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Vicious Dog Attacks Me

Got a funny story for ya.

A couple days ago I went for a fast 3 miler on the tow path behind my house.

The sky was grey but I was on fire humping it the whole way.

YES, I implemented some tools from Triple Your Endurance
I was in the last stretch finishing up the last mile.
Closing in onĀ  two younger woman with a yellow lab.

The dog was on a leash. As I approached the trio I swung out
wide to pass. I was digging hard… going about 9-11 mph.
And that’s cruising for 240lbs.

Apparently, not wide enough because the stout fifty-pounder
was looking for an afternoon snack.

As I was almost to the couples peripheral vision
when their dog turned around startled and lunged at me.
He wrapped his chompers around my thigh.

Luckily, all he got was cloth. He put two holes in
my Russell’s.

Keep in mind I am almost in a dead sprint.
The dog tries to take me down abruptly. My arms fly up
in the air like a tight rope walker balancing on a thin wire.

My momentum pulled my leg away from the dog in mid stride.
And withing a half a second was free back to my run.

After a quick falter I was back in step.

The owner screamed “Oh my gosh, Im so sorry!!”

I hollered over my shoulder… “Perfect balance. I didn’t even fall. No worries.”

As she continued to discipline her dog… I zipped off.

I got to thinking once my mind realized what had just happened.

How many slips do people have and end up
with broken legs, hips and wrists due to losing their balance.

I believe that the more your body is moving
and exercising the better the balance you attain.
Especially when you stretch and practice your balance
while exercising.

Practicing your balance could be the difference between
a clean slate and a host of medical bills.

Time to get after it. Rev that engine.


Vince Palko

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