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3.5 Ways to Reduce Man Boobs

You see these words more
and more if you look online
to describe men’s extra breast flesh.

Well, lets uncover a few ways
us men can reduce these
embarrassing knockers and the costs of each.

First, there are the magic pill formulas
you see online.

You can take these pills if you want
your kidneys to fail, or any other harmful
side effects to occur.

My Russian doctor in college advised me
to stay away from any and all foreign substance
pills and go the natural route.

I’ve heeded her advice to this day.

Second option, the gynecomastia surgery.

This is a fancy words for breast fat reduction in men.

This surgery works wonderfully if you
enjoy a nice invasive surgery
that cuts you open and sucks your
guts out.

But seriously, this will give you fast results
if you dont mind a couple of scars
and reduced bank account.

The average surgery costs upwards
from $5-10k.

Ever notice a person who has
had similar surgery as above – to suck fat off
their frame – and how the skin looks pitted and

And they are stuck like this for life.

Reason is your body was not designed to
carved up like a turkey to vacuum the fat off.

It was designed to have you methodically
and effectively carve the fat by natural means.

And this leads me to the third option.
Using a specific set of exercises that target the
troubled areas and melt the fat away naturally.

Exactly, like the ones in my program
Melt Man Boobs in 30 Days.

Successful reduction of weight is knowing which
key foods to stay away from
and which to eat. What “healthy” food additives actually
put more volume in your ahh … chest pillows
than they do you losing weightt.

So nutrition is the “.5″ of 3.5 ways to reduce chest flesh.

That is why in the upcoming weeks I have a call
scheduled with Matt Furey to pick his brain on
low down when it comes to nutrition for body fat reduction.

If you want in on this, click this link
below and you will get it as one of the bonuses
with my new program, Melt Man Boobs in 30 Days.

Look forward to having you on my amazing program
and seeing you on the call.


Vince Palko

P.S. Check out the results from one of the many
clients – at bottom of this page -
benefiting from Melt Man Boobs in 30 Days.

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