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Michael Phelps Commemorative Limited Edition Painting

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

I hate when people label me.

Dont you.

“Oh, you’re the fitness guy,”
some will say when we meet.

Or …

“Ahh, Vince you’re the cartoon guy, right?”

Wrong pal, I’m much more than that… I feel like saying.

Yes, many of you know me only through my daily writing
in my newsletter. And many of you know I am a cartoon marketer.
Many for my fitness and success products.

However, one of my first loves is painting watercolors.

And boy, do I have something for you.

The commemorative Michael Phelps piece I promised to
create is in the works.  This phantastic image
entitled, “Achieve Anything” (thanks to your feedback)
has been painted, designed and now rolling off the offset press as we speak.

This one-of-a-kind image will be ready to ship next week.

If you want a sneak peak, check it
out on my home page (upper left).

This painting energized me while applying the pigment
to the watercolor paper.  As I drew all 8 gold medals bouncing in space,
I struggled to make them all fit (somewhat realistically).
What a tremendous thrill it must have been continually ran through my brain.
And the great part is we all felt apart of it – cheering him on.

Why not capture that day forever and allow
Phelps’ Championship Pheat energize YOU
DAILY by displaying this in your office,
home, bathroom, and on your night stand.

I am only having 299 of these good guys
produced above and beyond my Rocket
Ride Club — so if you want to be uplifted and inspired
every time you take a gander at this image-
i suggest you enroll pronto, Tonto!

Those that enroll in my club TODAY will receive it
at no cost to you.  Thats right nothing. Nadda.

Go to the Success Rocket Ride Club to do so …

Bottom line: Im feeling extremely proud of this
and know you are going to love it.


Vince Palko

P.S. By enrolling Today you will also get
an opportunity to win a FREE set of greeting cards with this
same design to have for special occasions.

Those that enroll today will be placed into a
special drawing for the FREE 75 greeting cards package
delivered to your door.

Do NOT delay – make sure you at least grab your
Michael Phelps commemorative Limited Edition print NOW.

Think and Burn Calories

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Well, last night the girls and
I were all jacked for the big game.

OSU vs. USC.

Sophia suggested we camp out
watching the game on our living room
floor in front of the big screen.

I gave the idear two thumbs ups.

So snacky-snacks we a flowing.
More on that in a bit.

After the first two USC touchdowns, all three zonked out.
Reference photo above.

I hung in there thinking anything can
happen on any given Saturday.

And another maxim – “Its not how you start, its how you finish.”

However, the Bucks looked
beleaguered and bamboozled-
unsure how to recover
and come back.

Perhaps, I should have closed ‘er
down when the goils did.

USC’s dee-fense swarmed like hornets
and blasted the bucks. And didnt let them
up to even breathe.

So back to the snacky snacks.

Funny, an older gent, while in
line to buy some snacks for the game earlier
that eve tapped me on the shoulder
and said, “A moment on the lips – forever on the hips.”

I slowly turned back around and said,
“Shoot, I’ll burn this off in my sleep.”

“Well, I want to see what kind of program
you are on,” he replied.

Programs … ? Well, check …
Super Body Blitz
Linebacker Fitness

First off, I am not a woman.
Nothing goes to my hips so
what the heck was he thinking.

Second, when you are burnin calories
faster than a white hot wood burning stove -
you need not worry about treating yourself
every once in a while.

When you are moving your body daily,
you enjoy snacks and dont beat
yourself up for munching them.

Myself, I personally like the Michael Phelps
aproach and not counting calories like
Richard Simmons or the Weight Smatchlers

Get up, get burning and go to bed
sleeping like a baby during a thunderstorm.

And dont let someone rain on your picnic.
Program your mind by affirming simple phrases when the party
spoilers come up behind you.

Do it by taking the first step,
step up and grab the irresistible offer
- the 5 easy payments
on the Palko Power Combo Pack.


Vince Palko

Give 20 to Receive 120

Friday, September 12th, 2008

Some people want to know when the
best time to exercise is.

It depends. Both times of the day are great.
You’ll never hear that I frown on either.

Your body is moving – thats the important part.

At the same time, morning versus evening
depends on your needs.

I’ll give you one example.

Yesterday, I was interviewed on the topic of
making your passion your profession.

And at one point we discussed
how to utilize your day to bring your passion to
life. He said, “What would you
tell my coaching clients who put in 40-50 hour weeks
and come home with no extra energy to work on their business.”

I said, “Fitting in exercise in the morning is critical.
If you get up in the morning and just get 20 minutes in -
later that evening you’ll get back an extra
hour or two to focus on your book, business or hobby.”

Most people think you need energy
to exercise, this is completely false.
There are some mornings I dont have any juice in
the tank.

But if I hit the back deck with a round of Lightning Linebacker Fitness,
my day just got energized. And it stays with you all day long.

Get the notion out of your noggin that you
need energy to exercise – you need EXERCISE to be ENERGIZED.

Now why LB fitness compared to any other program.
Well, I said, 20 minutes is good in the morning.
However it takes about 5-7 minutes and I am
huffing and puffing.

Now I dont jump the entire time – especially if you are just
starting out … follow what I teach on the end of DVD 1 in the
fifteen minute workout and you will be good to go.

LB fitness is effective because when you
train this way, your blood pumps faster,
you take in more oxygen, and in the least amount
of time. After 10 minutes you’ll feel like
you just trained for 30 big ones.

Your newly ENERGIZED mind and body
tackles any challenge or good news the day may deliver.

Jump your way to Linebacker Fitness
and grab the course designed for
the person on the go.

All for now.


Vince Palko

Put Out the Fire

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Palkos at BG

Last night I watched the Falcons lose to Minnesota. Yet, my girls and I had a blast at our first full game together.

And to the lone Minnesota reader (who wrote in last week) who’s alma mater
avenged last years upset… Hats off.

Putting Out the Fire is jargon, a battle cry – designed to plant
a mental message to shift back the momentum to your team.
A way to smother the momentum the other team
now has. That can be another turnover, stopping the offense in a
3 plays so they are forced to punt and so on.

This is the fastest way to overcome short term adversity.

When you have 11 guys thinking this and itching
to get on the field to smother the other teams
excitement great things happen. And I witnessed it several times.

How do you face adversity … Mike Ditka,
(former coach of the Bears) this morning on an NFL
preview program said, “When you are punched in the nose,
do you punch back or do you sit and bleed.”

Obviously, punching back is a figure of speech
and the key point is to move not sit.

Do you have any personal battle cries
to focus your mind upon when momentum
seemingly shifts against you?This month I will give you a few Palko Power
Phrases to place in your arsenal designed to obliterate
any possible set back. This is just the tip of the iceberg too.

This month will be over flowing with success and fitness
information as well.

Run over to
and climb on board the Success Rocket Club.


Vince Palko

Its Just Like Taking a Vacation

Friday, September 5th, 2008

Many people dont understand how visualize
or are confused how its done.

Sometimes a metaphor is the simplest
way to understand something.

Take for instance Claude Bristol’s
example in the book, “The Magic of Believing.”

He writes …

“All of you sometime in your life have taken a
vacation trips.

Did you ever stop to analyze the mental process
involved?  First you got the idea of the trip, then
you decided where you would go, and shortly you
began to visualize yourself in the mountains, at the
sea shore or visiting some new city, and the vacation
turned out as planned because you saw yourself doing it –
actually before the vacation trip became
a reality.  Could anything be clearer?”

Now take the same process and apply it to
whatever else you are searching for.

If you want continued assistance here
because its much like learning a new language,
I am here to help.

Run over to this page
and I’ll put you under my wing.

Unleash your success,

Vince Palko

Get a Jump on Your Day

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

You have heard the early bird gets the worm.

Well, I believe the person who pops outta
bed is ahead and gets the gold.

Don’t hit the snooze.

Don’t lay there confused.

Pop up as soon as the eye lids come unfused.

Think – Jack in the Box.

Your day awaits.

Your moment is now.

Dont hesitate.

He who hesitates isnt great.

Get after it.

When you are up and moving around.

Begin hopping up and down.

This is THE best way to fire up your metabolism
in the shortest, most effective way.

If you are licking your chops by now, one
resource you’ll want to investigate further
is my personal jump rope system that
lays out several routines in one.

There is a section on Beginner Basics and
another on the 5 Minute Linebacker Warm-up.

On top of that, you’ll love the Ten Tenacious Fat Burning Foot Movements.

When you have tried all those, its time to step it
up a bit with the Advanced Foot Movements and Exercises.

And the FAT will melt off your gills once you power through
the “9 Nitschke Foot Drills.”

Now there are other courses out there on jump rope
and most just show the exercises.

Thats dumb.

In my course, I have created not one, not two but
8 different workout ideas for you to select from and
decide which gives you the best fat burning results.

I even provide oversized cards of these routines
to keep at your feet while you exercise. So there
is no excuse to keep after it.

There is something for the beginner as well as the exercise expert.

Be agile, mobile and hostile,

Vince Palko

P.S. To check out what I’m talking about, go to

Could-a, Would-a, Should-a

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

I was thinking about something
the while driving in the car the other day …

“When you focus on the could-a, would-a, should-a’s of the past you are
in a constant state of missing the present, which repeats the cycle over again.”

- From the book according to Vince.


Vince Palko

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