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Special New Year’s Offer

Friday, December 31st, 2010

I hope you are enjoying this New Years Eve
in grand fashion or maybe just a quite evening soaking
up the last bit of 2010.

For me, it will be a easy going evening with my baby.  Cant wait.

To ring in the new year in a unique way, I decided to throw a
sale on my most popular product of 2010.

It is my How to Melt Man Boobs in 30 Days.

The normal retail price is $67 but for the first 99 people who
invest, they can get it for a low, low offer of $47.
That’s almost a whopping 30% OFF.  And you dont pay shipping because
its all downloadable IMMEDIATELY after you purchase.

Thats right, there are over five incredible bonuses
that come along with this boob blasting offer. So make sure
you get in on this before the door closes.

You dont have to be ashamed of your physique anymore.
Go to

The new year is the perfect time to take the first step
towards a new YOU, one that is slimmer and trimmer.

This program is also great for guys and gals who want to
strengthen their upper body without having to resort to
crowded gyms this time of year.  Or maybe you want
to prevent those saggy pests from forming on your chest.

Whatever the case, there are no excuses in 2011. Get it done.
You can only grab this offer on this page Rid Man Boobs Now.

Raise your glass for a fantastic year ahead!

Happy New Year,

Vince Palko

P.S. This special offer will only be available for 48 hrs or less,
so move on it while you can.

How to Hide Man Boobs This Christmas

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

No one likes to display a healthy set of man boobs
around the holidays.

So I have crafted creative ways to conceal
those pesky man boobs while
you are sipping egg nog with the family.

Here they are.

Five Ways to Hide Man Boobs this Christmas:
1) Wear bulky, “loud” Christmas sweaters to divert attention.
2) Grab a “broh” (thats a bra for men) at your local TarJay store.
3) Get the equivalent of the tummy tuck stretch band
for your chest
4) Wear your winter jacket to all the Christmas parties
and never take it off
5) Invest in a copy of my Melt Man Boobs in 30 Days
Rid Man Boobs now

If you make the smart decision and select the last option
you will be well on your way to tightening and toning
those embarrassing Man Boobs. Rid Man Boobs now

When you do these exercises on a consistent basis
what was once wobbly and wrong turns sturdy and strong.

Attention woman: looking for a unique and practical gift
for your man? Recently, we’ve had friends and spouses buy gifts
for their loved ones. Loved ones who want to rid themselves of those
saggy, double D’s.   If there is a special man in your life
that you would want to suggest this program to,
feel free to drop me a note and my creative team will deliver
this program to him in a positive, upbeat way.

Go now and take advantage of this offer.
Visit… Rid Man Boobs now.

Happy holiday shopping.


Vince Palko

A Gift for Your Gut

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

If you are like most folks its that time
of year when people start trimming the tree.
And then there are others who want to retain their healthy
figure and begin trimming their midsection.

More on this in in a bit. First, a quick story.

If you follow me on Facebook
you know last week I had to own up to
one of my bets with my friend Pete Genot.

My alma mater, BGSU, lost to Toledo and that meant
I had to be seen in public wearing a UT shirt,
and buy the round of Chai lattes. One former teammate of mine
called me Judas for actually putting it on.
See photos here.
Boy ole boy is Pete a cocky winner. Look at that grin
and yes he was talking smack the whole time we were posing. Ugh.

Anyway, the only good part that came out
of that BAD situation was Pete agreed
to let me give you a gift. A gift for your GUT this holiday season.

Pete whipped his body back into shape from a motorcycle accident
partly with my LB fitness program
as well as his Dirty Dozen ab exercises.

And the guy has kept the weight off. He looks great.
If you want a no cost gift. Really there are no strings attached… he doesnt
even want your email… visit this link NOW..

Not sure how long he will keep it up.

So I hope you enjoy your gift and put it to
good use.  Let us know your results. Its the least you
can do for Pete giving this valuable content away for Free and not asking for
an email in exchange for it.


Vince Palko

Gonna be a Rumble in Cleveland Tonight

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Well, if you have been living under a
rock for the last half year, let me fill
you in on whats happening in the sports world tonight.

Lebron is returning to the Rock and Roll City.
And I have a sneaking suspicion – “the Q” will
be rocking with Boos… for the former Chosen One.

Even my brother way down in Jacksonville says
the sports radio stations are lighting up the airwaves
about Lebrons reunion with the city in a few hours.

Since I come from the same Alma Mater as “Bron,”
I am a bit torn on if I’ll be in his corner or not.

One thing is for sure, I’ll be a watching.

Lebron was quoted saying its going to be tough
and he is looking forward to Friday, the day after. The day
he returns to his new home.

I was pretty surprised by this but then
again I dont have a whole city who wants to wring my neck.
Well, not the entire city hates him but you know what I mean.

In any case if you are going into a rumble
you want to be a lean, mean, fighting machine.
So tone up those muscles and get ready
for some excitement.

I know from watching Lebron train,
he is a big believer in plyometric exercises
just like the ones I teach in my fat burning course.

Yes, basketball, football– these are not sports specific exercises.
Simply movements to tone and tighten all in a very quick way.

Make sure you grab your copy of LB Fitness and begin
training immediately.  Work on your jabs and left hooks
as well… because the Miami Heat are coming to town baby!


Vince Palko

P.S. Lebron will come out scrapping or distracted. Which do you
think will happen?

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