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Archive for March, 2009

Protect Yourself and Your Family

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

There has been many head trauma stories
in the news as of late.

Maybe you have heard the story of
Natasha Richardson’s death. How she fell skiing
on a bunny hill grazing her head. She then got up and felt fine
but hours later ended up dying.

Or the one about the little girl who narrowly escaped
death by a few hours. Story went, she was hit
on the head playing catch with a baseball. A few days later
had a headache. Parents were smart
enough to get her checked out – though it was inconveniently
when everyone was going to bed.

Doc said if they would have waited until morning
the little girl would not have awaken.

In this months Success Package, I share a story
some 40 years ago about a little boy who fell out of a second story
barn window and landed smack dab on his head-
hitting the hardened dry farm clay.

He got up, dusted himself off and walked away.
Not a scratch was found.

Can you imagine that.

Keep in mind that’s twenty feet. Not two feet like
Natasha’s fall. Simply amazing.

Later in life while talking to his brother and mom,
this man discovers why he survived that fall when
he should have been dead or at least paralyzed.

This story is beyond a miracle. What he learned
anyone can apply to their own life. I reveal that and more
in this months Success Newsletter.
You’ll be super excited to apply this technique
to yourself and your loved ones using this ‘miracle’ solution.

We all want our kids and family to be safe. Right?

Learning this miracle solution will give
you the peace of mind to rest easy while your kids are away playing at school
or if they are older in college and away on spring break.

Learning this one solution is well worth at
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Yer gonna love it.

Vince Palko

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Fastest weight loss system

Friday, March 27th, 2009

This A.M. I hit the gym for some round ball activity.
Thats ‘basketball’ for those of you scratching your heads.

After a few bricks and clanks rattled
the rim, the shots started to fall.

Dont worry. I dint get cocky. I have a ways to
go to get into basketball shape.

Grabbed a pick up game with a guy
named Steve and I took one on the chin.
Told Steve I’d be back for more another day.

Afterwards, I had that exhausted feeling
that usually accompanies the first few times
playing a new sport.

Basketball is superb for building wind
and cutting weight fast. For proof take a gander
at your local high school, college or pro b-ball players.

Cut up – they be!

Basketball is great if you can get to the gym.

What if you cant. What can you do.

Good questions. The herky-jerky stop and start
motion, and hopping can best be simulated for only
a few minutes with my Jump Rope.

Skipping rope builds lung power. Skipping rope builds
stamina. Skipping rope builds muscle.
Want proof. Take a gander at a boxing match as you pass
by the channel on your big screen.

These boxers skip a ton of rope along with other plyometric exercises.

Say you are just a beginner. No worries.

Start with one skip.

Yes, one. Get good at one- just like anything else
you are learning for the first time. Spend 5 minutes a
day doing just one.

Then make it a goal to get five and then ten skips.

After a while you’ll be skipping nonstop for a minute.

Then add two and three and four.

Soon, you’ll be skipping for 20 minutes
and then you’ll be done.

Get on board with the rope because once you start
you’ll never want to put it down.

If you want your very own program
to pull out when you get the itch
to jump, the page you need to click on is the
fastest weight loss system

Now lets melt that fat FAST – starting ten minutes ago.




This Man was on a Mission

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Last night, Sophia and I read
about Thomas Edison.

Now talk about success after a setback.

Its a little known fact that Thomas
at the age of 15 fell off a moving train
and lost part of his hearing.

Later in life his hearing worsened
and he became deaf.

Yet, he still developed several ‘firsts.’

Besides the obvious light bulb EVERYONE knows
about …

He made the first stock ticker tape
bought by a company for $40k way back when.

He was the first to ever record sound.

He was the first to create the phonograph,
the iPhone’s late ancestor.

He did all this and MORE while being deaf.

He didnt stop.

He didnt moan and complain.
Well, maybe he did, but it NEVER stopped
his forward movement.

He was an avid reader growing up.
Reading college level books at the tender age of ten made
Sophia’s eyes grow wide as saucers.

The book also said he tried to read
every book in the Detroit library.

Therein lies one critical component to success.
Never stop learning and discovering ways
to improve and learn. Devour as much information
as humanly possible.

Those that receive my Success Club package
are apart of a select group of folks who
are on a mission, just like Mr. Edison was.

They are striving for more and wont settle for less!

If you want to turn your life around,
then start associating with people who
can give you the insights and tools to do so.

My Success Club Package is the answer.

The information that is put out every month
is life changing and you’ll want to be apart of it.
Get your kids involved with the Rocket Tools
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Make the first step by signing up
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Climb aboard the express train today,
you’ll be glad you did.


Vince Palko

You are my fantasy

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

You are my fantasy

I slipped on the blades for the first time in a looong time and
headed for the bike path the other day.

Got about a half mile in and came to the first stop light.
Popped down for some patented Palko Pike
pushups. Will explain those another time.

When I finished and returned to my feet, at that exact moment, the light to cross turned green.

Watching from the other side were two women.

“You are my fantasy,” one of the heavier of the two whispered as our paths crossed.

I was caught off guard for a few. And no, she wasnt hitting on me.

Then I understood and shouted over my shoulder, “Set your goals higher than that.”

So many times people set their dreams and visions too low.
If you are going to aim, shoot for the moon, so if you fall, you fall with the stars.

The second item I want to comment on is this …
dont give your power away to people.

This woman has the ability to be fit, healthy and happy.
Thousands of people turn their lives around and become slim
and trim. And the word fantasy has NOTHING to do with it!

I just saw a good friend who lost 20 lbs since Christmas. Thats 20 lbs
in 3 months. Fantastic.

When I asked him how he lost it, he told me it took his
favorite pair of pants in the closet to not fit properly -
not even close- for him to lose it and say, enough is enough.

Run your own race. Compare yourself to no one.

You can acknowledge someone else’s fitness level by silently saying,
that’s gonna be me sometime soon.

Sometimes I do this when I see someone in an older age
bracket who is fit and spry.  I whisper to myself; thats me at
age 64, that’s me at age 75, and so on.

However, keep it to yourself. And watch how
you grow younger and younger everyday.


Vince Palko

P.S. For a program that will cut the weight and
turn back the clock with each revolution, check out …


To Vince!
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
Your message today is just what I needed to see the truth again!
I have given my power away to my husband and was
feeling sorry for myself.  I used to be a duathlete before my
3 children and I was ready to give up ever getting back to
something that gives me joie de vivre.  It might not be this year that
I race again but I will get back to being the person that I love to be.

You are a blessing!  Keep up the fantastic work!


Recalling Cadillac Hill

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Hills equal amazingly quick fat burning mechanisms.

Let me explain.

It dawned on me today as  I reflected running up a short hill
in my backyard park that some of my best training came to me on a hill.

One of my early flashbacks revisits high school
wherein we had the dreaded hill that ran
up along the backside of the school.

This hill was located right next to a parking lot
which was next to our practice field.

Whenever the coach would discipline
us or want to condition us, we’d head to the hill.

Bear crawls for discipline.

Wind sprints for conditioning.

The bear crawls on a hill were easier
than doing a bear crawl on
level ground. Bear crawling up a hill
you had some gravity resistance taken
off. But we never told coach.

Then across the street was Cadillac Hill.
This long stretch of brick ran up next to a Cadillac Dealer
and is the steepest hill in downtown Akron.
Sometimes after school, I’d run through town
and take that hill.

Another hill appeared in my life for my college football training.
Picture a flat plain with a big camel hump
in the middle of a field. This is the 10th hole
on the BGs golf course and the only hill nearby to condition us.

After school, I traveled to Sicily for a spell.

The hill in the center of this small Italian
town ran straight up into the sky. It wasnt a hill.
it was a friggin mountain.

The thousand yard stare from the townies
when I rolled through town to hit the hill with a sprint
- gave me the impression no one else took advatange
of this amazing exercise tool. Cept the crazy American.
After a week, I made it to the top without stopping.

Training on a hill were the times when I was in spectacular shape.

So that brings us to you.

If you live around a hill – take advantage.

This is a powerful exercise tool built
into mother earth.  If you re just starting out
walk the hill half way and make it your goal
to get to the top without stopping or turning around.

If you are fairly fit, run that sh*t.  Dont stop.

By running the hill you are overloading the
muscle groups in your quads, hammies and glutes.
This builds muscle fast and also builds your wind power.

If you dont live around a hill, another amazing
tool to whip you into shape just as well is the jump rope.

Reason is, anytime the arms are
extended out in the jump rope set
position the heart has to work faster
to pump blood out to those extremities.
This means you dont have to exercise long before you feel the

Now lets say you are a beginner.
Here is what I would recommend.

Do one skip.

Yes, one. Get good at one- just like anything else
you are learning for the first time. Spend 5 minutes a
day doing just one.

Then make it a goal to get five and then ten skips.

After a while you’ll be skipping nonstop for a minute.

Then add two and three and four.

Soon, you’ll be skipping for 20 minutes
and then you’ll be done.

Get on board with the rope because once you start
you’ll never want to put it down.

If you want your very own program
to pull out when you get the itch
to jump, the page you need to click on Linebacker Fitness.


Vince Palko

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the fitness world, run here now …

How to annihilate bad spelling

Monday, March 16th, 2009

Got this note below in my email inbox
this morning as well as from a few other

“How to annihilate bad spelling !!!!”

Alls Ize can say is Danke Schoné.
Thank you – thank you.

Sometimes I get so excited to send
an email, I forget the spell checker.

Now, if most would receive
any kind of constructive feedback like this-
they’d shudder for days.

Well, this pilgrim is back up
on his pony and RIDING.

The other point I wanna make is this…
dont lose sight of the daily message
embedded in the email from yesterday.
That is find creative ways to move your body and
your kids bodies at the same time.

Yes, I misspell words, but you can bet
your bottom dollar, that my ass moves
every day – and I suggest you do the same.

‘Cause 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years from now, I want a healthy
mind body and soul – from ACTIVITY.

In the mean time, I’ll work on me spellin’

Multi grazi,

Vince Palko

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How to Annihilate Childhood Obesity

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

This morning my daughters and
I enjoyed a nice game of Smear the Queer
on the front lawn.

Yes, its not the most political way to start an email.

But I didn’t make the name up. Twas a household neighborhood
game way bak when.

If you dont know what this game is,
it basically goes like this.
You hand someone a football and
he runs away from everyone playing.
This ball carrier, however, doesnt run
to an end zone. He/she simply avoids
everyone trying to tackle them.

Ultimately, the runner goes down in a cloud of dust.
Although there were a few face plants
in the turf today, uplifting giggles and laughter filled the air.

Every parent on this planet has a responsibility
and that is this.  You owe it to your kids
to associate movement with fun. Not necessarily fitness
at such young ages, just the act of moving their limbs
and fresh oxygen filling their lungs.

You want to improve the health of this
country.  You want to know what you
can do to help the system. You feel that you cant control
anything cause the government seems to be taking
over so many things.

This is the one thing you can control.
This for our future and the lives of our kids.

Pass on the fitness torch to them by spending time
doing activities together and have FUN. Tackling a toddler
on the turf is one of the best ways to transfer
the energy of love, laughter and toughness – all in one fell swoop.

My daughters always ask to wrestle, and I have yet
to turn them down no matter what i’m doing.

Even if you are not fit, do activities together
that get both of you moving – like walking for starters.


Vince Palko

P.S. I have other football related fun activities to get both
you and your kids fit.  Check em out here:

The Bad Guy Lost

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

I’m so elated right now. The other day I was pissed
but now I’m pumped. Another scum bag foiled.

Let me explain.

For anyone who has ever been mugged,
had something stolen, been phished, been robbed -
you will appreciate this story.

Banks these days can be a pain in the royal keister
when it comes to security. I mean, you have to provide
so much information if you ever go onto another computer
to do your banking. When you call your bank on the phone they ask you every question under the sun and it feels more like an interrogation processs than a routine banking request.

Well, today I am loving them. The other day, my bank detected
some mysterious activity happening  on my card.
They called me right away and asked me if I made certain purchases out of state.

“Uhh… no, I don’t believe so,” as my memory scanned the last 24 hours.

Okay then we’ll put a stop on the card.
Your card has been compromised.

“How do you know.”

“Well, usually this is what happens.
They make a purchase for something small
to see if you notice. Then if you don’t.
They go for the whopper.”


The problems that confront us just grew by one.

This got me thinking about protecting
yourself using fitness.

When you exercise everyday in essence you protect yourself just like the
technology the banks have to foil the bad guys/gals.

You protect yourself from swallowing harmful medications,
like blood pressure pills. You protect yourself from
endless doctor visits and escalating healthcare co-pays
and premiums that come out of your pocket.

You protect yourself from nagging pain
that seems to arises out of no where.

You might not see your progress on a daily basis all the good you are doing for yourself. However, as you stick
with it and continue over the long haul – you will
notice when others complain to you about their health
problems. Yet, you are feeling fine.

Exercising is anything from a walk to skipping rope,
to body weight exercises. To doing pushups
with your kids on your back and wrestling with them.
And if you must pump iron, then thats your prerogative.

Now a couple resources for you to explore:

- Combat Conditioning Charts
- Super Body Blitz

- Linebacker Fitness
I just received a quick note from Dr. Wade
this AM saying how he enjoys Linebacker Fitness …
“It has been great to workout in the garage
and am seeing great results! Thanks!”

Start protecting yourself from the harmful
ways of unhealthy habits and live life to its fullest.

Its easy to do. A simple decision is all that has to be made.
Do it now, your friends and family – will see a difference immediately.

All for now.

Vince Palko

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2 for 1 Combat Conditioning Special

Monday, March 9th, 2009

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Vince Palko

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Lady Exercise is Your Friend

Friday, March 6th, 2009

The iPhone reads 61 degrees here in Northwest Ohio.
Yeah, baby!

Quite the opposite of a few months ago…

So it’s time to let that rope see some true earth.

I know I teach to do something every day.

This last week I didnt.

Yes, I know – not good.

I let all the excuses consume me.

I gotta focus on this project.

I dont have time to do that.

All lame excuses.

I did this because I wanted to see
how my mental psyche would be after a week
of doing nothing but writing and work.

The other night I was reading a nursery rhyme book
to the girls.  There was one that went like this …

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
All play and no work makes Jack a toy.”

Well, I felt duller than dull. All parts were dull; my mind, my body
and my spirit.

Yesterday, I blew the doors off this here abode
and grabbed my jump rope.

The warm air greeted me with open arms.

The serotonin was a flowing.

After a short while, I remembered why I exercise.
Lady exercise was there waiting patiently for me.

She said, “What too you so long, man!”

She baptized me with a good sweat… and said dont
stay away this long next time.

So here I am about to bust out another round
and I cant wait.

Attack your workout like this everyday.

If you’ve missed out on your good ole pal exercise, no worries.

She is always there to greet you no matter how long
you have been in hiding.

Give her a chance and you’ll be loving life.

Best regards,

Vince Palko

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This tool displaces all of the gadgets you see on TV
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