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Get More Done Before 9am

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

The armed forces do it.

Athletes in high school, college and the pros do it.

Many successful entrepreneurs and business tycoons do it.

What is it?

These folks get more done before 9am than most people do all day.

A wonderful feeling it is when the clock strikes NINE and your day
is virtually done.  You can go hit the gym or bike path…
you can go for a walk… you can go for a “mind ride” creating your
ideal future. Or enjoy your kids. Or tinker with Twitter…
whatever the hecks you choose to do.

The last few days, I have been wrapping up items
left and right.  Have a couple big projects going on.

To put it nicely I have 20 pounds of gold that can only fit
in a 8 pound bag.

5 years ago, I would have asked myself the question, “How
and I going to get all these large tasks done.”

“This is going to be impossible.”

“Or what the hell am i going to do.”

When I realized I have 3 jobs to finish by the end
of the week, I caught myself from thinkin’ those thoughts.
Literally stopped the thought in its tracks and replaced
those words with “Dont worry – it will all work out. It always does.
You have plenty of time.”

Then I observed my actions.

Each day last week I got up a couple hours earlier
than normal.

The one major project took some heavy lifting in the
thought arena.  I dinked around with another project. While
dinking on the small one I thought from afar about the big project.

When it came time for the big project, all the ideas flowed out
of me and I knocked it out very quickly. This was In about half the time
compared to starting the project cold.

My point is catch yourself when you are about to say
or think “NO I CANT” thoughts.  Replace with the opposite of
what you are thinking.  Then sit back and relax.
Observe your results.

Also, get up an hour earlier and see how much more
tasks get chceked off your “Do & Done” list.

The Rocket Ride members will receive my Newsletter
this week.  For those yet not a member, WTH… What the heck –
you waiting for. Get on the Success Express and start
creating your life as you’d like it to be RIGHT NOW.

All for now.


Vince Palko

P.S. In this months Success Jet Pack I’ve included one of my favorite cards
called, “Releasing Your Big Self.”  This power card was a redo of an earlier rougher
version with a new twist to it.  Its been cleaned up and more detail has been added.

When you display this on your bathroom mirror each
morning your BIG SELF will take over guiding you to make powerful decisions all day long.  I only printed 40 of these gold nuggets – so if you want to get
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Get Amazing Abs for Summer

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Summer is almost here.  That means
the temperature is a risin.’

Sweaty outdoor work and vacation time are around the corner.
You know what those eventually lead to, shirts off.

Some people secretly dont wanna be
embarrassed when they lift up their shirt.
So they leave it on.

For others they could care less how they look.
They want to strengthen their core to enhance
both their upper and lower body power.

In either case, you will want to check out what
my good friend Eddie Baran assembled on his
flab busting, core building solution entitled, Gymnastic Abs.

Have you ever seen a gymnist’s abs.  If not, trot over
to Eddies page to see him in action.

The one pict has Eddie holding himself up with
just his two arms (like they are his legs). Doing this while he brings
both feet overhead and kisses his knees – his legs tight, muscles flexed and ripped.

If you are new to my community, Eddie Baran, is a guy who at the age of 35
set out to learn gymnastics. He’s become an expert in the arena some 7 years later.
Think of this, when most people are hanging
up their jockstraps at this age from sports they previously played,
Eddie was venturing off to apply himself in a totally new arena.
Now thats my kinda guy.

Thats why I invested in his course long after I attended a recent seminar
wherein Eddie first showed myself and several
others the exercises. Reason is; I wanted Eddie to instruct me from the comforts
of my own home and to continually learn from him and master the movements.

Well, I have come a long way. At first I could barely do any of them.
Hey, I’m not a gymnast.  However, I hung in there and can now do
many of the advanced exercises and holds for minutes on end.
Something I couldnt dream of doing when just starting out.

My abs have never been this strong. Plus its fun to keep extending
my time and reps with each session.

These exercises are super easy to learn too.

Eddie and his twin brother are a dynamic duo instructing several dozens
of different core movements and exercises. All of which make the cut
for my own program. The good thing is there are exercises for the beginner
as well as the advanced.

One of the many great things about this course is you wont feel like
a beebop boy or girl when doing them. You dont have to hip-hop music
or other goofy schemes (like some other ab programs out there) to get you moving.
Ones that are high on glitz but low on effectiveness and REAL results.

Eddie’s program is jam packed with ideas on how to get a set
of strong, ripped core abdominal muscles.

If you are a woman, you’ll enjoy a flat sekxy tummy
to drive your man wild and make your friends jealous.

Just check out the before and after picture of Eddie’s twin brother
and see what kind of results are waiting for you.

This program is awesome and a must to have in your DVD library
for your core workout days, which for me is every other day.

Go here to read more about it NOW at Gymnastic Abs.


Vince Palko

P.S.  That link again to reduce your gut and strengthen your abdominal muscles
just in time for summer is …
You dont have to be embarrassed anymore, just grab this program.

Tap into the Energy of a Child

Friday, April 24th, 2009

Last night, I took all three girls to Sophia’s soccer practice.

Was kinda funny cause many of the parents there kept
staring at us.

You see, while the older one was on the
field the two younger ones and I kicked a soccer ball, wrestled
on the turf, circle bear crawls, and fired up the piggy ride express.

Yes, I’m a little like a kid myself. I like to move, and keep moving -
not sit and watch.

Now usually, when a kid wants to play with their parent, the adult will oblige.
After a few rounds when the kid asks, “Again, again,”
the parent says, “Nooo, I can’t – I’m too tired.”

What if you could tap into energy reserves
and be able to swing your child around and around
and around… and never get gassed.

That would be great. Yes?

Well, what if you could play all evening with them
and outlast them. Seem to good to be true. Its not.

While getting up from the sod, i noticed parents who
were lookin our way -  quickly look the other direction.

They did this over and over again.

Hmmm, what are they thinking. Maybe something like this:

“Where do this guy get his energy.”
“Why doesnt he just sit down and relax.”
“Wonder what it would feel like to tap into his energy circuit.”

Or maybe they weren’t thinking that at all. Who knows.

What I do know is there’s a principle that I write about
in Triple Your Endurance that leads to greater
levels of energy.

Its one that requires no equipment, no sugary energy drinks,
no coffee, no adrenaline shots… nothing.

Now what if you don’t have kids or your kids
are grown. Well, what would you do with
your newfound energy? Would that extra pep
in your step provide another stream of
income in the form of a sideline biz.

Would it help you write a book.

Would you just want to be able to get
yourself back in fit condition once again.

The choice is up to you.

Grab Triple Your Endurance, and watch how people’s jaws lower wondering how
you got your energy and enthusiasm.

Do it Now. You’ll be glad you did.


Vince Palko

Why Be More Childlike

Friday, April 17th, 2009

When you watch a young child draw, you understand that
anything can be created and people are often bigger than houses.
Be more childlike. – Vince Palko


Do you know people by the time kids are 10 they have lost 50%
of their creativity.

By the time they are adults their creativity is practically
squelched right out of them.

People with zero creativity are at the whim of the world.
They have to be led through life not truly having a
unique thought or idea to generate a new income, new experiences
and really, a new life.

I have been blessed in that I have kept my childlike
creativity through the years using illustration as the conduit.

This conduit keeps my brain pumping with fresh ideas
and solutions to put into action. Drawing also gives
me the ability to manifest instantly what I want both
in the form of a 2D drawing but also in the physical
world. Strange I know, but  I have sample upon sample of stories here
to prove it:

The most profound is leaving the corporate world
to set out and live my dream of running my own business.
In an economy in which some say is the worst since
the Great … you know what.

Now you may be saying so what.

Well, what if you had the wonder and confidence of
achild to create whatever your heart desired.

What if you felt there was no hill to big to climb.

You would go much further and achieve more.
Wouldnt you agree.

If you are someone who wants to live a more
fulfilled life and not be tied to a boss for your
next meal ticket, then you need to be in my Success Club.

The tools I give you each month open
your mind and connect the dots to let you know
any dream of yours is possible to achieve.

No matter how big the dream, or outlandish.

When you come to the realization that you
are the sole creator in your magical world
a certain nirvana is reached.

Part of my personal vision is to share that self satisfaction with readers like you,
vince.  Run to:


Vince Palko

A Fight to Begin

Friday, April 17th, 2009

I was in the grocery store last night
and I came across a picture of Patrick Swayze
on the cover of a tabloid mag.

Disbelief came over me.

That cant be Patrick.

Mr Dirty Dancer.

Mr Roadhouse Tough Guy.

Mr Saturday Night Live with Chris Farley as Chip & Dale dancers.

Holy cow.

Patrick has pancreatic cancer and looks like his number is almost up.

He is mostly bones and skin.

The cover title said “Patrick is fighting
to the very end.”

Now, what on earth would I bring this
sad story up.  Reason is, the title.

What is in us that this holds this
“never say die” mechanism.

Its the same one Holicost survivors
had in them.  This idea that no matter
what, I can decide I will never give up
until my body gives out.

The reason I bring this up is because
that same Never Give Up switch is inside
you and me.

You can use this Fight to the Bitter End mentality
and flip it – as your Fight to Begin.

It matters not how many times you’ve tried
your hand at getting back in shape.

What matters is you make a decision right
here – right now to take the first step
to improve your health.

Take one thing and focus on it.

For instance, you could say …

I’m going to drink more water.
Go get a glass now!

I’m gonna walk more.
Take a walk at lunch today for 5 minutes.

I’m gonna get stronger.
Do 10 pushups right now.

I’m gonna eat healthy.
Grab a salad instead of a burger at lunch.

Pick one area and focus your attention there.
Then observe how your actions
change in other areas. If your first step is
to walk more. Observe how you make
better fuel choices to put in your tank.

If your first step is to eat healthy, watch
how you have more energy to exercise
later in the day or early in the morning.

Pick one area.

And if you happen to need
a great exercise program to accelerate your
fatttt loss then, run over to
Linebacker Fitness.

I look forward to helping you on
your journey to a glowing more radiant YOU.


Vince Palko

Problems Make Solutions

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

A short and sweet one today.

– Be grateful for the ups and downs, otherwise
life is like a tame train ride at an adventure
theme park that everyone passes by.–

WHen you feel like you are overcome with
challenges take time and remember this thought.

Also, if you have not picked up a copy
of my newest book, make sure to visit, Tackling Life’s Problems.

A problem is only a problem if you dont know how to turn it
into a solution for success.

Discover my solution process in Tackling Life’s Problems:


Vince Palko

Energize Yourself Doing This

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

These last couple of days
I have spent wrapping up some promotions on
my new book and also doing some energy cleaning.

Most people call this ‘spring cleaning.’

I dont.

I call in energy cleaning because
once you are done and your desk
is clean and organized you have
wells of untapped energy to access.

Reason is when you have a cluttered
desk your energy is spent looking at
the piles and in a way your energy becomes
intertwined and sucks
the life out of you.

This happens even when you are not directly
looking at the mess. Your subconscious mind
has great peripheral vision.

By clearing the desk, you clear away
wasted energy that lingers in your office.

You dont look at piles and say, “oh, crap
i gotta get that done and this done”
and so on.

Clear this crappola off your desk
so you can focus your attention
on the task at hand.

Feel the waves of energy flow
back into your body and not scattered around
the junk piles.

Oh, yeah and if you haven’t picked up
a copy of my new book, make sure
to do so while the prepublication
offer is available.

You can find Tackling Life’s Problems here.


Vince Palko

P.S. Visit this link now,

Astounding Recovery

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

This month’s Success Rocket Ride newsletter is
going to be astounding.

Why? Well, in it I reveal an astounding cancer recovery story.

Principles I have lived with my entire life
and even have written about extensively in my new book
Tackling Life’s Problems assisted a young vibrant
woman who was diagnosed with cancer about a month
ago.  When I say assisted I put it lightly – the themes blasted cancer right back outta of her life as quickly as they seemed to attack her.

All it took was a few calls and some coaching
to turn this young woman’s mindset around.

Every time she went to the doctor she received bad news.

When she went for second opinions, she got even worse news.

When we talked I could hear that the compounding
bad news was taking its toll.  So story after story
I pulled out, example after example on people
who didnt choose to accept the doctors thoughts
on the state of affairs in the body.

I drew her a picture and sent it to her
showing that the only person she can let influence
her outcome was her.

I sketched a picture of a castle in the form of a brain.
I put her out in front of the castle holding a spear
guarding the drawbridge to her mind.

This is a common success principle of forming
images of success that I write extensively about
on a plethora of topics in my new book, Tackling Life’s Problems.

At one point I could sense her energy slipping to
and she said she was going to drink herself
into a drunken stuper.

The last story I gave her was that if a woman who
had smoked for 70 years can over come the deadly disease, then she can too. Especially, being that this young woman exercises and eats well.

Come a few days later and I receive a note from her
saying her doctors, gave her good news. She
has made an astounding recovery.

The lump in her breast is gone. The other nodes in
her chest are not cancerous.

Wow imagine that.

And she did. Over and over.

Her vision to be strong, healthy while attaqcking
the cancerous tumor, prevailed.

The point of this email today.

You choose what you want to let into your mind.
When you receive not so good news.

You decide what you will focus on and what you wont.

You are the keeper of your castle, your mental
well being place of peace. YOU are.

Not the doctors. Not the naysayers. Not
the government. Not the debtors. Not BIG MEDIA.
Not your mayor. Not the family members who
think you’re a dreamer. Not your friends who
say it cant be done.

YOU and you only.

Guard your castle well.

Nuff said, now lets get after it!


Vince Palko

P.S. Thanks for letting me blast this one out without
going back through checking for typos. If you find yourself doing this, then you have missed the main message for today.

Tattoo You

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Websites, Article marketing sites, Blog RSS feeds and many many other e-devices that drive traffic to your site are created everyday.

Most folks have a traditional smiling photo as their identity mark. Oh, wow.


If you are someone who loves tattoos, why not Tattoo your online presence.

Have people instantly recognize your brand after
they read an article or a blog entry.

This is a dynamic way to associate your services
and have them stand out from all the other YAWNS.

Not sure what I mean, check out my personal
branding Tattoo seen here…. its of me busting out
of the screen to draw my audience into
my universe.

What could we do for you?

My clients love the way, I produce not one idea but
several – to build their brand. These are
used with my clients both online and offline.

If you want to test teh waters with your own tattoo,
then visit this page now for a cost effective, dynamic head-shot adtoon.

Yes, doctors, lawyers, chiropractors, as well as other
business men and woman secretly have tattoos hidde

New Book Release

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

Problems, problems, problems – they’re everywhere.

How you handle these problem’s either attracts
more of the same or allows you to use them
as stepping stones out of your current situation
to rise above and attain success.

Over the last year, I’ve been writing
a book on the topic not knowing how relevant
the content would be to the current predicament our
country finds itself in.

Well, if you want to blow through any challenge
plaguing you right now …

Let me introduce my new book, Tackling Life’s Problems.

For a limited time offer, you can receive
Tackling Life’s Problems at a discount.

Run here now to get the scoop…
Tackling Life’s Problems.


Vince Palko

P.S. The link again is Tackling Life’s Problems.

P.P.S. Happy Easter a day early.

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