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Archive for October, 2011

Holy Smokes

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Holy cow. Its been a longgg time. I apologize
for this being my first letter in some time.

Reason is, my AdToons business is taking off
and I cannot keep up with demand.

As a result, I have rarely had time
to write.

What I do stay consistent with is Facebook
and if you are not my friend there, I suggest
we connect here…

More and more is it easy to follow my progress
and read any helpful tips on this platform.

Email is a dying industry so make
the jump now over to FB to stay connected.


Vince Palko

P.S. This seemingly “out of nowhere” success
was actually preceded by a particular system
I applied and developed a month or two
before the windfall hit… Yes, I plan
to release what I learned to the public. Stay tuned.

P.P.S. Here is my Facebook link again…

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