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3 Ways to Turn Back the Clock

So many people are looking for the
cure to turn back the clock.
I have three ideas for you.

First though, last weekend I mentioned to
you I was off to a golf outing with
former Falcon players – guys of all ages, shapes and sizes.

As we were all standing around for
the scramble to start … one of the guys,
who was a bit insecure about his hair (or lack thereof),
took his hat off and announced to the world some
comment about how the ‘ole dome just keeps

Everyone laughed.

He looked at me, and piped, “Yeah, Vince is
the only guy who comes back to these things
looking better than when he left.”

A grin, a nod and … no response from me.
I’ve learned if you dont have anything to say,
keep the lips sealed and keep forging ahead.

This was further confirmation that the program
I have myself on is one that turns back
the clock, while making you stronger and more fit.

So let me give you my 3 Secrets
for Turning Back the Clock:

1) Drink water … and a ton of it … helps eliminate the wrinkles.
2) Find activities you enjoy doing.
3) Do these activities on a daily basis.

Pretty simple. Nothing earth
shattering — I know. Just like many championship
teams are good at the fine tuning the basics -
you need to be reminded of these – as tons of
fit wizzy gigs, pills and gadgets are thrown in your
face all over the Tv and Internet.

Notice I never wrote, “Watch
every morsel you put to your lips.”

When you are doing the Super Body Blitz
and Linebacker Fitness
you dont have get out the calorie counter.

Get active and stay active… watch as the loose
flab turns tight as a drum – and the wrinkles vanish.

You dont have to grow old…
grow younger – starting TODAY!

Go for it.


Vincent Palko

P.S. One of my most proud resources I assemble every month
is my Success Rocket Ride Club.  This club aint for the faint of heart.
I come a rumblin, bumblin, stumblin at you every month
sharing the goods on how to achieve more with less effort.
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