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Are You Ready for 2009

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

While on break over the holiday I ran into a
few people who are excited to close out 2008.
And move on.

They said something to the tune of, “I’m ready for 2008 to be done.”

Man, I was kinda shocked… and then had to think back
on the year… to find out why.  Yes, its been challenging but its also been great.

Although I’m excited for the new year, I’d never look back on this year and
say I cant wait for it to be over.

Having an appreciation for what the year brought -
good or bad – is a way to ensure success in the new year to come.

Even if the year brought many challenges, hurdles and roadblocks.

Be grateful… and when you can honestly say you
are – you’ve discovered a secret to success.
You learn in challenging times.  And you discover just what
you are made of – sand or steel.

Otherwise, if you cannot find the good in the bad,
you’ll find yourself saying, “I cant wait for this year to be done,”
next year and the year after that.

So as I finish up this LAST letter of 2008, I’m overwhelmed
with gratitude and blessings from this past year.  I’m very grateful for my
family and close friends. And I have to thank you for
allowing me to share stories, tips, and yes, all of my fitness and success
products with you over the last year.

My glass of goodness runneth over.

I hope you can find the gifts in your life as well.

Talk with you next year.
HAH, thats tomorrow.

Happy New Year,

Vince Palko

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For the Cranky Non-Nappers

Saturday, December 20th, 2008


Today’s message comes straight from my bed. I’m typing this message
on me iPhone after a long Scandanavian bath treatment
(more on that in the New Year).
Yes all without leaving the comforts of my home.

This treatment followed a helluva rip roaring workout and meditation.

Ahhh, life is good.

Quick note:  if my words get chopped up u’ll have to excuse me. Steve Jobs might want to add a ‘sausage finger’ edition to the next iPhone typing pad.

Okay anyway… i’m not sure if I should read a book or take a nap.

I think I’ll take a holiday pre-nap.

Naps are great.

Naps are wonderful.

One of my old roommates used to hate when I’d take a nap.  Yet, he
was the crabbiest of patties, (ala Sponge Bob) and
could have used a few extra along the way to restore his system.

There is nothing better after exercising than a sh–, a shower and a shave…
and then climbing under da covers, gazing out the window at the
cold white covered Ohio landscape and drifting off.

Lance Armstrong always naps after his long bike runs to let his body recoop.

Nothing bettah, I say!

So make sure to increase your “nappage” over the break.
Naps lead to longevity.  Balance the busy with rest. And lots of it.

Have I talked u into a nap yet? Good. You deserve it.
Especially if you want to keep your health.

Make sure before u lay your weary head down, beforehand
u include just a few minutes of heart pounding twirls of the rope…
by grabbing my Linebacker course

Or u can also try my unusual plyometric routine down in ur basement
seen here:

Then u’ll nap even harder and wake up much more
refreshed and energized.

Ooops, gotta phone call – gotta run.
Yes, and then get back to napping.

The happy napper,

Vince Palko

P.S. Save Monday night for me. Look for a special tele-seminar
announcement tomorrow about a call I’m having as we close out 2008
and head into 2009. More to come.

A Special Christmas Story

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

There is a new Christmas story that has hit the bookstores
and, boy, am I proud to share it with you.

Why? Well, read on…

Here is the story line:
On Christmas Eve day, two college-aged sons begin to help their
father, who had over promised furniture deliveries to his treasured customers.
Working well into the dark night, the boys make one delivery after
another.  Exhausted and hungry, the boys discover the joy of Christmas on their
last, very special Christmas delivery!

Click this link to view it NOW:

If you are a parent, who likes to read books to
your children and if you are a lover of great Christmas stories,
you will want to grab a couple copies on Amazon.

If you are tired of all the other stories out
there (they only play them 20-30 times every holiday)
and want to true story from a REAL guy,
check this out-

Its my hunch that this has the makings of an awesome
Christmas movie… and no, not because the author is my Uncle,
the talented, Guerrino Rich. But because
its a wonderful story that will make your heart glow all
through the holidays and rest of the year.

And you can say you got it way before it became a blockbuster.


Vince Palko

P.S. That link again is …

Beware of Holiday Sitting

Monday, December 15th, 2008

As the holidays draw near – you will
need this secret to get you fit.  To get fit while others sit.

Now dont get me wrong.  I like to relax
and take it easy ’round the holidays.

But just like on vacation (or any other time when
I have extra free time) make sure you get active.
This way you wont feel slow as a slug
after you return from the holidays.  And the task for getting
in shape for the new year wont be as daunting.

Like those around you who will sit, sit, sit and sit some more…
while sipping coffee, eating coffee cake and talking up a storm.

I call the secret M.T.E.

More on that in a bit.

Last week I was on the road
back in Akron, caring for Dad who
is recovering from surgery.

Side note: 3 cheers for Dr. Bill
for providing excellent restoring tips
that Dads doc didn’t even suggest.

Go check out his website here:

When I got to Dads … Faith Hill, was having her
Christmas special on his big screen. We both sat mesmerized by
her mighty fine singing voice and larger than life- fine energy.
However, am normally not a TV sitter or news watcher.

So at some point – I had to bust free
of the boob tube and M.T.E. time… Make Time to Exercise.

The perfect moment came when
pops decided to take a nap.

So I helped him into bed and put
on my rain slicker and headed outside.
Since I forgot my linebacker rope that comes with
Linebacker Fitness …

I jogged down to where people were ice skating.
and warmed up next to a metal barrel of burning wood.

Then I ran along the grey Cuyahoga River skyline and also did some
stair work.  I stopped next to a raging waterfall, stood up
on a large stone protruding out of the river and performed
some recharging qi gong exercises
(taught by Dr. Wu…. seen here

There is an over abundance of energy waiting
for you when you exercise next to powerful forces
in nature. But thats another talk for another time.

And when I walked back into the house, I was a new man.

My face was bright red (from the wind) and my fat burning furnace roaring.

Perfect for kicking back, relaxing with dad (as he healed)
and catching up on our movies together.  Not to mention taking time to
lead him through some powerful, powerful healing visualizations.

So this holiday beware of the holiday sitter and sitting
that takes place… discover ways to politely excuse
yourself and find ways to M.T.E.

And come the new year you’ll be off and running
towards a fitter, healthier, happier YOU.


Vince Palko

P.S. Tough times call for tough people, and I’m excited to introduce
a new book all around this theme, soon to be released.

Put Some Rocks in Your Purse, Portis

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Was a watchin’ the Ravens put a thumpin
on the Redskins last night.

Clinton Portis, the Redskins star running back,
broke a finger nail so he was sidelined after
the second quarter. TV cameras showed him
huddled under his warm winter coat while
his teammates finished the game.

Can’t understand how these guys make the jack
they do and cant find a way to play through
a little “Stinger”. Makes me ill.

Contrast Portis with another player.
I saw a long lost foe on the field.
Lorenzo Neal… still handing out the headaches
with his bone crushing blocks.

I played against Lorenzo back in 1991 in
the California Raison Bowl when we beat
Fresno State. He was a shorter guy with a low center
of gravity. Yes, I remember making a tackle
and holding on for dear life as he dragged me
and a couple other guys for an extra 5 or 8.

He was the type you had to go for the legs and
try and make a “cut tackle.” I see he picked up
a couple extra lbs these days and cant imagine
tackling him now.

Best try and go for the shoe string and avoid
his lumbering Tarzan thighs altogether.

Clinton can learn something from Lorenzo how to play
through pain … the announcers said Lorenzo
has the NFL record for playing in the most games
as a fullback over a 16 year career.

And I’ll bet LaDainian Tomlinson’s misses his old fullback.

Or Clinton can take a couple of Linebacker Fitness pills
and call me in the morning. It’ll toughen you
up while getting you fit.

Okay, I’ll take my Monday morning quarterback
jersey off and carry on.

Much linebacker love,

Vince Palko

P.S. I am in the works to reveal my new book…
and boy ole boy am I … X-sigh-ted! More on that to come.

Buddies Blast Blubber

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Last week I got a call from a friend who wants to bring me in
as the “ringer” to his flag football team.  Don’t think I will oblige as
football was made for tackling not pulling flags.  The equivalent is
like playing basketball without the hoops – just run up and down the
court dribbling a ball, pass it back and forth but never shoot for the score.

No sir.

However, this same guy races triathlons – and we are about at the same
swim level – so I’ll see if he’d like a swim buddy
to compete with. Having a buddy to hold you accountable moves you
faster to your goals.

I can be your buddy… No, necessarily a face to face buddy,but a resource to meet with every morning, noon or night.
Someone to encourage you when it feels like you havent made
progress, someone to pick you up after a setback and yes
even someone to kick you in the kiester – when you need a boot
to the booty.

And maybe one day a face to face meeting and a high five
to congratulate you on a job well done with all the weight
you lost.

If you want to invite me into your house everyday
as your fitness buddy, run over to

Your buddy,

Vinnie “Boom, Boom” Palko

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