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Archive for May, 2009

A Win is a Win

Friday, May 29th, 2009

We are back in it… I love when people say “WE” when referring
to their favorite sports team.

Who’s we? You got a mouse in your pocket?

So I will join other fans and say …. Yes, WE, the Cleveland Cavs
extended the series and defeated the Magic last night at the Q.

The red hot 3 ball gun slingers of the Magic cooled off
just a bit. We got rebounds and Lebron was sensational
in being responsible for 30 some last shots scored in the game.
He either assisted or scored the points himself.


Then you have the analysts, or should I say critics, after the game
who said, “The Cavs should be discouraged with their effort.”

“Too much pressure was put on Lebron.”

“He cant do that the next two games.”

Excuse me, when have I ever been discouraged after a win.

Where I come from a win is a win. Don’t matter how
ugly or pretty it was. It counts in the record books.

The Cavs extended the series. They are building momentum.
The outside shooters showed improvement. Who knows
how the next game will go. No two games I’ve watched in
the series have been the same so far. So why would you expect
this next one to be.

Many people wrote the Cavs off.

Before the game, I wrote on my Facebook wall
“Anything can happen on any given Saturday.”
Thats what we always thought and believed stepping on the turf playing football.

Well, anything can happen on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
and yes, Thursday too.

What about Friday? Sure, throw that day in there as well.

When you apply this mentality to your life, you will
be dumbfounded with how your life begins to flow
and open up with career opportunities, relationships,
unexpected cash appearing.

Start everyday with “Something good is going to surprise me TODAY.”

Do this while driving in your car.

While walking to the train station.

Waiting in line at the coffee shop.

Do this and watch how your life changes.

When you really believe this and practice it
consistently, soon little things miracles will appear
out of no where.

Have fun with it.

Until then understand a win is a win no matter how you
slice it.

So go WIN the day- baby!


Vince Palko

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Never become a coward from fatigue

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

A few nights ago, I watched the first game of
the series between the Cavs and O’ Magic.

What a great game from two high powered teams.

Orlando has some magnificent 3 point
gun slingers. Cavs have Lebron who
scored a career high in the playoffs of 49 points.

After the game, Lebron buckled over
and cramped major league.

Maybe the 8 days off weren’t all
that great for the team.

Cavs were draggin a bit in the 4th quarter.

What does this have to do with you.

Any kind of fatigue is bad be it mental,
physical or emotional.

The funny thing is physical exercise
combats all the above not just physical

Vince Lombardi had a quote that went, “Fatigue
makes cowards out of us all.”

He’d say that after countless gassers
after practice and then run the team
even more.

You could see it in the eyes of
the Cadav-alier players… that dumbfounded
glazed over look.

Yes, it even happens to superstars.

So why did Lebron buckle over at the end.

He left everything he had on the court – including tipping
a jump ball to his teammate with one second
to try to win the game.

Let’s hope coach had everyone run a few
extra suicides sprints after practice.

The key to not become a coward from
fatigue is to focus your breathing.

Between my first and 2nd marathon
I had less lactic acid the next day
and the only thing I did differently was
focus on my patented TYE breathing techniques.

But you already know how to breathe.

No you dont. Not like the way I teach in
Triple Your Endurance ®.

Run here now and never become a coward
from fatigue


Vince Palko

Energy of a Bullet Train

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Well, this is sure to rattle your typical way of doing things.

You may think this topic has to do with some European
influence after living there for some years.

There is a powerful way to get more
done and get even more done when
you have a full to do list.

A couple weeks ago I told
you not to shower after exercise.

Yeah, kinda hard if you work a real
job, unlike me, and have to be dressed,
and odor freee interacting with colleagues.

However, this weekend is Memorial
Day, so it will give you a perfect opportunity
to put this into practice.

Here is the reason why not to shower after exercise.

Exercise folks understand the euphoria you experience
once done with a round of activity.

Pick any exercise … lets say Linebacker Fitness.

When you get up at the crack of dawn &
wrap up this 18 minute routine, you feel:

- No pain
- On top of the world.
- Like there aint no mountain you cant climb
- Energized and awake
- No negative news can hold you back
- Elated and excited for what the day brings
- Energy to tackle any challenging task
- Energy to go the distance – all day long

Well why would you wash all that energy and those feelings away.

Sure you still have those feelings lingering
after a rinse down but there are not as strong.

Keep the feel good energy flowing all day.
Dont shower until you got 3 or 4  major outta the way
and see how much more productive and focused you

Enjoy the lightning bolts flying off you
as you wrap up projects left and right
in half the time.

Not only will you get more done… but
the work will have a high level of enthusiasm
infused into it.  So if you write, draw, paint, garden,
or troubleshoot your computer – there will be
extra pop in your work – taking less effort on your behalf.

Dont laugh about being stinky, just try it.

Im sure you’ll like it.

Happy Memorial Day,

Vince Palko

P.S. And if you wanna just relax on your day off
Monday, I guess that’s fine too.

Attention Golfers

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

This month to celebrate the start of summer I am including
a special section in the Success Rocket Ride

for all you golfers.

Yeppers, fire up the silver sticks, its time
to take your game to a whole new level.

By no means am I a complex golf mechanic expert, but people
do consider me an expert when I reveal simple, practical secrets
to improve their game.

If your mind is thinking about 20 things as you
address the ball, you are already sunk
before you start.

I like the simple approach to golf and life.

Applying these secrets will have your chums
scratching their heads in disbelief when
you turn your game around almost overnight.

And no, I’m not simply talking about visualization.
I have boiled 4 magic steps that when applied
to your game, can drastically reduce
your strokes 5, 10, and yes even 16 less when
you tally up your little green card.

How do I know. Good question, I have been applying
these secrets since 2004 and my score keeps whittling
itself down every time I hit the links.

You see, I hardly play golf unless I want to spend
time with family or get together with old teammates at golf

But when I do, being a fierce competitor, I want my game to be on.
If you are like me and want to improve your game
and yes even show your competition up,
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If they can work for a part timer like me, they
can work for anyone.

Dont care if you are a duffer or a scratch golfer,
you’ll get a ton out of what I teach and visually outline
to improve your golf game. All without investing
in the fancy $400 driver
that only whittles your bank account.

A new driver doesnt improve your game if
your command center upstairs cant generate
the perfect swing.

When you are ready to drive the ball straight
and drain your putts effortlessly I’ll meet you over here:

Along with the packet of freee goodies, you’ll also
receive this Special Section for Golfers.

See you on the course!

Vince Palko

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2 Days Left

Monday, May 18th, 2009

Today marks the second to last day
to get in on my prepublication offer for my new book
Tackling Life’s Problems.

Go to this page now and discover the tips
and techniques you’ll learn to tackle your dreams
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Was on the phone with a man who was recently divorced
and he explained how the process was sucking the life out of him.
Not a fun place to be in by any means.

Like any divorce, you have many challenges that surface
and seeming problems galore around every corner.

One-by-one I asked if he was doing anything remotely
close to my 8 Step Problem Busting Solution on page 14.

Point-by-point I asked if he tried this or if he tried that.

He answered no to all.

Seems to me he’s still in a grieving mode, which for some
that’s where they want to stay. Its easier to put the blame
outside of you and make it all about someone else keeping
you down.

If you want to actually do something about your problem
and make it through the storm to experience life in a happy, wholesome
way, then you need my book – Tackling Life’s Problems.

No problem is too big. No problem is too small to apply what
I teach in Tackling Life’s Problems.

You just have to be in a place ready for change.

BTW, samples of the book are in, and it looks as sharp as
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If you want Tackling Life’s Problems, there is still time, but not much.
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Vince Palko

My Karaoke Career

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Hi Kate,

Well, the response to my new music video
on Tackling Life’s Problems
has been stupendous.

Palko Pisanos all over the world didnt know what
hit them.  I received a ton of feedback
like … dont quit your writing career – to- I am
going to listen to that song every morning
to start my day.

Well, thats fantastic.  The juice in that song
is free to use as you see fit.
Like I said, I love singing.  If you cant have fun
while you inform your audience, you might as well
pack the bags and head home.

Those close to me know that I’ll often bust out a song
mid sentence while in the middle of a conversation.
So if you think I’m a one hit wonder, think again.  :)

Here are some of the many responses I received:


Hi Vince,

As Randy Jackson might say:  Dude!
You started off OK, had a few pitch problems
in the middle, but you really worked it out at the
end Dog!!!  Nice baby…real nice!
Seriously though…thanks for sending the music video.
It was hysterical and I laughed out loud.
Nice boost to the middle of the day!
Best regards, Pete


hehehehehhh, DON’T QUIT YOUR DAY

Holy Shizznazzle Forazzle Palko !
This thing rocks BIG TIME !
Love you lots.
Best from Las Vegas,

Sylvia H


Holy Crap. I was a bit surprised seeing myself on your video.
My picture from Vegas was right
after we picked up our marriage license.
Good luck with the book sales, I am sure you will do great!

Best Regards,

Michael S


Your music video rocks! Very cool video… and
certainly brave of u!!!

Sherrie R.


The book is being nabbed up now more
than ever.  So if you want to reserve a copy
or three – make sure to do so now while
its top of mind and before I hit the BIG TIME.

The price will never be this low.


Vince Palko

P.S. I have a call with Randy, Paula and Simon
later today – but will leave the offer open
all day to grab this Tackling Life’s Problems prepublication offer.

Have I Lost It

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Some may think I’ve lost it … well, perhaps
I have.

Run over here to check out my first music video

I recorded this song well over a year ago
and decided to release this with my newest book,
Tackling Life’s Problems.

I felt it fitting to promote these last few days of the prepublication offer.
The offer expires very soon … Run here now.

Some never heard me sing before.

Some may never want to hear me sing again.


I promise you this though, I am having the time
of my life… and instruct you to find something
that allows energy and enthusiasm to flow through
you like this does, moi.

If you know of any Bon Jovi fans, feel
free to forward this music video to them.

Enjoy my wonderful song. You may recognize a
few familiar faces embedded as well.


Vince Palko

P.S. Please, no nominations to visit American Idol’s sounds stage,
I like to keep a low profile.  Simply run over to Tackling Life’s
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Stop counting reps and do this

Monday, May 11th, 2009

I enjoyed watching the Eastern division playoffs
the other night when the Cavs came from behind
to put a woopin’ on Atlanta.  Lebron simply kicked
major league ass.

Yes, I might lose some readers after
that last comment, but it was well worth it
to get my point across.

Anything he wanted to do, he did.

In the interview after the game
he was asked a certain question
that garnered a response of, “Well, this is
what its all about the NBA playoffs.
Its what I think about when I’m training
hard in the offseason.”

Stop. Stop right there.

Its what he “thinks about in the offseason.”

That smells to me a little like our good friend visual-me-zation.


Think time.

Or whatever the heck you feel comfortable callin it.

So while others are thinking about
getting through their workouts, Lebron is picturing
soaring over dudes to slam it for two or draining
a fade away jumper.  He is picturing making a difficult shot with
three guys are trying to trap him.

He devotes thinking time while his body is training.

He is not focused on his training.

His mind is somewhere in the future while his body
trains in the studio.

So that begs teh question.

What do you think about when you train.

Do you focus on the number of reps and trying
to beat your previous best, or is your mind dreaming.

I go against what most trainers advise you to do.

The reps are NOT as important as where your mind is.

Project yourself into the future and its only natural
your body follows. Its kinda like the Stretch Armstrong
cartoons wherein his head would take off 50 yards in
front of him, go around a corner and then eventually
his body would catch up.

Lead your body with the thoughts you keep
in your mind.  See the thinner you. See the healthier
you. See the stronger you.

Stop counting reps.

Stop beating your personal best.

All that will follow when you focus your mind
on a healthier, stronger, more vibrant you!
Only, there wont be any struggle with the way
I am teaching.

Get after it!

Ciao for now,

Vince Palko

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To You Mom

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

Friday, I drove to Stow to be with my mother.

My brother Anthony was there with his new child, Cecilia.

Was a great relaxing time. My whole
goal was to give Ma 100 percent of my focus.

We grilled steaks and had a tasty meal.
We talked and talked … I listened and listened.

Earlier in the weekend, I went up to Mom’s computer room
and looked for some CDs to burn
photos of my children that were on her computer.

I opened the bottom drawer and saw
a thick stack of my emails printed out and paper clipped.
Later in out conversation she shared how she thinks
I am a wonderful writer.

This coming from the woman who always
thought I should be a Hollywood actor.

The same woman who gifted me with the ability to paint
and draw and always provided the tools to take my
talents to the next level. She exposed me to so
many art mediums, like oils, watercolors, ceramics, etc.

Our conversations growing up were mini art history lessons – engagin’ me in talks about specific artists and there styles she wanted to expose me to.
Once I had advanced enough for the next level of instruction.

Back to the whole actor thing though …
in the past at family gatherings, she would brag to her
family about how I need to be a Hollywood actor. I’d turn red
and say, “Alright Ma, enough. Will you stop please?”

Then the 100 percent passionate Italian lady
would carry on and on about how great
I was at something. Inside I knew she was simply a proud mother wanting
to share those thoughts.

She tends to do that with any compliment she
hands out. Its over the top and filled with much
energy and enthusiasm.

This time when she complimented me
and my writing – I let it in. I did not reject it.

We talked about my future vision and the life that
I am living that is leading me there very quickly.

Writing is somewhat like an art form. Only you use words
instead of paint strokes or pencil strokes. Its a powerful medium
that changes lives, which is quite fulfilling.

Mom has been supportive of every endeavor I’ve ever
chosen. And today I thank her for that.

Thanks Mom.

And thanks to you for allowing me into your life to
share this special lady with you.

I also wish the Mom’s in your life a wonderful and well
deserved celebration on this Mother’s Day.

Much love,

Vince Palko

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How to Be A Champion

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Well, the Cavs continue to roll
over Atlanta and with Atlantas newly injured
player last night added to their other two, looks
like another sweep is in order.

Now did I just jinx myself.

No way … Ojay.

These guys are true champions. They have shown they dont play down
to another teams level. Case in point the blow outs
that occurred in the first couple of series.
They have throttled teams by double digit numbers.

It all starts with their coach.

After a wide margin of victory he finds some
area the team needs improvement on.
He was interviewed saying we can always get better.
And it starts with defense.

From the coach it then trickles down to
their standout forward, Lebron.

Sidenote did you see him drain a 45 footer with
someone in his face? It was like a video game..
he can do anything he wants.

Besides his amazing gifts of speed, height, fluidity
and strength, he also possesses a few other key qualities.
Passion, leadership and drive to be the best.

He makes those around him better.

Plus, he does the right things on and off the field.

He does more than show up. Yet, for most success
is all about showing up. You show up and half the battle
is accounted for.  I wanna make a key point here by telling you
a story.

I was out at the high school’s track yesterday doing
some of my Super Body Blitz exercises.

When I was wrapping up, school kids filtered out
of the school for a gym class.  The teacher was having
them run a timed mile.

“20 seconds could be the difference between a B and a C…”
I overheard him shout. “So make sure your shoes are tied now.”

“Ready set, go!”

The mass of kids dashed from the starting line.

I noticed two stragglers after everyone left just walking.
Two able bodied kids with all the energy in the world
to make the effort… not giving an ounce of anything.

Just walking.


The teacher shouted, “If you do not complete this, tomorrow
you will have to come back and run it. If you dont come tomorrow,
you shall return the follwoing day.”


The two boys kept walking.

Then they pointed to the school saying we’ll just go inside and
wait for you. And walked round the track while other runners past

Now everyone else was running but they
also knew these two jokers were not participating.
Sometimes that has a demoralizing affect on the rest.
Kinda like one bad apple spoils the rest of the bunch.

As the jokers walked right by me stretching, inside I could feel something welling up.

When the majority had finished the teacher told them to wait
in the bleachers for the rest to finish.

After finishing some grass drills, and my warm downs,
I walked over to the kids in the bleachers.

Faces began to look up. They didnt know what
was about to happen.  They looked at
their instructor about 30 yards away and then
back at me now standing 15 yards directly in front of them.

I clapped and said, “Way to go Cougars. Way to start the day
like Champions not Chumps.”  And I pointed to the school
building wherein the two jokers had cowardly defected to.

Okay, there I said it. It was off my chest. I smiled and turned
to jog off the field. Never walk on a football field.

As I rolled away, I heard one of the kids shout,
“Way to go right back at you.” Then the rest of
them laughed feeling pretty good at what they had done
knowing the good guys and girls won that morning.

I raised my fist in the air while jogging away and then pointed back at
the large group.

Success is showing up.

Success is giving your best effort every time.

Success is pushing yourself beyond perceived barriers.

If you do the first 2 out of 3 you will be well ahead
of the majority of folks out there.

Start your day like a Champion!

Vince Palko

P.S. Be back tomorrow to tell you why I dont
shower after a workout until I have the bulk of work done.

P.P.S. My new book is going like gangbusters.
If you want a copy signed by yours truly – better move
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