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Miracle Cure

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

I tweaked my shoulder when swimming

I have been on a mission to get my time
down in zee pool.  And I am making tremendous

Hopefully there is something new you are
tackling in your life to improve your health
and well being.

I love swimming because its the opposite
of contact sports, which I could get away with
furrowing my brow. However, in swimming in your furrow
anything on your body you’ll sink straight to
the bottom.  In order to perfect it you have to be a
constant state of relaxed tension.

Back to my shoulder. To get it from a state of ouch
to ahhh I used the miracle cure- a ten minute
message and a bag of ice.

Literally, the pain vanished in a short spell.

This here email is a reminder to always
include ice when recovering from an injury
or one just beginning.

Okay now for the thousand dollar question:
Does endurance work I teach help you
in the pool.

Yes, but of course.

Any sport in which you need to breathe
for a prolonged period of time (most long distance races)- my program helps.

If you want to cut 9 minutes off
your next race, be sure to visit Triple Your Endurance

Okay, all for now, going to hit the pool again.


Vince Palko

Goregous Grit

Friday, February 19th, 2010

There is nothing hotter that an cute woman who is rugged and gritty!

Did you hear the news? The womens downhill
kicked some butt in Vancouver.

What an outting.

My favorite, Julia Mancuso, took silver
in a nail biter string of finishes.

When you sit and observe these human bullets
flying down 30 story hills in a minute and a half,
you cant begin to comprehend the training
involved to do so.

Or the grit exhibited by the gold medal
winner Lindsey Vonn, who skied with a torn
up shin.

Two things to comment on here.

First, in sports and life you will be asked to play
through the pain. The high level achievers
always find a way to compete.

The other day a friend and I were sharing
injury war stories.  As he listed off a half dozen of his injuries,
I recounted only one major injury which sidelined me
for the 2nd half of the Wisconsin game and ready for
the following week. The rest of em, I “taped an Asprin to it”
and kept playing- as my coaches used to advise.

Sports are great metaphor for life because
it prepares you for uncontrollable, unforeseen setbacks
that pop up.

Winners ignore the “ouchies” and “owies” that try
to hold them back.

Lindsey reminded me of the great Jack Youngblood who
played in a 70s Super Bowl with a … get this … broken leg.

How bad do you want to succeed.

That is the question.

Apparently, Lindsey wanted it REAL bad.

Are you willing to play through a little physical and mental
pain to reach your finish line?

If not, maybe a bit of re-assessment is in order.

Be back later today to talk about the SECOND amazing
thing I witnessed in watching the downhill.

Ciao for now.

Vince Palko

P.S. People are signing up left and right
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You can solve all your problem…

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

You can solve all your problems in solitude- I call it a state of solv-itude.

This is worse than smoking

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Emotions have so much to do with your well being.

How you feel dictates what you choose to eat.

Eating good food vs junk
directly affects your health.

Your health can be tied back
to your emotions
its one big circle.

There is one emotion that is worse
than smoking when it comes to
providing superior or subpar health.

Instead of telling you what it
is – I’ll let you guess
and will print the answer in my
Success Club newsletter for February
going out soon.

In the mean time, I’ll look forward
to reading your guesses.

Have a magical day,

Vince Palko

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Awesome Success Video

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Saw an awesome video on You2B
this morning and it instantly has me pumped
for the Olympics.I’ve already selected a favorite to watch
based on this short clip below posted
on my blog.You may or may not know her
but if you watch the coverage over the next few
weeks – you will.

Her name is Julia Mancuso.

Capturing your dreams on paper in
the form of a drawing is powerful stuff.

Proof positive in this video.

And yes, this process of creating
your ideal future can only be done
if you are a child.

Thats my written form of sarcasm!

Well I’ve been teaching
folks all over the globe for some time now
this process in my Success Rocket Ride Club.

Dont know where to start
with this process?

Simply log onto and sign up for
my Success Club
and reach the dreams
you’ve always wanted to attain.

Its not too late, just ask Julia.


Vince Palko

What is a Plus One Attitude

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

How much stronger, faster, better would
you be if you developed a Plus One Attitude.

Not sure what I’m talking about, then lemme xplain.

The other night we got hit with a snow storm.
Unlike my neighbors who power up their gas
guzzlin snow blowers, I go out and powered up
my ole ticker and lungs!

After knocking out my drive, I decided
to do my sidewalk.

So I started in front of my house and put the gear shift
in low and trudged throw the snow.

The shovel paved a clear path from my house
to the neighbors.  Then I thought… I have some
nice neighbors – why not do their house.

So on I went.

I made an excuse to do more.

Upon parting a path to their house, I told myself,
“Ahh, just one more house. Our neighborhood has pet
owners who like to walk their dogs- I can go one more.
(Even though they shet on my lawn, why not).”

Pets need luv too.

On I went like Moses parting the
Red Sea with my big green hand plow.

The process repeated itself for 5 more times
making excuses to continue the whole time.

It reminds me how a group of young champions
lifted in college. We would push each other
telling one another our arch-rivals werent doing
extra reps or getting up early to exercise.
We found excuses to push ourselves.

This always helped us find extra diesel to reach for more.

By apply this Plus One Attitude can move mountains.

Imagine how much stronger you could be
if you added one more rep to a workout when
you are exhausted.

Imagine how much more successful you
could be if you added one more sales call
to your day.

Imagine how much thinner you could be
by doing 5 more minutes of sweat work.

Five hundred feet more of clear walkways for the
neighborhood. Ahh… I stood up straight and said to myself,
“Done good Palko- this is fodder for your daily tip.”

If you do one extra rep when you are spent
in your workout today… then another… and another
your strength and power will increase by light years
practically overnight.

So will other areas of your life in which you
passionately play with this Plus One Attitude!

Make today great!

Vince Palko

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Get Fit as a Fireman

Friday, February 5th, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I enjoyed an amazing birthday party
for my littlest child. The bash took place at an indoor playground.

One father at the party was a fireman. He was rock solid.
He happened to be on his 48hr “off the clock” run.

All the moms were gaga over him. Must have something
to do with being a sweaty fireman.  Kinda the same
with being a big sweaty artist. Well, not really.

I asked him where he trains and he said his
basement. The other place he trains is his entire
house chasing his kids around.

I grinned cause I could relate.

A guy/gal who trains alone is a guy/gal who reaps major results.
You dont need someone to train
with someone to see a change in your body style- just a willingness to get after it everyday.

That is why Linebacker Fitness works
so well for my clients. It’s a self contained gym
in one small gizmo.

Train in your cellar. Train in your garage. Train in the firehouse…
Doesnt matter where you take it ’cause when
you do it like a linebacker – when done you
are revitalized and refreshed. Might even have the most amazing
uplifting feeling and energy pumping through
your veins.


Vince Palko

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Check out my baby’s hair — ht…

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Check out my baby’s hair —

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