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Archive for February, 2009

My dangerous exposed amalgam

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Yesterday I went to the dentist to fix a broken molar with
exposed amalgam filling.

No biggie, I have had this for only a few months. Thats a lil sarcasm.

Well, went to see my herbalist a month ago and she
said you need to take care of that immediately.

“Not good Vince, not good.”

I knew she was right but I didnt want to go.

Didnt want an unexpected expense. Didnt want
the drilling. You know the bit.

Well, I firmly believe that all the worry and ‘anxs’
affected me subconsciously. Every time I ate something, brushed
my teeth and felt the tingles on the side of the jaw – I thought I NEED
to get that darn thing fixed.

Believe it or not, this held me back in other areas.

Its kinda like having a splinter in your big toe
and never removing it.

What does that do to your energy.  It drains it.
The thorn in your side dominates thought as you live each day.

No matter what you are working on – its always
there in the background playing like bad elevator music.

Have you ever had something like that.

It wasnt until I could feel my left side after the numbness went away
that I experienced homeostasis.

Take care of the little things that drain your energy.
They add up to be bigger things.  Seal up the leaks, vince.
Watch how your life opens up and puts
you back on the path to success and happiness.

All for now.

Be back later.

Vince Palko

O’promises promises

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Well, last night was an O’promise fest,
like he was back out on the campaign trail.
He had the troops fired up.

I promise to fix this – we are going to fix that.

How bout O’sticking to one darn thing.

Focus the resources there, fix it, build momentum
and move our focus to the next area.

Yes you have other targets but focus
the light on one dark area at a time.

At least tell us our focus is going to be
the struggling economy and shift more
of our energy to the next item at hand.

You do that ONE thing and you can hang your
presidency on that.  End of story.
This would have been much more palatable
for me.

Lets see if he delivers on any one of
of his O’promises.

Hey, but what do i know, I’m just an
artist/author.  Speaking of art,
had an idea for a cartoon after watching
last night.


Caption for Obama: “I promise that your underwear
will fit better than ever by the time I’m through.”

Nancy Pelosi, with her plastic smile, jumps
out of her seat exalting the president clapping profusely.


What was up with her last night. What a card.

Well, time to get some Linebacker Fitness in only 15 minutes
and get this day started the way I like.


Vince Palko

Funniest interaction so far

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Was sitting at Subschownz the other day with the Palko Pink Trio;
Sophia (age 7), Georgia (age 4) and Vivian (age 3).

Handsome guy walks in.

Georgia says to Sophia, “What. Do you think he’s
handsome cause your looking at him?”

Sophia says nothing…

Vivian responds in a squeaky voice while eating a Dorito,
“You better watch it Georgia, or he’ll punch you in the face.”

I sat back and admired my wonderful girls.
I listened as Sophia peppered Georgia with questions
and Georgia fired answers right back.

Hearing their interaction was amusing. They carried on
like I wasnt even there. Also, was kinda cool to be observing what goes
on in a female mind when admiring the opposite sehx.

Now lets talk success for a spell.

What if you could take a step back and observe
all the chatter that goes on in your head on
a daily basis. See it for only that – just chatter.
Like I observed my girls.

When you meditate this makes this process a heck of
a lot easier.

Why would you want to do this.

Well, when you are a detached observer watching yourself -
you can assess yourself and your situation as just that
flashes coming in and out of your mind.

Thats how you handle the negative chatter
that exists all around you these days.

See it as chatter – nothing else.
When you reach the point where this chatter is
amusing – then you know you are connected
to your higher power.

To learn a meditation that connects you
to source, eliminates the chatter, and leaves you feeling energized
and alive – grab a seat on the Success Rocket Ride ship.

Because you never want someone else to
be in control of your thoughts – only you.


Vince Palko

P.S. If your world is falling apart and is negative
right now. Do what Suzanne Summers said,
“Find ways to turn negatives into positives” – after
being fired from Three’s Company and becoming
a best selling author and successful entrepreneur.

Unusual Outdoor Exercises

Friday, February 20th, 2009

Unless you are the Dalai Lama – things in
life can stress you out and frustrate you. Yes, life
creates happiness too.

How you handle the first two items – ultimately determines how
often and how much you are the last.

This month in my Success Rocket Ride
I reveal the reason why I mix
tree huggin into my meditations.

I reveal this along with many other
Unusual Outdoor Exercises to eliminate stress,
build strength and endurance – all at once.
And gives you an instant serotonin injection.

With spring around the corner – you’ll
want these tools in your belt to have when
you bust out of the stale house to enjoy spring’s wonderful fresh air.

Now, I’ve hugged trees for the last few years. If this raises one
eye brow for you, being that im a big football guy, GOOD.  I’ve
always prided myself on never fitting any mold and breaking
any current one that I’ve created – almost as soon as
its formed.

My friend Dr. Wu, who is a Chinese Medical Qi Gong Master,
added an eastern piece to my practice thats taken it over
the top. My meditation now tops anything else I do for clearing my mind and more. In this day and age… tahts huge.

I illustrated the full exercise for maximum relaxation
and meditation in this months edition of the Success Rocket Ride Club.

This meditation will melt stress from your mind. It will
dial you into source power for unbelievable reserves
of strength and energy.  You’ve gotta give it a shot.

Yes, it sounds a little out there. However, I believe
those who have a strong connection to source power
will have the edge in the future.

Please check out this page and see if the Success Club
is a fit for you.
Its not for everyone but those that join up…
love the BIG package of success programming that arrives each month.

Run over to this page to grab all your freebies
and this months edition.


Vince Palko

Do I Hug Trees Naked

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Yesterday, I got up and wrote on my Facebook wall,
“I hug trees but I dont eat granola.”

Yes, I’m a closet tree hugger and in a bit I’ll tell you why.

One gent asked if I ever tried bare naked.

I said, “No, not completely. I had socks on once.”

He screamed back at me… “the CEREAL Vince, the cereal!”

Oh, gotcha – I grinned.

When I looked up bare naked cereal nothing came
up on Google ‘cept BEAR Naked Cereal.

This is a terrific example of rearranging the same
exact letters… and receiving the wrong message.   :(

I could go into a long discussion on this. But I wont.

I’ll simply say, the same is true for your fitness plan.
You might know all the tools to use to get
fit but arrange them the wrong way and you might
be doing yourself more harm than good.

A quick example, if you stretch after you
exercise – you have a higher chance of injury,
or a pulled muscle while doing it versus stretching before.

You want a program that will give you the results you
need in the least amount of time and effort.

For more on that, visit two of my fitness courses that
can give you the exact drills to follow in either a 15, 20, 25
minute workouts that erase your waistline, give you more
energy, build strength and obliterate stress.

There you have it.

More on my tree hugging addiction later today.


Vince Palko

Why I’m Going to Do Drugs

Monday, February 16th, 2009

You know what pisses me off.

I’ll tell ya.

Pull up your footrest and kick back for a spell.

There is a local “celebrity” in town developing
his own TV show being filmed on one of the cable channels.

This so called ‘celeb’ used to be a drug addict. The addict kicked
the habit and has been racing triathlons and other LD races ever since.

So now they are making a reality show out of it.
Yeah, that’s all we need is another reality show.
Or should I say UNreality show.

So this unreality show is coming out.
Plus, this cat gets all kinds of local publicity
and is asked to speak to local groups.

Bull crap.

Now, I know why cable wants him. It’s a compelling story.

But why hire him to speak. What organization would hire
that bum.

Here is my issue with the x-druggie. Simply put what about the people who never get addicted to drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, chocolate, coffee, colas, chewing tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, and so on.  People who fly the straight and narrow.
These are the heroes.

Please dont send me an email saying I’m an elitist. I’m not.
I work on balance all the time. I have a ‘problem’ with
playing all day.  The equivalent to what most people call ‘work.’

However i am a realist.  And wouldn’t you want to hear what
people whos only addiction is – pushing themselves everyday, or accomplishing
task after task – without tokin up in the afternoon and telling you how to lead your life.  These same people have been exposed to these vices just as much
as the typical addict, yet have found a way to ignore them.

Wouldn’t you want to be around THESE people and let their essence
rub off on you? Wouldn’t you want to see how they lead
their lives on a daily basis? Wouldn’t you want to hear
their opinion on how to make a better world.

No, let the former drug addict speak because he turned his
life around. Well, guess what. Give the former addict
money to fuel his ego with a TV show and watch how
his chance for relapse spikes.

So I guess I’m going to take drugs. Maybe start with some reefer and
then jump into to heroin, maybe slip some angel dust and then wait a
while a few months and kick the addiction. I’ll have a compelling story to sell
and be asked to share my experience with the world. Think of how
many more people I can reach.

Actually, not really. I like my life the way it is.  You might say I’m
high on what life serves me everyday – challenges and all.
And if you want this same outlook – even in a rough
economy – follow me on over to my Success Club.

Get a slice of my essence every month wherein I share how
to prepare your mind and body everyday
for a non-addictive, life enhancing experience.

One where you are discovering your true essence
to live your dreams to the fullest.

If you are still reading – you are compelled at the
thought and need to follow me on over to:

Go there NOW and I’ll see you in this months edition with an
amazing natural nature exercises sure to connect you to
source power for unbelievable strength and endurance.

You won’t be disappointed.


Vince Palko
The Non-Drug Addict, Life Achiever
Who Has Something to Say

I’m On Call

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Was laughing with a good friend
the other day when she asked
why I do all ‘this’ training.

“What are you training for,” she asked.

“I’m on call.”

“What do you mean by that,” she inquired.

Well, I want to be in shape when
I get the urge to do a race or if I get
a call from a friend who wants
to do some kind of fun sport or activity.

I also believe this year has a whole new energy to
it.  And I want to be on call for what may arise out of the blue.

I want to be the go to guy in
my family for having more energy
and enthusiasm to tackle
any challenge that lies ahead.

I want to be at the head of the pack, not behind.

I can remember a time when I wasn’t.

It was when I was caught off guard
when I got a call out of the blue
(in the off-season) from my strength coach my junior year
at BGSU.

“Vince, Jacksonville is here to test you
and some other Juniors in the forty yard dash.”

Oh shit I thought.

Where did that come from.  I havent even
been practicing that. And what if I run
a shitty time. What the hell do I do.
All these thoughts ran through my head.

I made some poor excuse and just took
the Wonderlick test.

Now, I had this goal to play in the NFL but
I wasnt prepared to deliver at a moments
notice.  That still haunts me to this day.

And they say you learn from your mistakes.

That was a BIGGIE that eventually did not allow
me to reach my goal.

So now I stay fit cause I like the energy and
wonderful upbeat feelings that stay with me
throughout the day.  AND…

I shoulda been a Marine.

Are you fit?

If yes, what do you stay fit for?
(And yes, I’d love to hear with a short post
on my blog.)

If no, when would be a good time to start ‘gettin’ after it?’

How about RIGHT now.

Here is a course that can help any beginner or
exercise stud improve their health… visit
Linebacker Fitness.

Go for it!

Vince Palko

Makes Negative Nillees Go Away

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

My coach in college used to say
“treat success and failure the same.”
He never said this after victory… only defeat.
That kept us on an even kiel and it helped
us get back out there and fight again.

That got me thinking when I woke up
to a rainy, dreary day that most would say it is.

You see the last few days we’ve had
warm weather in the 50s.  My broh
in Jacksonville would say 50 is not warm.
He’d say its winter jacket weather.

He used to be tough living up North
but how fast things change.

Anyway, when it was sunny and 55
you could feel people’s mood lift from
the heavy doom and gloom feeling down and out
to one of pure exuberance.

I saw people on the path in shorts, like
myself, – riding, biking, blading.

And they saw me doing my Linebacker shuffle with
spinning rope in hand. LB shuffle is short for
a slow jog while spinning my Linebacker rope. The same
speed rope found inside my Linebacker Fitness course.
Anyhow, today is a different story.
So far I’ve heard three negative cloudy stories
from acquaintances, the news and the former mom in law.

So I needed to shake the negative nillees off my back.

Key thought today is to treat sunny and rainy days the same – just train.

No matter the weather, you’ll feel better about yourself afterward,
the economy and any other pressing issue you cannot
shake from your craw.

And I mean train outside if you can… keep your hood up
and get after it. Your body has to heat itself up more so
than on a sunny day and you burn more calories in the process.

While training in the rain visualize the negative nillees
washing off your back.  Tis a wonderful feeling when you are done.

Okay, all for now.

Make TODAY better than yesterday!

Vince Palko

P.S. If you think you are too old to tote a linebacker rope in
hand, check out what this 60 year young man did with the
program to dispel any fear of starting an exercise routine like Linebacker Fitness
YOu’ll be amazed.

Neglect it Regret it

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Wahhhhh- hoo… Go Steelers.

Yeah, I knew they’d win – the whole time.

Okay, I was hoping enough days have
past and I could slip that one by you.

Thanks for all the love letters regarding
my Cardinals pick last weekend.
I feel like we are family who can jab each other
when it comes to that kind of stuff. Keep it up.

Truth is, I missed half of the game
as life presented a much more exciting
opportunity that I wasnt going to ignore.

But thats another story for another time.

Traveling up to Chicago to hang with my sister
and he husband was a blast.  On the drive
there and back I saw cars pulled off to the side
of the road. Seems the extreme cold temp pushes some
older makes over the edge and they give out.
Regular tune ups and maintenance is what
a car needs.  Just like you and me.

If you neglect it – you’ll regret it.

Made me think of a tragic story that was
on Discovery a while back. 9-11 was the theme
that night and they uncorked many stories
of lives of folks saved and lost in the tragedy.

One I couldnt seem to shake loose was of a gentleman
who never made it out.  And its not because
he ran out of time. He just ran out of gas.

Its because he gave up… much like those
cars on the side of the road. He was
obese and sweating up a storm and out of breath.

He literally was sooo tired from stepping
down all the flights of stairs(I cant blame him) he told his two friends
to go without him.

All three could sense danger was imminent and the one friend booked…
the other friend stayed. A little more time and he himself
knew he could not wait.  He left his friend because something
inside him said, there is not much time- GET OUT.

And the 2nd friend made it out but the overweight guy did not.
A sad, sad story.

When Discovery interviewed family members, especially
the kids, there was a bit of resentment and anger. Dad just gave
up cause he ran out of steam. They didnt talk proudly of him…
he became known as the guy who gave up.
Can you imagine your family not proud of you.
This literally ripped through me like a spear through the heart.
You had to see their expressions to really understand.

Imagine your kids or loved ones ripping you on national tv.
Not cool.

Getting back in shape if not for yourself but for you family
is a powerful motivator.  I want to be able to enjoy my kids grandkids, grandkids.

Lofty goal I know but doable when I dream everyday.

And be there for them no matter what.

You never want to be stuck in a situation
like our obese friend lost in the towers that day.

Maybe you will never be in a similar situation where
you have to run down flights of stairs to safety.

But in a world like we live now, you never know
what it might be.  you just know you want to be ready.

I have two courses that will drop the fat, increase
your endurance and energy and make you mentally and physically

They are my Linebacker Fitness program
and my Super Body Blitz program

For a limited time you buy both for a discount
and use my easy linebacker payment plan seen here …

You dont have to be a football player or former
player to take advantage of these unusual drills
and exercises not taught anywhere else on the net.

Just a doer who wants CHANGE.
Take the first step and have peace of mind
that no matter what happens to you or your
family – you will be there for them.


Vince Palko

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