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New Product Release

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Here’s a lil’ surprise to kick off your Monday.

If you have been looking for a cure to an
embarrassing problem most men
are plagued with, then check this out.

Side note: women, dont think you are not included in this,
these might apply to you even more so.

Here it is… my next installment of exercises
to strengthen your upper body, blast the man boobs off your chest
while never setting foot near a bench press or getting
on the floor to do pushups again. I’ve affectionately labeled them
the Upper Body Armour exercises.

Not only do Upper Body Armour exercises firm up and strengthen
droopy chests, but they also ward off any future embarrassing
man boobs as well.

Run over and grab your own program
while the offer still stands. I am releasing a limited amount
on this first run at a reduced price, because I want to spread the word fast
on this fantastic upper body droop cure and gather feedback from users.

So grab yours now, baby!
Do so by clicking this link … Win the Man Boob Battle.


Vince Palko

P.S. Once again, run here NOW Win the Man Boob Battle.

Burn Calories Quicker

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Many people want the quickest way
to drop 20 – 30lbs in say three months.
So the question is, “Does weight lifting speed up
weight loss or do cardio exercises.”

No doubt, you can burn calories doing both.

However, why not simplify and put both into one.
Meaning, sub in body weight exercise for weights and do them to the
point where they become a form of cardio.

This means a high rep count of using only your body weight.
If you are not sure what I mean by body weight exercises,
check out these tools and get more insight …

There is another element that most fitness “experts”
rarely discuss when writing responses to these questions.
That element is the importance of breathing.
During Winter often I venture out into the snow and roll around
in gym shorts… Yeah I know kinda of different, eh?

Kinda like this YouTube Hydrotherapy Healing video.
I do these for many reasons. For one, it focuses me on my breathing.
I have no choice … the snow is cold on my exposed skin.
It forces me to breathe deep and hard to cope.

So there I was breathing consistently and loudly for
15 minutes.  When I finished the meditation, I felt I had ran three
miles and did a number of pushups, sit-ups and squats -
without ever doing so.
One more thought on the topic of breathing … some time ago when

we had our first child, I gained close to 40 lbs of flab.
Through a mixture of body weight exercises and running
short mileage — I dropped it all.

The key was not weights or a ton of cardio.

I attribute my success to the breathing.  Not any kind of breathing though.
The kind I teach in Triple Your Endurance.
When you think about great workouts -where you are huffin and puffin by the
end of ‘em- the reason you feel wonderful is because of all the breathing you are doing.
And the oxygen hitting the brain cells for the first time in a long time feels

Well, why not start every workout with breathing and perfect it.  I have an
easy way to learn how to do this that ultimately speeds up your metabolism
and maximizes your calorie burn rate.

Not to mention makes you feel like a trillion bucks. Trot on over to
Triple Your Endurance and grab the course being sold all around the world.

Then we all can hear YOUR story of how you dropped 40lbs
or more in just a short while- with very little effort.


Vince Palko

P.S. If you have be living under a stump — and are not
aware of my new course recently released, be sure to grab
a set.  This will burn the calories better than running long distance
visit …

Win the Man Boob Battle http:/…

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Win the Man Boob Battle

Is Vinnie Vain?

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

A letter came in from the ethers
asking if I’m too caught up in vanity
with all the talk about “man boobs.”

This person sent an anonymous email
from an ambiguous titled email.
In it he/she asked “are you a little vain Vince
talking about mens chests from a physical standpoint
all day long?”

I appreciate the courage to hide behind a
virtual wall to send the note.

In other words, is it vain to be fit?

Hmm. This strikes of someone who
is not FIT finding ways to duck out of being fit.
And concluded he is content strapping on a
“broh” (yes, thats spelled right)
each day to keep his d-cuppers
from a saggin’ too much.

The program I teach is not all
about looks although there is nothing
wrong with wanting to “look” fit
and trim. Physical lead to higher self esteem.

My program instills confidence.

Imagine walking into a room
chest out and a ball of
thunderous bolts behind every step.

Imagine not being embarrassed to
take your shirt off at the beach.

Imagine not suggesting to your partner
to leave the lights down low while you
make woohpie.

Now think about this…

What if you never have
to get under a bench bar again.

Or better yet, never to get on the floor
to do a single pushup.

“How cool would that be?”

“This is not possible, Vince.”

“This is a scam.”

If you find yourself saying anyone of these, then think again.
These movements and drills are what made some great
martial artists like Bruce Lee!

If they worked for him, and many other professional martial
artist and athletes – your damn skippy they can
do the trick for you too.

All you have to do is give me 10 minutes of your time.

If this is something that spikes your interest …
if you want to firm and tighten
those tollhouse titties, then
make sure to sign up for my Success Rocket Ride Club.

We are down to a limited amount of these Special
Edition Courses and if you step up to the plate now,
we’ll send… while supplies last.

That along with the other goodies you receive
when you’re a member of this elite success group.

Ciao for now.

Vince Palko

Convert More Prospects with AdToons

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

In marketing, sales conversions are everything.

In the world of CPA marketing
(or affiliate marketing), conversions are
EVEN more important!

I’ll explain this in a bit.

Often I’m asked why should a website use a cartoon over a photo.

There are many reasons when to use and when NOT to use
based upon your marketing strategy.
Not all my sites have AdToons on them.

However, many of mine do if a the
strategy matches up with the marketing promotion.

One of my clients, Mike, has customers all over the globe
who have invested in his abs course. And he has a ton of affiliates selling his products from around the globe. View his page here- Truth about abs.

He’s a savvy marketer who tracks everything and
put the photos vs cartoons to the test. He wanted to see
the results for himself.

ANd guess what the cartoon one kicked the photo’s butt.

I know this because he shared with me recently that the
AdToon header we created is converting over 10% more sales.
This is a huge bump considering every order counts especially these days. The investment in the AdToon practically paid for itself in the first week alone.

Now he can continue to gain profits and reap the rewards
of standing out amongst his competition.

You can view his before PHOTO header here:


SO why is it so important to show improvement in your
marketing campaigns.

Well, in the CPA world (like Clickbank to mention a CPA) when you show the folks you are consistently improving your control page – affiliates want in on the success as well.  These list houses
quickly become your good friend and send you more traffic.

Success breeds more success.

Mike was so jazzed about the results that we redesigned the French, German and Spanish versions of the header for Truth About Abs.

Do you want to convert more sales?

Do you track your conversions?

Then you may want to give the AdToon header a try.

Simply sign up for a free consultation and fill out the form
to get in line. If I decide I want to work with you and
your business you will receive a follow up email within a few days.
Free Cartoon Consultation.

If you are price conscious don’t bother.

I’m a professional marketer who accelerates your conversions
and has experience working with some high powered marketers through the years like Dan Kennedy, Matt Furey, Yanik Silver and many, many more smart marketers.

If they folks value my services – why wouldnt you.

All for now,

Vince Palko

P.S. To accelerate your sales and learn the basics
about converting more sales using toons,

Make the Invisible Real

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Let me share with you a note from a Success Rocket Ride Member.
that opened my eyes in a unique way.

“Vince, your advice on personally drawing pictures of the things you desire
was a major KEY to me as far as causing the invisible to come into this visible
world!  I believe it becomes a blueprint that the creative power of God comes
into and manifests into this natural world!”
Thanks, Ron Trammell

Ahh, make the invisible visible and attainable.
Well said my friend. Thanks for sending.

When I spoke to the high school students
last monday I asked how many people draw.
A third of the hands went up.

This past weekend at a tremendous coaching
session with Matt Furey I met a client, John, who
said he began drawing for the first time in a long time
and asked for pointers.

More and more folks are drawing.
That makes me smile from ear lobe to ear lobe.

So dont give me or anyone else the excuse you cant draw.

No one is looking over your shoulder to see
your results. Start creating your Personal Success Blueprint
with icons, arrows and other symbols
that carry meaning to you.

You dont have to be Michelangelo to do it.
Just make em look like the cave paintings of
past where they symbols. One symbol that
carries tremendous vibration is a dollar sign.
You can include this next to a stick figure
and write in your desired goal.

For fitness you could draw a snow man
(which is like drawing a number 8)
turning into a stick man to show the weight loss
thats going to occur.

These are just preliminary thoughts and ideas to consider…
if you want more of the goods – you’ll have
to subscribe to my Success Rocket Ride Club.


Vince Palko

What rhymes with heart

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

I’m forty minutes from going on stage at
a Miami high school to share some
Gridiron Mind Power secrets.

I wanted to write you and let you know I’m still
here – just have been on the road in the last week.

So a quick note to say “Hello”
and also to say dream your dream to achieve greatness.

Dont let anyone stand in your way.. either.

If an opponent is much faster and stronger than you are
the underdog is never in trouble.

You know why?

Anything can happen on any given Friday night.

And. You know how you beat em?

1) Smarts – having a solid game plan
2) Heart – emotion, enthusiasm and other intangilbes you
cannot measure
3) and Farts … well, fartlicks or gassers – basically, out condition them.

This above formula when you reread it can be applied
to anything you go after in life!

Okay – gotta run.

If you want to check out the goods
of what I’ll be speaking on, Gridiron Mind Power,
click here.

All for now,

Vince Palko

P.s. Also, grab my new book, Tackling Life’s Problems
for an excellent read …as seen here
There are limited bonuses available so if you want
in do it now.

Getting ready to speak to enti…

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Getting ready to speak to entire high school program on how to succeed in sports when you don’t have great size and speed.

A thrill passes through all me…

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

A thrill passes through all men at the reception of a new truth – Emerson

However long the road seems, w…

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

However long the road seems, when you finally arrive at your desired destination the actual time for travel is short.

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