.

So I will pick up on our discussion from
the other day on the power of a visual.

In order to understand what an anchor is
let’s look at the most common
of anchors and that is a memory anchor.

I am sure if you saw a picture of your first
roadster or car a whole rush of memories and feelings would
come back.

How about a picture when your child turned one.
Can you see a picture of that around your house?
What feelings do you think of when you compare
who they’ve become to who they were before.

Or how about a picture from a past sporting
event with your cronies.

These are good memory jogging anchors.

The same is true for a success anchor.
But its slightly different.

For example, in my office hangs  a 17″ x 20″ picture
of the 1992 Ohio State game.
On the photo is printed –
September 12, 1992

Although we lost that game, we fought hard and
I dont have any ill-feelings of our performance.

To play in front of 94, 808 people and silence
them the whole first half – was a tremendous thrill.

This image brings back a rush of emotion
when I look at it.  The anchor that gets set
in my mind is an “I can do anything”
anchor.  If I can perform in a hostile environment,
at a high level, in pressure situations,
in front of four sky scrapers of fans on every side
–then I can do about anything I set my mind to.

Another item in my office is not a picture but a hand written letter
that is displayed.  Its from Kevin Plank, the founder
and CEO of the amazing Under Armour company.

The message he wrote is not for this email.

However, this framed note is a “follow your passion and change the world”
anchor that plants itself every time I gaze at it.
This man built his goliath business from
nothing and revolutionized the sports apparel industry.
This “david” came out of no where
and in a very short window of time is doing battle with
the goliath’s of the sports apparel industry like Nike and Adidas.

Now, the trick is to find images and things of your
past that empower you. Images that anchor thoughts of success
not only every time you look there way, but also
infuse you with energy when you walk past.

I am sure you could think of a few images
of yourself that remind you of a time when
you were in your prime; physically, mentally, and emotionally.

And its important to also lead your mind as well.
Meaning, stretch your mind to think of a future seen
in hollywood.  Make this vision larger than life.
Make it unbelievable.

Sketches and illustrations are great for this.
Why because some things you cant capture
in a picture. Like my Money Magnet
image that comes as a bonus when you
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keep it focused like a high powered laser. Have
success anchors all over your office and house and car.
So your mind cannot escape your intention and vision.

This aint no typical club that exists on the internet,
I am sure you’ll realize.

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Vincent Palko

When Fear is Removed

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Last weekend I took the family to a world
renowned amusement park called Cedar Point,
in Sandusky, Ohio.  We celebrated Sophia’s birthday there as well.

The night of her celebration, So-So and I snuck
out around 10pm, while her little sisters fell fast asleep.

The moonlit park was aglow with excitement of
racing teenagers to take advantage of
small roller coaster lines. Squeaky, high pitched girly
screams filled the night air.

We rode a “kiddie coaster” called the Jr Gemini.
It was over in about 10 seconds.

As we were exiting, I looked over at the real
Gemini, which had no line and wait time.
As a kid, this was the ride I was petrified of because my brother
told me all kinds of scary stories about the hills
and curves on it.  Plus, looking up at it freaked me out.

I choose not to go on it until I was about 12 or so.
The park has since added ones twice and three times
the height of the Gemini’s biggest hill.

When I asked Sophia if she wanted
to ride it, she said, “Yes.”

“Wow. Okay.”

Keep in mind, I never said, “You
might be afraid, the hill is five – even six times taller
than the Jr Gemini’s hill.”

Sophia passed the candy stick height test
and we found two seats towards the middle of the
the long snake of coaster cars.

The ride lurched forward and she raised her hands up going
up the 1st hill. When we hung at the top and looked down
she quickly pulled her hands down.
The rest of the ride included lots of laughing
and giggling from both of us.  The darkness made the ride
mysterious as you never knew where the next
curve or hill was.

It was a magical night. And I was simply amazed
by her courage. She rode her first major league roller coaster.
And she walked down the exit ramp like no big deal.
We ended up riding it again.

And we aint talking about the Disney hoe-hum
boring rides – either.  This one went 60 mph
and we rode another that went a screaming 74 mph.


Children can teach us tons about being fearless.
They have zero fear and are 100% brave when
they have not been PROGRAMMED to be fearful.
If you dont know that you are supposed to be afraid
of something – you wont be.

So many people have in their minds, voices
of I cant lose weight. I cant leave my job
to start my own business.

Fear of the road ahead. Fear of what its going to take to reach
the destination. Fear of what they cant see coming.
Fear of the seemingly difficult nature to achieve it.

All of these are simply mental blocks.
Ones that can be annihilated by moving.
Preferably you move in a forward direction – one that
leads you down the path of supreme health and fitness.

Just like a roller coaster, there will be ups and downs.
But also like a coaster, the ride will be over before
you know it and you’ll have a feeling of accomplishment
for taking the journey.

Key is to take the first step and observe how
all the chips fall into place. Plant the vision
of you already having what you want
in the future And watch fear
vanish and confidence pour into your mind.

If you can see that future you motioning
you to take the step and
waiting for you at the exit ramp
thinner, healthier, happier and more vibrant,
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Vince Palko

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