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Archive for September, 2011

My [Private] Text String with Russell Brunson

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Check this out.

More results are coming in from a cool new AdToons Video Sales Letter
done for Russell Brunson, a premiere multi-million dollar marketer…
further to be referred to as “RB”.

So here it is…

… Russell is pumped about his new Optin page.

Here is the actual unedited text banter:

RB: Hey – your video is KILLING it!! 55% optin rate!

VP: Awesome! What’s an average optin rate page?

RB: A lot less than that. :) a great page we’ll get 35%… 55% is unheard of.

VP: That’s fantastic. I like the happy music. Nice add. :-)

RB: You should never sell these to anyone ever again and
just do exclusive work for me :) . Amazing

VP: You won’t be able to afford internet “biz opp” exclusivity. :-)

RB: I will with conversions like this… Ha ha.

So there you go… not only will AdToons Video Sales Letters
increase your sales. They increase your leads in an “unheard” of kind of way.

Many, high-powered marketers are on board with
producing these, and I am about a month out on starting new business.
So if you are interested you may consider
getting in line now by clicking this:

Also if you are a business owner interested in what Russell is
teaching I suggest you run over here and be apart of the 55% majority.
Go to…


Vince Palko
The Godfather of Cutting Edge Marketing

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an AdToons VSL yourself.
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