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Why People Eat and Eat

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

This weekend billions of people
will tune into the Super Bowl
and stuff their faces with all kinds of crappy food
and other assorted ‘Ghe-dunks’ (term for snacks
Dad brought back from the Navy).

And they will do this until they sit stuffed, tired
and sleep through the 3rd and 4th quarters.

Have you ever wondered why people do this.

I have and I used to be one of em. More on that later.

I remember being on the phone earlier
this year tunin into a big sports even.

And the person on the other line asked,
“What are you snackin on.”

I said, “nothing.” Instantly I felt the urge
to run and grab something.

Imagine that – just watching the event
without snacking.  They could not believe it.

This friends question and my reaction
is a perfect example of one of the many
reasons people eat.

And it aint always because you are hungry.

A perfect example is when my kids eat a full meal and
may times immediately following ask, “Im hungry Dad — can I have something to eat’

Now how can this be? This also is another
perfect example of Why People Eat and It Aint Always
Cause Your Hungry.

Knowing why you eat comes only out of tracking
your diet for an extended period of time, like I have.

And now I want to share these secrets so
you dont have to track and count your diet.
Once you learn these
you’ll be better able to make smarter healthier
decisions about your health.

Sign up here to ensure you have
a copy of this amazing piece of information:

In the mean time, thanks to all you Steeler fans who
sent me your emails telling me I am wrong. No its not because
I’m a Browns fan.

The Steelers are tough. No doubt.
But they are missing two important items important for
any victory. The Cards have a leader and an outstanding
athlete who is connected to spirit,
like Mr Komeback Kurt. Its like Bruce the Almighty playing for your team.

Take this and combine it with the fact
everyone has wrote the Cards off all year and
the Iron City folks have their work cut
out for them.  This is more than an underdog battle cry… its a face held
in doo, doo way too long that is going to come out
and fight, fight, fight to the bitter end.  Watch up baby.

Go Cards, beat the tar out of the Steelers.


Vince Palko

My Super Bowl Predictions

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

A couple days ago I was traveling back from Tampa
at an incredible coaching session
with Matt Furey. Part of his program can be seen
here ..

While there, I thought I to grab a souvenir from the
city hosting the biggest sporting
event of the year seen by cabillions all over the globe.

I grabbed a sweet long sleeve blue and lime green shirt that
simply said Super Bowl XLIII. No crappy Steelers logo on it.

The guy ‘up sold’ me a hat. He showed me a couple
different styles.  One had the two teams on the front
and he called it a battling emblem hat. I told him
I could care less who wins. So give me the matching
SuperBowl hat like my badass shirt.

The truth is I dont care who really wins. Meaning,
my week wont be ruined if either team takes it.
But I’ll be tuned in for the game … and to see Springsteen
rock Tampa at halftime. No Bama rhetoric Bruce. Just play man.

I want what most people dont want to see… a defensive
battle. You know the low scoring game … where it comes
down to a goal line stand with ten seconds left … where one
team wants it more than the other and edges the other team out.


Thats what life is about too.


When you are soar. When you are tired. When you wanna
give up. Can you dig deep to pull
out something you never knew you had.

I can remember being on the bottom of a pile in
the endzone fighting for a fumble. The ball went back and forth
between me and my opponent.
By the time the refs pulled everyone off…
I had the ball in my hands.  And it wasnt cause I was stronger
that the bigger o-lineman. Its because I wanted it more. It took everything I had too.


Thats what separates winners from CHAMPIONS.

The ability to focus and attain your dreams when
you have chaos and pressure beating down on you.
Thats how CHAMPIONS are forged.

And the reason why the Cardinals will win. I like the under dogger.

So it will be a defensive struggle, yet, at the same time I
think the Cards will win because of Komeback Kurt …
who has the ability and the eye of the Cardinal to do it.

Kurt is one who can pull a team up by its bootstraps in any situation and rally.
So I wont be vague and just say they will win. More on Komeback Kurt tomorrow.
Here is my prediction:

Cards 17 — Steelers 13

Good luck to both teams.
And let there be no major injuries on either side of the ball.

Be a champion today.  Drop the excuses. Drop
the negative self talk. Drop the remote …
drop the news that has no baring on you and start moving
in the direction you want your life to go.


Vince Palko

P.S. If you want to start moving in the direction
of better health and fitness well check out these
four programs…
and when you do these exercises you’ll look and feel
like the talented, svelte athletes in the SuperBowl.

What is in your past

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Nido Qubein said, “Your present circumstances
dont determine where you go; they merely determine where you start.”

Take however negatively you viewed yourself and your
fitness plan in the past and throw it out the window.
Exclamation point.

Next step, click the link below to grab one of these

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Vince Palko

Lebron Signs with the Browns

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Did you see the insurance commercial
showing Lebron signing with the Cleveland Browns.
The superbowl commercials are off to an interesting start already.
If you don’t know Lebron James – hes a the mega superstar
playing for the Cleveland Cavs.  This commercial plays
upon every Cleveland Browns’ fans wish; having a superstar athlete
on the football team. A REAL superstar to show up and revive the embarrassing organization.Okay, maybe not as embarrassing as Detroit.

But as I sat watching — jaw grazing the carpet –
and dreaming thats just what the Brownies need.

I crafted 8 reasons why Lebron may sign with the Brownies.

1) Lebron’s tall – average size of an NFL defensive back is 6’1″ maybe 6’2″…
Lebron is 6’8″ You do the math. Can you say … ‘Just lob one up to me baby!’

2) Unlike Michael Jordan who delved into baseball and layed an egg…
Lebron actually played football on high school and was good.

3) Lebron’s soft hands -  perfect for a tall flanker compared to the stone mits many of the Browns receivers have- not to mention any names Braylon “butter fingers” Edwards.

4) Lebron’s athleticism- maybe he does not have 4.2 speed but he does have athleticism.  All he needs to do is run a go route and again … ‘Just lob one up to me baby!’ No one will out leap or reach his stretchy arms. Not even

5) Re-ignite the city- The Cavs are kickin ass and now he can help the team who has struggled ever since Modell moved the team to Baltimore.
They now have a new coach.  And the Browns could save a draft pick
and sign Lebron as a free agent.

6) Leadership- even though he is what 24 now… his leadership skills
are unmatchable. He walks his talk and would unite the team with his winning attitude and direction.

7) Basketball on Grass – When a team passes a
ton the defense calls this strategy like ‘playing BASKETBALL on grass.’
Well, last I checked Lebro is pretty darn
talented in hoops. Browns can shift entire
offense to West Coast style – baby.

8) The Browns should try anything to spark
the teams success.  If he doesn’t work out – no biggie – better
than signing some young kid out of college who is most
likely to be a bust anyway.

But it will never happen. Or will it?

Now what does the above have to do with your
fitness or success? Well, maybe nothing. Maybe something
if you want to read super into things.
Its just me just ranting and having fun in email.

However, I do have a new Special Report,
entitled 43 Secrets to Stoke your Fat Blast Furnace
that is all about keeping you fit and happy.
People are climbing over each other (like a WHO concert) to get to.

Fulfillment says we are running low on
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Lebron’s Football Agent,

Vince Palko

P.S. Tune in for my Super Bowl prediction later this week.
I called the Super Bowl teams halfway through the
1st playoff game.. before the Iggles tried to make a comeback.
So you can bet – my prediction will be on the moneeey.

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Womens Weird Wedding Weight Reduction

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Women do something strange preparing for
their wedding … somewhat weird yet inspiring.

When you take a closer look at their approach,
its no doubt anyone with the same desire could do
the same – men or women.

And because of their weirdness, they drop a ton of weight.

Now what do they do to lose weight, well, you’ll
have to grab a copy of my Special Report entitled,
43 Secrets to Stoke Your Fat Blast Furnace and turn
to point #20.

And while most people’s New Year’s resolutions are
running out of steam… yours will be kicking into high gear
with ideas to keep yourself moving and the fat melting.

Hurry, move quickly, these reports are flying off the shelf
faster than I have copies for.


Vince Palko

43 Secrets …

Friday, January 16th, 2009

Wow, we have been bombarded with
decisive doers taking action on the “43 Secrets to Stoke
Your Fat Blast Furnace” Special Report.

Run over here to see what all the hubbub is about
and the page comes down.

Have a greeat weekend!


New Energy in O ‘Nine

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Can you feel it?

The new energy that is buzzing round.

I’m sensing its very different from last year
and wow is it exciting.

When you slow down your breathing you can feel it.

When you slow down your life you can sense it.

Yes, there are many challenges that this year brings.

However, I like the passage from Deepak Chopra…
“Let go of all anger, worry, regret and choose the miracle.”

When you constantly focus on the miracle-
you’ll be amazed how your life opens up in new ways.

What miracle you may ask. Well, there are miracles
happening all around you.  The miracle of life, the miracle of death,
the miracle of healing, the miracle of love, the miracle
of forgiveness, the miracle of a comeback, the miracle of new beginnings,
and the miracle of fat loss – if you choose to see it in miracle form.

Lets take the last one.  Does it not amaze you
when you see old friends or family members who used to be
fat and are now thin.

It’s an actual miracle transformation of the body.

Well, I have a miracle exercise program for you.

I actually have several. Lets look
at one though it could be for all…
This one wont take very long and  will leave
you energized, recharged and slim…

This one the great Hershel Walker did all the time.
The same guy who made the all pushup and situp
workout famous…
Run over to see a pict of him in action
back in the day-hey-hey

Oh yeah, and by the way, if you havent yet picked up your
Special Report on “43 Secrets to Stoke Your Fat Blast Furnace” be sure to do so, NOW.  If you apply just ten of these secrets – you’ll be light years ahead of where you once were with your fitness and health.

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Yes, miracles do happen on a daily basis.
You could be next.  Are you ready for yours.


Vince Palko

Biggest upset of the week

Monday, January 12th, 2009

I wanna talk to you about the biggest upset last week.
And it doesn’t have to do with any overhyped
college or NFL game.

Let’s take you to the dusty wrestling mats of
Findlay High School
and a young junior named, Max.

This young man wrestles heavyweight, yet is at a
distinct disadvantage being he weighs a mere 240 lbs when his
foes are at least 285 or heavier.
He does have a height advantage though with a towering 6’5″ frame.

So all he has to do is to keep his caloric intake steady
to gain weight. But its not that easy.  A miniscule 3 pound gain
is worthy of a celebration because nothing sticks to his tall frame.

So each morning his Mom prepares a hearty breakfast then
he heads off to the gym.  He lost his father way before he
ever got to know him.

Mom acts as both Mom and Dad to Max.  She knows more about
the sport than any other mother. And she ensures her heavyweight is
well-fed to keep up with his opponents.

In many ways, she is like a second coach too, as she invested in a personal
strength coach who’ll help beef up his skinny frame.

Now let’s talk about Max. What makes this kid also unique is his
ability to paint and draw.  So he has had experience of taking the
pictures in his mind and putting them to paper.
An integral key component to success along with the
goals he sets for himself. He is a young man who wants
to succeed not only for himself but for his mom and his coach.

Last week Max was ranked #10 in Division II and he faced
an opponent who was number 1. It was a hard fought battle that lasted 10 minutes… but when the dust on the mat settled Max’s arm
was raised.  Holy smokes he won!

A couple weeks before the match – Mom hired me to create a
Success Visual of Max winning state.

In the framed illustration, I tried to capture the feeling of the pride he
would feel winning it as well as the pride his mom would experience
when the two hugged afterward.

Creating a highly emotionally charged picture of the future that doesnt exist yet
is the fastest way to achieve the unachievable.

If Max holds the vision clearly defined – as well as do all the other necessary
things to succeed – we’ll be looking at a State champion as a junior.

Good luck Mighty Max.

And if you are wondering how I can help you get what you want
I have this thing called my Success Club that many raving about.
Each month I send you a highly charged success tool to help you
move closer and closer to the very future you desire. Is it better health, is it more wealth or is it being able to do more with less time – I can help.

To read more about Success Club, click the link.


Vince Palko

Why Tim Tebow Won

Friday, January 9th, 2009

“Act as if the whole world is watching you…”

I read that recently in some publication.

And it speaks to the kind of character
successful people have to prescribe to.
Mostly because the whole world IS watching them.
But what about you and me.

When no one is watching you… how do you handle
yourself.  And in particular are you excited or drained
as you flow through the day. More on that in a bit.


Before I head off for a workout… I wanted to jot down
some quick thoughts on last nights SuperBowl of college
football.  So please excuse the extra dose of typos.

Pretty incredible game between two excellent coaches
and squads.

I caught some of the pregame segments. I like
watching behind the scenes action as two teams prepare
their minds.

One thing that impressed me about  Tim Tebow,
Florida’s quarterback, was one key component leadership skill.

Beyond being a standout athlete, this one item is something
we mere mortals have the ability to tap into.

And no its not wearing John 3:16 on your ‘eye black’
and starting your day.

Its not his crew cut hair do…

Its not his large stature.

It IS his unwavering enthusiasm and zest for life.

He are three examples:

1) Before the game, cameras showed him patting every player on
the back in warm-ups as they stretched.

2) He danced on thin air as he did his Morning Glory
exercises- like energy buzzed through his bones.
Side note: these same exercises are also taught in my course, The Super Body Blitz.  Yes, many ball clubs do these exercises as well.

3) After big play moments in the game he vigorously celebrated.

These are just three I noticed – you could probably add some
of your own.

This was the only factor that separated him from Tom Bradford, the Sooners
QB, that night.  Both are fantastic athletes overflowing with talent and skill. And Tim’s noticeable difference in excitement and energy was the difference in the game.

Why is it.

Enthusiasm is a powerful quality to possess.
Reason is, it rubs off on those around you…players, coaches, fans and even news casters. So now there are about 80 Tim Tebows running around the field knocking people over and popping up afterevery play. Anyone who has played the sport can tell you this demoralizes an opponent.

Tim lit up the whole stadium with energy.  And you could see it happening
soon as the cameras followed him into the stadium.

When you are excited to start each day fresh and new
good things come to you.  So add a bit of pep to your step
and a bit of swagger to your strut…. and watch how
today changes for you.

Do it starting NOW.

Feeling Kinda Zesty,

Vince Palko

Why Athletes Point to Heaven

Monday, January 5th, 2009

This one will surge below the surface of
typical drivel you may get in your inbox on a daily basis.

By going deep, the intent is to help you rise above.
And think bigger… and greater … and to be more.

Now with that said, if you are like me, you’re feeling up
to your eye balls in football lately.

But you gotta get every last drop in
before the season ends. Right?

Well, thats my approach at least.

While watching over a hundred plays
in the last couple weeks.. many a time
did I see an athlete point to the heavens
when performing a big play.

This is cool to watch.

And I love when people say, “God doesn’t care
who wins the game.”

How do you know.

Have you asked.

What these doubters are missing is this ->

An athlete recognizes his higher power
when he makes a big play by pointing upward.
Many times a player is just as amazed as the fans
when he squeaks through a wall that a mouse would have
trouble squeezing through to score a touchdown.

Or any other huge game shifting play in front of 80,000 people.

Pointing to the heavens is their way of acknowledging God or
whatever higher power they believe in assisting
in making the big play happen … for guiding them.. protecting them
and so on.

Now this thought will upset many.

But the amazing news is we all have the
ability to tap into our own higher power
to achieve wonderful, amazing, unusual, shocking
things we never thought we were capable of.

And it doenst matter what what religion you are ..
or are not … everyone has a high power hovering
above you – guiding you, supporting you, keeping you safe.

Trusting that the power is there to tap into is what
these standout athletes have above the average person.


Simple as that.

Making them super human in a way.

Yes, they may get more spiritual during
the season but if its part of their success system
then who cares.  Whatever works… or at least thats
how i sees it.

So play everyday like you are a super star
athlete and expect that the universe will be there
help you achieve mind blowing success.

Go Texas,

Vince Palko

P.S. I’m down to 48 sets of my 43 Secrets to Stoke
Your Fat Blast Furnace
.. run over here to grab
yours before they vanish into thin air…

P.P.S. Hopefully Ohio State did a little
Gridiron Mind Power
before the game … they will need it.
They’ve lost each bowl game in the last two years.

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