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Archive for April, 2011

Lose the Boobs by Summer

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Yes, up north we’ve had a wet Spring.
Lots of rain and little sun.

And this is the perfect time of the year
to get yourself in shape for summer.

Summer is right around the corner.
And you can start today by taking the first
step to get back on the road
to a trimmer, firmer you.

Take a look at this great offer
and wonderful bonuses that I will
keep up for an extended period of time.

Visit the page here and get your upper
body feeling strong and lean again.

If you are a woman, these exercises are great to
tone your upper body and abs as well.

So move your finger across your track pad and click the link below.
Lose the Man Boobs.



P.S. The time is now to start.. cause at some point Summer is
gonna ask what the “H-E double hockey sticks”
were you doing all winter to stay fit.  Move now my friend.
Lose the Man Boobs.

My Mom the Mouse

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

A couple weeks ago I had my family up
from Akron and the others over from Chicago
to the central meeting spot of Toledo.

Fun times were had by all.

Now you have to know something
about my mother.  And in knowing
can learn a lot about your health.

She is known as “The Mouse.”

During our get together something struck me.

The whole time here she nibbled.
She never had a full plate in front of her.

The same is true when she is at her home.
She’ll return from a day at work and nibble –
a slice of Swiss here, some mixed
nuts there and maybe a pretzel rod to top things off.

She never eats a ton — ever.
And she is as skinny as a light post in London’s square.

When I look at most people her
age they are twice her size if not
three times. Yet, she
does very little exercise.  Though
I would love to see her do more,
this works for her.

I wont reveal her age but is close to
the “retirement” years.

And it works for her. This is how
she has always been, even back to being a teenager.
I’d ask as she sat down to dinner,  “Mom, aren’t you gonna eat
with us?”

“No. I nibbled while I made it,” was her response.

Much can be gleaned from Mamma Palko.

What if you followed some of Mamma P’s
eating principles and nibbled throughout
the day instead of feeling like you MUST eat
at the socially acceptable times.

Would you feel lighter.

I can almost predict with 90% certainty  you would.

They say it takes about 20 minutes before
you can detect if you are full.  So slow down.

This will allow yourself to consume half
the food you typically do.

For me I like to eat.  And I also like
the movement — so I jack up the calories
to give me the fuel to get through
my Linebacker Fitness workouts.

And other endurance based routines like in
Triple Your Endurance.

So there you go.  Nibble your way to a thinner you.


Vince Palko

Drop the Fat Suit

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Get off your routine hamster wheel.

Thats right!

Wanted to let you know that if you want
to burn fat the fastest way possible…
how you have heard to do it before is wrong.

Long slow cardio is a NO-NO.

Elevate the heart rate for short intervals is the answer.

So how do you do this?

One of those ways to ratchet up
your heart level is to grab my program
LB Fitness.
In it, I cover several movements,
exercises to get the GOO off quickly.

The next thing you know:

1) You can fit an apple between your trouser line and your belly
2) You can see your neck again
3) Your lover cant keep his/her hands off you
4) You have the energy of three young wild stallions
5) You never feel nervous or intimidated walking into a business meeting again

Yes, when you give yourself the tools to drop
your old fat suit… you feel like a new man/woman.

I wish you the best in pealing off that fat.

If you want my Complete LB Fitness System and immediate downloadable
bonuses (while still available), click this link below.


Vince Palko

Author of LB Fitness
and Tackling Life’s Problems

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