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Birthday Bonanza Special

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Thirty-eight years ago a ten pound ten ounce
baby boy came into this world.

That 10lb 10 ouncer was me.

As a result of this glorious day,
I am throwing a birthday bash
wherein you too can celebrate
by grabbing one of the many products
you’ve had your eyes on for some time.

Hurry though, soon the birthday candles
will be blown out and the box of ice cream demolished.

Run here Now:


Vince Palko

P.S. Thanks to all those who have written birthday wishes
on my Facemask wall. You made my day.

Fun video from the Godfather

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

We are going to take a break from
fitness today and fill you in on something
that can bring peace of mind and joy to you.

If you are not interested in these two, simply deleto this emailo.

Over a lifetime, I’ve had hundreds of people
say to me, “Wow, you are an artist? Thats cool.
I cant even draw a straight line.”

I never had a response to this until now.

In the next week, I’m opening a 6 month
class called the Dynamic Drawing for Beginners.

That’s right, the Godfather is going to reveal
his skills so you can start a new hobby or create
small icons and graphics on the whiteboard in your day-to-day job.

So far I have doctors, lawyers and other business
men and women signed up.  Made me think that YOU
would be interested in hearing more about this.

If you are interested, click this link to view a quick video that explains more about the program.

I’m keeping this in a small group format so everyone
gets Professor Palko’s full attention. That means there
are a limited number of seats available.

And one of the best features is you wont have to leave the comforts of your own home or office to follow along to my live video feeds and start producing quickly and effortlessly.
As winter closes in you can either get depressed watching the news each
night or you can learn a hobby and become fulfilled and happy learning something new.

If you would like to be considered for the
Dynamic Drawing for Beginners Class,
please send an email to and put in the
subject line: “I want in your class.”
** Please provide a contact number and address in the email.

A follow up email will be sent providing you with more class
specifics and investment options for this program.

Here is that page again to get started:

I look forward to coaching you into a dynamic drawer.


Vince Palko

If you can’t keep good company…

Monday, October 19th, 2009

If you can’t keep good company with yourself you’ll always be dependnt on someone else for entertainment.

When I forgive others easily t…

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

When I forgive others easily tis easy to forgive myself when called to do so.

Get Tough and Buff Fast

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

“My teammate is a linebacker and he owns one.”

Twas typing away on my laptop and heard a car commercial glamorizing linebackers.


I guess linebackers do make incredible sales tools.

Maybe its because they are lean and mean.

Maybe its because of they are intimidating.

Maybe its because they are the ultimate sign of mental and physical toughness.

Well, you don’t have to play the linebacker position ONLY to be as tough and buff as one.

You can BE ONE by following Linebacker Fitness I’ve assembled.

If you didn’t notice, its now in a downloadable format.

You can get it here while it remains an Linebacker Fitness e-product.


Vince Palko

2 Time Hall of Fame Linebacker

Smile when it hurts most

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

What do John Elway, Hines Ward and Brian Pruitt
all have in common?

First, a lil diddy.

Back in college it came down to the
biggest game of my collegiate career – BG vs Central Michigan-
winner went to the Mac championship.

Central had a top rated running back that year name Mike Priutt.
Nothing did I like better than having the challenge rest on the dee to stop this guy.
The first play from the line of scrimmage was a sixty yard
scamper to the end zone by Mr Pruitt. After that, he was lucky to get fifty yards total.

On one play, I remember drilling Mike
into the ground with everything I had.
He let out a gust of wind emptying his lungs…. “Umph!”

“Ya come on my side a-gain and yur gonna get more of dhat,”
I whispered in his ear hole.

“Vince, May God be with you!”

“What?!?!?!?!”  I thought.

How can this be? I leveled him and
his response was “May God be with you.”

My strategy for mentally messing with his head was trumped.

People who practice mental toughness
have a knack for never letting you know an ounce
of their pain inside. Theyre tough as nails.
They eat thunder and crap lightning.

John Elway was another example of this.  No matter how hard
a linebacker would thump him he always stood-up displaying that
cheshire grin. In fact, no matter if the Bronchoes were behind or ahead
he alwas seemed to have the same expression. As a fan
on the opposing team it was frustrating as heck to watch.
Can you imagine being an opposing player
and seeing that when you line up for every snap.

Heines ward is another example if you want a more
recent person who practices this “smile into adversity” principle.

After every jaw rattling tackle he pops up off the ground
with that cheesy smile. It almost looks fake if it were not
plastered on his face – all game long.

So is this another one of my many ole football stories
that I mindlessly pound out that have zero to do with your life.


There are many folks who are in a world of hurt.
Maybe not physically but mentally.

If you are unemployed.
If you are facing foreclosure.
If you are at odds with your employer.

Basically, if you are living life… chances are you are being challenged
now more than ever.

So my advice is smile into adversity. Smile when it hurts most.

Dont let the circumstances get the best of you;
less you give your power away to people, places and things
that dont count in the grand scheme of things. Or the big picture.

When you smile when you dont feel like it, you instantly change
your energy.  You change the way people respond
to you. In essence, you activate your FAITH muscle trusting
everything will be alright in the future.
And FAITH is one of the key components to success and turning your life around.

If you’ve been inspired by this daily message,
then you will want to check out my new book,  Tackling Life’s Problems,
that’s loaded with similar stories and success style
games you can apply instantly in your life and business.

You can buy it on Amazon or you can order it off my site
and receive several bonuses along with it.

Your choice.

I look forward to hearing your results applying the principles
of success that I teach. Here is that link again to Tackling Life’s Problems.


Vince Palko

I’m about to shake this cough …

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

I’m about to shake this cough and congestion with my own antibotic – a wickedly big clove of raw garlic. Mmm

Bye, Bye Girly Man

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Arnold Schwarznegger once characterized those as
weak and flabby men as “girly men.”

I’ve seen a couple shots where the Governator
has become a bit droopy himself, but thats for a different
conversation. A different time.

These girly men he referred to are folks who
have a tenancy to sit more than they stand.
To walk more than they run. To eat more than they burn.

These girly men with flabby boobs have to understand one concept and one only.

You dont have to be a strappin’ gym rat in order
to have a well built frame and strong physique.

You dont even have to lift an ounce to tone
and tighten the way I teach.

All you have to do is cut out ten minutes of your
day and devote it to a routine I call Upper Body Armour.

These exercises like the Samson Smash and Pushing Sand
are considered weird and unusual. Yet, they deliver results
in a major way.  Plus, you wont have that naggin soreness
the following day.

If you want in on this ridiculous low tag, then rush on over to
Win the Man Boob Battle
and take advantage of this low offer.

If you do it NOW, I’ll even mail you a couple extra unannounced bonuses
(I guess they are announced now) to your doorstep that arrive
with this amazing DVD. –> Win the Man Boob Battle

Ciao for now,

Vince Palko

Man Boob Melters

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

A reader asked if my course on melting
man boobs has any pushup routines in it?

Below is my response.

Pushups are perfect forms of movement
for building upper body strength and I’ve done quite a few over the
course of my athletic career and beyond.

In many varying forms no less. Yet, there are only
so many movements you can do.

Plus sometimes, I dont feel like getting
on the ground to do them.

Am I lazy you jest.  Well, perhaps. However I make up
for it in the meditative routine I follow daily.
And I have yet to feel the same pump even from pushups.

You’ve heard the overused phrase “work
smarter not harder.”  Well, let me use it once again!

This arsenal of weapons strengthen and tone your upper
body in ten minutes a day. Sometimes I go for more, some days less.

This is the same routine my old coach developed
and shared when I was recovering from surgery.

Ones that can be done a few minutes before
you get into the shower.

Ones that you can do right after a workout as
a warm down session.

And yes, ones that replace a workout if you are just starting out.

But to answer your question, NO, no pushups included.

If this interests you, Id suggest sprinting on over
here and grabbing the DVD plus freebies while you
can:  Win the Man Boob Battle

Blast those embarrassing
man boobs away by taking the first
step, and grabbing my unique course while
its still at a ridiculously low price.
Win the Man Boob Battle.


Vince Palko

Favre owes his offensive line …

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Favre owes his offensive line a surf and turf dinner after last night.

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