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Why I Didn’t Shower Today

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Its now 6 o’clock and I have yet to shower today.

After my workout this morning, I came home
and went straight to – designing, writing and selling
as well as many other daily TO Dos.

I know what you are thinking, PEEE-YEW!

There is a reason for this and I’ll share it tomorrow.

Until then, save water dont shower.


Vince Palko

P.S. The doors will be closing on my newest book,
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Think Don’t Stink

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

I practiced my speed reading
on a post from a fitness guru the other day.

I say speed read because I
got the gist from the post to stop thinking
and start doing.

Anyway, it got me thinking. I disagree with 90 percent
of his note.  No doubt action gets er done, however, thinking is just as important.

Oh where to start.

Let’s start with the famous quote by Honest Abe.
“Give me six hours to chop down
a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

Well, thinking in a way is like sharpening your ax.

I’ll give you examples of three of my passions.

#1 Writing: I sat at lunch formulating this very email
in my head. When it came time to execute, the words flowed
out of me and it took me 14 minutes to pour the initial concept
into Word.

#2 Illustration: I spent a large part of the day yesterday formulating what I wanted to draw for a client today. There were 6 complete complex visuals that needed to be constructed.  Thanks to my thought prep yesterday, I knocked all six out in a matter of no time today. A major project that would have taken me 3 days – took me 5 hours.

#3 Football: In college and the pros … if you didnt spend time
watching film and preparing your mind for the opponents
tendencies, you’d get your ass kicked. The reason we won so
many games and championships was due to our preparation,
our game plans, and individuals taking film home to
their apartments to study film. Yes execution also comes from practice.  Real practice.

But if you were ever in practice and took a breather on the sideline big time college coaches want your mind thinking
about how you would execute the next play in your mind.

My college coach Paul Ferraro would always shout,
“Get a mental rep.” .

Thats thinking. Thats visualizing … Imagining or whatever you
want to call it.

So in the world of thinking and doing what is one
to do?


Think and ACT. Program your mind it can be done.

You can do the same with your fitness and health.

Dont focus too much on either side of
the pedulum.  Dont limit yourself to only being
one way. Meaning, just thinking with no action.

Yes, majority of folks, think on things too much and
never get around to it.  So that’s the 10 percent I agree with.

Yet, if you went out and just acted without using your noggin’ the tree that took you 6 hours to do with a sharp
blade might take you 20 with a dull one.

Be a think’a not a stink’a

Tchose (Bye for now),

Vince Palko

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My Secret Weight Loss Weapon

Monday, May 4th, 2009

I spent the weekend at an amazing coaching event
in Tampa. Yeah, you know who lives there.

Matt Furey.

This event I logged as a marker in my history for
a smack down, whopper of a life-changer.  Dont care to go into details here,
but will in my Success Club …
Those who were there knows a whats i’mza talkin about.

Okay, onto a new topic. Before leaving for Tampa,
I tucked my Secret Weight~Loss Weapon into my suticase.
The next day at the crack of dawn I used this little bad boy to pack
muscle onto my upper body and shave a pound ‘er
two in just a short time of exercise.

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Coincidentally, I met a stud at the event that religiously
uses this Secret Weight Loss Weapon as well.
His fat sculpting tool makes him look 10 years
younger.  Nice work. Keep it up man. Keep it up!

If you want one of these
bad boys, you gotta MOVE now.
As of writing this email, I only have 15 in stock.


Vince Palko

My Heaven on Earth

Friday, May 1st, 2009

I believe everyone isnt living unless they have thought about what their own heaven on earth is.  Why wait for that day to come when you can have it right now.  When you capture your “heaven” in words and read it from time to time, your heart and essence will vibrate in a spirit of harmony and gratitude. Both seed beds for attracting your ideal future into your life.

Here is a sliver of mine.

My heaven on earth is … Piggy rides with all three of my girls on my back. Small faces with large giggles pierce the air.  Feeling little feet hanging off my back slowly slipping and then the fall.   “Do it again, Dad.” The giggles increase to hearty laughter.  Authentic, real, laughter that tickles my heart and provides joy to last the whole year through – until the next laughing experience.  Chubby cheeks kissed and caressed and squeezed. A bear hug goodbye and soft kisses on the cheeks.


Vince Palko

Time is Running Out on New Book

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Just got off the phone with my old LB coach, Steve Telander.

We were catching up and he informed me Spags
(Steve Spagnuolo) brought Paul Ferraro, my defensive coordinator from BG,
with him to coach when he received the NFL head coaching
position with the St. Louis Rams.

I never knew Spags as he came in
to coach the Falcons after I left.

However, Coach Ferraro and Telander have been in
his circle since he was at U Mass.

Anyway, I am name dropping for no other reason
than when I learned success principles
on the field, they were taught to me by high level
coaches who continue to be successful.

And now I want to pass there brilliant coaching onto you.

You may be wondering why you need a football book.
Well, sports are a great analogy for life. You learn tons from
the athletic field  to apply to life.  I want to share the
inspirational, funny, and heartbreaking stories from 15 years of
sports with you to aid in any challenge you have.

Time is running out on this prepublication special.
The price will never be this low. I’ll repackage this book in other ways
and most likely the price will go up.

So take the plunge now and you shall be rewarded.

The link to follow is Tackling Life’s Problems.

Have an incredible weekend,

Vince Palko

P.S. The link to tackle your problems is here.

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