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Archive for March, 2011

Live to Exercise – Exercise to Live Mentality

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Funny how things have changed.

Do you ever recall hating something
in the past? I mean something that was really
a thorn in your side and now absolutely loving it?

I remember growing up as a young lad in college going
through off season conditioning at Eppler Center in
Bowling Green.

5:30 am — baby.  Practice started at 6am.
By about 6:30 most were heaving their
fruit loops and morning snacks into large
trash cans placed strategically throughout
the dusty old basketball gymnasium.

Once morning conditioning wrapped up,
you’d trudge out into the newly fallen snow
to shower and get ready for the day.

Meanwhile, 99% of campus is tucked snuggly
in their warm cozy beds.

I remember thinking man, it would be
great to be them for a day.

Those were the days when I lived on someone
elses watch and time because I HAD to.

HAVING TO exercise is one thing.

WANTING TO is another.

Yes, the transition has taken a while
to come to fruition.  However, there is
nothing like starting the day EARLY
and moving your body to beat of a iPod drum.

Many wonderful things happen.

What if you could take any horrible
situation and make it better with exercise.

What if you could transform the way you look
almost overnight.

Its possible.

What if you could never feel an ounce
of stress even in the thickest, nastiest
cloud of adversity?

Its possible.

When you burn off the stress of life
and replace it with all the chemicals
the brain releases with exercise you
are in a much better place to enjoy your life.

The answer is simple my friend.

All it takes is about two weeks straight of
setting a goal to get up a half hour
earlier to get the job done.

And if you think you cant because
of one excuse or another think again.

Part of my inspiration for developing a
consistent routine is my Uncle Vince.

He had a massive heart attack last year.
Despite the fact of having been
“opened up,” he consistently and regularly schedules
life around his workouts not the opposite.

“Did you see the big game last night, V?” I asked him the other day.

“I only watched the first half… COMMITMENT!”
was his text response.

That one hit me pretty good
and its a testimonial to how Vince wants to
never have the feeling like he is living
his last day again!

The good news for you is you dont have to
wait until it gets to that point.

By simply starting small increments of time–
then building on your successes
you can string together a week, two weeks,
a month and you will be on a roll.

If you need assistance with programs
to aid in your fitness revolution program,
make sure to check out my products here….

Start fast!

Vince Palko

Me, the Clutter-holic

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Okay, I admit it… Im a clutter-holic.

Admission is the first step, right?
And I have already begun the process
of cleaning my clutter in my house.

IDEA GUY’S like myself seem
to have stacks of paper to the ceiling.
So clutter and me go hand in hand. :~)

How about you?

Funny part is I never knew I was
a Clutter-holic until
I was introduced to my friend
and client named Jeff.

He is on a mission to save the planet
from clutter. One of his ways to help people
is by writing a book on the harmful effects
of clutter on your well being.

Of course along the way, we developed a
character called, Clutterman seen here:
AdToons Book Covers.

Here is a guy who is thinking cleverly
and will surpass his competition because of it.

What other junk removal businesses
owners have authored a book? My guess
is none.  My guess is no one has
the drive such as Jeff, AKA Clutterman,
to make peoples lives
better… from the instant relief of a clutter-free dwelling.

So why did I write this note?

Simple…if you struggle with clutter
let us know about it.

If you want to transform your life
for the better and read this great book,
let me know.

I will put you on the waiting list
once the book comes out.

Secondly, if you too want to become
known as an expert in your niche
for the services you provide by writing
a book… let me know that as well.

I have helped others create their
first book as well as illustrate key messages
and make the content lively and fun!

To see some of the many book
illustration samples, click here:
AdToons Book Illustrations

I look forward to hearing from you
and how you have started the process
to become JUNK and CLUTTER FREE.

By the way, it sure feels wonderful becoming
CLutter FREE, baby!  So much new positive energy
in my workspace and house!

Ahhh, thanks Clutterman!


Vince Palko

Expect the Worst– REALLY?

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

‘Twas sitting with a friend at breakfast
one morning the other day minding my own bid-ness.
Well, not totally minding my own beez-wax.
But I could not help myself.

The table of guys behind me
were laughing and carrying on
with the waitress.

Not sure how they got on the topic

The lead dog spoke up,
“I always expect the worst and
then when something goes right,
I’m glad for it.”

“Mr. breath of fresh air” continued,
“Its just that those things that go right
dont come as often as I like. But Im not
pissed because my expectations are low.
So it works for me.”

Then the table rumbled with chuckles.

Hmmm. Interesting.

Sad truth is I believe this guy is not alone.
There are many people who share
this belief.

Cept’ people these days seem to
be in a world of hurt. And adopt the attitude above.
Or so it seems.

When things seem most bleak, is just the very
moment things change for you. If and a BIG if
you can hold the images of what you want
to have happen in your life.

Expecting the worst gives you the worst.

Expecting the best sets up a vibration
that attracts what you expect from the universe.

But it cant be a “sometimes feeling”. It has to
be an “all the time feeling.”

I coach my clients on the fact that its
the images you hold in your mind determine
how your life turns out.

The exciting news is I am in the process of wrapping up a new
book that explores this in more depths.

You can see a slice of the new teaser trailer for it here,
Visual Affirmations.

Until then, keep the images you hold
in your mind on only what you want…

And expect the BEST.  You deserve it!

Ciao for now,

Vince Palko

P.S. Go check it out here– Visual Affirmations

The Green River Run

Friday, March 11th, 2011

So the kids and I are off to Chicago, Chicago…
and yes, I will be singing my favorite rendition
of Ole Blue Eyes the whole way there.

Now, talk about a crazy place this time of the
year. Last time I was there around St Patty’s Day
I was rubber necking every few blocks — not because
of the pretty woman– although that would be a good
reason to turn my head,
but because people are coming out of the bars
at 9am. All those crazy Irish men and women
having fun– amazing.

Even though its not until next weekend these
Lushful folks get started now. And Im wondering
if the river will already be green.

But you wont find me doing that kind of stuff…
cause we will be celebrating a whole ‘nother kind
of party… its birthday time for my niece.

Anyway, the reason for my note is if you are going
to be a FAT Waging Warrior– you must plan ahead
to make sure you get your fitness time in.

So Sat. morning come heck or high water,
my “bro” and I will be running out to Lake Shore
and back for male bonding and fitness time.

If you want to keep the fat off, keep fitness
a top priority.. even while out of your “element.”

Yes. If you are wondering…
I will be applying my Triple Your Endurance program
to my routine… which is good for at least 15%
more fat burn when done properly.

So enjoy your weekend and preschedule NOW
what you will do to make yourself thinner and healthier.

All the Best,

Vince Palko
The Fat Burning “1/4 Irishman”

Do This When it Hurts

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Picture this.

You are in a foreign country, you don’t
speak the native tongue, you have to try
and function in society. You dont know anyone.
You have never been homesick a day in your
life– until now. Yet you still need to show up
at a job and be at the top of your game.

This is how I felt when I lived in Germany,
before I met all the wonderful people over there.

For a few months it was overwhelming and
in many ways the new experience hurt.

The same was true for being thrown into
a college 3-a-day session summer camp
as a “green” high school recruit.

In both cases, I did something most other
dudes had no interest in most likely.

I journaled.

I journaled my anxieties. My fears. My excitements.
I journaled who I met and what their names were.
I journaled how I missed home and when the
next time I’d see my old friends and family.
I journaled my injuries and lacerations–
yes, lots of stapled up nose entries. Hah.
I journaled just about any high and low in each life adventure.

Journaling is good for you on many levels.
Namely, it gets your emotions out of your body.
It eases the pain and frustration when you see it
all paper. Reason is it’s no longer bottled up inside.

I recommend this to my coaching clients and
I will recommend it to you.

Having financial problems — just journal it baby.

Having trouble dealing with your kids or spouse — just journal it baby.

Every seeming bad thing — just journal it.
Every good thing, do the same.

And what you will find is you will feel more relief.
You will have less stress and the universe
will line up to give you support in that troubled area.

This is how I see it based on this tool that I
have used ever since I was a weed lad
wet behind the ears back in the summer of 1990.

It is pretty intimidating to an 18 year old to think about 5 straight
weeks of 3-a-days and getting your ace handed to you.
So how do you handle it?

One day at a time — is what my intuitive mind suggested.
And journaling focused my mind for one day at a time mentality really well.

You can get through anything you are faced with right now.
With this one day at a time mindset.

If you would like to get additional coaching on
handling challenges. Yes, this scratches the surface
for the tools and techniques I apply , make sure to send
a reply note with “I want more coaching Vince”
in the header and we can go from there.

Be well baby!


P.S. To check out a current list of all my products
make sure to visit…

Comfort vs. Discomfort

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Excuse me while I rant a while…

If you want to be more
successful, become more COMFORTABLE with things that make you UNCOMFORTABLE.
I heard this once and it stuck.

Take any area of your life.

- Fitness.
- Business/Career.
- Relationship.

In all three areas you can improve
what you want out of life by cherishing

This is challenging cause we are wired
to run from pain, seeking pleasure, which
is called hedonism.

However, this is backwards if you want
to achieve anything.

What happens when you lift a weight.
Especially a weight that pushes your limits.

Is there any comfort in that?


There is much DISCOMFORT.

Yet, this is what forges your muscle into
thick hard steel.

Its the discomfort of putting your body through
rigorous workouts that leads to the peace and
comfort of a body at rest.

Just like a physical weight, your character is strengthened
through challenging times.

The same is true for virtually anything.

The trouble with our society is this…

We are a world running from DISCOMFORT
and then expects COMFORT. I keep thinking of the
scene in the movie, “WALL•E” wherein the future
everyone will be floating around on hovering
lounge chairs in COMFORT but big as elephants.

So how can this be. Comfort without DISCOMFORT
is virtually impossible.

Its the discomfort of studying long hours
that leads to a doctor becoming a brain surgeon
and his salary.

Its the discomfort of writing that leads
an MBA or Doctorate that eventually leads
to a nice comfortable job.

Its the discomfort of weathering a relationship storm
that then leads to one with smooth sailing.

Its the discomfort of getting on a phone to
chat with a prospect over and over that
eventually leads to making your own JING.

Through discomfort we REACH comfort.

You cannot experience comfort without
the rigor of discomfort.

So what is wrong with our society.
Its the thought of deserving comfort
without wanting to put a little sweat into
what we want to get out of life.

You want a better body, put a little sweat into it.

You want a better relationship, put a little sweat into it.

You want to double your income, put a little sweat into it.

Bottom line: Learn to LOVE discomfort and watch how COMFORTABLE you become.

Dont be a sissy.

Like my Daddy taught me, a little sweat never hurt anyone.

If you want to put a little sweat into it and FAST,
make sure you run over and grab my Get Fit as a Fiddle
course called LB Fitness.

And in just a short while, you will enjoy the COMFORT of
looking in the mirror and seeing who is staring back at you.


Vince Palko

P.S. Thats right my friend – visit this link and
start getting your summer body in shape NOW…

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