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Someone Right Now is Doing This

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Someone, somewhere, right now is sweatin’ their booty off.

Someone, somewhere is making the right food choice.

Someone, somewhere has turned the corner
from whence they came – an overweight, low energy person
to a vibrant, lean and strong healthy person.

They probably just looked in the mirror and realized their efforts
are paying off. And chances are great 2 seconds ago, they smiled back
at that mirror too.

Wouldnt you like for that person to be you?

Isn’t it time you put down the extra helping to
satisfy some other emotional hardship that exists in your life.

Isn’t it TIME to get your life on track with fitness.

I suspect its been naggin at you lately and YOU have been “meaning”
to get around to it.

Well, these doers are no different than you.

Cept they had enough of the previous lifestyle they
were living and simply made the switch.

Well, there is no time like NOW to cease the day
and mark April 28 as the day you made your fitness

If this is you, and if you want to have a pro
athlete’s physique – I wanna help.

I want to be apart of your turnaround.

I have several courses that can help you too.

Here are just a few:

When you are ready to make the switch
everything becomes easy.  Its easy to make
the right food choice.  Its easy to exercise…
its easy to lighten the load on your belly with
one less helping– only when you take the first
step in deciding you want to CHANGE.

Take the first step in grabbing a program
that will make your exercise fun once and for all.

Do so immediately and be glad you did within a few short weeks!

All my best,

Vince Palko

How I Began My Day Today

Monday, April 26th, 2010

So after hoisting myself outta
the pool this morning I pointed to heaven.

Hey, you dont have to be a highly endorsed
athlete to do so.

No sahr!

You and me can point skyward,
even with no one watching.

Why would you want to do this?

You instantly acknowledge your higher power,
and give thanks.

Starting your day with an attitude
of gratitude is a powerful way
to get off and running.

You attract nothing but good into your day.

Reason I gave thanks was
because I busted through
a previous plateau in my swimming routine.

I mean BIG TIME.

Yes, this 240 lb great white
carved through the water faster today
and with less effort than ever before.

And an unprecedented person best
for my next triathlon are in me sights.

So this is my tip for you… after arising
in the AM and doing any one of the following
programs ….

Melt Man Boobs

Triple Your Endurance

Triathlon Training Secrets

Alternatives to Cardio

Effortless Weightloss 

…. point north and give thanks to your higher
power who put you here and gave you
strong legs to stand on… a big set of
lungs to breathe with and a healthy heart
to move with.

Do this and I guarantee you will
feel even better that you did while doing
these exercises.

Ciao for now!


Vince Palko

Author of Tackling Life’s Problems
and a host of other powerful programs.

5 Reps are Better than None

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

The other day I had a packed schedule of:

- Interviews.

- Cartoon deadlines.

- Writing for my private newsletter.

- Picking kids up from school.

And that just scratched the surface.

Instead of writing off exercise for the day
I adopted what many of my great coaches
taught me through the years.

Something is better than nothing.

Yes, something even if its 5-10 minutes a day
works wonders for your body.

This chaotic day I chose to sprint the hill in front of
my house only doing 5 sprints. I usually triple
that amount to wrap up a workout. But this day
I compromised to meet the demands of the day.

Now, do I make a habit in doing just this amount
everyday. No, I dont.

And I dont advise you to.

I do advise taking short breaks from your schedule
to keep your body revved up. That way
when it comes for your next full squadron workout attack
on your fats cells you’ve put in your time – even if its a little.

You have heard me preach it before,
and I’ll preach it again.

So here be a little reminder for you today.
Something is better than nothing.

This keeps momentum building to reach
your desired weight loss goals.

Another great short workout to make you huff
and puff in minutes is my Linebacker Fitness program.

Download your copy NOW… Linebacker Fitness.

Okay, all for now.

Be back next time.


Vince Palko

Looking good is the best revenge

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

I read this line flying through a James Patterson novel the other night. “Flying” is the best descriptor ’cause his books are powerfully written.

Although the context escapes me, the line, which is a great line of text, did not.

As people grow older many people have a belief that they
are meant to age. They believe they are allowed a few extra pounds
and that a soft fleshy tone is acceptable.  People believe that activity is only meant
to be done during the work day, 9-5.

If you go against this current, many surprises await.

Let me give you one example.

Being new to the dating scene I can tell you this…
people who take care of their bodies and health, get noticed.
Reason is there is a glutten of people who prescribe to the
I’m getting older thus I’m allowed to fall apart mentality.

And you dont have to look like the Men’s magazine starved models either.

By just doing a little bit everyday, you can sore above the average
Joe or Jane and get noticed.

Don’t tell me you would rather be overlooked.

I heard this maxim once, “Everyone wheres an invisible
shirt that says I want to be noticed.”

It feels great to hear compliments from colleagues or spouses.

The fastest way to stand out in a crowd is to polish up yourself.

Three small keys that will open the big door of your health
are these:

  1. Drink more water than you consumer coffee or pop (next progression, cut out pop and coffee)
  2. Get 30 minutes of exercise a day (10 minutes is a great place to start)
  3. Keep tabs on yourself (Track your progress and make a game out of it)

You do these three things and other healthy habits
are sure to follow and support your efforts.  This leads to even more increased results.

Also, if you havent seen this,
I have a new program to trim your man boobs.
Follow this link
NOW to and take advantage of several bonuses.
Not sure how much longer this program
will be up as I am considering putting it into the secret exercise vault.

Woman, I have smart females investing in this as well,
because you can tighten and tone your bosoms as well.

Go here now to find out more at the Melt Man Boobs promo page


Vince Palko

My Formula for Fighting Childhood Obesity

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Had our first soccer practice last night.
The girls looked a bit rusty but thats to be
expected after a little break.

We had them running lots of drills and
in the end organized a big scrimmage.

This made me think of the epidemic taking the US by storm.

Childhood obesity.

Lots o talk in the news about Michelle Obama
creating efforts to fight this.

Not sure how well her approach will work.

However, as a writer of a fitness blog, you
bet your sweet turnips I have an opinion
on how to fight it.

Here is one of many thoughts:

Mandatory sign-ups for extra curricular activities;
baseball, football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, cheerleading and etc.

Every child has to participate in one of the above.

SO your kid doesnt like sports, no problem…invite them
to join the band. Walking around 100 yard
fields while blowing on a tuba counts for sweaty activity.

Once practice finished, there were lots of little red faces running up to
coach to collect their schedules. Lots of blood pumping
through their veins.

Not only will a child be forced to leave his Text box
and PlayBay stations  to move his frame…
he will also be forced to manage time and learn

These are essential life skills to carry with them
the rest of her life.

As parents, is our DUTY to find activities that promote
healthy lifestyles with our kids. The time to plant
good habits and behaviors is in when our kids are YOUNG.

That time is NOW.

So thats Dr. V’s formula for fighting childhood obesity
as I see it today.

Have a great weekend!

Vince Palko

Author of Tackling Life’s Problems
and creator of over a dozen fitness

Travel here to discover find out more:

Are You CRAZY?!?!?

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Excuse me while I vent a bit.

In this rant, not only will I blow off some steam,
but you will also get some good tips on
making better food choices.

I spent some good one-on-one
time with my daughters the last couple of
days. While together it came to my attention
that some grotesquely horrible food
choices were given to them by their sitter.

Get this, my five year-old told me that
one time the babysitter was feeding
them strawberries and put a packet
of sugar (“the kind people put in coffee” as she put it)
on the cut up berries in her bowl.

And get this, my daughter told the sitter
she didnt want any and the person over ruled
her decision and said, “No, this will make it taste better.”

Excuse me?!?!?

Its impossible to make fruit taste better-
its already SWEET as sin without a load of sugar.

Need I mention this person has
a few extra LBs and I have a sneaking suspicion
where her extra cals are coming from.

A dash of sugar here and there cant hurt.

BUT ON FRUIT.  Why squelch natures goodness
with artificial sweeteners?

This is absolutely unnecessary.

Its our duty as parents and supervisors to give our
children the best information, tools and habits possible
to live a healthy and happy life!

Some people wonder why dropping a few pounds
can be challenging. Yet, if one checks his trash can,
the answers will be right in front of his nose.

So here is one tip to try:
Experiment with one thing at a time, like
trying fruit with NO SUGAR.

If you want to taste your food in
a whole new way, slice up
a piece of garlic and chew it up.

100 percent guaranteed your taste
buds will reset and everything you
eat after that will have 50% more flavor.

Try it.

And in the mean time, thanks for
letting me get that off my chest.

Make today great!


Vince Palko

P.S. A follow up video to
yesterday was created and put online.
You can check it out here …

Sculpt a New You

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

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