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Happy New Year

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Well, I missed the opportunity to wish you Merry Christmas
as I was traveling with family.  But I wont miss this opportunity to
wish you a Happy New Year.

This is an important time of year for many people
and I have something special to announce tomorrow
that you wont want to miss!

Until then, enjoy your evening, the overload of football
and most importantly be SAFE!

Best of success,

Vince Palko

Proud to be an Elf

Monday, December 21st, 2009

This past weekend I took my three girls
back to the Akron area and had an amazing time.

Here’s what we did.

Early yesterday AM, Sophia and I
ventured out into the cold to be
a part of an amazing group of individuals
called Elves and More.
I left the two little ones at Moms.

E and M bought and built 1000 bikes
to give away in some of Akron’s roughest

“There was a shooting three days ago
at the corner where the caravan is taking us.
So be on alert.”
Timmy the leader secretly shared with a couple of us
before we left.

Sophia and I boarded the bus along
with 25 other elves and off we went.

The police escort through Akron
made my heart race not knowing what
to expect.  As we snaked through the boarded up
neighborhoods, one woman pointing her megaphone out
the bus window declared,  “Bring the children and come
get a bike. Merry Christmas.”

Soon we had a trail of cars several miles long
before we settled on 3 way stop
where 7 tractor trailers docked for
the morning.

Off we went from the bus, telling Sophia,
stay close to me.

Before you knew if there were bikes behind barricades
in nice neat little rows.  Police
officers let in a family one by one
along with a volunteer to select a bike
with them.

I got to see crying mothers and children
when they received a bike.

I also saw people who just took
a bike and exited quickly  – as if it all were a dream and
when they woke their new bike would be taken
from them.

I recall standing in the middle of
a make shift toy store under the gray sky looking up
when it hit me. Im grateful for what I have.
And I’m grateful to be here with my daughter helping others.
Then I felt my eyes well up
and a teardrop grab skin as it rolled down my cheek.

Was a wonderful experience. I’ve included a
video from the TV station if you want to check it out:
Click on the video to the right.

The saddest part was turning away hundreds of families
because our bikes ran out.  The line extended around the block.

So you can bet I will help to be apart of raising even
more money in the future to ensure
every kid gets a bike.

Afterwards, I told another volunteer, “I miss being apart
of a team. Working together for a good cause.
But this team is different because
its not concerned about wins or losses. Rather, its concern
is much, much greater than that- helping out needy families and making
their day.”

So this holiday season if you can donate
your time, money and energy – do so, you’ll
experience so much joy and happiness-
making someone else HAPPY.

If you are interested in learning how
to donate to this generous group, please send
an email and write in the subject line “I want to donate, Vince”


Vince Palko
“One of Santas Elves”

It’s not how yu start a season…

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

It’s not how yu start a season, it’s how u finish. Go Browns! Look forward to live action next week vs da Raih-dars!! Hopin for snow.

How to Be Happy

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Was on the stepper this AM and two
ladies were whining up a storm next to
me. I tried to keep my blinders on, breath deeply and mind me business.

But I failed. I eavesdropped on their convo.

Sounded like one woman was considering a
divorce. The other one was in “support mode”
or as I like to call it “getting crapped on by a 4 ton
oversized dump truck of schisse” (thats german for shitola).

The support woman you could tell
didnt agree with everything her friend was saying.

However, she added “I wonder why men
are so different and they NEVER listen… blah, blah.”

“Ooops, sorry,” she said to me pumpin’ away.

“I’m bashing men – with a man standing next to me.”

“No worries… but I do have feedback for you if you have ears to hear.”

“Sure,” she nodded.

“The grass ain’t always greener on the other side.
And the other piece of feedback is if you focus
solely on what your partner doesn’t do you are bound
to be miserable the rest of your life. Try to find three
things he does do right and focus there. Even if you have to scrape
to do so. You’ll be amazed how the situation might
improve. And with that, I’ll step
off me soap box.”

It changed the whole dynamic of the conversation,
the woman who wanted a divorce stepped off
the treadmill, he support partner, who was wading in dung,
said, “you know I was trying to tell her the same thing.”

You are right, its easier to make things work when
you have this mindset.

So let me ask you what are three things you
are grateful for?

Your health?

Your kids?

Your shelter?

Food on the table?

Gratitude does wonders for your soul. And happiness soon does follow.
An unending source of joy and happiness – that is.

Take a moment and write down three
things you are grateful for – right now!

And let the rest of your day be a Superb ONE.


Vince Palko

P.S. If you missed my previous announcements
of my good pal Dr. Wu’s new_book, then make sure
to run over and catch his awesome offer.
Do so now… Transforming Stress into Power.

What I found in my pocket

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Found something that’s been missing now for
a couple months in my dress slacks.

My goal cards.

Last I spoke to a group of young men
on the power of visualization
and I took out my goal cards from
my slacks to show them – to write
your dreams on paper so your mind
has something to chew on daily.

Thats only if you really, really want to achieve something
so badly, you’ll do anything to get it.

If you dont make a plan for yourself,
you’ll end up becoming a part of someone
else’s plan.  R.I.P.- Jim Rohn.

With the year rounding out, I’d encourage
you to write your dreams down
as well.  If for no other reason to create
an experiment and see what happens
to yourself this time next year.

I’ll be announcing something very
cool to support your goals in the fitness
arena here shortly, keep your eyes
peeled for something really cool.

Until then you have to check out what
my good friend Dr Wu Dhi put together
for taking stress and transforming it into kindling for your personal power.

That link to get is right here:

This valuable resource is wayy to low right now
but Doc wants to get it into as many hands as possible
- so dont delay for you really have to pay.


Vince Palko

How to Turn Stress into Power

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Got an email from my good friend
and medical Qi Gong practitioner, Dr. Wu.

He announced his new book’s launch yesterday,
Transforming Stress into Power.

You see, Wu and I have been working on
this book for quite some time.

While designing the book and cover, etc …
I secretly printed out every page
and went through the material with a fine tooth comb.

I’ve since hung several of the printouts in my bathroom
to understand more and easily practice
what Doc teaches.  Thats how I start my day.

And boy are these drills amazing.
The stress that would have rocked me to my core
6 months to a year ago – now
just gets blitzed away like a bug zappin’ lantern.

What a great feeling knowing you are in the drivers
seat to transform anything seemingly negative
into power to produce more and get more done.

Especially all the stress that awaits you this
holiday season.  Empower yourself with it, dont
let it draggggg you down.

Is there was a way to Turn Negative Stress
into Positive Energy and Get Everything You Want
Done in Half the Time?

Yes, indeed.

How is this possible?

It’s just knowing How to Turn Stress into Power.

Discover what Dr. Wu has in store for you by going to:
Transforming Stress into Power.

You’ll be glad you did. He is offering a ton
of free stuff well worth over a grand, so be sure
to grab this offer while you still can.


Vince Palko

Getting ready for a business i…

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Getting ready for a business icon drawing class.

Wow, 40 degrees feels like spr…

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

Wow, 40 degrees feels like spring after last week!

Never Get Tired Again

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Never Get Tired Again

What if you could roll through the day like a
bullet train.

First secret is to breath like Usain Bolt at the end of his sprint
to push through the toughest part of your day.

The rest of the secrets you’ll have to find out here:

Triple Your Endurance

Dont be a coffee slave or an energy drained wimp.

Rid yourself of the energy leaches and live a life
filled with sustained energy – to float through the day
when others are a draggin.

Do so now by going to:
Triple Your Endurance


Vince Palko

Combat Conditioning – Cartoon Edition

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

This is ridiculously cool.

I’ve been holding back on this for quite some time.

Many of you know who Matt Furey is. Those who dont, you’ll be introduced to him
in a few shakes of a lambs tail.

Well a couple years back, I was in Chicago and I received a call
from Matt asking to illustrate his best selling book, Combat Conditioning,
using my AdToons. Combat Conditioning – Cartoon Edition

I shouted, “Well, heck yeah. That would be badazz.”

And indeed I did. Twas an all out effort- to get several dozen drawings done.

This would have to be my most fun project to date.
Each toon is modeled after the real photo. So you can learn
the exercises and have a Limited Edition print of this cool book.

Dont wait, you’ll want to grab it while there is a supply left.
Do so NOW by running to:
Combat Conditioning – Cartoon Edition

I knew as a young man trading my math skills for drawing talents would pay
off one day. Tee-hee!


Vince Palko

P.S. Again that link is:
Combat Conditioning – Cartoon Edition

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