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Are You Ready for 2009

While on break over the holiday I ran into a
few people who are excited to close out 2008.
And move on.

They said something to the tune of, “I’m ready for 2008 to be done.”

Man, I was kinda shocked… and then had to think back
on the year… to find out why.  Yes, its been challenging but its also been great.

Although I’m excited for the new year, I’d never look back on this year and
say I cant wait for it to be over.

Having an appreciation for what the year brought -
good or bad – is a way to ensure success in the new year to come.

Even if the year brought many challenges, hurdles and roadblocks.

Be grateful… and when you can honestly say you
are – you’ve discovered a secret to success.
You learn in challenging times.  And you discover just what
you are made of – sand or steel.

Otherwise, if you cannot find the good in the bad,
you’ll find yourself saying, “I cant wait for this year to be done,”
next year and the year after that.

So as I finish up this LAST letter of 2008, I’m overwhelmed
with gratitude and blessings from this past year.  I’m very grateful for my
family and close friends. And I have to thank you for
allowing me to share stories, tips, and yes, all of my fitness and success
products with you over the last year.

My glass of goodness runneth over.

I hope you can find the gifts in your life as well.

Talk with you next year.
HAH, thats tomorrow.

Happy New Year,

Vince Palko

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Among many things discussed on the call, you’ll be curious to hear how I suggested this young lady cut out soda pop. She’s been drinkin it so long
we devised a plan she could commit to and it wasnt ‘cold turkey’…
which works for some but not all.

When you cut out the soda you guarantee at least 10-20 pounds
lost- right there in a year.

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