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Move your belly bulge north

Monday, November 30th, 2009

If you are like many folks
this past weekend has left your
belly sticking out past your shirt
just a hair.

Wink, wink.

Well, its now time to move the belly bulge north to your chest.

You can do situps till your blue in
the face, but that will make your
belly poke out even MORE, or you
can work this little trick into the equation.

You can build up your upper
body so your chest pops out past your gut.

You can do so by clicking this link
below and reading more on my Upper Body


Vince Palko

Spills on the ice and your fitness

Monday, November 30th, 2009

This past holiday I enjoyed myself
and my daughters very much.

I hope you did as well.

We have a tendency to sit around with family
and watch a tone of tube and eat.
I guess much like everyone else out there.

I’m the type who when asked to sit for a longgg time gets ansie.

So midway through the break, I did the unthinkable.
I took my three girls, ranging in ages 8-3 ice skating.
Near my Dads, in the Falls, the town erects an ice rink
complete with a mini Zamboni.

So there we went and the girls were pumped.
Last year, Pops babysat my littlest.   My middle daughter
and I went round and round. Afterwards my lowerback
needed a stretcher from all the bending.  This year I thought
I’d pull a Rocky and just wear shoes and help my youngest
on ice for the first time. I figured there would be less bending
being shorter without the skates.

Although Viv was like bambi on ice, she did well considering.

In her mind, she didnt like falling. Perhaps a little bit of
a perfectionist brewing within. I tried to tell her falling is no big deal.
Its just like the first time learning to walk. Still she didnt like it.

After a few loops around the rink, the owners came out
and told me I needed skates on or I’d have to come off the ice.

“Well, looks like a good time to take a break.” I told Viv.
Viv practiced walking around the rubber matt on the side
and I told her we’d be back even better at Christmas time.

When learning to perfect anything you will have your
share of spills.

Maybe you’ve tried to start your fitness program now for
quite some time. Maybe you have fallen off the program
more times then you care to admit.

Well, today is your day to start again.

Get back up on those skates, balance yourself and get moving.

I have a couple programs that are perfect tools to catapult you
in the right direction of your weightloss program.

You can check em out here.

Linebacker Fitness
now has a downloable PDF at a reduced
price.  Jump on this offer before it goes away.

My Super Body program brings new definition to the words
muscle confusion. Try it out by skating over to:
Super Body Blitz.

Okay, have a great one.


Vince Palko

Happy Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving.

She cried after this

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

One of the biggest things about sports I miss is daily competition.

Anyone who has played at a high level is used to going out
and competing on a minute-by-minute basis for your job.

Take one minute “off” and your toast.

This is one of the most challenging, yet thrilling facets to the game – any game for that matter.
Even life. Even a board game.

Its one of my most prized asset that I have perfected.
Does this raging spirit continue on way after your last play
is run.  You betcha.

For me, its even more challenging competing against yourself.
At the same time, its even more rewarding when you succeed.
Everyone, I mean E V E R Y O N E, can get better at competing with themselves.

And if you happen to have a little competition to challenge you – all the better.

Then you know its them vs me and whoever is going to give their all will win.
You discover who is all talk and who is not.  Who wants it more and who does not.
Who is willing to put in the time to succeed and who will sit on the couch watching TV.

Competition is good.

My middle daughter cried yesterday after a game she lost with her
younger sister. I held her and did NOT say- “Its all right.”
Most parents would say, “its just a game- forget about it.”

Not me.

Instead, I asked her if she wanted a REMATCH and would give a little more effort next game.

She said yes.

She was more focused, more poised and determined.

Guess what, she won.

I love to see my daughters get upset over a loss, it means she cares.

When I have coached little boys in gradeschool sports, the ones
who have older brothers are always head and shoulders above
the other kids.


Cause they have to compete day in and day out with someone most
likely bigger, stronger and faster.

This catapults them above their peers.
This is called deep practice.

And back to competing against yourself. You get better
by doing the little things on a daily basis. You get better
by forming the habits that lead you to a better you.

One of those many things is making time
to move your body.

This is an extreme challenge for some but for others a part
of their daily practice.

If you want a couple of tools to get you fit fast
check  out One Secret Exercise gizmo.

You can take it with you as you go on the road this holiday
season and chisel your entire body as well as
your abs in the process.

For those who want to gain back their “manhood,” so to speak,
be sure to grab Upper Body Armour — Win the Man Boob Battle

I still have the extra bonuses available in both programs
listed above. That may be changing in the near future, so move

Okay, talk to you later.


Vince Palko

A Warrior Princess Passes On

Friday, November 20th, 2009

I woke up early this morning and read some
texts that came in through the night.

One was from Cheri.  It said, “Stephanie Spielman passed away.”

“What a darn shame. She fought so hard,” was my response.

I was saddened to hear the news.
If you dont know the story, Stephanie (age 42), was
the wife of former football player Chris Spielman.

I idolized Chris growing up when he was at Massillon High School
and then to Ohio State and on to the Lions.

I learned much from the man about football in observing his intensity
and style of play on the field.
I eagerly listened to my head coach Gary Blackney
tell Spielman stories in the locker room or on the practice field.
Coach instructed Chris at the middle linebacker position while bother were at OSU.

I also learned much from Chris about life as well.
When his wife was diagnosed with cancer Chris decided
to skip a year in the NFL to be home with his wife and family
to take care of the kids. Thats a real man.

I know why the two were together because they
are both gritty and tough individuals.

She made it her mission to turn a negative into a positive.
“I know there’s a reason God gave me breast cancer,
and I’m supposed to do something with it,” she said that year.

Stephanie’s foundation has raised 6.5 million dollars for cancer

If that doesnt life your spirits I dont know what will.
She was truly a selfless individual with a higher purpose.
She’s been living on her purpose ever since 1988 when she was originally diagnosed.

So my success message to you today is simple:

Get a little grittier.

Realize your problems arent as bad as they seem considering
you have your health.

Do it for Stephanie.

If you would like to donate to breast cancer
here is a link below…
and you can do so by
dedicating it honor of Mrs. Stephanie Spielman.

Its the right thing to do.


Vince Palko

Woke up early and did some cop…

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Woke up early and did some copywriting / mini naps intervals all the way up till 8. Got intros for 2 letters.Thank yu S.J. for the iPhone.

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