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Beware of the Pissed Off Pickup Driver

Monday, November 29th, 2010

If you live in the US, I hope you enjoyed your holiday week.

I have a pretty funny story to tell but it most likely falls into the “you had to have been there” tales.

No doubt this time of year brings out the warm
and fuzzies.  At the same time, its the season
when additional stress blankets the city and surroundings.

Heres what I mean.

Two days before Thanksgiving I was sitting at
a stop light.  I happened to glance down
at my phone when it began ringing.  The red light turned green for a split

Apparently, the guy behind me in the pick up truck was hurried.
He tooted his horn and I looked up and into my review mirror
to find this fine gentleman waving at me to move my vehicle.

Being someone who loves directive feedback from strangers, I inched forward
and eventually turned right like a turtle.

This made this “gentle man” more hurried and frustrated to the tune of more beeping.

Then while watching in my rear view mirror, this gentle man
revved his engines, squealed his tires and swerved out to my left into on coming
traffic over the double yellow line and pass me.

Luckily no cars were coming at us. Otherwise, that would have been a very bad decision
for this gentle man. All because he was in a “hurry.”

“Interesting,” I thought.

Then we continued down the same road.
He sped up and was about a hundred feet ahead of me.

I saw off in the distance the stop light turn from green to red.  Eventually he stopped at
it.  I grinned.  I switched lanes to be side by side with him on his right at the light.

I saw his window roll down in his big red neck truck.
I wanted to hear what this guy had to say. So I rolled mine down.

He was in an older age bracket then myself.  And what he began to spew
from his mouth, I cannot print here.

While expletives flew and his arms swung at the air… he proceeded to tell me
to, “All I did was beep my horn and then you had to do what you did.”  Which was drive slowly making a right hand turn.  More expletives then the light turned green.  He laid another patch
and was gone.

I didnt say a word the whole time.  Rather, I looked deep into
his eyes and sent him some holiday luv.

Although my heart was racing, my mind was clear, calm and focused.

My heart went out to the guy as he seemed very stressed and angry.

And this is a perfect example of people being in a hurried, stressed state of mind.

They dont take time to exercise and relieve the stress.  They dont take time
to meditate and let the mind settle.  Therefore they are powder kegs waiting
to blow.

If it wasnt for my exercise programs, my blood pressure would have
gone north, arguing and bickering back at this “gentle man”.

My programs do wonders for your mental state to flush stress and worry
from your radar as easy as cleaning a white board with Windex.
They also are amazing for reducing your fat.  If you
are less stressed fat doesnt cling to you as easily.  Not to mention
all the good fat burning qualities that naturally come with a health program.

If you are just starting out, I suggest you get on with my Fat Burning
exercises learned a lifetime ago and ones I still practice to this day.

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I wish you all the best for a stress free holiday season,

Vince Palko

What Happened to Walter Payton

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Sometimes when I hear news that doesn’t jive with my mind, I begin to wonder.

Take for example the loss of legendary
running back, Walter Payton.  He died of kidney failure.
And no other kidneys were available for a transplant at the time.

Now this is the guy who broke the rushing record
in his time period.  This is the guy who when you
watch post game Superbowl interviews shirtless had a seemingly healthy
body with bulging muscles and tight abs.

So what happened?

This is what played in my head when I heard about
his death quite some time ago.

And it made me wonder and wonder some more.

I got a clue as to why his kidneys failed long after
his successful career.

In a video online I watch as Walter’s daughter
interviewed old players from the 1985 Bears’ SuperBowl team.

In one interview with a close friend, she asked this friend
what funny stories he remembered about that team.

And the gent began talking about Walter.  Apparently, Walter
had a sweet tooth. He had a sweet tooth this man described.
SO much so, he put 6 packets of sugar in his coffee to have with
his donuts every morning. One full packet
is enough to make a small cup too sweet for me.
But SIX packets of sugar, thats an amazing feet.

Now Payton’s old nickname “SWEETNESS” makes a whole lot more sense– it wasnt just referring to his on field activities.

The old teammate went to talk about the prank he played on Walter
involving a donut and the wax tub used for healing injuries.

And back to the main point of this email. You can have a healthy
appearance on the outside while destroying whats on the inside
all by what you choose to put in your fuel tank.

Now the sugar may or may not be the only reason for the kidney
failure but in my mind – it ALL makes sense.  Imagine filling your take
everyday with sugar or the artificial sweeteners (even worse) everyday… while
putting your body under stress of rigorous exercise for football.

It doesnt take a rocket scientist or a rocket nutritionalist to know this IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU.

Something has to give and in this case it was Sweetness’ kidneys… God rest his soul.

We can learn from this past horrible tragedy and begin to
eliminate the sugar from our own diets.

Have a great weekend workout!


Vince Palko

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