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54 Year-Old Palkoholic Asks a Question

This note is sure to piss off many
folks in the endurance world, but it’s the truth, my friend.

Today, a 54 year-youngin has a great question
that many people struggle with at times.

Let’s take a gander.

“Hi Vince,
What kind of training do you recommend to a 54 year old guy that wants to be
in as good shape as he was when he was 30. When I was 28 I ran a 30 km cross
country race and now at the age of 54 I have tried it again, but this time
it took nearly an hour longer to run.

I like to run but not the time-consuming marathon training for several hours.

Also, I have ambition to cut time from my half marathon without
running a lot every day.

Best regards,”

Leif Lundgren


Hi Leif,

Some thougths to consider …

First, pick a time you would like to run your race in. Write it down.
If you feel a bit cahrazy, write it on your arm when you run your race.
This is a great focusing tool. If you want to get even more caaahraazy,
write your split times on your arm after you survey the course map.

Okay, on to the next item.

If you want to run the exact same time you did when you were 30,
I’m a believer in that it can happen. Yet, I also believe its been 26 years
since you did it. So lets take it step-by-step.

Rome wasnt built in a day. Or a month. Or even a year for that matter.

So lets start in a place that you can achieve
your goal but will also be a good stretch from
where you currently are. Focus your mind on that.

Now go dig up an old photo of you from the time you were 28 or so.
Hang that on your fridge. This is a visual representation of your long-term vision.
Always hold this vision in your head. I like to do this for no other reason
than my mind can see I’ve done it once, I can do it again.

Now for your training. Here is something different you
wont hear many other places. Especially not from Mr. Higdon or anyone else.

How about training for your marathon by doing shorter distance more
intense runs. This flies in the face of conventional Old Man Higdon thinking.

Also, focus on building muscular endurance. Get in the weight room
do your squats, lunges and calf raises and so on.

Or simply stay home and do hindu squats in your living room.
Doing these exercises build your lung power, increase your stamina
and give you tremendous muscular endurance as well.
You can put up that exercise on your wall for decoration and instruction at the same time.

Flat out cut your training time during the week in half.
Get a couple good runs (3-4 miles) running a good pace and that’s it.
Simply get your long runs in on the weekends.

While you train is the best time to work my special breathing
techniques taught in TRIPLE YOUR ENDURANCE

These one exercises are pivotal in producing extra energy throughout
your run.

They work incredibly well.

More proof came last weekend. For a long time I’ve been
trying to do 100 yrd lunges without stopping.
In the past, I could get 50 – 60 yrds
before I would have to take a break.
But last weekend, I focused my special breathing
techniques like never before and
100 yards came like no big deal.

Now if you cut your training time in half but dont do everything I advise
and don’t hit your time … don’t come a-whinin’ to me.

I have done everything above to shave major chunks of time
from my personal best races. Yes, even weighing a good 230lbs on raceday.
But I did everything written above.

Be sure to do everything I suggest. And watch energy pour into you
like the power generated at the Hoover Dam in Nevada.

Hope crush your personal best! I know you can.


Vince Palko

Ps. The energy generated from tips in Triple your Endurance
can be used for much more in your life besides long distance races.
How about having the energy of a jack rabbit ready to get projects accomplished in your house long after 9pm strikes. Its possible. My clients and I do it
all the time.

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