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28 Fingers Live On Stage

Check this out. My kid brother is in a band.

Hes the lead guitarist and his band mates
call him “28 fingers” ’cause he
plays like he has about 6 hands massaging the guitar
when in reality its only 2.

He works the strings over sumthin fierce.

The other night after my combo birthday party for the girls he and I had
a chance to kick back with a couple of brews and
get down to Budness (as I call it).

We were chatting about how Ive visualized success in
the past and still do to this day.

I gave him an example of how he could use it to secure a break
with his new band playing in a huge venue.
“Picture yourself up on stage in front of thousands of
people. See, hear, smell, touch all them in front of you right now.”

Then I thought, huh, what he needs is a mental snapshot
in his head to take home with him. One he can recall on command.

So I busted out a DVD set of Springsteen live in NYC, popped it
in and let it play in the background as a group of us sat
around and rapped.

“Bang — thats it.” I shouted.

I pointed the controller at the TV and hit the pause button.
“See that, Tony, see that view.
Thats it. Park that image in your noggin.”

It was an over the shoulder view of The Boss looking
out into the crowd right when the house lights went on.

You could see the crowd, their smiling faces and their arms raised to
the heaqvens. People were clapping to the music.
And you felt like you were on stage with his-masterfulness.

That;s the image you want in your mind’s-eye every time
you do your success visualization.

“Do you mind if I bring the entire band up here for a visit.”

“Bring ‘em on up bro,” I smiled.

“I just want 10% take of the first big gig.”

This shows you it doesnt matter what you want to achieve-
you can do so. Just plant the right image and look out.

So lets talk weight redux.

There are several ways we can take this…

How about Option 1:
An image of you shaking an old friends hand, looking her square
in the eye while she smiles at you saying, “Boy you look like
you lost about 20 lbs.”

Yess-um dhats me.

Option 2:
Or how about smelling the dry carpet of a dressing room.
And seeing yourself pull up a pair of slacks that are 4 sizes
smaller than what you typically where.
See yourself in the mirror reflecting a huge Cheshire grin
and experiencing complete satisfaction.

When you hold these images in your mind. Find a way
to get all 5 of your senses involved – your dream will soon
become a reality.

Just like ole’ 28 Fingers will soon be live on stage
in Madison Square garden with his posse– you too
with be on top of the world with your results.

I can just smell it.

And remember: Everyone in my email community and I
are behind you – 100%.

Go for it!

Vince Palko

Dr. V – isulaization

Ps. To make your visualization werk dont forget one
key ingredient; Actee-oh-nay (action).
Linebacker Fitness lights you up in the action department.
NO need to worry any further about taking the right action to deliver fabulous fitness results.

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