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50 lbs. Overweight

Lots of guys are physically tough.

However, when something happens
in their lives that surfaces as a problem
or challenge, many men are weak.

So my challenge to you, man or woman,
is to improve your mental toughness.

As this strengthens, you develop
a invincible attitude and become the best you can be.

One way of improving your mental
toughness is to get yourself a mentor…
a coach.  Someone who isnt going
to sugarcoat how to handle your situation.

Get someone who cares about you
but also is willing to give you constructive

In our society, this is missing; good, clean, unadulterated constructive criticism.

Yet, as an artist developing in school
this is the only way one improves his skill,
from peers giving you the straight scoop
on each project. Not saying, “ooh, I love this. I love that about
your work.” No way. Its the opposite.

Take all this and let me share a story
about a good friend. He is about 50 pounds overweight.
We were in a hotel in downtown Detroit the other weekend
and every time we passed in front of a mirror he would gaze
into it and affirm, “I’m so fat.”

This went on ten times or so, it seemed.
Lots of mirrors in that place. I got tough
with him.  “Yeah, I said you are fat.. what are you going
to do about it? You used to be a stand out athlete.”

Many people simply don’t have the guts
to receive this kind of feedback but he did.
He knew it was coming from a place of concern and love.

Im different from most, when I fail at something I want
to know what happened and what I did wrong. Reason
is I want to improve and grow. So I always want the straight scoop.

What about you?

Do you have the ears to hear feedback that
isnt so rosy?

Do you have the toughness to accept the truth
and move in a NEW direction to improve your well being?

So if you are 50 lbs overweight what should you do?
Well, some trainers tell you to go walk. Start there.

But is that really going to get you where you want
to be?

If you have watched some of those TV fat loss reality shows
trainers dont make people walk for a certain amount of time.
And these folks are like 200lbs overweight.

That is why my Fat Burning program can be used
right outta the gate to get you back on track.

This one tool will single-handedly burn your fat
more than any other tool out there. As long as
you have been cleared by your doc, you are good
to go on this.

Want to know more about it?  Click here:

All for now,

Vince Palko

P.S. Another way to improve your mental toughness
is to grab my book, Tackling Life’s Problems
and learn how to strengthen that 16 ounce sponge
between your ears. You can learn more
about it here…

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