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Archive for June, 2010

Burn belly fat faster and more easily

Monday, June 28th, 2010

There are a ton of people who have been sold a bill
of goods on how to lose weight properly and effectively-
especially when it comes to and around the midsection.

I have a friend who is about 50 lbs over.

He has a lifter/trainer friend, who according
to my friend is “ripped,” and currently “coaching him up” on how to lose weight.

Well, 90 percent of the workouts this stocky
guy keeps telling him have to do with training individual
body parts.  For example, a whole hour workout
would focus on “back and bi’s”.  Or “chest and tri’s”.

Guess what. My friend after 2-3 months has not seen one smidgen of change.

I never prescribed to this style of lifting mostly
cause we never trained like this all through high school or college.

Our workouts focused mostly on major muscle groups,
e.g. – entire upper body and entire lower body blasts.

Given people’s busy schedule today, which one would you
prefer?  Two body parts a day for a week straight
or cutting body in half to focus on major areas once a week.

I know my answer.

Well, back to my belly fat intro…
My friend wants to lose the spare tire round his waste.
Yet, the only “fat burning” work this guy is doing is 5-10 percent of his workout
walking or joggin on treadmill.

Lets start right there.

This aint gonna cut it.  He must increase ratio to 50% cardio or even 60%.

Today I will give you the other key element.

High intensity workouts utilize the fat stores in the belly
better than long slow cardio.  The beautiful part about
this is my friend only needs to 10-15 minutes of high intensity
work in the beginning.  Then work up from there.

So what is a good example of high intensity workout, you ask.

I’ll give you three:
-Hill sprints
-Rope skipping
-Or all the above

All three of these I do and suggest my clients do.
Now the benefit to having a rope skipping program
in your arsenal is the travelocity factor.  You dont need to
live near a hill in order to perform.  Plus, you can pack it up
and play anywhere you travel to.

Bottom line: Exercises like rope skipping are
gonna burn the belly fat faster, than walking, jogging, or running.

Give it a shot for a week and if you dont see a smidgen
of difference then scrap it and try something else.  I’m 100%
you will see a difference in your body style.

My Linebacker Fitness program teaches fat burning
rope skipping to beginners… and it just so happens to be
on special for a bit longer.  There are several
bonuses that come with including a high quality rope
that I endorse along with 8 workouts to keep it fresh.
Just click the Linebacker Fitness product link on the special
page.  No, you dont have to play a linebacker on Sunday to have
a body like one.

If you run to this_sale page,
you can still pick it up for a one month gym payment.  However, this tool will continue
to pay BELLY FAT BURNING dividends the whole year through.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.
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Vince Palko

P.S. Be back next time to share more bad advice
this “trainer” told my friend about losing belly fat.

People LOVE this. Do you?

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Yesterday morning I went to the hardware
store to pick up some light bulbs
for my handy-dandy contractor lights I use
from time-to-time.

Upon exiting, I walked next to a total stranger who
just picked up some patio chairs and table.

“Wow, that looks like a nice set,” I said to the lady.

“Oh, yeah, its going right on my back porch.
Been wanting something for it for a long time.
AND…. they were on sale,” she beamed
about the savings she reaped.

People love it when they can grab marked
down items. I had a girlfriend once who
would announce to the entire college house
I lived in the savings on all her purchases
she picked up at the store.

Let me repeat, PEOPLE love a good bargain.

That’s why I am I’m keeping the doors open
on my 50% Off – Look Fabulous for Summer Specials
for a tab bit longer.
I want you walking away with a huge cheshire GRIN grabbing
fitness tools to keep you in tip-top shape.

Do it now. I wont be having a sale for
a long, long time. Get em while you can.

You’ll be glad you did.


Vince Palko
The King of Feel Good Specials

Make it Easy with This

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Did you hear about the specials going on right now.
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One of the many items folks are grabbing is T.Y.E. … this is a fantastic
program.  I just put it to use yesterday during a training session.

I woke up early and swam a loop around the lake.

Once I arrived home, I put on the running shoes to do a
long jont.  I set out to do about 6 miler which I have not done in
a long time. Previously havent done much over two miles.
Triple Your Endurance made the run easy
and effortless.  How could this be for a 240 pounder?

Go check out this page and see how…
Triple Your Endurance.

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Vince Palko

A Real Warrior’s Meditation

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

pat tillman on light towers

Was watching a special on Pat Tillman,
the courageous NFL athlete, who volunteered
to become an Army Ranger after 9/11.

You probably know the story better when
I talk about the guy
who was killed by friendly fire.

But that’s not what I want to talk about today.

There was a time in college when
a photographer snapped a pict
for a magazine of him in his favorite spot
before a game.

This photo ended up in the head coaches lap
tossed there by an assistant coach.

“Uh, coach, is Pat allowed to be up there?”

The spot he was seen in an “L position” kicking back, legs crossed was
one of the large stadium light platforms that overlooked
the stadium.

When pressed what the heck he was doing
by his coach he answered, “Every Thursday night
I climb up there to be alone and meditate on the
upcoming game.”


Every athlete has a success ritual before a game.

Some athletes like noise other athletes like silence.

Its apparent this man used a space where the only
sound was the wind whistling by.

Meditation is a useful tool when preparing your
mind for battle in any endeavor.

Sales presentations.

Athletic events.

School board meetings.

Coaching the little league soccer team.

And yes, even fitness.

Its like the quiet that exists before the storm.

But what makes me laugh is when I hear
hear these muscle heads say mind power has nothing
to do with your performance, cept reps and sets.

Its all about how much and how hard
for these neanderthals.

Not according to Pat and definitely not
according to this writer.

Make time each day to center
yourself and if for nothing else to get in the right frame of mind
to kick some a– like Pat did on the football and battle field.

I have a special offer coming your way
very soon, so stay tuned, bro.

A warrior who loves meditation,

Vince Palko

Tragedy Hits Homes

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Well this past weekend severe weather struck our neck of the woods.

An 8 mile stretch about 100 yards wide snaked through Milbury, Ohio
from high winds and tornados.  Like scattered popsicles sticks strewn about,
aerial shots revealed the unbelievable damage that these tornados left behind.

The news reported that several people died as the unexpected
storm blew up out of nowhere.

People are banning together to help out
neighbors and residents who are without homes
and shelter.

Today I woke up appreciating life and my family
that much more.

As a result, I moved my body more vigorously
than before.

I too hope you get up and celebrate life today
by going for a walk, run, bike.

If you are looking for helpful instructional
videos on ways to burn fat faster, then you’ll love
grabbing any one or all of the items below:

When you place your order today,
10% will be donated to the Toledo
Food Bank to support families
left without homes or shelter.

Its all about people helping people.


Vince Palko

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